Hunger striker enters sixth day


HARARE’s lone protester, Philosophy Nyapfumbi (42), yesterday clocked his sixth day on a hunger strike at Town House saying he would not give up his fight until town clerk Tendai Mahachi has left office.


Nyapfumbi, a father of four and a plumber by profession who has been camped at Town House since last Thursday, said his was “a spiritual war” against lack of transparency at Town House.

He said although he had received verbal threats from some people who claimed to be from the President’s Office, he would soldier on until his mission was accomplished.

Nyapfumbi picketed Town House six days ago in protest against the reinstatement of Mahachi by Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo. Mahachi had been suspended by Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni on charges of failing to disclose the council’s executive payroll.

“They started mocking me asking what do I get financially by sitting here and I told them I was not worried. Others said they were from the President’s Office and were against my stay here,” he said.

“This is my sixth day here and today I spoke to the mayor who said he was rushing somewhere and we would talk later.

“I want to achieve good governance, transparency and
bring back the sunshine status to Harare.
“I want good governance. My family members have mixed feelings, but most know that I am fighting a spiritual war. I am a member of an apostolic church.”


  1. Nyamupfumbi dzokera kumba mwana mdhara unofa nezhara ukada kuteedzera hutongi hweZANU PF . Enda unotsvaka mari ushandire mhuri unyerere . Unofa uchinzi urigamba mhuri igosara uchitambura nenhamo waenda . Tinozviziva unoda kugwira vanhu asi kufa kwemunhu mumwe ZANU haikendenge sezvo yakauraya zvuru zvevanhu , so kwavari ndiwe ungazokosha sei . Unofa nezhara ukaita zvokutamba

    • I think this is the making of a great least he is FIGHTING for what he believes many of us on these pages can say this?

    • Famous Irishman Bobby Sands lived for 37 days on hunger strike during the Thatcher years. The issue here is not the man but his cause which all in Harare must agree is just..We can not go on like this. I personally salute this man..this is the stuff that greatness is woven out of. If anything people should take turns to join him…After all he is doing this for all of us cowards!

  2. Uyuwo uyu haa. Ayiwa! anewaya dzakapesana. Contrary to popular opinion, the Mayor reinstated Dr Mahachi due his inept administrative skills. Kusiya mhuri nenzara uchitsvaga mbiri yechitsiga. Dofo.

    • @Chingara- Remember for evil to triumph good man stand and least this guy is making a statement. Thank you Newsday for keeping us updated on the goings on of this great man and his great cause. Wrtier Steinbeck has this to say on greatness:”Need gives it life and pain puts in action; it never comes without pain”…When a young DJ ran up the streets near parliament in a lone demonstration, people laughed themselves he is the MP for Mabvuku..his name is James Maridadi. So rather than shoot at this guy we should be filled with awe..He is doing something TRULY phenomenal, just watch.

  3. nhamo yemazimbabweans especially vomuharare, instead of being solidarity with the guy you busy poking funny at him. ndosaka zanu ichiita madiro ajojina coz vanoziva kutimadofo emuharare are a selfish lot who will never see any common cause and support it. muchanwa sewrage kusvika zvanaka mahachi acidelivharirwa mvura kumba kwake, mboko dzavanhu, zvituta zve zanu. kana icho chamatama here you are as a party given a golden opportunity but you cant seize the moment, instead kusweroinda ku zanu neusiku kuti toda GNU ZWE. chiparty chamadofo

    • Wataura chokwadi..problem yedu maZIMBO ndeye kusendekera kunhamo. We should all be supporting this man who has taken it upon him self to question the status quo.
      Tine varume magwara ndosaka tine maproblems ese aya. In times of trouble varume vedu ndivo vanototanga kutiza!!
      Its a PITY…SHEM SHEM!!!!!!

      • @Mhuka- Many took the words straight out of many mouths..Why should we throw barbs at this guy who is doing what we should be doing effecting a citizen arrest of thieves. Mr. Mayor better move really fast this is going to blow up in your face not that of Chombo or Mahachi..Add to this your party is fast losing traction with Harare residents..It looks like you were only seeking to make a publicity stunt to CON people that you had their interests at heart when you fired the better be really careful. Eitherway be very careful you dont turn into another Masunda or Makwavarara who used Town house to further their nests and reputations at the expense of citizens. Hold a press conference fast in solidarity with this guy..he is in solidarity with this how you treat your friends..I mean kick them in the face?

  4. This guy is fighting for a noble cause but problem ndeye vanhu vari kuHarare kwacho. Really the guy should have been having many sympathizers by now. Chombo is doing whatever he wants and people’s money is looted daily. The mayor has done his part BUT FOOLS IN HARARE watch from afar, shame.

  5. This guy is fighting for a good cause. Fighting against corruption and injustices that are being done right under Zanu PF’s nose. Harare will continue having its wastewater as drinking water because this joke called Chombo reinstated a man suspended for a worthy cause. Be in solidarity with this guy. I am sure that if a hundred people had done this some action would have been taken.

    • @Jomo- I thank you for this..If you can not join the guy the least you can do is not throw insensitive barbs..I thought even our musicians and other artists would have lent the guy some moral support..even members of the opposition but what do you get? SILENCE..Some even have the effrontery to attack him. What kind of people have we become?

    • @Gudo- but isu tinokendenga..we can make zvimadhara zvacho kuti zvikendenge..and this how we start on that road.

  6. mastupid bizz attacking this guy…..shame shame zanunised pple idiots…nxaaaa…its time to join him with demostrations he wl not win this war alone.human rights wer ar u,ngos wer ar u….this nid holy war

  7. I dont think these people threatening this guy are genuine Presidents office people. They are impositors and must be arrested for impersonification. He is expressing his views and whats wrong with that? Nyapfumbi is apolitical. All he wants is accountability from people to whom he and all Harare residents are paying rates. To imagine that some misguided elements are poking fun at him is shoking to say the least!!!

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