Britain urged to boycott Mugabe


CAPE TOWN — British MP Kate Hoey has reportedly urged British Prime Minister David Cameron to boycott the upcoming summit between Africa and the European Union (EU) after President Robert Mugabe was invited to attend.

According to The Telegraph, Cameron faced a dilemma over whether to attend the two-day summit scheduled to take place in Brussels, Belgium, in April.

EU ambassador Aldo Dell’Ariccia last week confirmed that Mugabe had been invited to attend the summit along with other Africa leaders.

The invitation came despite the Zimbabwean leader being officially banned from visiting any EU member State. Mugabe is accused of presiding over serious human rights abuses in his country.

Dell’Ariccia, however, made it clear that Mugabe’s attendance did not signal a softening of the EU position on targeted measures imposed on Zimbabwe, nor did it suggest the measures have been ineffective.

He said there were international laws that needed to be respected and these made exceptions for heads of State that were on targeted sanctions lists to be allowed to attend such summits and other functions.

The summit is expected to focus on strategic priorities under the Joint Africa-EU Strategy.

The strategy seeks to enhance political co-operation and partnerships at all levels.

Former British prime minister Gordon Brown boycotted an earlier EU-Africa summit attended by Mugabe in Lisbon in 2007. He also ruled that no British minister would be present.

Downing Street has, however, reportedly declined to say whether Cameron would stay away from the conference, the report said.

Hoey, who chairs the all-party parliamentary group on Zimbabwe, urged Cameron to boycott, saying the prime minister should “follow the principled lead of his predecessor Gordon Brown”. — News24


    • tatenda don’t be half educated like yr mdct puppets, for your own information, the EU
      decided to invite Mugabe after the AU hand agreed that they will not attend the summit if Africa’s champion against imperialism, H.E R G Mugabe, is not invited. This is a major victory in the AU against the former slave masters. Some of you, together with the MDCT being a major white bosom worshipers, are destined to die as slaves.

      • AU are hypocrites! Why not boycott all EU until the sanctions against RGM are scrapped. Why this summit alone? I smell some evil around the corner. In 2004 the EU invited Gadaffi (peace be upon him) and a few years down the line we all know what the imperialists did in Libya.

      • AU are hypocrites! Why not boycott all EU until the sanctions against RGM are scrapped? Why this summit alone? I smell some evil around the corner. In 2004 the EU invited Gadaffi (peace be upon him) and a few years down the line we all know what the imperialists did in Libya. Whether Cameron attends or not is immaterial. Some British people need to be disabused of their 18th century mentality.

      • What victory? Britain shall remain a super power whether RG attends or not. Dont give us shallow points. We need the country to start functioning again industry is shrinking by day and you talk of unfounded imperialism and slavery. I thought RG’s policy is look east im still shocked that we talk to bretton woods institutions for loans and by the way in case you dont know who funds the IMF and World-Bank its the US and Britain.

    • Ndirini zvangu normal as Iam ndakanzi handisi kudiwa kupart , why should I go kwandisiri kudiwa, I wont feel comfortable, zvanzi vazobvuma saka invitation yazouya, only a f should attend

  1. Dube in $230 000 salary scam
    Muchechetere in $40 000 salary scam
    Harare city in salary scam
    ZINARA Boss in $2 m tender scam
    Ministers slept on duty- Charamba

    Conclusion: The sanctions are hurting our economy!!!! Ma1000 kkkkkkkkkkk

  2. Come on Kate, u libidinous wHore dont u give us no Irish shit, sulking and stonewalling against a guerilla leader is no way to drive home yo points engage him and see if he doesn’t live you smarting.

  3. whether President Mugabe is right or wrong the truth is that the British have felt him left,right and center,I big him up for that

  4. Ngaarege kuenda tione. Cameroon I hope wil be unique from Brown. It doesn’t help in any way but his failure to go wil further strain relation between Harare and London.

  5. Vanhuwe ndirikunzwa kufara kuti mukuru wenyika yedu is invited to the EU summit becoz he had never been given an opportunity to tell them face off how the (SANCTIONS) War vert fund was stolen, unbugheted DRC war, farm implements scheme was abused, Chiadzwa and Marange diamond looting with no single cent remitted into national treasury, rigged elections that’s scaring away investors and of course the mother of all SANCTIONS- heftyyyyymegaaaa salaries for our liberators which had drained all the biggest employer entities in gvt & parastatals of money and resources. Surely the man must be given audiance to hear his sanctions story handiti reason, T Chaminuka and D Wezhira.

  6. It is a victory for the whole of Africa if Cameroon boycott the Africa-EU summit. It it time some Kitchen niggers learn that there are. blacks who can stand up against the whites and their stooges. Bob is one hell of an African leader who has taken stolen land and black dignity from the white Rhodesians and gave it back to his people

    I am proud to have lived my life under such great African leadership and i am ashamed when black half wits and white puppets, who have access to the media, try and tarnish a great statesman of my time.

  7. Edmore Malambo,
    Please accept that two wrongs don’t make a right. It was government policy to have farmland offered to them on a first refusal basis, before being offered to open market buyers. Therefore if government declined the offer ,the farm or land owner received a legal document ie certificate of no interest from government clearing the way for the sale of the farm. This now meant that anyone in Zimbabwe Black or white could legally purchase the farm. Like all property sales transfer duties and taxes are paid, which government duly receives. In view of the above HOW CAN YOU DEEM THE LAND TO HAVE BEEN STOLEN. THIS LAND WAS SIMPLY NOT STOLEN. You sound like a very bitter man but no matter how bitter and twisted you are you should always be guided by principals and integrity and more so by the truth and not by blatant lies.

    • With all due respect, Ronaldos, study the law carefully and you will see what the definition of stolen property is. How can one argue the legality of land transfer on a piece of land acquired via the forceful eviction or the murder of the original owner?

  8. Shut the f*** up all u zanu pf dogs , what gud has mugabe done for this country besides killing his on black people and looting the country resources with his zpf core criminals,Zim is now a failed state because of him. He took our beloved country as his grandmother s backyard. He always take dig on Europeans so y does he want to go there. U know that im British I even measure distance in miles, sakanai zvozvo ndomboti pamberi nema British.

  9. mr Reason, quite frankly l wld rather live in Britain than Zim right now, which incidentally is where most zanupf ‘chefs’ familys are anyway. If David Cameroon wacho can take better care of my stomach than my very own cruel black leaders than so be it. life is too short to waste fighting useless ideological wars that dont help anyone at the end of the day tichifa nenzara

  10. Is it true that R.G.Mugabe and ZanuPF have managed to fool the whole of Africa and even some other states in Europe ,Asia and America that Mugabe policies and approach to African problems are right !? and only MDC T and other opposition parties in Zim pluz Tsvangison knows that they are wrong !?lets not try to fool one another here.At what point did whites realized that we blacks and whites are equals and do you really think they are fighting for the good cause/rights of us black Zimbabweans,is this true that they really love us so much that they have to impose the so called Restricted/Targetted sanctions on Mugabe and others? is it true?

  11. mugabe destroyed zimba bwe because of selfish gains eg[
    -drc war where he used state funds in return of diamonds for him
    -diamonds which he is looting with his chinies frenz
    -government ministers with high salaries
    -awarding tenders government to china companies which employ over 75% of employies from china and liv zimbabweans unemployed
    -china companies which come with even concrete from china while ther is plenty of it in zimbabwe
    taking foreign owned companies worth 100million and take 4 million for himself -the company shutdown-liv zimbabweans unemployed and he use the 4 million for his family benefit.
    to point a do u think the country will survive

  12. Whether mugabe goes or not is immaterial unless he changes his speech. Please this summit is not a place to insult others or dine sleep during the course of the summit we want constructive contribution from team at the summit. Cameron has to attend because the is not between Zimbabwe and EU but Africa and EU and Zimbabwe is in Africa
    Let’s wait and see how the game will end

  13. Ini ndanga ndichifunga kuti zvaive nane kuti vamugabe varambe kuenda kuEU. Kana chiri chokwadi kuti masanctions ari kutirwadza then boycot the sumit. We have to demonstrate that we are special and cannot be pushed around. Yu know what, these white guys hate us, what they want are our resources. Why go there instead of dealing with serious issues at home like these guys who are earning millions of dollars in a short space of time. Think twice.

  14. Hypocrites, before land reform we received a love letter from one Claire Short, Irish, blue eyed, blond haired and all. That got us going. Now they know Chimurenga was not for cosmetic political reasons. Popopopopopo…!Maiti makarova ganars….ma 1000!

  15. Strike fear into the hearts of the white men our real enemies. Make them tremble ! It was this statesman addressing his party congress about 10yrs ago.

  16. @ scotv: Good point ,.,.i have often told people the same point but they still don’t get it,.,.they are so caught on this title deed bullcrap. In simple terms,.,.if i steal a car today and sell it to you with forged papers,.,.does that car belong to you if the law catches up???????

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