Zanu PF probes Chigumba

Chenai Mhlanga holding her daughter Natalie sits besides their belongings which were thrown out by Chitungwiza South MP Christopher Chigumba. All pictures: Aaron Ufumeli

ZANU PF says it is investigating circumstances surrounding the eviction of dozens of people in Chitungwiza by party MP Christopher Chigumba.


The party has also asked Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo to provide a comprehensive report on the matter.

Party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo yesterday said Zanu PF was seized with the matter, but would act when it gets a report from Chombo and his deputy Joel Biggie Matiza who were responsible for dealing with such matters.

“Chombo and Matiza are responsible and the position taken by the two should carry the day and guide us. They will make recommendations on that issue. We don’t have all the facts so we will wait to hear from the two and from there, we will take it up,” Gumbo said.

“If it is true, we will find it difficult to accept such acts. But like I said, let’s wait for the facts from Matiza and Chombo, then we act.”

Chombo last year appointed a team to investigate illegal land deals in and around Chitungwiza and Seke areas after it was discovered that thousands of home-seekers were being sold undesignated land and open spaces not suitable for houses.

The probe team discovered that over 14 000 householders had built their structures on unserviced land, while 8 200 houses built on illegal land were set to be demolished.

Chombo yesterday said he was expecting a report on what transpired from Harare Metropolitan provincial administrator Alfred Tome and the District Administrator respectively.

“I don’t know the exact facts of the matter because I am yet to get a report. I just read in the papers and I hope to get a report by Monday on the matter. Those are the functions of the PA and DA to get the facts of the matter and brief me then we see what we can do,” Chombo said.

Chigumba, the Zanu PF MP for Chitungwiza South, reportedly evicted scores of people including party supporters from their houses a fortnight ago.

At least 300 others are facing eviction if they do not comply with new conditions imposed by the MP.

Chigumba, who claims to own a co-operative that built the houses from members’ contributions, was allegedly demanding $5 000 cash from each beneficiary in addition to what they contributed over the years.

He claims contributions by members of the co-operative, Zano Remba Housing Co-operative, which were made during the Zimdollar era, were no longer valid.
Chigumba is patron of the cooperative, which he has reportedly incorporated as part of his holding company Chigumba Holdings.
He says those evicted were crooks.


  1. Kkkkkkkkkkkkk…… How can zpf probe anybody? The whole party must be probed on how it won July 31 elections, why it is running down the economy, etc.

  2. This is disgraceful of an MP. The Cooperative Act is very clear on this matter. Nobody except the members can own a housing cooperative. Soldiers, policemen and other people and civil servants contributed to the Zano Remba Housing Cooperative and someone then latter changes the name to Zano Rekuba Housing Cooperative and puts it under Chigumba Holdings. What a shame! This is daylight robbery guys. The land was given to the people under Hlalani Khuhle programme and after all the council price of these stands in the absence of corription is only USD200 and demanding USD5 000 is rediculous!

    The MP should be investigated to the bottom. Ndokurovera bhora musango uku and you expect the party to win that only constituency in Chitungwiza? Never as long as we have these Chigumba type. Ngaatinyarirewo nhai munhu wa MP for that matter. Selling land yemahara haunyari.

  3. Please CDE Chombo hear us the people of Kadoma Cherrybank section next to VID. We have purchased stands from Kadoma City council 5 years ago and up to now the stands haven’t been serviced. Our problem is we are getting old by the day and by the time they will be serviced that’s if they are to be, we are afraid maybe we may not be able by then to build them. PLEASE, please, please CDE Chombo help us have our stand from the council, for the past 3 years there have been no form of communication to the matter, they are just quiet.

  4. ko cooperative yakazoita muridzi rinhi nhai wedu we ,i thought all members of the coop are equal sungai mbavha iyo mapurisa to be a ptron does not mean wave muridzi ,if its true kuti akai register ,the registrar of coperatives must be probed as well there are a lot of gapsin this story but the bottom line is ,kamudhara katsotsi panotoda docket apa pasi ne mbavha

  5. Chigumba is a gold digger, he had bin like ca u say zim dollar is no longer valid when u made profits from that zim dollar.but the authorities just look and watch

  6. Don’t take Gumbo’s nonsense seriously,fellow Zimbabweans. Gumbo is a snake. A dirty snake. Always speaks with a forked tongue,this old man. His ZANU PF has never probed any of its chefs for corruption. Aftyer all,their party is known for its looting of state resources for their own benefit. Probe? What probe? Set a thief to catch a thief? Ha ah ha ha. MaZANU maondonga Zimbabwe.

  7. ZANU PF yakatanga empowerent drive yakapenga wena. Apa nharo hapana. Hanzi Chombo is going to investigate. A thief investigating a thief. They can just meet and discuss how they can steal again. Pamberi neZANU PF!

  8. Why did you vote for him in the first place imi makambomuchemedza asi maiti akanganwa?Saka maakuchemei zvino hamuzive here kuti mwana wenyoka kanyoka?Honai manje mochema zvino nekubirwa rakacheka nyika zuva sorry kwazvo.

    • christopher chigumba,agara itsotsi remakoko, kugara nekugara, Bvunzai vanhu vemaSeke kuti mari yake akaiwana kupi munhu aitengesa makabichi nechihodha ,Kana chikoro haana kuenda kusecondary school, akafunda primary pa St Hughes Ushewekunze Primary school, ndopazvakaperera. I challenge anyone to tell me where he did his secondary School.. Pedzezvo ave kutengeza nyika yedu , ko vana vedu zvizvarwa zvemaSeke zvoenda kupi ? Iyo criteria ye hwu MP chii ? Taneta nehwuguma guma hwako mhani iwe Christopher. kungoti zanu yacho yakaora because dai vaingotarisa kuti hwupfumi hwako hwakabva kupi, dai uri mujeri. Manje ukatiwanzira isu vana vemaseke, tichazvitaura , nekuti data rese tinaro

  9. ha ha haaaaaa.mbada yave kudya mwana vayo.nt nw.mbavha mbavha mbavha.vanhu ngavatore zvose zvaakaita nezim$ eg mabenz, dzimba,even his life becoz ppl contributed kuti ararame

  10. Did Chigumba buy that piece of land? How did he end up the owner of that land. We hear he was given by Dr Witness Mangwende. Given? Whose land was it before it was ‘given’ to Chigumba, and did anyone have the right to ‘give’ that land?

    If Chigumba says he does not recognise payments made in Zim currency, why did he accept it. I paid for some my furniture in Zim dollars, will those shops now come to demand the furniture back?

    Govt should not take too much time on this one. Children are going to school and coming back to a bush of a home. How can these children do well at school in this environment?

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