Salarygate –Zanu PF gimmick to hoodwink the nation


The recent stage-managed revelations of disgusting salaries earned by some parastatal bosses does not surprise me – what surprises me is how we, Zimbabweans, are always hoodwinked by simple tricks such as this.

Wonder Guchu

What surprises me is how soon we forget that the same people who are now stage-managing the rot in the parastatals were the same people who made us believe that the death of our economy was a result of sanctions.

How, and why do we forget that not so long ago, the same people covered to a great length rallies and campaigns asking for signatures in protest of sanctions?

And have we forgotten how Zanu PF used the removal of sanctions as a precondition for effecting other changes that were being demanded by the opposition?

This small lie, which was believed and is still being believed by so many, was magnified by the same media which made even the region to believe that our problems were sanctions-based.

Still today we believe as if we did not know all along that sanctions, if they had any effect on the economy, came around 2000.

I believe strongly that the so-called rot being exposed today is a gimmick to make people believe that Zanu PF and government are keen on stamping out corruption for it is corruption and not sanctions which killed the economy.

Today, I know the cost of corruption on the economy, but I am yet to get a figure on the cost of sanctions on the economy.

I am also challenging those, who today, have become champions of corruption busters to explain their stand on sanctions which they made people killed the economy.

Only the gullible will believe that what we are being shown in the State media is meant to clean the act. In reality, it only goes as far as confirming the fact that corruption killed Zimbabwe. And that at the centre of it all, sits Zanu PF, and its insatiable bigwigs who take and take without any shame and yet lie and lie with a straight face.

The corruption which has been confirmed today dates back to the early 90s when the economy slowly gave in to a huge government and unbridled expenditure.

It’s a fact that at independence in 1980, Zimbabwe spent a lot of money on health, education and various other sectors to bridge gaps created by an unfair and unjust system.

Spending on education rose from Z$227,6 million in 1979 to Z$628m in 1990 while health expenditure went up from Z$66,4m to Z$188,6m.

A huge public service sector, subsidies, the 10-year involvement in the Mozambican civil war from 1982 to 1992 and then subsequent drought years further debilitated the economy such that by the mid-90s prices had become unstable.

The budget operated on a deficit and taxes became high. This drove public debt higher. To recover lost economic growth, the government accepted the Enhanced Economic Structural Adjustment Programme (Esap) in 1991.

The programme that ended in 1995 meant that all subsidies had to go; public enterprises either be nationalised or privatised to enhance growth; streamline government by cutting down on expenditure.

Esap was supposed to be a short-term programme that would first snuff out some jobs in order to create more. But it did not work. The privatisation or nationalisation of public enterprises without better management led to further decline in productivity. Government did not reduce expenditure.

No jobs were created. And the deficit went further up. Instability chipped in. A few black businesspeople operating as advocates for black empowerment demanded their entitlements and government acknowledged them by giving contracts and concessional loans.

This further put pressure on government forcing it to borrow domestically thereby causing even more instability. Consumer prices skyrocketed.

Under Esap, government was also forced to fall into heavy debt and international donors refused to write off the debts because the Zimbabwean government had failed to honour its part of the deal.

After the failure of Esap, government cooked up the Zimbabwe Programme for Economic and Social Transformation (Zimprest) in 1996. Zimprest was supposed to be implemented by government, business, labour and civil society through the National Economic Consultative Forum (NECF).

Although Zimprest was promising in the first two years when growth reached 7%, the depreciation of the Z$ because of low tobacco and mineral prices hit the economy hard. This was followed by a disastrous 1997/98 rainfall season. Inflation took its toll and most industries did not perform as expected.

One major event that drove the economy onto its knees was the ex-combatants’ payouts in 1997 when government was forced to fork out Z$4 billion as compensation to former freedom fighters.

Since the money had not been budgeted for, the Z$ tumbled a record 72% against the US$ and the stock market crashed by 46% on November 14, 1997 signalling the economic meltdown that is still haunting the country today.

The payouts depleted foreign reserves, which, according to Kingdom Financial Holdings statistics at the time, fell from $760m in early 1997 to $255m by November of the same year. This exposed the local currency which at the time was worth $1,315 to the US$.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe was also exposed because it meant that with such low foreign reserves, it could only underwrite imports for a month.

Government’s debt in 1997 was more than $60 billion and it was estimated that servicing the debt cost more than a billion a month. Servicing this debt ate into resources that could otherwise have been channelled towards education and health which started to decline.

In response to the crisis, the government increased bread, sugar, soft drinks, kombi fares, milk and mealie meal prices and the consumers rioted in protest.

As if that was not enough, Zimbabwe was sucked into the Democratic Republic of Congo civil war in 1998 resulting in the International Monetary Fund and several other donors suspending financial assistance.

By 1999, it was clear that the economy was heading west. The final nail was the haphazard takeover of farms by ex-combatants as part of their demands. This drove agricultural input down.

People looked for alternatives to Zanu PF, and Morgan Tsvangirai saw an opportunity. The MDC was born and with it came the targeted sanctions which never affected Zanu PF bigwigs because they still travelled the world in big entourages, spending State money.

Just like now when Zanu PF is trying to make people believe that it’s bent on cleaning up, the party used the targeted sanctions as a reason for the death of the economy. And we believed them.

What killed our economy and country is corruption. Sanctions were a diversionary tactic just like the stage-managed exposures are a diversionary tactic.

Maybe for the nation to believe that Zanu PF is serious with cleaning up, all those who have been confirmed as beneficiaries of corrupt activities must be thrown out. It should not just be a matter of wait-and-see, but one of urgency.

Otherwise, we have been here before. It’s just a different time and different event, but the players are the same.

Wonder Guchu is a Zimbabwean journalist based in Namibia


  1. What can I possibly do now to help Zanu Pf to destroy Zimbabwe because I dont want them, in future, accusing me of standing-by while they do all the work am told they will still be in charge as far ahead as 2097 on Mugabes 167th birthday.

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  3. Not everyone who went to war was motivated by the need to liberate the country from colonial rule. Some were criminals and jail breakers who were fleeing from the hand of law, and when you have such a person in a position of power what should you expect? The solution is simple; Crush the heads of the thieves against the wall..

  4. Mr journalist u are very stupid if u are still to know wat impact sanctions have on an economy. Even a first world economy can stagger or fall if world economic sanctions are imposed on it. Worse still Zimbabwe a third world nation. Its out of stupidity and lack of focus that any leader or aspiringleader will call for sactions on his country bcz removal of sanctions wont be a fly by no thing. There are votes to be done and big meetings where veto has to work. In Zim corruption jst added salt to the injury and boom the economy went dwn. I think Tsvangirai and Zanu pf are jst two sides of the same coin. Zanu pf is too corrupt and Tsvangirai also acted out of desperation and like Lobengula he asked for the west to destroy Zim. If only he was educated he wld have known tht sanctions kills the economy and destroys lives. South Africa is very corrupt but jst bcz they are not under any sanctions the economy is lekker. I can tell u more thn 50 very corrupt countries bt wthout sanctions wth still vibrant economies

    • Junoir I would rather rephrase your opinion by saying ” Sanctions added salt to the pervasive and endemic corruption in the country.” I agree with you that Guchu is being myopic in dismissing sanctions as a non event.Sanctions was and still remain the petrol that was poured on an economy that was being systematically ravaged by an inferno of corruption.

      • Junior and Tafamutekwe, please tell us what happened to the effort to raise 2 million signatures against sanctions and the AG’s attempt to challenge sanctions in Europe? If you failed to get 2 million signatures and the AG failed then please define what sanctions you are talking about? Please tell me how sanctions reduced power generation at Hwange Power Station, how sanctions caused the closure of Zimalloys, how sanctions caused Zimbabwe to have a debt of over 6BUSD? Can you give me the name of a company in the productive sector, not in the services sector, of the size of Zimplats, CAFCA, Unilever etc. that was created by black Zimbabweans?

    • Was Zimbabwe under sanctions in 1999 when we realised that the economic ship was sinking,1st of all,our sanctions are targeted sanctions on certain individuals we all know that,Robert Mugabe not being able to go to England has no effect whatsoever on the economy but spending the little you have on a few people who are not productive in any thats a bomb on the economy

      • The root causes of problems affecting us today are the ESAP program, the awarding of unbudgeted gratuities to some warveterans before proper vetting ,the looting of war victims compensation,corruption ,the list is endless. Yesterday ZANUPF was saying Biti ari kuramba nrmari.Ko mari yokutenga maflats kuhongkong namavilla vanoiwanepi kana nyika inemasanction?

    • It’s people like this writer who add to the viral load of the economy. So myopic & ignorant it hurts! Your father, the sole breadwinner, is denied work & you are happy for that? Now even if your father is a bastard then what? Your neighbours thrive & you ululate abt your own suffering? Zimbos are their worst enemies. When your best act as opposition means bringing your country down so that you force pple to employ you, then your head belongs to a museum, with a not so amusing caption! Pathetic individuals black mailing us for their own survival.

    • you are the stupid one just following these thugs like a fool.Uchafa nenzara and your kids have no bright future coward.

    • junior is correct but the rate at which our country’s corruption stood and remain is very disastrous to the extent that too much money is individualized by politicians at the expense of government business. senior politicians involved must face the wrath of the law becoz the definition of sanctions is not that politicians and other public office holders must practice thievery.

    • reason thats nonsense man.Sanction issue is just a minor thing and it did not contribute to the fall of the Zim economy.Why leave real issues where ministers and Heads are on a looting spree??That will be naive and preposterous to keep on preaching the sanction rhetoric when what is needed to grow the Zim economy is money and diamonds which are being looted and not sanctions man.Don’t be politically minded and you should think and see the obvious zvisingade magirazi asi ndiwe mumwe arikubawo mari yeHurumende kani?

      • Hurumende haina mari, they reap where they did not sow and its legal, imari yevanhu through taxes and that gives people the power over government, but Zimbabweans do not exercise their rights as they are full of fear. Who would not be afraid if even the likes of the general can be ruthlessly disposed off just like a fly??????

        The writer is 1,000% correct, SANCTIONS WAS JUST A DIVERSIONARY ISSUE TO WOODWINK THE WOODWINKABLE WHICH IS THE MAJORITY OF ZIMBABWEANS. I put that in capital letters for Junior et. al.

  5. @ junior,you must remember that the Smith regime was under economic sanctions after Smith declared UDI,but there was economic growth. At independence in 1980, the Z$ was stronger than the British pound. Hence the issue of sanctions falls away Cde,it is corruption that has destroyed our economy. These are travel bans,restricted only to individuals.

    • Momberume, I hurt to burst your bubble, it is not corruption that is killing Zimbabwe, it is the gullibility of Zimbabweans to think they can be led by people with no VISION? The bible says a nation without a vision will perish or words to that effect. What is Zimbabwe’s vision? If you pay me US$100 I will tell you? That is what we have become? I paid US250 to get a driver’s licence even if I can drive better than the examiner, as I have been driving for 34 years and he is only 30 years? Dont ask me what happened to my original licence of 1981, which I got in Que Que?

  6. Cash haisi kubatika.y is it these salary isues n coruption seem to be over amplified at a time wen cash for many isiri analysis is this.elections gobled milions of dolars thru inteligence.these milions came from a wel crafted network of wel placed parastatals like name a few.nw to cover up for this since money abused always reports by way of nt bieng there wen needed individuals had to be stage managed to take the blame.honestly do u thnk cuthberts salary is wat took all civil sevants we even question the logic of it all.all this is bieng used to divert atention from wr the real money went and our minds as far away from the stolen election.

    • Muvhangeri, define sanctions then we start talking otherwise you are repeating the masters voice. THINK FOR JUST A MINUTE, IT MIGHT BE REFRESHING?

  7. The salary-gate scandals are meant to dupe gullible Zimbos into believing the government is stamping out corruption. When will you realise that next election we need to vote for MDC? Why do we keep voting for people that opress us?

    • People, if you remain the way you think even MDC in all its formations will oppress you because you do not think? Just to digress, how is it possible that men can go to a church and be told that their wives whom they paid lobola for are on loan from a pastor, a human being? If this is true and we have men in our midst who are not worried about this then? I rest my case!!!!!!!!

  8. @ Junior and Friends, instead of saying those words to the Journalist, may you kindly explain exactly how the sanctions affected the Zimbabwean economy ? Also taking note of the period they were imposed. Take a critical analysis of the state of the economy just two years prior to the era of sanctions. Also considering that these sanctions were lifted on more than two thirds of the total number of individuals and companies that were on the original list. What has happened to the Zim economy ???? Any symptom of such huge changes ?????. By the end of February it will only be His Excellency and his wife and the defence companies remaining on the list. We continue praying that they remove him as well before the end of the year. Cry my beloved motherland !!!!!. I believe you will rest your case.

    • Mutema, no one, even Junior, believes in this sanctions mumbo jumbo unless they are benefitting from the current state of the economy and believe you me there are vultures benefitting in broad daylight. If the editor allowed, we could reveal them anytime. The solution is not political but economic emancipation by those that have a genuine interest in Zimbabwe, rule out every politician of every persuasion in business, religion and politics and that is everyone!!!!!!!!!

    • Evy, Guchu said more than what you said in your 7 worded contribution. We want everyone to say something no matter how ridiculous. I want the CiChief to say something, NO? We should not be forced to live other people’s lives, life is too short, so said the great Steve Jobs, who we may never produce among us Zimbabweans for as long as we hero worship the unworshipable?????

  9. When nothing is said about corruption, you complain. when corruption is exposed, you say it’s a gimmick. Saka toita sei?

    • Keep on talking about it even the thieves have a guilty conscience if they were created by God, and they were so they have it????

  10. the point is if we dont right this tight fist early as today, we can be dragged to the barber shave for punal exposure of muck you cant duck such dat streetkids will thereafter itch to feast on your sealy posturepaedic beard manifesto of lice.

  11. The Smith government had proper UNITED Nations imposed sanctions but they built this country they never cried everyday

    The built roads, dams, clinics , schools, power stations, created jobs, what has the ZANU PF built, ZERO.We inherited a functioning economy from the whites at independence and what have we done to it totally destroyed it.

    Can somebody please tell me is it the whites in Europe who are telling us to loot the public purse, steal from the people.

    Leave the whites alone this is our own fault.

    • You sound almost as ridiculous as a self hating Jew taking a dig at the rest of the Jews for failing to be as advanced and sophisticated as the Nazi Germans, praising them for producing Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and other fancies in a well oiled economy in the face of opposition from the rest of the world. Regardless of our own failures, nothing lowers us more than praising the ones who despise us the most while hating our own. Yes, we have messed up but come on, quit the Smith government and rhodesia adoration already and have some self respect and also respect the memories of the ones we lost to this evil racist regime.

      • What is your point Scotv? What is wrong factually with what Roland Rat said? Your Jew comparison makes no sense to me as I have many Jewish friends, including Nikuv, who have not exhibited or confirmed what you have said. Can you please come out in the open, do we have a problem in Zimbabwe or we don’t? Should we as ordinary citizens not be allowed to express our frustrations? ME THINKS YOU ARE A BENEFICIARY? PROVE ME WRONG?

  12. Corruption led to the demise of the economy btsanctions are detrimental period. How can ppl foolishly say they are targeted, at who and who are suffering at all. u are nto employed and you say sanctions dont do tht. History tells it sanctions are the very enemy to economic development. In Germany in the 1930s when sanctions were imposed they suffered to the brunt. Sanctions are the worst things ever.

    • correct popopopo let us be positive to yield result analysis should be two three sided for us to discuss and yield good results

    • Popopo, so when the Germans had sanctions in 1930, actually after the second world war, what did they do? Since your dates are confused I wil tell you. It took two Germans in a bar to craft the whole revival of German engineering to what it is today, no cry babies like you. Actually sanctions are a marketing challenge, ask the Trade Minister and the Minister of Defence in Rhodesia. They are dead off course but since you appear to have read some history you will know that we had goods from Europe in the 70’s despite a whole UN blockade of the port of Beira. These things do not happen on their own as your kind would want us to believe??????

  13. kukura pavamwe vanhu kunongodiwa smith’s sanctions were not harsh as ours they treated him as their kith n kin visit history books and re-read u will see

    • Smith’s sanctions were comprehensive, UN sanctions. The current ones are targeted and are only enforced by the US, Europe and Australia (the west) . We can do business with the rest of the world including the powerhouse China. So lets stop mourning, lets have investor friendly policies, zero tolerance on corruption and good accountable governance. Remember we always tell the west through Mugabe, whenever we get the opportunity, that the west must go to hell, we can go it alone and anyway we are now looking EAST. Corruption and stupid economic policies have destroyed Zimbabwe, this is not an opinion, it is FACTS on the ground. The destiny of Zimbabwe is in our hands, not the west or anyone else’s.

      • Well said Dandaro, but do you know that our friends in the East are also looking eastwards, which is the WEST? Dandaro, I will keep quite if you show me a Chinese or Indian NGO. I rest my case?

  14. If u search deep within yourselves u wil rid yourselves of foolish arguments on things clear as air.zanu wl never discredit itself or its comrades.that shuld put something in yo pipe to smoke so that u realise this is yet another briliant play from zanu theater group.

  15. All those who say sanctions killed this economy please amplify and quantify the effects of sanctions as Wonder has quantified with facts and figures the corruption. He only forgot to include Marange corruption where 300 000 carats did not sell for more than $20 per carat according to the inflows to the fiscus. If these diamonds were sold for the price we all know they should have yielded at least $600million and the government would have repead a lot but it is corruption that has really killed this countr4y under the nostrils of one geriatric called Matibili.
    I have said it elsewhere and I repeat it here that if Cashbert Dube had just cut his salary by $100 000 and directed that to debt servicing, we would have not been denied treatments at hopsitals as it would have gone a long way in reducing the debt and also showing committment to pay. Thus are these not sanctions that he put on us civil servants by denying us service yet we pay every month to receive that service?
    Zanu is corrupt to the bone and the few 3000 cabbal are holding this country to ransom by abusing a few misguieded juniour security apparatus that are also into petty corruption. This country’s sanctions were by EU and USA and we could trade with anyone outside this block China included so I do not see how they affected us unless you are saying everything revolves on the two continents (of which you have said at rallies you do not need them). The reason you are not taking over their compaies is because you know you will then run out of lies about these sanctions at rallies.

    • Chen, if the truth be told, and we have to use our pseudonyms here for safety but if you go to LinkedIN we are ourselves. The one who feeds you is the one who controls you and we know who wants to control us including Juniour et al. This was said by the late Captain Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso if you want to know. In the early 1990’s the voter turnout was 25%???? The only way government can control us is to keep us poor and in eternal expectancy. You think the guys at Ximex Mall want to sell airtime and stolen cell phones? That is the grand plan I am revealing here today.

  16. I applaud the frank and truthful insight from one of the few people in this country who know what an education is and how to use it! Well done and to those of Zanu PF … You suck and may you all rot in hell where you may find the stupid and gullible joining you.

  17. Yes its true that sanctions hurt any economy, but self serving leaders hurt it even more…during Rhodesia there were full sanctions but that is the time when Rhodesia prospered even more….so its a questions of leadership!!! Tinokundwa sei nevapambi vevhu kuronga-ronga nhai veduwee…

    • most of our idiots don’t know that the Rhodesian sanctions were there on paper only
      and yet the white kith and kin continued to trade with the smith regime, without even withholding the cash transfers in their euro and american banks. Dont just bark most of you are so dull pano apa.

      • For some reason, they believe the queen figured it was time to stop the flow of gold, diamonds, steel, fruit, vegetables, tea, flowers, beef from rhodesia to the crown because Smithie was under sanctions; sad indeed!

  18. It seems people really don’t understand the extent to which the sanctions where damaging the economy. I will give you a little bit of my experience. I was trying to supply the Zim fertilizer producing factories with raw materials in 2011 -2012. The factories had the cash to buy, but could not send their cash out due to sanctions. Remember, that the companies are not going to withdraw 4million usd to purchase on a cash bases. Such transactions can only be done through bank transfers. When such happens, the transfer will need another intermediate (internationally recognized) confirming bank for the transfers, in this case it could be SA, USA or UK. Due to sanctions all these internationally recognized would follow the sanctions instructions of not dealing with zim banks. By so doing no cash lives the zim bank in a safe and proper way to acquire such important goods for the nation. You can imagine what type of damage this has on the economy, and will you call this targeted sanctions, or its killing everyone in this economy.

    • Chokwadi, If you had approached the right people like me, I could have arranged the deal to success sanctions or no sanctions. There is a law of supply and demand and it does not have a sanctions qualifications. Banks will not want to be involved in money laundering that is why they have strict KYC rules????

  19. Kuita stage managed kwacho ndakushaya munyori. KuMarange Resources, 8 big fishes were sent on leave due to looting. Marange Resources is a Zanu Pf company. Chokwadi ndechekuti vakuru vakuru vari kuba, asi chingatotadzwa nehurumende iripo is to prosecute them but protecting them. Are you saying kuti when the late Kangai stole from GMB, it was stage managed? Chingoripo is that Zanu Pf is habouring criminals.

  20. The issue is that, where the big bosses aware of these values?
    Who stipulates these figures and who gives the final approvals?
    The government must not give these Company heads such powers that enables them to enrich themselves easily. It is a common fact that above 95% of people in Zim, if given such opportunities will do the same, even in churches.
    Maybe the best would be for the parliament to set these figures for such expenses or similar.
    Also, why should 1 person head 2 organisations in an educated country like Zim?

  21. Well said, it is high time people learn that Zanu Pf will never rescue the country form the problems it is having simply because Zanu PF is the creator of all problems and they stand to benefit individually form all this corruption

    • Scientifically, it is not possible for the one who creates a problem to solve that problem. If we agree herein lies the solution??????????

  22. I think on the issue of exposing corruption zanu pf got this one right. Guchu accepts it has been there since the 1990s what this means is when the GNU was formed even the mdcs who claim to be clean and transparent casted a blind on corruption. Tsvangirai and his ministers plus Guseni Oliver Arthur Mutambara were either fighting for power or looting as evidenced by Tsvangirai’s double dipping on the funds which renovated his highlands home. It’s better to take action late than to do nothing. But on the issue of sanctions Guchu is right if mugabe is not allowed to go and wine and dine in London those are not sanctions but restrictive measures. I rest my case

  23. The issue of motive or method here is secondary to the savings to be acculated when just one of these guys stops earning so much. Multiply that over a number of individuals and over time and you have significant savings. Regardless of whistleblowers’ motive the exposures have met with approval. And we are not concerned about the negative or positive effect on Zanu Pf or Ian Smith from such exposure. It’s good attention is trained on this issue. Corruption is not a monopoly of Zanu pf or MDC. Let’s have broad interests and loyalties beyond self/party. I’m afraid we have to praise Jonah Moyo for his part

    • And what part is this that Jonah has played? The Zimbabwean economy started its downward trend in 1990, Jonathan is now seemingly holy in 2014 despite his scathing attacks on you know whom? Come on? The attacked have decide that the attacker can be used?

  24. Sanctions are a reality, they are hurting, they are destructive, if a country like Iran with all the oil resources ranking amongst the world top oil producers feeling the effect of Sanctions what about little Zimbabwe?
    on the other hand Corruption is also bringing the country down to its knees more so when the economy is not performing its ugly effects become much more clearer as the cake is getting very smaller and very smaller.
    Santions + Corruption = Disaster!!!!!!!!!
    Thomas Mapfumo way, way back sang about this Corruption, he also sang about Nyika yaita Mamvemve!!!!!!!!! well before we could comprehend what it was all about.
    Both Sanctions and Corruption must go!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kambiri, please educate us on these sanctions because Mapfumo sang about them before the official announcements. I am no longer responding on the sanctions issue because the proponents of this non-event are either beneficiaries or to be rude are downright ignorant of life in general, so forgive them.

  25. How can you say ZANU PF is stage managing the salarygate issue? You have gone own to say their are no sanctions against Zimbabwe while as the USA and EU have said they have sanctions against this country.

    Corruption is bad but the effect of sanctions on our economy is worse.If you have nothing to say please do no write rubbish.

    Empty vessels make a lot of noise Mr. Guchu

    • Edmore, if you want to be taken seriously in te words explain these sanctions which most of us do not apprehend / understand? If you borrow from me and you do not pay me back, are you my friend or should I shun you? If I shun you am I being vindictive as you would want to suggest?

  26. its high time we turn distance ourselves from the cheap and undermining politics played by Zanu-Pf, they are taking Zimbabweans for a joy ride, if they are truly fighting corruption why has there been no attempt to persecute or rather thoroughly unfold the scandalous shenanigans of Cuthbert and Muchechetere its the same reason they mandated that hammer like head Jonathan Moyo to spin all the propaganda released through the media but this time using a different mouth piece (Herald) instead off the usually known Z.B.C.? stop blaming sanctions for everything, where there any sanctions when the zim dollar collapsed ON THE 14TH of February in 1997, when Mugabe Deployed troops to D.R.C to protect his diamond claims?

    • even the mdcs are to blame. they were present in the inclusive government mangoma stole 5million in undelivered fuel deal.Madzorera was in the ministry of health but also nothing was done nezvanaCashbert Dube, teresa makone homeaffairs nothing was done nezvana chibage and others akatobatana namutasa kunosunungura mukomana uya aiva mumacells, finance Biti was there but nothing was resolved kuzimra, so this issue of corruption is among all zim politicians chance and merit based

      • Dzvombi, if you have the evidence, please can we share as we can take all these evil empires to the cleaners using our new constitution? If you do not have you know what to do.

    • Careful Cliff, these are ruthless bandits. As a normal human being I would do the same if I was in power. The only difference is do my subjects see the difference? Obviously NO????

  27. For the country to fully function and run again all ministers even thou guys police commissinor anenge mugabe asingabve pachigara watvis that the whole top guns should jusy drop off and make something out of the stolen things they took and lets us build our own country back to its feet ungatore train yese yechibage kunotengesa kuti uite mari nyika yotambura inonaka sei mari iyoyo knowing ndiwe wakakonzeresa and imagine you got big cars how do thwy travel nice on the roads hanti mari yemaroads makaluma shame

  28. Kana munhu aba ngaabatwe chete koZPF inopinda papi.ngatinamateyi kuti dai Mwari akatigonera vanhu vakadai vakambotorwa vabwe mu society kwechinguva chete kwete kuti ndeweiyi kana iyo pliz lets differentiate party policies frm the national interest.Mari yevanhu tiichengete kuitira mangwana.

    • Sorry Tarsisios, I do not get your point. You suggest that maybe God should take the evil from society for a bit? I also think that God is too busy in troublesome areas that he gave us the wisdom to THINK, which we are not????

  29. If sanctions ar real y is it most ppl ar not believing kuti ariko and ar e biggest prblm? If zpf is truely still a ppl’s party why is it ppl ar finding it hard to believe them on e sanctions issue? Y is it ppl ar believing a lonely voice of e mdc kuti they’re only restrictive measures? Also if gvt is sincere abt fyting corruption y is that up to now no one has been called to account? We all know what happened to Mangoma a few years back ne issue yeZESA prepaid meters. For how long was he kept in custody only to be acquitted latter? Be that as it may I support zpf on exposing their corruption. This is very vital for history and when they eventually leave office for sure 1 day they will cos am yet to c a dictatorship which held on forever. Gaddafi, Mobuto, Abacha, Banda Kamuzu, Gbagbo, Hosni, Taylor among tried it bt we all know e end result

  30. Kana munhu aba ngaabatwe chete koZPF inopinda papi.Ngatinamateyi kuti dai Mwari akatigonera vanhu vakadai vakambotorwa vabwe mu society kwechinguva chete kwete kuti ndeweiyi kana iyo pliz lets differentiate party politics frm the national interest.Mari yevanhu tiichengete kuitira mangwana.Ko vacho veanti corruption varipiko.

  31. we tired of your monkey games zanu pf, so u tell me responsible ministers were not aware of these crazy salaries,plz you old dogs just go and rest ,we have a country to run,gutaiwo kuba kwenyu uku we are tired people like chombos ,mpofu imbavha dzinoba pachena

  32. Maconspiracy haasevenzi Guchu. Iwe wavakufunga samadam VP. Chokwadi ndicho chauri kunzwa ichi. Dube aitambira $230k. Haana kumbozviramba. Dambiudziko nderekuti PSMAS yanga isina mari iyoyo saka vaizopedza mari yokurapisa vanhu. Mubvunzo ndowekuti Dube akaba here kana kuti zvanga zviri pamutemo. Kana tisina mhinduro ngatisiyane nazvo to gadzirisa zvevachauya.

    • Timothy, what is your point? Are you singing the same hymn as the vP? If so then come out in the open to support what is sustaining you.

  33. Zanu P F yagara inorwadza kuvava chaiko sechikukwa vanoda kuhwanda nemasanctions ivo varivo vari kuuraya nyika, toendepiko isu kusina uwori.

  34. Rhodesia got Economic sanctions under Ian Smith and it survived, we have travel bans the word SANCTIONS only applies to those brainwashed by ZANU PF and besides China is the World giant whom we are friends with, why then is our economy crumbling. what is it that we need from USA or Britain? China is the Largest market but we still fail. Its simple ZANU PF is full of Blood sucking Parasites

    • Smurfette, Chinese are capitalists looking for where they can get the best returns like Anjin? If you do not see it please let us suffer silently than denigrate us.

  35. Mese nyararai hapana icho munoziva. Ishungu chete dzamuri kuburitsa apa. Isu ndisu tine yese. Ndati tyorai gushungo vanoziva zvavari kuita. Musavamhanyire mberi. Vapei nguva, tsvina yese ichachena. Mbavha vari kudziziva one by one dzichaenda kunozambira mushana nagumbura. Dont worry mazimbabweans gushungo vanhu vakuru. Isu ngatipedzere shungu dzedu kuminda yatakapiwa iyi. Mvura ndiyoyi yatapiwa naMwari.

  36. Mese nyararai hapana icho munoziva. Ishungu chete dzamuri kuburitsa apa. Isu ndisu tine yese. Ndati tyorai gushungo vanoziva zvavari kuita. Musavamhanyire mberi. Vapei nguva, tsvina yese ichachena. Mbavha vari kudziziva one by one dzichaenda kunozambira mushana nagumbura. Dont worry mazimbabweans gushungo vanhu vakuru. Isu ngatipedzere shungu dzedu kuminda yatakapiwa iyi. Mvura ndiyoyi yatapiwa naMwari.

    • WASU, if it was not for your misplaced optimism I would leave you alone. Your message is bullshit and should be treated as such by thinking people.

  37. People deify politicians who lie to them. To me the salary scandals are small beer compared to the 33-year old lie which is causing these scandals to go unpunished – the lie that ZanuPF “liberated the country” when it was our votes which got Zanu into power in 1980 after Muzorewa had been the first prime minister. After we voted Zanu into power, instead of thanking us, they turned around and told everyone it was Zanu who had “liberated them”. People had just ditched Muzorewa and lumbered themselves with Zanu – they had no other alternative. There’s no way ZanuPF would be in power had the voters retained Muzorewa’s UANC in power. As a result ZanuPF think they are demi-Gods who can do as they like because they supposedly “saved us” when it is the other way around.
    Most people contradict themselves because of little knowledge of events. Millions endorsed a new Constitution which has provisions to accord due respect and take legislative measures for the welfare and economic empowerment of so-called war veterans yet when these same war veterans give each other obscene salaries the same people who endorsed the new Constitution complain. Is this not helping those who supposedly saved your fathers? You cannot endorse the new Constitution and then moan when the so-called war veterans earn obscene salaries.

    • MUSONA, please educate the people as you have so often done but the people are not listening. 2014 is different, things are hard and everyone will now listen. Only do not complicate issues, tell them as they were and not add your opinions.

  38. Corruption has destroyed our country’s economy to a large extent, the issue of sanctions is so minor when compared to the currently exposed level of looting. And it’s obvious that the list of those exposed is not enough, there are some big names who are not yet exposed and will never be, and u keep on lying that sanctions are cause of death of our economy.We always read about police officers being jailed for corruption practices ,then my question is :WHAT ACTION IS BEING TAKEN AGAINST THESE LOOTERS?????

  39. Our former Information minister used to sanctions are a non event Zimbabweans needed not to worry at all. We believed our leaders when they said Britain is a tiny doty in the world which could not have any effect on Zimbabwe whatsoever.
    Only to know that we lost $42B to sunctions. Why do these people have no shame lying before the faithful people of of this peace loving country? Why why?

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  41. Gentlemen and also those men here that think like women. ZANU PF has done what it can do. To move from here, there is need for a totally leadership. Why are afraid of change, do we do the same things in the same way in our own homes. Trusting ZANU PF and voting them into power is like continually replacing a bulb that is getting burnt daily. Solve the circuit problem ! “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

  42. Ma Sanction a Smith were not comprehensive…People like Bredenkamp made millions being middlemen for Rhodesian Chrome exports to UK&USA whils buying guns to kill hama dzedu from UK&USA…In addition there were no financial restrictions on Gvt Officials and Entities such as ZESA,ZISCO,etc so when they sold to other countries their money was not seized.

    Now we have IDC,ZTA,MMCZ,ZMDC amongst others with millions yakangogara ikoko ku USA&Europe and you expect them to flourish??? Stanchart yemuZimbabwe takes instruction kubva ku London kuti musaite macustomer se IDC,etc and they ditch IDC and you think we shouldn’t indigenise these banks?????Saka IDC ndiyo inofanira kuita sei panyaya yekuti tiwane democracy or rule of law yavanoti hatina???? Handiti kuita kuti pasava ne development ne employment tituke hurumende yedu??????Yes of course corruption yemamwe ma parastatal bosses accelarates demise yacho but sanction ririko and rakatidzipa

    • Wezhira Wezhara, can you please put on your thinking hat or is that asking too much? I do not follow your argument but I get the drift that sanctions are our worst enemies? I am in Chitungwiza and I do not know these complexities, can you please educate us if you can, and this is a challenge! If you cant shut up!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Zimboz u deserve to suffer I hope u continue matter hw academic and intellectual u may want to sound u still lack knowledge of what’s important and what you are worth … u deserve it!

    • Dzvened, now hopefully you do not brush us with the same brush lest we think you are the same people oppressing us?????

  44. Blair, keep your England and l will keep my Zimbabwe. Masanctions ari kutora madiamonds edu, gold rapera nemasanctions. Our agriculture is down becaz takadzinga maWhites now the Whites are using sanctions to take our agric produce. Food for thought.

    • die hard hapana zvakambonzi zvakadaro apo wave kunyeba corruption and sanctions worked hand in hand to finish the ESAPsalvaged economy. mawhites aitopirwa masubsidies ne black government to farm. corruption ndiyo chete irikuzoita kuti zvife there is need to correct land redistribution imbalance, make sure coporate governance is upheld, the justice system works proper, economic resources are for the nation not mujuru and his family and make sure zimbabwe’s economy as taken as a normal business mbavha anachombo mujeri.

  45. We have facts but we cannot use those facts to build ourselves we like Mai juru busy thinkin of protecting party at expense of ignoring glaring issues like corruption.Until we learn t put emotions aside and be principled to follow facts we will continue spinning spinning big not going anywhere..issues like these do not need us t wear politics uniform and start analyzing them..

  46. Mr Junior, people are allowed to express their facts in a democratic society. Calling others stupid and all sorts of names is a sign of lack of facts. If you had something tangible to put across, I think that could have been done in a better way. To say the least there was nothing to learn from your note. The country is going down due to many factors, with the leading contender being corruption and poor planning. Follow the history of the country. The country started showing signs of giving in before the sunctions where applied to this country, thus a fact. Smith went through sunctions but the roads were not has bad as they are today. Go down the memory lean then you put 2 and 2 together you will get the answer.

  47. newsday pliz present my writings if you are real national platform (agora). this agora is where we can educate others who are mis -informed of the real events and analysis of a true zimbabwe we always dream of. i am sure you will let my writtings reach the true readers not only your office to rub my ideas

    • Dzvombi, express your ideas in a few words. If you cannot then we are not listening as there are so many disruptions???

  48. It is today’s system which is unfair and unjust where Mug*be and others in Zan*PF and their families go abroad for their health care and education for their families using our money (taxpayers’ money).

    • Musona, you actually did not not know the government system where they reap where they do not sow? No government survives without supporters?????

  49. Wonder Guchu talks of “unfair and unjust system before 1980”. This is utter nonsense based on little knowledge. Before 1980 we were all exempt from paying income tax because the mabhunu felt pity on us because we were all very poor – all facil*ties were paid for by mabhunu.

  50. Mabhunu had better facilities because they paid for these fac*lities. Mabhunu paid income tax and corporation tax and we did not pay income tax or corporation tax. This is why there was the disparity in facilities. Right now only the few people in formal employment pay income tax which has to finance health and education for the majority of the population not paying income tax. This is precisely why service delivery is atrocious to almost non existent because the little money from income tax is trying to look after the majority who don’t pay any taxes. That is the excruciatingly unpalatable home truth. Little knowledge is very dangerous.

    • Musona, if the truth be told and they will persecute me but they do not know who I am. The whites arranged for their comfort and hospitals etc. and not for the blacks.

      When the blacks took over they realised it was not possible to provide the same level of service for few people as it was for the few whites? Solution, oppress them and lie as there are the gullibles everywhere???

  51. I have combined the above comments to make more sense (website software has been filtering out my comments) –
    Wonder Guchu talks of “unfair and unjust system before 1980”. This is utter nonsense based on little knowledge. Before 1980 we were all exempt from paying income tax because the mabhunu felt pity on us because we were all very poor – all facil*ties were paid for by mabhunu.
    Mabhunu had better facilities because they paid for these fac*lities. Mabhunu paid income tax and corporation tax and we did not pay income tax or corporation tax. This is why there was the disparity in facilities. Right now only the few people in formal employment pay income tax which has to finance health and education for the majority of the population not paying income tax. This is precisely why service delivery is atrocious to almost non existent because the little money from income tax is trying to look after the majority who don’t pay any taxes. That is the excruciatingly unpalatable home truth. Little knowledge is very dangerous.
    It is today’s system which is unfair and unjust where Mug*be and others in Zan*PF and their families go abroad for their health care and education for their families using our money (taxpayers’ money).

  52. Wonder Guchu – From 1890 our forefathers resisted paying taxes (even token taxes) as a result we got facilities which we did not pay for.

  53. I just think that this corruption issue is to run away from issue yesalary increament yemacivil servants. Inonzi pachirungu Detour. Kuti muswere muchimhanyisana nenyaya dzisingakupei mari. Iyo zanu did it not know kuti vanhu ava vanotambira mari

    • Now that we all know what is wrong, are we in a position to do something about it? I am now thinking about my girlfriend?

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