Biti’s house bombed

POLICE in Harare yesterday said they were investigating a suspected bomb attack that occurred at MDC-T secretary-general Tendai Biti’s Umwinsdale house on the outskirts of the capital early on Monday morning.


National police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba confirmed the alleged attack.

“I can confirm the attack. A report was made and the police are still carrying out investigations,” Charamba said.

The Harare East MDC-T MP and former Finance minister yesterday said although he was aware of who was behind the attack, he would allow police to carry out their investigations independently.

Tendai Biti's house in Umwinsdale.
Tendai Biti’s house in Umwinsdale.

“I reported the matter at Borrowdale Police Station,” Biti said.

“It is unfortunate because the attack could have affected all my family members. As Zimbabwe, we should condemn violence in all forms, whether it is political or domestic.

“I will not prejudge the work of the police although I have a strong belief of where it could be coming from.”

Security cameras at the house showed the petrol bomb being thrown from a moving vehicle, which then sped off as the device exploded at around 0100 hours. The bomb exploded near the security wall close to where the guard patrols. The guard escaped unhurt.

CCTV footage showing how the incident happened.
CCTV footage showing how the incident happened.

However, MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said: “The attack bears the fingerprints of Zanu PF. We condemn the act and we are saying, after discussions with Honourable Biti, this is the work of MDC enemies. The attack bears the fingerprints of Zanu PF. It is clear there are political parties that want to exacerbate the disagreements within MDC and play MDC leaders against each other. Clearly, the MDC does not resolve its political disputes in such a cowardly fashion.”

Part of the pillar at Biti's house which was petrol bombed.
Part of the pillar at Biti’s house which was petrol bombed.

Biti and MDC-T deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma are currently at the centre of internal strife where they are being accused of pushing for the ouster of party leader Morgan Tsvangirai. Two weeks ago, Mangoma was allegedly assaulted by party youths at the MDC-T headquarters while Biti is reported to have sought refuge inside Tsvangirai’s vehicle as youths aligned to the party leader went after him.

Although Tsvangirai has publicly distanced himself from the assault, Mangoma has maintained his party boss was complicit in the attack.
This is not the first time a petrol bomb attack has been made at Biti’s properties.

His Highlands house survived a similar attack in June 2011 when he was still Finance minister and no suspects were arrested over the incident.

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  1. the police are investigating the works of zanupf and later arrested mdc supporters. I wonder why tsvangirai and biti failed to see it coming. these guys (zanupf) failed the economy and they now want to draw attention of Zimbabweans on silly things. For sure biti knows that its zanupf’s hand on this matter. For mangoma, that’s what you where looking for and you are now happy with this. mangoma you will be a useless person come next congress. Tsvangirai please put your private life in order. Chamisa make sure our president is safe from these hwaks.

    1. We can only get answers from Tsvangirai who flirts with zanu(pf)women.As for Mwonzora i advise him to shut up because you are not a propagandist even an inch.

  2. Mr biti, please make peace with your supporters to shame zanupf. They kill tonderai ndira and no-one arrested and now they petrol bombed you. they want you to think as if tsvangirai did it. Biti we respect you too much so please leave mangoma alone coz he is a zanupf agent

  3. ZANUPF trying by all means to sow divisions in our party. we know the culprits they were sent by Mnangagwa and jonathan moyo.

  4. Zvatopera so. Hapana nyaya apa. Ndokuti Zimbabwe

  5. Believe me not, Mdc is now destroying itself and guess what, they have someone to blame…Zanu pf

  6. MDC needs a new strategy and Godly counsel reknowned Prophets of God.

  7. MDC needs to engage a new strategy and they need Godly Counsel from reknowned Prophets of God.

  8. MDC needs to engage a new strategy and they need Godly Counsel from reknowned Prophets of God.

  9. Inga imba Yako yakanaka wena



















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  11. go and arest al chipangano guys they wil tel u e truth…batai mhindi idzooo,,…even kasikuwere knows wat hpnd here jst lock them dont investgate coz u wl b wasting tym …zanu yafunga kuparadza mdc manjee haaa manje manje t wil b history b careful with these charambas and his frenz in zanupf

  12. zanu pf is making a meal out of you and mangoma’s stupidity. I believe this is just the beginning. they can even kill and blame it on tsvangirai and then send him to jail. You dead, tsvangirai in jail that is the end of the MDC. Stop taking sides with mangoma he just trying to gain popularity.

  13. From Highlands to Umwinsdale. “We started over there now we are here” The loot is working, $20m at Interfin and $50 m at Renaissance.

    But why always Biti’s house? Umwinsdales is a secure area with booms on most roads. Where some see the hand of ZANU-Pf, others see the hand of MDC-T, I see the hand of Biti! Why would anyone want to petrol bomb Biti’s durawall? A liter of paint will sort the damage! There is no sane reason for ZANU-Pf to engage in this amateurish act. MDC-T benefits nothing from it. Only Biti trying to play the victim and drawing sympathy from those within MDC-T, the general public and the donor community stands to benefit. All to project himself as a potential heavyweight political threat and deflect attention from the grand theft he committed at treasury! Self inflicted!

  14. Another well known tactic of diverting attention from the scandalous stinking corruption that a lot of our pretenders are religiously involved.
    It is a pity that our so called leaders,instead of working flat out to destroy the Monster called Corruption ,they are plotting to destabilize and block other alternative avenues which would bring tremendous economic progress, not for a handful but for all.

  15. A well orchestrated self -inflicted scratching.

  16. josefa chinotimba

    We know who these people are and it’s obvious that this act of terrorism is coming from zanu pf.They are trying to take advantage of the chaos in my Party(MDC T) so that it looks like it’s our youths,shame on you zanu pf thugs.

    Who ever told you to use this stupid tactic to disintegrate my Party MDC T,was wrong.I want you to know this,you thugs from zanu pf,MDC T will never disintegrate and you have now strengthen us.

    We therefore would like to say sorry to Honourable Biti,this is not coming from our learned MDC T youths but from the stupid zanu pf youths who have a strong rural back ground.

    The tactic that has been used by zanu pf is ill advised,their so called military intelligence has lost it,shame on them.

    Zanu pf thinks it can hood wink the intelligent Zimbabweans,very stupid indeed.This is the work of Kasukuwere,Mutasa,Jonathan Moyo and the unintelligent zanu pf youths.

  17. So suddenly Mr Mwonzora knows who is responsible for this bombing. With all the infighting within MDC -T lately it could be anyone. Mr Biti has done the right thing in reporting the incident however expecting the ZRP to do a proper investigation is probably expecting too much. We are in real trouble when cannot trust anyone i.e. the leadership, the authorities etc.

  18. Whoever bombed Biti’s house is a coward and is evil. Those people should be brought to book, and I implore police to track them down. This should never happen in this beautiful country.

    I don’t always agree with Biti, but I defend his right to choose what he wants.

    Now that Mwonzora has already said it is Zanu pf behind the bombing, cant Zanu pf sue him? Rugare Gumbo & co musaramba makanyarara. Senior politicians like Mwonzora should learn to talk reponsibly. The Zimbabwe political texture becomes dangerous if you combine the cuplrits who bombed Biti’s house and the Mwonzora’s who immediately point fingers. You get this nasty potential of a tit-for-tat scenario, if some people actually believe Mwonzora.

    In the Mangoma attack he pointed to Zanu pf, and in this unfortunate bombing of Biti’s house, he again points to Zanu pf. Should all the violence in this country be attributed to Zanu pf? I do not always agree with Zanu pf, but Mwonzora’s obsession with pointing to Zanu pf whenever demons visit MDC-T is reducing his political stock. Ava munhu wemangamanga. He should be mature and allow investigations to take place, and then conclusions can be made.

  19. The MDC-T must mature and mature fast. ZANU PF is not going to treat them like brothers. In ZANU PF anyone in opposition is an enemy and not opponent. It’s going to get even rougher as we get to 2018. In politics it is the norm to throw dust into the face of your opponents to create as much confusion as possible. With what transpired in July 2013 the MDC should now be wiser and begin to act like the popular political that it is. Zimbabweans look to the MDC for their political and economic emancipation.Don’t betray our aspirations.

  20. Uebert saikoroji gumbura

    These zanu pf guys are just tryin by all means to tear apart Mdc coz they are aware that Bob is nw goin six feets so vakukambena for this early comin election

  21. Vanhu ava vakagarika,zimba racho!

  22. Zanu pf is aware that as long as mdc-t as alive and kicking things are not good for them, 2018 is not faraway so they are trying each and everyday to make sure that mdc-t is dead ,so whatever is happenning is to sow seeds of hatred among the opposition leaders to be at each other”s throat. Zanu pf promised a lot to the electrolate if they fail who knows people will revert to their party mdc-t come 2018.

  23. Hapana nyaya apo its mbiti/biti bombing himself to gain mileage, ZANU PF kills if they want to, they don’t do such shaddy jobs, or its chamisa and staff.

  24. mdc ngwararayi yo opposers know very well that without the oldman they can not win elections,so they will try to destroy yo party let alone coz yu to say tsvangirai haite coz they know kuti ndiye avashaisa hope and vobomba dzimba dzenyu kuti muparadzane ,watchout zanu without bobo havawhine and they know that hence they know they time with the oldman is running out and make sure mdc yu are buried or separated into pieces

  25. An old way of doing things….Star wars, USSR, Kremlin, Thatcher etc…Biti should publicly apologies for wining and dining with vipers such as Gono issue, now this leadership fiasco…the grass roots no-longer trust have that faith in you…better apologies very fast brotherman….that bomb surely is coming from an enemy ZANU PF to scattle an already burning house…thats an old style of doing things.

  26. campaigning for 2018 has already started and this time it’s marathon, four years.Biti and mangoma muchenjere kuva ana gudo vaigara vakadyiwa panyaya nekushandiswa mungano natsuro.

  27. eish too bad guys.but lets not lose hope my fellow countrymen .this is definately the work of our opponents remmember
    go to that link and find out who the real violence degreed people are.

  28. Okay ngatii maYouth eZANU PF akarova Mangoma naBiti paHaverst House,aaah saka hakunaka MDC-T yamunotaura nezvayo. How come kuti maYouth eZANU PF akapinda pa Harvest House,uye aziva sei kuti pachauya vanhu ava vanofanira kurohwa.

    Vanhu vanoSupporter MDC-T or chero MDC mukai mhani indava muchiramba makarara nemasikati ese. Muri kurambidzana pachenyu kutaurirana chokwadi chakataurwa naMangoma,saka makamuroverei kana muine democracy. Muchachembera muchingonyepera ZANU PF muchuurayana mege mega uuuuuuuhhh tibvirei apaa.

  29. Okay ngatii maYouth eZANU PF akarova Mangoma naBiti paHaverst House,aaah saka hakunaka MDC-T yamunotaura nezvayo. How come kuti maYouth eZANU PF akapinda pa Harvest House sei,uye awunzwa nani?

    Saka munoti ZANU PF yaimirira kuti mutange marova Mangoma kuti igozo bomber Biti?
    Batai vanhu venyu varikuita izvi kwete kuzora ZANU PF madhodhi ayisina kuita.
    Siyanai neZANU PF yadii zvayo pakurovana kwenyu mega. Chimbonyaraiiwo kunongedzera vanhu vakanyarara zvavo.

  30. Biti has always been “bombing” his durawall not house, since 2011 to gain political milage.
    wake up zimbos

  31. baba namai mukanetsana gadzirisanai kwete kufukura hapwa. Kuti ndava kunohura kuti ndipfidzise umwe iwe naye mese muchafa neAIDS chawagona hapana. You are destroying MDC not tsvangirai bcz at last even BITI or MANGOMA will never make it to the State house. Like Zpf mudhara kungoti dhii chete ndokupere kwazvo. Gwisai akaita sei, job sikhala ko welshman ncube. Icho chimurume chekushata chiya ndiyo chinja yacho ku ngobva kwake Zpf inenge yava ne100% muparliament. Iko zvino musafunge kuti kwavo kutevera mutemo kusunga vanhu vanonzi vakarova mangoma, vabomba imba yabiti they are weakening the MDC even when this Biti is the president, and zpf has done nothing since july 2013 so they are diverting yo attention from talking about their failure. Regai tione

  32. That’s politics one needs to be very careful and wise zvana mangoma zvekungohukura pesepese zvinodaidza vavengu. What if zanu pf kill mangoma monozoti aurawa nani.

  33. Crap, I wish I could afford a house like that. No such luck after losing all my possessions and life’s work by some greedy Zanupf politician who craved my farm. And an entire crop.

  34. mapenzi anongofunga nezvekutuka zanu. Yadii apa zvinei nezanu problem yedu ndeye vanhu vakatiza muno munyika nguva yenzara vanofunga kuti varungu vachavagadzirira nyika. Wake up haikona kufunga zvakapusa biti akosha chii angada kuputitsirwa nezanu. Problem yenyu ndeye kusafunga chese chese zanu nekuti matadza kupinda pakutonga tibvireyi apa muti kwanire. Iyo imba yake iyi mari akaiwana kupi anoda audit sezvaaimboparidzira. Mbavha dzevanhu kuswera muchituka nyika yenyu.

  35. The last I checked, a bombed building would have been damaged or flattened. The house is either made of bomb proof material or the bomb is made out of meat!

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