Antwerp starts selling Marange diamonds


MARANGE diamonds will go under auction starting today at the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) as the country aims to get better fortunes following insights gained from the first sale in December.

Business Reporter

The tender will run from February 12 to 21 including weekends at the Antwerp Diamond Tender Facility.

“It is with great pleasure that First Element invites you to attend the second Run of Mine tender of the Zimbabwe productions in Antwerp, Belgium. The tender will be substantially bigger than the previous sale held in December 2013,” organisers said last week.

Diamonds on sale will be from Diamond Mining Company, Jinan Investments, Anjin Investments, Marange Resources, DTZ and Mbada Diamonds.

The goods that were offered in the December trial tender included rough diamonds from Marange Resources, Diamond Mining Company, Anjin Investments, Jinan and Kusena Diamonds, totalling 279 723 carats.
The trial tender achieved total sales value of $10,7 million.

Treasury got $1,6 million, being the 15% in royalty fees.
The trial tender was attended by 115 clients compared to the 10 to 15 companies that are present at regular tenders in Zimbabwe.

The sale of Marange diamonds in Antwerp followed the removal of European Union sanctions on the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation and a culmination of high-level meetings between Zimbabwean officials and AWDC both in Harare and Antwerp.

Marange diamonds have courted controversy with little or no remittances to Treasury despite the producers selling the diamonds.

In the 11 months to November, no money was remitted to Treasury as dividends against a target of $61 million.

The Ministry of Mines recently dissolved some boards of mine producers where government is a shareholder and suspended executives to facilitate an audit on their operations.

The move is part of reforms instituted by government to get maximum proceeds from the sale of diamonds.


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  1. Almost 300 000 carats go under the hammer and we get 1.6 million USD come guys is this supposed to be a joke even at the very least we were supposed to get 100 per carat giving us a total of 300 million USD

    The real amount should actually be close to 1 billion USD for that quantity and quality of stone even in it’s rough form

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  3. so this mean all this nonsense for the removal of sanctions was for 1.6million cuthbert dube is ricger than this,total bullshit indeed,what is the cost of mining per carat and average selling price per carat.zanu futi nxaaaaaa

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  6. Beware of such adverts as by JacquelineOreillyama which promise hefty payments. Why not quietly do the project yourself Jac and probably tell your close relative?

  7. If Mr. Newman Chiadzwa will get USD 100 million for the ( 8.67 kg )which roughly translates to 43000 carats.What about Zimbabwe that sold close to 300 000 carats, come man lets do the maths something is wrong here.

    USD 1.6 million only somebody is eating and eating big time

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