Can today’s prophets be trusted?


Through inheritance from sinful Adam, mankind became subject to the harsh mastery of “King Sin”.

Viewpoint with Wisdom Mdzungairi

In the Bible, sin is anything contrary to Jehovah God’s personality, ways, standards and will. For this reason, we all miss the mark, like an archer who can shoot an arrow, but misses his target.

It is for this reason, that some so-called prophets or pastors have over the years fallen from glory to gloom, as their glitter was blinded by criminal charges and incarceration.

A few names come to mind — Godfrey Nzira, Pius Ncube, Robert Martin Gumbura and Lawrence Katsiru among others.

While I have always dedicated this column to climate and environment issues, after a two-week hiatus I thought I could deal with this equally important matter – of prophets or pastors given a lot of intriguing events on this front have been happening in Zimbabwe lately.

This comes at a time polygamous RMG Independent End Time Message Church leader Robert Martin Gumbura, who bragged during trial that his target was to sire 100 children with different wives, is waiting a sentence today.

With 11 wives, Gumbura compares himself to the biblical David, who had many wives.

And, regional magistrate Hosea Mujaya is being urged to consider imposing life imprisonment or at least a 100-year jail term on Gumbura. He was on Friday convicted on four counts of raping female church members, some of whom are married, over a long period of time and one count of possessing pornographic material.

Gumbura’s behaviour as a church leader towards his congregants is unfortunate, detestable and deplorable.

What is even worse is that Gumbura had the audacity to tell the court that all women in his church are his wives and even talked of loaning wives to other male congregants in his church, according to the magistrate.

He perhaps used his position in church to impose himself on the gullible victims who looked up to him for protection. Very sad indeed! This guy preyed on flocks he was supposed to protect in much the same way other local prophets have taken advantage of their credulous church members especially of the fairer sex.

I am not sure whether to call Gumbura and his fellow churchmen hypocrites, who hide behind the Word of God to pounce on unsuspecting victims or not, but the behaviour of many of the so called prophets leaves a lot to be desired.

Across the Limpopo, Rabboni Centre Ministries pastor Lesego Daniel warned that shocking things will happen this year.

Giving a sermon at his first service since news broke about members of his congregation eating grass, he claimed that: “God started something here. I only accepted it. The next thing to happen is that we will see people floating in the air.”

His congregants clapped and ululated. Is this gullibility or faith, I wonder. Closer to home, United Family International Church leader Emmanuel Makandiwa was also “enlarging” a congregant’s manhood. Another supposedly, man of cloth, Blessing Chiza was left with egg on his face after he predicted that Zimbabwe’s Warriors would win 3-0 over Libya at the just-ended Chan tournament.

Not that I do not respect these men of cloth as individuals (of course I do not believe in them), but that these weird happenings should tell us who we are and whether we understand that we are living in the last days of this system of things.

What is surprising is that this country has many prophets who purport to see the future than the 40 men who wrote all the 66 Bible books.

A colleague asked me, Do I have respect for prophets? Do we even need these latter-day prophecies? I am aware that many people are hoping from one so-called prophet to the other simply because they are looking for solace during these difficult times.

So these so-called prophets will boast that their sermons are always full to capacity. Because desperation will be written all over their congregants’ faces, they tend to prey on them, yet the despairing congregants will be singing, “I believe” when being sexually abused. Have these churches become cults and the so-called church leaders cult leaders for their behaviour is — in all instances not based on the Bible they purport to use?

Cults are by nature a system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object in many cases the church founder or leader.

I remember that on November 4, 2012, President Robert Mugabe lashed out at these false prophets and dubious spirit mediums accusing them of extorting money from people.

Whether Mugabe, a Catholic, was spot on or not, the truth is he labelled them “false prophets”.
“There could be some who we can say God gave them powers of prophesy, but these are very few,” Mugabe said. “Also in some churches you hear that a husband and his wife are prophet and prophetess . . . Really?”

His observation was that there are too many people who claimed to be prophets in Zimbabwe yet in the Bible there were not that many. If the number of emergent prophets around the country is anything to go by, it is even harder to call their organisations churches.

I am not sure whether people have misunderstood what these so-called prophets are up to or not. What cannot be taken away from these prophets is that they have mastered the art of making quick bucks.

That they have become accomplished businesspeople is also not in question, but under what circumstances?
Talking to a workmate last week, I was left with a broken heart. The colleague has been hoping from one church to another in search of a “gospreneurial” prophet. Who can blame them, they are in business, they must survive, but please spare the flock for once.

Such foresight and ingenuity can only come from a higher power? Do you look forward to your days of grace?

Today, grass, tomorrow, rape . . . The possibilities are endless!


  1. Can we say Chaminuka was a prophet as most of his predictions came true. The same goes for most of the gamblers who “prophesise ” horses in their correct order and are making a living out of it

  2. There are no true prophets. Kupi kwamakanzwa mushoko kuti muporofita aimutswa naMwari aitanga church yake? These are just daylight money mongers fleecing it from their zelous followers. Jesu akati musavatenda( don’t believe them).

  3. The majority of all so-called prophets are just businessmen looking for money. They are just thieves abusung the word of God for their benefits without any tax deductions. Witth that status of prophet they are able to cheat the most beutiful and innocent girls. In brief they are extortionists.

    • That is true, regai tizoona Mwari paachacheka gorosi kuti masora achaita sei.The bible had already warned kuti they will be false prophets and they will do all sorts of miracles and powerful works. Asi maperero azvo tichamaona hedu. waregei muone.

  4. Well, this item is not even worth the space in the daily newspaper, was reading it hoping to find some tangible research done on it, I completed reading it, all that is in it is a shallow personal opinion which the paper is sharing sadly so to the nation. This is why Herald is above such mediocrity, and the so called papers will continue finding it very hard. Apart from telling us u dont believe in prophets and u hev a friend hpoing from one church to another, what exactly do u want to put across? Tht is not new, even our Lord Jesus Christ had some pipo who did not believe Hi: during His days on earth, including Saul cum Paul. Kwako kwashamisirei becos u hev a slot in the Newsday, grow up

    • What research do u need here, chokwadi ichokwadi kuti maporofita aya haashandiswi naMwari. full stop. wadziwirire zvako asi isu takasunungurwa nechokwadi kwete kuda kufadzwa nzeve nemaporofita enyu aya. Dai zvanga zvisina kuipa ini ndaitoitawo mari nazvo asi shamhu yacho ndoma1. itai henyu.

      • @Chengemugumbu hauna kuti ngwarireiwo futi iwe. @Chenge simply asked kuti what new stuff is the writer putting forward other than what is already in the public domain. Sangana nemubvunzo and stop being emotional. where is the news bit? was anything new said here? Typical of mediocre in the private media and its blind followers.

    • some things need no research. do u want research kuti Gumbura aihura nevakadzi vevanhu? or tht Zim was beaten in CHAN?..or any other thing he pointed out clearly

      you need to make a reseach in the Bible and you will see that these so-called prophets are FALSE. the prophesying business is just a matter of hiding the true facts behind. lift the veil of prophesying and you will see the real agenda…..its just a mere facade, a sham

  5. There are too many self-called prophets and self-sent apostles these days. Failures in life who cannot find themselves a job end up parading themselves as founders of prophetic movements and churches. Anyone who questions their exploits is labelled a “pervert” and all other demeaning descriptions. For Mapungubwe Dundilabazwele to call them businessmen and thieves is a gross understatement which also is a compliment they don’t deserve.

  6. @Chenge. U are very right. Newsday is now drunk. They are now specialising in puplishing pipos opinions as news. No research, no facts its just shallow. The herald atleast tries to give us News, real sport and well reseached opinion pieces. Editor i pity u. Leave Prophets alone god will deal with them if they are thieves not u or me, mere mortals

  7. This article in short is silly. yu write about people yu dont believe in, which is not an issue, but yu attack what they do which is an issue for me.

    be open minded and say out why you think the body of Christ has been invaded by “false prophets” and tell us how fake the prophets are, how true prophets are! i would appreciate it if you would tell us the true prophets around and stop telling us about fake prophets!

    dambudziko renyu iwe munyori and others of a reprobate mind like you is that mune a manual on how God should operate and anything outside that manual yu think its a breach! Bunch of idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    its not about an act done but the principle behind it! You mentioned about the man whose manhood was enlarged///// yu got it wrong ,,,yu chose your words wrongly! anyway you dont know what happened. what the man of God did was to get the man out of teh misery he was in! is that not love! it was surely unless yu have a different definition.

    the long and short of it is that yu should continue commending about climeate and other things and stop this business you dont understand!

  8. i urge people to come and hear what apostle Paul Mwazha of Africa preaches about.this is time of the end and we need to find God’s grace.anyone who is willing to experience this grace pliz call me at 0774791885 just we can go together and listen to the gospel of Jesus Christ being spread by Apostle Paul Mwazha of Africa.God bless you all

  9. most of these prophets like all pastors apostles etc and even popes have God given gifts, but like all man they mess up. it is not only prophets of today, but even the prophets of old show that they had problems. they are man and not God. we cant judge them but God will. remember all of us have a problem somehow and all of us are messing up and the only thing we are fortunate that most of it does not come up in the open like these guy’s .

  10. True people of God are there. They are human they can falter but the grace is still there. This is election by grace and if you are anointed even in your backsliding state God still has room for you. Zimbabwe is blessed to have all the five fold ministries represented through God’s grace

  11. wy do you people protect these paople these people are just theives not prophers read the bible and see what God says

  12. It’s sad to see such articles finding space in what I thought was a reputable newspaper, to the owners of the paper I tell you you are fast loosing readership by allowing such shallow articles to be published. Why allow drunkards , gays, smokers and adulterous to comment on issues they barely understand. This paper must be sued for millions why do you Allow pseudo-journalists to drag other man of God like prophet Makandiwa into their hallucinated conclusions of false prophets. Citing Gumbura, Lesego etc and then try to generalise on an extreme is rather taking the profession to the dogs.

    We would appreciate if all who write and comment negatively about man of God would also go an extra mile in directing us to their “anointed ” true prophets/pastors. If it is written that there shall be false prophets the same scripture is implicitly telling you that true prophets will be there, so the question is who is? Now that everyone who dares to demonstrate the power of God is being demonized.

    Anyway I just feel like I’m wasting my time on hell-bound ministers with luciferian agenda to discredit the power of God being exhibited by such prophets like prophet Makandiwa.

  13. @ chenge

    so in simple terms you support Robert Martin Gumbura.

    surprising enough your argument is also based on your own personal thinking. Sometimes I wonder if we are that educated as most other countries think we are. the facts are there for every one to see. (these are fake prophets). the Bible says that my people shall perish becoz they lack knowledge, to me that’s a very powerful statement which should not be taken lightly. I could be lost saying this to you or you could lost or wwe could be lost.
    how then shall we know that Makandiwa is a man of God, well only God knows becoz to me the methodology these guys are using is not of God.
    If you ask these guys why prosperity gospel and not salvation they wilk tell you kuti you will not die today therefore chimboita zvepano then zvedenga tozozviona. I am simply quoting from Magaya .the bible then says “seek the Kingdom of God first and all these things shall be added” I wounder if they read the bible. this is completely out of context with Manual to eternal life.
    so in short I hereby stand with writer.

  14. let the wise judge
    the fact that u dnt know true prophets causes u to call all prophets false.some of u dnt know what is prophetic, most of u always coment what u heard not what u see.wake up people what u don’t know keep quiet.u dnt go to church but u ‘ve guts to comment .God knows his servants if u want to follow or not to that’s yo own cup of tea period

  15. If these prophets are false and using demonic powers, why don’t all the other “genuine” men of God go and cast the demons out? Are they confessing that they are so weak they can not rebuke demons and set the possessed free?. Lets see them go to these gatherings and cast the demons out of these prophets. Otherwise their inaction and mere complaints and criticisms show them for exactly who they are. Fake and weak men of God.

  16. Your article is very shallow and exposes your master. Whats this hatred with prophets when its clear that sexual offences are rampant everywhere and are even threatening some Churches’ existence amongst the Anglican, Catholic which is so much engulfed in serious Pedophile cases. It is shameful that certain journalists cant even distinguish between politically motivated issues and genuine sexual. Reason, stick to what you know (if you have any), otherwise yo article is sensiless. Is Pius Ncube a Prophet? How many pple fell prey to Politicians sexual abuses or sex for work ….

  17. the writer is miss informed its a pity newsday tolerates personal vendettas against the annointed man of God Prophet Makandiwa …its clear he stated that he doesn’t believe in them and the bible clearly states that flesh cannot understand the things of the spirit…After attacking all the men of God who then is a true prophet ,pastor, appostle of God …Mr journalist. why do u put the power if God to test even the bible says the kingdom of God is not just in words but in demonstration of power,come for our healing sessions ..why don’t you publisih about our charitable events .. bring your sick ones and write a full detailed report after

  18. The problem with people like Chenge is they follow prophets so they can defend false prophets with their hearts. Tell us did Jeremiah start a church? Did Isaiah start a church, Did Amos start a church? This is what the writer is saying. These prophets end up abusing people like Chenge who end up being brain washed thinking the Herald is better than the Newsday so go to the Herald maybe they believe in false prophets.@Son true prophets do not go on to form a church this is what the writer is only trying to say. Sei vano defender ma false prophets aya muri so foul mouthed is that biblical?

  19. the writer is misinformed its a pity newsday tolerates personal vendettas against the annointed man of God Prophet Makandiwa …its clear he stated that he doesn’t believe in them and the bible clearly states that flesh cannot understand the things of the spirit…After attacking all the men of God who then is a true prophet ,pastor, appostle of God …Mr journalist. why dont u put the power of God to test even the bible says the kingdom of God is not just in words but in demonstration of power,come for our healing sessions ..why don’t you publisih about our charitable events .. bring your sick ones and write a full detailed report after

  20. Well, I dont see any comment defending Pius Ncube or Nzira or Chiza or Gumbura or the south african dude. This can lead someone who just rushes to the comment section to believe that the article is about makandiwa yet its about all man of cloth in Zimbabwe. The makandiwa people are always right at the forefront of defending their man of God (which is correct) maybe as the bible says false prophets are there so what if at the end of time you realise he was one (not that he is one)??? Be carefull in your defense and know that makandiwa/angel/pope/luther/ gumbura etc all shall need GOD’S GRACE to enter into heaven!!! God doesnt need any of your defense.

  21. i wonder y one can say he believes in sm1 bt then puts the person under such scrutiny and critic. journalist must 1st resolve themselves caz u hear mismatching and inconsistent things from them, one day Mugabe dead and the other Mugabe leaves for Addis ababa. this is wat u need to correct within ur thick heads b4 seeing e sticks in other people’s eyes. as for Prophets, the bible also sayz believe in them and u shall b prospered so if a reward is offered for belief then know for sure that its hard if not impossible 2 bliv them, rememba in the bible true prophets were butchered because of disbeilieving people lyk u. as for the one advocating for Wakatumwa Paul Mwazha, is it for the glory of e Kingdom that ua evangelising for or its for church filling. Those who know God’s mind will understand all that happens.God b wit us!

  22. Mr Journalist. Promotion does nt com frm the east or west but frm God. Watukisa zita rababa vangu Prophet Makandiwa pasina also watukisa mchinjikwa navanhu zvichinzi aah saka kunamata hazvishandi simply coz u nid promotion. NOW WASHAMA. Ndiwe wazvishamisa wega. Yes there are false prophets and also true prophets BUT watukisa vose. Wabata ari pamoyo waJehovah. Forgeting that u are also a sinner.

  23. regai zvidyisane sora zvichiraperana vakadzi….. mwari avatendera inguva yavo kuti zvakanyorwa zvizadzikiswe uchaona kaYahwe vadzoka not even death wil save dem

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