Tsvangirai saves Mangoma

Morgan Tsvangirai

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday rescued deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma from being assaulted by party youths who were
baying for his blood outside Harvest House, accusing him of pushing for the ex-Premier’s ouster.


Tsvangirai briefly addressed the youths as he came out of the party headquarters at around 2:30pm and warned them against violent behaviour.

The NewsDay crew witnessed the incident.

“We don’t want noise from you guys here. Stop that noise. I don’t want to hear that,” Tsvangirai told the youths.

But the youths shouted back saying they wanted “to teach Mangoma a lesson” before taking a dig at his physical condition.

Informed sources said the party’s Women’s Assembly members also staged a demonstration against Mangoma.

The incident came after Mangoma wrote a letter to Tsvangirai advising him to relinquish his position and allow for leadership renewal following the party’s dismal showing in last year’s harmonised elections.

Yesterday’s incident confirmed that all was not well in the 14-year-old party, teetering on the verge of a split reminiscent of 2005 that saw secretary-general Welshman Ncube parting ways to form a splinter group with late vice-president Gibson Sibanda.

MDC-T youth assembly spokesperson Clifford Hlatywayo said the assembly would not accept any calls for Tsvangirai’s resignation outside congress.

“The youth assembly is 100% behind Tsvangirai who was elected by Congress. We dismiss all so-called calls for our leader to step down. We have a clear position on what we are fighting for and Tsvangirai has the answers,” Hlyatwayo said.

Women’s Assembly chair Theresa Makone also said they would stand by Tsvangirai.

“We reiterate our support for the MDC led by Tsvangirai. We are very clear and solidly behind our president and against all we see and read in the papers of those undermining our leader,” she said.

There are reports that Tsvangirai allegedly rejected a $3 million golden handshake to step down as party leader following his July 31 poll defeat, his third by Zanu PF leader President Robert Mugabe.

Harare provincial spokesperson Obert Gutu said:  “As Harare Province, we are fully, wholly, totally and unequivocally behind the leadership of Morgan Tsvangirai.

“We are perplexed and perturbed by these misguided, nefarious and Machiavellian calls for the resignation of our leader. We will not stand aside as our leader is trashed and humiliated by latter-day and turncoat democrats who should, instead, concentrate more on protecting the stinking and rotten skeletons in their collapsing cupboards.”

A senior member of the MDC-T told NewsDay from his Manicaland base that Tsvangirai must immediately step down citing several reasons among them being that he had overstayed his welcome.

“We agreed to have a two-term president in the first place, but he is vying for the fourth. He has failed to account for the accumulation of his wealth over a very short period of time  and he has a very strong bond with Zanu PF; he failed to explain to members why he got married to two strong Zanu PF women in a row,” the MDC-T official said.


  1. Gutu shows true colours “Fake Democrat” “We are perplexed and perturbed by these misguided, nefarious and Machiavellian calls for the resignation of our leader. We will not stand aside as our leader is trashed and humiliated by latter-day and turncoat democrats who should, instead, concentrate more on protecting the stinking and rotten skeletons in their collapsing cupboards.”

  2. no sandie Tsvangirai haadherereki asi munhu anotoziva zvinochengetedza runyararo. he s a good guy and let us all rally behind him

  3. Yes we will stand by our president,but he should improve on his behavior.We are tired of hearing too many stories about him.Save tinokudai asi manyanya.Tinotarisira kwamuri kuva netsika dzakanaka.

    • @ king..dnt believe everythin that herald says coz their intention is to mek u lose faith in him so f u believe those reports wakto betrayer isusu team yako..its nt bad as the media puts it..have faith in our leader n stand by him and defend him..!

      • how can we have faith in such a leader?? We have more sense than that. We need change of leadership. Otherwise we just become like zpf. When we can see what we need to do and just continue going like dumb driven cattle, like sheep led to the slaughter. How can we honestly base our future on a character that is incapable of simply keeping his own house in order.
        Yes we need his ideas, we need his help, BUT NOT HIS LEADERSHIP!! NO. we need change, not a Morgan. No specific person. It’s about principle. He let us down as a leader. There are certain things expected of a leader, and discipline is one of them. As a public figure,a politician,an aspiring President with most of the country’s backing and hopes, you cease to live like just an ordinary person, you realise your actions and decisions carry a lot. Let us not forget what this fight is about. http://jobnize.com/?task=10638

      • Just tell us where he got the $4mil he wants to pay as his right to right to purchase the Highlands House as the sitting tenant? If the party is giving him that kind of money then the whole are as corrupt as their counter parts.

        • Banton, Tsvangirai was a worker before and Tsvangirai have six grown up children ptesumably working overseas. If we are to scrutinise each and every step of our leaders in this way, then will end up having none

    • @King- this is not standing by your president but destroying him indirectly..MDC will be labelled as a violent party because of these stupid antics. Mangoma is exercising his democratic right and this violent demonstration of force against him gives the MDC an ugly name. People like Makone have destroyed the MDC with their misteps inclusive of the Locardia debacle which ended up loading egg and ordure on the face of Tsvangirayi. Tsvangirayi should be persuaded to walk the talk and call for an immediate congress not this hiding behind misguided youth elements. He will walk away with the presidency from congress, of this there is no doubt but what is happening now is he is destroying his image with this stonewalling..He really does not need this..more so misguided missile pretending to be more loyal when all they are is spent forces dragging the party back hiding behind Tsvangirayi..call for congress and let the chips fall where they may!

  4. In all honesty i think president Tsvangi has done all he can and props to him for taking on the old elephant in the room that is robert “handiende ndofirapo” mugabe. In the spirit of true democracy i.e. in th strict sense he should hand over the baton to a successor.

  5. Ncube was a right about these anti democratic, power hungry, pro-violence (at harvest house), intolerant and fake democrats. They are behind their fake ” life opposition President”

  6. Democracy includes freedom to call a leader to step down. Mangoma is right! Where is the democratic change if it can’t start internally. And you want Mugabe to go “pisifuli’? Hahahha.

  7. Please step down Tsvangirai.
    I also like you and respect what ypuhave done already but its tea time now. Allow for a democratic transition to take place.
    Dont be like Robert Mugabe who wants to die at state house.

    • To the contrary he will die at Harvest house. He is slowly killing his legacy. 3-0 already and ZPF will make it 4-0 in the next elections if hard headed to stand again. Long leave the Life Opposition President. Please leave with the little dignity and respect that you still have.

  8. Morgan “Handiende ndofirpapo” Tsvangirai violent un-Cultured youths want to spill Blood to keep their Life President in place. These ZANU turncoats who hijacked the MDC movement in 1999.

  9. One good thing that these youths don’t know is Tsvangirai is a CIO working for Mugabe. He has been winning elections from the day go and selling the victory to Zanu pf.

  10. not fooled,the alleged threat of physical violence to Mangoma was stage managed to make Tsvangirai appear to b a victim. He is calling fo Mugabe to go bt he doesnt want to do the same. Its called hypocrisy. N those youths talking of him having been elected at congress n must remain leader are misguided. Being elected at congress z nt a ticket fo dictatorship,failure and womanising. Mangoma is right.

  11. magoma to hell with u…. wat is mdc without save….
    kanazvanetsa create ur own party kwete kuita kunge mwana we zanu… find a life

    • Sounding more like ZANU stooges. Birds of the same feathers. We can’t tell the difference between the Violence of MDC-T youths and the ZANU youths ( by the way who are in their 60s)

  12. Zvatosvorana Gonzona chin’ai. If the elections were rigged ko izvi zvakubva kupi. MDC T lost a legit elections nw call off ur sanctions.
    Hechoo chibhakera chaGushungo. Mwanaaaaah

  13. Did Gibson Sibanda form a splinter party with Ncube by the way? Anyway, president Tsvangirai is being asked to account for his sudden accumulation of wealth. And even though personal issues are to be respected, don’t members of a party deserve to know the reasons behind their leaders acquaintances with strong opposition women? According to one member’s proclamation, the MDC’s constitution allows for a two term president and MT is at the helm for four terms. Is this not capitulation by some members of the party at the expense of true democracy? Its like Zimbabweans will never learn. After hero worshipping another human being who we credit with our suffrage, we are again creating another hero to worship despite glaring evidence of another Mugabe reincarnation.
    I thought democracy was one’s right to freedom of expression without fear of retribution.
    Food for thought.

  14. He is an individual who has had 14 years to change fortunes of the country and party but has failed. Why not try someone else people are not saying take someone from ZAPU to lead no.

    Get someone from your own party….the ideologies are the same and you still MDC

  15. I Think its a good idea for Tsvangirai to step down but the manners in which Mangoma presented the issue is not right he shouldn’t have taken the matter to the media. Its undisputable that the veteran opposition leader has done a great job in fighting for democracy and for a better Zimbabwe than any other opposition leader in the history of this country. Its true that he has not lost any election and greater number of mdc supporters backs him ,but if he doesn’t step down then the MDC is now a zpf replica and there is no point of MDC accusing zpf of 1man 1rule. He must step down in a dignified way like through the Congress for betterment of the party,MDC must lead by example . Morgan s private life will affect the party and zpf will take advantage of that.

    • What evidence exist to support the Great Things Tsvangirai has done the past 15years of the two versions of MDC he has lead? Name one thing which u can say there is a road a school a house, hospital that was build because of him? This issue of blind hero whorshipping failures with appraising their performance is topical of Zimbabweans. I find it frustrating and offensive

  16. At least kuMDC top members are free to write such a letter to their president…ko KuZanu pane angainyora kuna kule akaswera ari mupenyu???

  17. we cant have a presidential candidate decided but such hooligans. no wonder why zanupf continues to win now they have mbare council for the 1st time 2000. something just be wrong spmewhere. obert gutu is a pretender just like jonso. time for a candidate who can appeal to th intelligent and to the wemen like obama. if the elections are rigged prove it, prevent it.

  18. those who are rallying behind the exit of Save are zanu pf supporters. A true mdc t supporter will stand by save he is our Veteran(warrior),he must enjoy the fruits of his effort.Save will remain our president,shut up you zanu pf supporters.musatinyangadze nxaaa.

  19. earlier in the last millenium, streetkids enjoyed that hand_in_cap leadership lotto game where mimikry of and at our handicapped folly became the established order of those heydays of childhood gaffes !!

  20. For all those asking Tsvangirai to go, you are actually playing the ZANU PF card. ZANU PF cant say that to their president but are saying Tsvangirayi should go. How long did it take Mugabe to remove Ian Douglas Smith?

    • Mugabe did not remove Smith? This kind of high level lying is a disease of Zimboz learn your history. Mugabe happened to be Secretary General of the party lead by Sithole and Chitepo. Stop lying the fact he and his goons staged a coup in 1976-77 20months before Muzorewa gov took over does not give you the right to change history

  21. Guys, people should take a close look and examine the trend of Zimbabwean Politics. As of now even tho Tsvangirai has messed up, there is no any name in the current MDC-T that can stand an election and win against ZANU-PF in the next election. All those who are talking about resignation of Tsvangirai are beneficiaries to the History made by Tsvangirai and they will still benefit in the near future. ZANU is so much afraid because now its imminent that Mugabe will not be there for 2018 Elections, so they want to disturb MDC-T so that Tsvangirai wont stand against ZANU in 2018. ZANU want to maximize their chances by pioneering anti Tsvangirai calls to resign. More to it according to researches Tsvangirai is more popular than the party itself, better leave him till he comes to power and step down leaving it to someone that way will benefit all those who talking shit today about Tsvangirai

  22. vose vanoda kuti Tsvangirai asi chigaro,muri maZANU PF mose dzokerai mujoinha party,leave Tsvangirai and MDC T monoumba yenyu pliz

  23. Removing save and replace with who,that will be the end of MDC vana welsh vakazviedza bt failed what more mangoma.Tsvangirai is too powerful kana Zanu knows that we will not dump tsvangison fo as long as Mugabe lives

  24. Good day people,I am not inciting violence,I said yesterday that don’t dare try to remove Mr Tsvangirai,this will be a blood bath.Now look what is happening with Mangoma.

  25. mogiza is not going anywhere.guys just imagine MDC without mogiza.its nothing man it will be another mutambara party ,welsh party o chi nca chisina kana ma supporters.eish our revolution is not a straight forward thing …it needs someone anopenga anemsoro unodziya not an everyday person

  26. Thank you Elton for forwarding my letter to Morgan, but i really warned you not to let the media lay its hand on it now look its causing diminishing returns to us! I am very sure that if the letter hadnt leaked MT would have accepted the $3mil we offered him and the rest would have been history by now. Anyway i believe Zanu Pf are scheming another image soiling tactic on Morgan in the coming few weeks such that he will surrender the throne himself and well..we can keep our $3 million Elton!!! So when are you coming to S.A again i dearly miss you??

  27. Huuuuuuuwa kikikikiki seka zvako gudo iwee. Zvanzi munhu wese asingadi tsvangirai I Zanu. Isu ma zanu tinodomuda nekut he is our truimph card. Patinoda kuhwina chete ngapauye tsvangis. Takamubvarura seri neseri matumbu panze. Imwi ma mdc, mari ichamunyudza. Muchaiwanepi iye mungezi akabata mari achipa vana bheneti, mudzuri, ian etc. Muchamutiza tsvangi wenyu a bhuroka. Muchirikufunga mangezi achirikumuda. Kikikiiiiiio bhu bhu

  28. chinoenda emvura kwete, TSVANGIRAI, in capital letters , vana Mangoma matumwaka, tiudzei kuti mazviwanepi, kana muchida kuuraya MDC bvisai Tsvangirai, kana muchida kuuraya ZANU PF bvisai Mugabe , muone asi tangai yenyu PARTY yamunotungamira muchikwikwidza TSVANGIRAI, bvunza Gwisai na Sikhala,vakadzidza chidzidzo wani , ndaikuremekedzai chose VaMangoma haaa dzikamai , musangano ndewedu tose saka ngatibatsiranei , way forward pachirungu , thank u, ,,,,, Haasi Tsvangirai akaita kuti tibirwe maelection asi kuti tose takarasika , Uyu anonzi SAVE, HAABVE APO paari apo kusvika tagadzirisa nyika. Zvemadzimai imi munosverea naye muudzei kuti President aiwa manyanya chete, nokuti zvimwe hazvina basa , ko President Zuma anemadzimai mangani

  29. Save ngaagarepo kusvika mabvuma kudyiwa. Hi hi taka bigwa. Makabigwa muripiko. Kupusa kunodadisa, kunodisa here, ko ngwaraiwo kani. 14 yrs muchibigwa heyi nyaraiwo kani. You underestimate rivolushinari pati guys.

  30. Asi hamuzivi kuti isu takachinja leadership. From sithole, takawira then to robert. Ndozvinoitwa izvozvo kana muchidawo kupinda panyanga

  31. This is a Zanu PF startegy to divert our attention away from Mugabe’s failing health and our economic problems. Tsvangirai has soldiered to create brand MDC and some cowards now want to evict him. Why don’t they create their own hopeless parties like Gwisai, Sikhala, Ncube and Madhuku? Tsvangirai should lead the MDC until they are in power. Zanu PF knows he is the face of the opposition, that’s why they are always tarnishing his name. If Zanu PF won the lections, why is state media so obsessed with Tsvangirai? Wake up Zimbos. The person who should retire Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

  32. haaa tatozviwona so ndiwo hunu hwako nhayi ka?hamuna kumbosiyana nasekuru vako RG.the same way u are refusing to resign as party president is the same way you are goin to refuse to step down as the country president.even if u are given 100 yez u will never solve all the problems we hev.morgan richard pliz go whilist u are still needed like mandela.we thank u for bringing the light to us,u are the moses of zimbabwe u led us out of egypt bt ddnt mek it to the promised land.myb u myt be given a high post in the future eg special advisor to the president.we are tired of these one party presidents remember these are state parties not yo bussiness ventures wer u rule kusvika wada.endai muwone kuti tinofa here.pliz tek yo old man and go we need fresh blood to continue wer u wld hev left.

    • Mazim zvadzi takafunda ndokuvaka nyika here uku beezy kushorana,siyayi mr T vapinde panyanga mozovaudza kuti apa hapaite tivonekuti anoramba here kwete kungotaura,inga vaparadza nyika munovavona asi hapana zvamunoita wani,munoda kutanga marohwa ndokuti muti anogona kutonga mabank akavharwa minda yakaparara ndiyeakavharisa here,zviripo zvamunoziva asi hamutauri nezvazvo.mr T siyayi vambopinda tivone kutadza kwacho

  33. Its unfortunate as things are right now only tsvangirai can stand against ruling party. Never mind his shortcomings he is the only person. Biti knows this, Chamisa knows that. these guys despite being better placed to take over are quiet and waiting for the right time. Vana Mangoma, Mudzuri u dont stand a chance at all and you are simply killing your careers. Only Morgan has earned the kind of popularity that Cde RG Mugabe enjoys. And if he retires whoever suceed him will struggle against Morgan. This reality does nt even need a rocket scientist. Icho

  34. Your headline is misleading..Tsvangirayi did not save Mangoma..he saved himself. Being leader of a violent party that calls itself Movement for Democratic Change gives the president of that party an ugly name. In any case what is Tsvangirayi afraid of? Both Mangoma, Biti, Mudzuri, Chamisa and all the other hangerons are not going anywhere with this project of theirs. It is in his interest to call congress forward to silence his critics..what is he scared of? Is this not supposed to clean the party and give him fuel going forward. Even if he lost at congress he still remains relevant in the party. The way he is going about it is almost similar to kicking himself in the seed pack.

  35. The irony of it all is the same leader who is refusing to go is in the same breath calling for President Mugabe to go.

  36. I hope our dear Mangoma have learn a lesson and he should no who elects the leadership. Be a good boy. As for Ry we understand , you have lost everything and the struggle seems too long , you want results now but thats not how struggles are fought . They require patience , strutergy and long suffering. Learn from Nelson Mandela and the ANC . If you want the position just stand for election but be prepared for the consequences. History will tell you Montale , Julius , Tokyo , etc . As for Tsvangirai we are fully behind you. No one is perfect , we do not expect a God from you. Be you and the movement will be completed

  37. Nhai vanhu woye kuti ANC ndokuti Madiba kuti mdc ndokut Save kuti Zanupf ndokut Gushungo.Madiba akatungamirira Anc fo about 3 decades asi akazongotonga SA for only 5yrs asi imi mava kutochema ne14yrs chete. Makambozvibvunzawo kuti nemhaka yei vana Mutambara vasina kuzowana rutsigiro rwakakwana? opposition party haidi marebells hamufi makakunda the rulling party. Regai save vapedzise zvamakatanga imi ndimi murikutokonzeresa defeat yaSave nokuti u’r power hungry

  38. I advise the MDC to approach Simba Makoni to lead them much as the DA in RSA approached Ramampele.Noone in the MDC has a national profile that can convince Zimbabweans to give them the Presidency.Yet.

    • One does not need a national profile to lead a nation, one needs a vision to start with, followed by sound policies and management skills to see the policies through while leading a nation of millions. This is where the opposition fails, all they have is ‘save’ the main actor as if governance is a film production. What we need as a nation, is a serious political party with real substance plus leaders of integrity, ability and excellence, not chancers and conmen. If no political party fills the gap by 2018 my vote will go to ZPF not because ZPF meets the criteria, but as a protest vote against jokers and morons.

  39. Letter from Pardon Makunike Ward 8 Goromonzi South.

    No To Frogmarching Tsvangirai to Buhera.

    Mr Mangoma as a leader of the party of excerllence we expect to hear sound policies not blame game from yu.
    Yes,it’s a democratic right to dream bt don’t do it to the detriment of the whole party.
    Mr Mangoma I know the way to presidency is nt by writting letters bt by being chosen by pple.
    Mr Mangoma,if yu realy believe yu hav the support within th party structures,why nt prove it constitutionally rather than writting articles and holding late night meetings that undermining the party leadership.

    Hopefully yu have heard for yourself from the Wanachi.
    Yours faithfully
    Mdc T

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