Gumbura’s church probe begins


THE Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) yesterday began a three-day investigation into RMG Independent End Time Message Church after receiving a report that the church was still conducting services in violation of a ban imposed on it following its founder Robert Martin Gumbura’s arrest.


ACCZ president Johannes Ndanga said he met with the church’s deacons — Webster Mkodzi, Cephas Kanyama, Tawanda Nehowa and Edmore Gumbura — who denied the claims.

The deacons said they had not conducted any services since the ban was imposed on November 20, 2013.

“We met members of the church’s board who said that since November 20 they have not flouted the suspension and they were not holding any services,” he said.

“We wanted witnesses so we have decided to carry out visits at the churches and members’ houses to check whether or not they are really holding services or those are just orphans under the care of the church.”

He said there could have been a misunderstanding that after the lapse of the 21–day ban imposed on the church, they were now free to continue operating as usual.

Ndanga said that time frame was just a provisional order and the church was expected to have furnished the council with a report on whether or not their doctrine bordered on Satanism as alleged.

“We have given them a grace period to furnish us with a written response after meeting with their deacons, failure of which we will sit down to make a final order and force the church to stop for good,” he said.

“They have to respond and defend their doctrines and convince us that there is no Satanism or criminality in their practices and tell us why they think charges laid against Gumbura were false. They also have to respond to claims that they knew about the abuses that were happening in the church.”

Ndanga said the Administrative Court would use the response to arrive at a final decision regarding the church’s fate either by lifting the suspension or determining that the allegations have no merit.

Gumbura was sentenced to an effective 40 years in jail after he was convicted of four counts of rape and one count of possession of pornographic materials.


  1. l doubt the credibility of Ndanga ,this man is not man of Cloth but musori because the way he is politicaly not into the things of the Lord.l am not in support of what gumbura did,but this body lead by ndanga is political

  2. People let’s talk reality here, if the founder of a church is found guilty and convicted of unethical practices and then sentenced to 40yrs in a maximum prison. WHAT DO WE NEED THAT CHURCH FOR????? The patrons of that particular church should repent and seek refuge to other churches which follow their same doctrine. This one should be banned. Adultery spirit will never leave these people as long as this church is still operating…..

    • what law Bhokande do yu use to ban that church? the leader has been convicted of a criminal offence. The church is an organisation. its a juristic person. It did not comit adultery. there is freedom of worship.

    • sorry, but there is a story in similar to this one ya G. Nzira.

      I am sure the church was never probed. Correct me if I am wrong.


    • True Man but all the other churches must be seen doing something about inheriting the vulnerable orphans, widows and the under privileged left by this Church

  3. Martin Gunbura is the one who committe crime not the organisation so there is no need to ban the church from operating the uaual way it used to.

  4. The convict went to jail why do you want to punish congregants the church is not Gumbura and Gumbura is not the church. Those who want a registered church banned have a sinister motive. It’s no longer about Gumbura’s crimes but something else

  5. I fail to understand, Mr Ndanga, is he now the minister of churches in the President’s office? who has given him the powers to prosecute the Church? Yes RGM Independent End Messages has tarnished the image of the Church at large but do we need people of Johanes Ndanga’s calibre to appoint them Head of Churches persecution Board, a lot is happening at his VaPostori churches, child labour, forced marriages and a whole lot of rape cases going unreported! Why on earth is He not investigating these Apostolic Sects? My heart bleeds when I see these Wolfs masquerading as sheep, Ndanga is no different to Gumbura! !

  6. What powers are you using Mr Ndanga to persecute the Church,? who gave you the authority? where you mandated by the Parliament? Under which section of the law are you operating from? Just like Mr Kunonga, you are a Politician masquerading as a Church Bishop; The perpetrator of the crimes was jailed ! im sure the investigating Officers knows their job well !!

  7. What powers are you using Mr Ndanga to persecute the Church,? who gave you the authority? Were you mandated by the Parliament? Under which section of the law are you operating from? Just like Mr Kunonga, you are a Politician masquerading as a Church Bishop; The perpetrator of the crimes was jailed ! im sure the investigating Officers knows their job well !!

  8. Ndanga zvibate,how many wifes do you have ?how many of your followers have one wife?howmany children in your church have been forced to merry over aged and long beard men in your church ? tangawagadzirisa zvechurch yako ugozobuda panze,muvakewo midhuri yekunamatira mosiyana nezve kuzadzandove mumatondo

  9. The church must be banned. Its difficult for me to believe that the other pastors are not Gumbura. Yes Gumbura is not the church, but these people saw what Gumbura was doing. Why did they keep quiet? Where were they when all these horrible things . They are just the same.. Ngaibanwe iyi

  10. the doctrine of end time church leaves alot to be this despensation someone tells women to kip quiet in the church,not to watch tv ,women nopt allowed to make their hair thats abit silly.

  11. Morena

    If those published whatsup messages are true, mhmmmm then that church should be banned. its full of whores.


  12. Aahhhhhh!!!!!!! Mapostori ndiwo akuita regulate machurch emu Zimbabwe here????????????!!!!!!! Kana hazviite!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. The problem is no longer with the individual RG (womaniser) but the culture of this church. The Elders, Deacons and other respectable levels of the church, why did they keep quiet when all this scam was taking place. Leasing their wifes to the Pastor. All done behind Christ’s name. Tsvina!!! Idoti!! Seis!!!!!!!!!!!! Vharai izvi kana kuchinja zita mubude pachena nemabasa acho!!!!

  14. Ndanga was and is not acting as brother, but an enemy. Gumbura, according to the published WhatsApp messages, is not a rapist, but a womaniser and a fornicator. Ndanga and his organization should have taught this man that,”…Everyone who names the name of the Lord is to abstain from wickdness”, 2 Tim 2:19, rather than ganging with the courts to jail him. This is the same teaching this church members need.

  15. I am not in support of Gumbura but the question is who is Ndanga ? who has given him the powers to investigate other churches ? If he has a church then we need someone who is independent not an interested party.

  16. The psychological games so-called road side churches play on people, especially women have devastating effects on their lives. Many never get to study the pure history of religions, Christianity, Judaism etc but just move from their traditional beliefs to the warped and utterly wrong view of Christianity coming out of this preacher who pitches up in a bushy area 3 times a day. They believe everything he says and do whatever he tells them. It is typically a male leader. The level of psychological manipulation is beyond belief. People end up disowning their relatives, parents and in-laws who are labelled as witches. Many end up traumatized and a few get mad. The colonial regime called some of these “churches” a nuisance. They are more than that. The socially weak are exploited through a warped doctrine. It is only fair to try and protect them by ensuring people who do not understand the pure academic background of Christianity do not pose as representatives of that particular religion. They must show themselves up correctly as whoever they are and not as leaders of the Christian doctrine.

  17. While i dont condone what Magumbura did,to hell with Ndanga.He does not qualify to disqualify the church.The culprit has been jailed the church must continue to exist.After all,there is no perfect church humhombwi hwanaMagumbura hwakazara.

  18. Mwari chaiye anotoregerera vanhu. Sungai vavhu vapara nhaka kwete zvekuda kuvhari kunamatwa kwamwari. Vanhu vamunovharisira chechi ivavo ndivo vakauya vakakuudza nezbvakaipa zvakashata. Meaning to say they should be left to worship God as they desire now. Vana gumbura nana ndaga avo nndovai gumhana mapendeketete vachitadza kudzana nokunamata kuti vasabatabata or kukundwa nemiyedzo, asi nhasi vana ndanga mozvta vatsvene. Siyanai nechurch sunganai moga. Kana zvadaro sunungurai gumbura mchisunga chiche. Saks gumbura akasungirwei kana chechi iriyo inemhosva

  19. nhai mr ndanga imi pachezvenu a u clean zvekuti u go and investigate another church. ndimi mazoita hutsvene hwakaita cei. ha tibvirei apa mhani

  20. what is church? And u continue calling that one a church,tel me of a member of that church whose wife was nt abused by gumbura

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