Councillors demand payroll


KWEKWE city councillors have demanded that management provides them with the city’s executive payroll amid allegations that top management could be drawing more money than indicated on the 2014 budget.


The city has six directors, who according to the salary schedule presented to council, collect a total of $669 718,57 annually, half of what council pays its 182 general workers in the A3 grade who collectively take home $1,2 million a year.

Debating the issue at a highly-charged full council meeting last Thursday, councillor Weston Masiya accused management of misleading councillors by presenting a dummy salary schedule attached to the 2014 budget.

“We want to see the payroll so that we have a real appreciation of the money being paid out to our workers because it appears the schedule attached to the 2014 budget is just a dummy,” Masiya said.

He was supported by councillor Aaron Gwalazimba who accused management of being more interested in dipping their fingers into the revenue jug and diverting available council funds to meet personal needs at the expense of service delivery.

Council collects $18 million per year and spends $8,5 million on salaries.

“Our roads are now full of potholes and all streetlights in most parts of the town are not working, yet when you go to roads leading to the town clerks (Emanuel Musara)’s house and other directors the roads are pothole-free and lights are in good order,” Gwalazimba said.

The demand by the councillors comes at a time management has also approved a budget of more than $200 000 to purchase three top-of-the range personal service vehicles for top managers.

Council later resolved that copies of a comprehensive payroll for all 715 employees should be available for councillors to inspect at the mayor’s office from Thursday.


  1. Well done Masiya, keep going, we are solidly behind you. Have it published, and attach the dummy salary schedule that you mentioned, together with the actual payroll for the directors. Then we make a comparison. We need refuse trucks/compactors in the hood, yet people concentrate on buying personal vehicles. Apa mari yema bin munotora. Makaitwa seiko imi vana Musara and crew, naiye director we health?

  2. where ar Redcliff cllrs,basa kuvharira vanhu mvura as if makaiswa mablinkers,mztown clerk anoruma nemadirectors pakuru,remember u ar voted into office,nobody will c 2 terms,mark my words,apa u want 2 buy them 4by single cabs+1 by d/cab trucks when the workers ar not being paid nxaaa yu ar very idiotic & useless

  3. OK. So now its time to react. Seems that is all we can do, act when its too late. Act when all the diamonds are now in China, when PSMAS is now bankrupt. Act when the guy is 100 years old. Future generations will laugh at our stupidity!

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