I won’t quit now — Tsvangirai


MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday said he will not step down from the leadership of the party because he lost the July 31 election to President Robert Mugabe, but instead called for renewed talks with his archrival for a political settlement to arrest the crisis bedevilling the country.

Moses Matenga,Staff Reporter

Tsvangirai told hundreds of party supporters, diplomats and the party’s leadership at a local hotel in Harare last night during his State of the nation address that six months after elections, Zimbabwe was faced with a serious crisis.

“Yes, they may needlessly continue to humiliate me, engage in protracted Press wars against my person, batter me in a police station, kill innocent Zimbabweans and
torture me and the millions who believe in democratic change.

“All they may achieve is to slacken my pace, but I can assure you they will not in any way weaken my resolve and determination for national service and sacrifice. I will continue to boldly stride with confidence and greater willpower in my quest to bring real change, democracy and positive transformation in Zimbabwe,” the former Prime Minister said.

Faced with internal pressure to quit by some in his party accusing him of failure to defeat Mugabe, Tsvangirai said he was going nowhere yet.

“For somebody to suggest that I resign because I went into an election, come on, it was not a personal decision. If I had stood on a platform and said I knew the election would be rigged, you were going to beat me up. You would be the first to accuse me of selling out. We need reforms before elections, once bitten twice shy.

“We have remained resolute in our quest to achieve and deliver change through democratic means. Some may be fatigued and may have begun to lose faith in the ballot.”

The MDC-T leader said: “We must continue knocking on the door of possibility until we achieve our national dream. Power without character is meaningless,” Tsvangirai said.

“We shall continue to fight all manifestations of the unbridled pursuit of power retention for power’s sake that has nothing to do with the people.

“We have always known as a party that the struggle was not going to be a stroll in the park.”

Tsvangirai said the solution to the current crisis was unconditional dialogue with Zanu PF that had exhibited cluelessness in dealing with the crisis.

Faced with a similar crisis in 2008, Tsvangirai said the party engaged in dialogue and carved out a home-grown solution to the problems bedevilling the country at the time.

“There is no substitute for dialogue. As MDC, we believe that the meeting of stakeholders from different backgrounds would be a positive start,” he said.

He said Sadc failed to come up with proper mechanisms for implementing the Global Political Agreement (GPA) and gave Mugabe the leeway to subvert the agreements the principals would have made.

“Sadc didn’t provide the mechanisms for implementation and at the end, it was to be consensus of which without the consensus, the status quo remained,” Tsvangirai said.

“I remember the media reforms we discussed as principals and Mugabe would come to say: ‘I told (Webster) Shamu to implement, but he is not’ and would promise to tell him again. It would go round and round. We placed hope in the sincerity of Zanu PF and we were shortchanged. The MDC is part of the solution to the national crisis.”

Present at the event was United States Ambassador Bruce Wharton, German Ambassador Hans Gnodtar and other Western diplomats.

The former Prime Minister said he was inspired by the late former South African president Nelson Mandela and his tenacity and resilience to continue with his fight and struggle despite setbacks and frustrations.

Tsvangirai said he had since taken a decision that whatever is done by enemies of this great people’s project would not break his spirit.

“They may continue with their unbridled malice and open provocation, including stealing our vote in broad daylight as they did last year, but I tell you, they will not succeed in breaking our collective spirit.”

He took a swipe at the mega-salaries earned by PSMAS executives at the expense of one million members, mostly civil servants.

Tsvangirai continued his call for fresh elections and the need to overhaul the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.


  1. seka zvako. hero diro kukwira mawere kwasviba. attention seeking madman. ndivoneiwo kuti ndichirikufema kani. kikikikikikikikiki. handiti wakavona kuti kurambirapo zvinoita… ehe ramba uripo iye acharamba aripo kusvikira afirapo.

  2. power without character is meaningless..ndo idi iroro handei save tinemi.musatarisa tumbwanana tunohukura nhando seako katanga kunyora pamusoro apo

    • “We shall continue to fight all manifestations of the unbridled pursuit of power retention..” – says the man who is clinging to power!

  3. kambwa ndiani iwe ne chiparty ndimi tumbwa turikuhukura nzou ichipfuura. mirirai 2018 vakomana. zanu forever mwana wamudhara uchasvotwa. handiti maimboti hatipedze six months after elections izvezvi tavapapi. munofunga kuti chi pati chenyu chinoshamisirei. bhiza rakatasva nemurungu. svimhino sesva mzungu wako iyeye.

  4. The man who called himself “the main actor” is adamant he will not quit from his meal ticket MDC-T. Another “Handiende”. Life-President of MDC-T. This man is a failed politician. A waste of space. He attended Mandela’s funeral to try and prove a point about political tenacity. An implausible excuse to cling on to leadership of a party which is about to disappear into oblivion. Still dreaming about the 2008 fluke. Typical Third World politician – will not step aside for the sake of money and fame. Blames everyone else but himself. Only managed to help ZanuPF strengthen its hold on power. Cannot see MDCs unseating ZanuPF from power, all things being equal.

  5. simba ngatisatukana shamwari nokuti ini newe tese tinenzara.asi kana uchishanda pamugwagwa uri rit.kana mukaita chinhu pasina varungu hapana chinobuda.varungu vanepfungw dzakareba sebvudzi ravo.dzako dzakapfupika serako bvudzi.wavawo kuwatsura wavaneeimail uyepafacbk nekuda kwavarung.imi chamaitawo chii.varungu vanoba vachiguta uye vachisiirana asi imi hamuguti uye hamusiyi.varungu vanerudo vanotipa chikafu chedrought relief imi makambopavo ani mamillions enyu ekuba.nezuro chaiye emerica yakapa zim 90m yokurwisa aids asi hamutendi.chenyu kutuka chete.nyairawo veduwe

    • Self hater, haunyare panewanhu here iwe Samaita?

      Despite some good principles on paper, MDC shall remain a loser thanks to its achilles heels of looking to baas as the god of them, and thanks to having a fan base comprising a number of self haters who worship white people and thanks to a leader who cannot relate to his neighbors but prefers the company of hateful westerners who care only for profit to the extent of bankrupting their fellow white men. 2018 is drawing near, lose the western handler leash already and you might just win this one, Morgan.

  6. this is not an issue of politicking. if mugabe has failed to go since time imemorial why do yu want save to go. yu need not change or reshuffle commanders during the struggle. this will weaken the resolve. zanus talk about your party problems and leave MDC to deal with their problems. gadzirai dzekwenyu, isu tichagadzira dzekwedu. chimbosiyayi nyaya dza save, mutaure dza gushungo.

  7. muchohwe akomana keep focus on the issue kwete munhu aaa.
    makapinda chikoro chepiko chaishayawo debating club ??
    you debate the issue not the speaker zvamuri kuita above here. and no debate can be objective without contributions from two sides FOR and AGAINST the issue.
    makamboita seiko musingahwisisi spirit of muchohwe??
    chamatama is rite in presenting the issues in our current affairs in a statesmanlike manner so beat him at those points he has scored.
    magona kudaro mawana njere damandorokwati !!

  8. siyanayi na Save struggle goes on ,you can not leave before you achieve kudyiwa kwe MDC hakusi kukonewa kwa SAVE asikuti vatungamiri vese vaka kundikana kuona saka kuri kubva vese zvavo ngavabve kuvuye vamwe vanga vasina kana chigaro

  9. Even if Tsvangirai loses an election so many times but he is the only leader with the ordinary people at heart. He is as honest as a new born baby. I wish him well in his quest to bring happiness to all Zimbabweans

    • @ Murehwa,are you so sure of what you are saying,hanzi ‘Tsvangirai is honest as a new born baby’ kkkkk,rega ndiseke coz washaisha padoko,for real he is like a baby who needs to be shown his way arround.

  10. Zviwitsi zvakupera akomana ngatipururudze nekuupembedza Baas vatikandire zvimwe sezvo isu tichitya kugadzira zvedu.Pitiful thinking,some of you guys are saying irrelevant stuff,that shows immaturity,huh? no wonder Mdc has failed to unsettle Zanu pf because its supporters are so misguided,how can one argue that because the west introduced whatsapp,internet e.t.c,so they are better than Africans,shaa Samaita you are a very good example why most of us don’t take mdc serious,you talk of U.S donating 90 million towards fighting Aids,thats a pitifull amount compared to what they pour in unneccessary wars which result in numerous loss of life.What we need is for us to be able to meet our own needs without having to look up to someone else.Talk of the rot in Zanu pf corrupt officials then you would be talking sense,kwete kuswero gwauta tunyaya twakaora,for your own information munhu mutema ndiye akatanga kuita heart transplant surgery,munhu mutema ndiye aka introducer more than 60 uses dze soya bean,to mention but a few,be proud of being black,and drop your misguided concepts that a black man is good for nothing other than to serve the superior white man,eeiish ndakunyarira wena

    • @ Mike, ndingawedzerowo here ipapa? Munhu mutema ndiye akatakurira Ishe Jesu chipiyaniso chaakaroveregwa newarungu. Munhu mutema anozhi Nelson Mandela ndiye akaregerera warungu wakaponda wana wemuAfrica wazhinji kwazvo, mutema anozhi Robert Mugabe ndiye akaregerera mhondi dzemurodhizha; hazvisi zvinhu zvakanaka here izvi?

    • @mike- thanks for this Mike. Its unfortunate that this discussion should detiriorate into race..Might those who think blacks have not invented anything worthwhile take time to visit: http/www.blackinventors.com. I hope I have it right, these self haters will be shocked out of their socks as regard how enterprising the black folks have been to date! As an aside Econet Wireless a black company turned bellwhether of the stock market in five short years..Race has nothing to do with anything folks..it is the application that counts.

  11. Mazi zimbos musashore henyu morgan coz tose tiri magwara hapana kana one anoti pwe kuna bob. Ari nani tsvangson anomboedza.

    • kikiki bla gidza apa wataura chokwadi sezwazviri.all these spooks who comment here are so damn scared of bobo they will wet themselves if bob threatens them

  12. This nonsense of amakhiwa donating 90million is what it is just nonsense. Find out how much money they would have taken out to return the 90million in the pretext of a donation. Muntomnyama vuka emaqandeni ikhiwa is real bad news ngoba nxa likusebenzisa you never even see it until dear Lord its so far gone you cant let go anymore. In Zimbabwe we just need to vote for people that are true leaders into positions regardless of the party they stand for then we will have matured, at least politically.

    • @Mafee- I am inclined to agree..as long as these contries allow thieves in receipient countries to bank stolen funds in numbered accounts in their banks this is NONSENSE. Arrest thievery by refusing to open accounts for thieving politicians in your international banks and WE take you seriously..

  13. to much hate speech people apa muchidya mafufu epatafura. this is our Zimbabwe and if we love it then we should love one another, respect ones opinions, becoz irregardless of our different opinions we all want a viable Zimbabwe
    Tsvangirai is part of a solution and so we should embrace his views too.

  14. Ana Simba nemamwe mabharanzi munongotaura nonsense,kunyepa here kuti muZim munoshaikwa mvura,magetsi,mapot holes munzira hatitaure,capital city yaita kuchenuruka,saka chii chamunoti pwetere-pwetere. from 2009 pakapinda MDC change was beginning to be noticed and what about now?

  15. Those tired of RMT should simply just jump off the ship and join the bandwagon of fallen heroes like Musekiwa, sikhala, welshman. Priscilla. Gwisai؛

    morgan will retire the year he loses a fair election.

  16. It is surprising how the oppostion waste energies fighting themselves and creating unnecessary hatred when their rivals are gaining consiousness and restrategising each day.

    mukai manhu mmadofo machinja, you waste time pin pointing and backstabbing each other for no reason. Mandela zvaakainda mujeri 27 years did anyone within ANC decide to take over, they continued to support him even behind prison walls, until democracy was instated. and yes Mandela knew whn to quit.

    Saka imi madofo machinja as long as u re not truthful and backstab each other in the quest for power yamusati manayo, what more mukazotonga nyika yacho. It silly to continue supporting this party, as long as they are childish as they are.

  17. This is nonsense. How on earth can u talk abt issues which occurred in 2008 nw? Why nt talking abt current problems affecting the country? Honestly I thot those are the issues worth talking abt. Hazvidi form 4 izvi kwete.

  18. Psychoanalyst you are 100% correct. We should discuss issues not people.

    Unfortunately, voters are shallow and gullible.
    Disregarding the voters bused from Uzumba into MDC strongholds, the intimidation of villagers etc, the MDC parties lost mileage due to Mugabe’s better mudslinging.

    Grace, Mahoso, Maziwisa and Robert himself were insulting Tsvangirai at every opportunity. Tsvangirai chose to be sophisticated. He didn’t reply to those insults.

    This sounds like self hate but, despite our 94% literacy rate, Zimbabweans are shallow.
    Tsvangirai lost ground because of all the insults that were thrown at him. “Akashata, chinematama, anokara vakadzi etc etc”.
    Zanu PF did a good job of decampaigning him. Even though his policies make more sense, voters pick the other man, because of emotions of naivety.

    In the end, it is about the speaker and not the content of his speech.


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