Tsvangirai, Mangoma fight rages


MDC-T deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma yesterday accused party leader Morgan Tsvangirai and an unnamed national executive member of inciting violence by failing to rein in youths threatening to “deal” with him.


In an interview with NewsDay yesterday, Mangoma said Tsvangirai was being fooled by bootlickers, claiming loyalty to him.

“These youths are being sent by some people and we know their handlers,” Mangoma said.

“No one can say they are doing it by themselves. One of the national executive members made some remarks to incite the youths. As you witnessed, you saw
who addressed those youths on Monday.”

Quizzed on whether he was implicating Tsvangirai for inciting violence since he was the one who addressed the angry party youths, Mangoma quipped: “Why would he address them? It shows he is acknowledging them, but trying to act as if he is anti-violence.”

On insults and threats from Tsvangirai loyalists, Mangoma said: “One should find out who were real loyalists and define the word loyal. If there is one person who is loyal, it’s me who is telling him the truth, others who are attacking me are all opportunists.

“We are a democratic party and people must be able to listen and put counter views. It’s not a shouting match and we can’t form a democracy where people fight.”

All hell broke loose for Mangoma after he wrote a letter to Tsvangirai urging him to step down. He was also reportedly behind the $3 million dangled to Tsvangirai for him to resign.

The letter which was leaked to the media did not go down well with Tsvangirai loyalists who have hurled all sorts of insults at Mangoma with youths openly threatening to deal with him on Monday.

Tsvangirai addressed the youths urging them to stop the violence against Mangoma or any other party leaders. Mangoma, however, rubbished the MDC-T leader’s efforts as insincere.

This is not the first time youths loyal to Tsvangirai have threatened or beaten up those who opposed him. Some analysts yesterday said the MDC-T needed time for self-introspection and should stop insulting Mangoma without interrogating his concerns.

Analyst Alexander Rusero said: “They need self-introspection and should stop purging Mangoma. The letter that he wrote is clear and has clear questions anyone with the MDC at heart should ask.”


      • It was amended when Ncube, Sibanda, Coltart, Nyathi, Mushonga the original MDC executive left. Tsvangirai being the ONLY surving senior Executive member changed the constitution when he filled the new vacancies with the Biti, Khuphe and Co Bootlickers and the party that was rebranded MDC-Tsvangirai. The man has UN-Limited terms he is following the foot steps of his mentor. His party of Violence, looting and immorality is just a ZANU 2.0 upgrade. It will deliver nothing to Zimbabwe. As for this “SAVE” title like his mentor they only save themselves and their immediate chronies that’s the truth and your readers and sane thinking Zimbos know it.

    • All the leaders salivating for Tsvangirai’s position may think they have people’s support. Let them form their own party. To Save, please don’t worry, even if they all go. The real MDC, the people of Zimbabwe, are behind you. Don’t listen to these sellouts who don’t know that a good leader must be a good follower. The T in MDC-T was put in there by ZPF trying to hoodwink people into thinking Welshman had the real MDC. Where is he now? Bye bye Mangoma.

      • What an ignorant statement. You still salivating at the NIKUV results that had nothing to do with our votes. As for Ncube I remember a certain Mugabe say the same words after the 1980 elections victory. History has proved that Nkomo was a 1000% better visionary than the demagogue at the state house that claim to have fought for the people’s liberation when in fact he wanted to be part of the system. Look at the extent of suffering from Mbare to Makokoba. We have already seen “Save” at work $3million for a mansion $50 travel expense for him and his mentor when education received $0million for schools infrastructure development and had to rely of British handout really!!! People like u make me sic I tell you. Just because the MDC tri@&)its hijacked MDC movement which the original executive is not in MDC and left in 2005 does not change the fact that without Ncube drawing up the structure and everything about the MDC together with Kagoro, Coltart, Mushonga there would be no MDC. MDC is not Tsvangarai’s vision he did not start it and hence he was never succeed without those who had the original vision. Apple almost shutdown when the got rid of Steve Jobs they had to look for him and beg him to come back 10year later to save the company. Apple did successed they are worth $750billion in 2013 be coz it was Jobs vision he was there to drive it all he needed was people with the technical know how to to take his vision and make it a reality. Sithole had his ZANU vision some hijacked it…like they say the empty rusting tin was the end result it was never their vision they hijacked someone else they can’t be him..

  1. tsvangirai u must stand firm.dont listen 2 all those idiots esp.tht so called analyist.w th pple who vote r solidly behind u thts wht counts in politics

  2. Ofcoz people may want Tsvangirai to step down for genuine reasons but Mangoma is a sheep in a wolf’s clothes. He is a spy akatengwa uyo. Y does he seek to resolve the matter through the madia. Y did his letter end up in the hands of Zanu pf controlled news paper (Herald). What was wrong for Morgan to address the youths not to do violence. Dai akarohwa azochema achiti Morgan akasiya ndichorohwa.

  3. $3m form ZANU through Mangoma beware of another split. Tvsangi is our Mandela he will relinquish power after grabbing it from the oppressors. Day-dreaming Mangoma should go and sleep.

    • @ipod…Tsvangi is our Mandela…Goooshi this the most stupid thing a man can say asi wanwa krango here? How dare you equate that nincompoop to the legendary Madiba. Tsvangi ndichandagwinyira period!

    • That shows how idiotic you are ipod, there is one Mandela and he will always be one. Pse stop insulting Mandela by equating him with a humpt dumpty,

    tsvangirai is currently serving his third term. only people like us who are real democrats are asking these questions. i have voted the way tsvangirai was telling me to do since 2000 (referedum tsvangirai told us to vote NO) up until 2013 elections. i will continue voting mdc but tsvangirais terms are up and we need the next person to take the party forward. we cannot be like zanu pf and keep on retaining the same person. NO NO NO that will not be following our mdc constitution. i ask again WHAT DOES THE MDC CONSTITUTION SAY WITH REGARDS TO TERM LIMITS?????????????

  5. mangoma `you got carried away when we praized you for a job well done when you were in the inclussive gvt so you think you are the man,forget and smile,tanga yako kana iriyo democracy yako

  6. Ane point mukuru uyu. Tsvangirai is doing a Mugabe now, handiende syndrome. 14 years in charge, 3 terms in office against constitution. He may be likable and man of the people but its time for him to step down. Bring on the extra-ordinary congress and people will either re-appoint him or chose a new face.

  7. Mangoma and co should just leave Tsvangirai and form their own party if their aim is to remove zanu pf from power.but if their only aim is removing Tsvangirai well they can go on.

  8. MANGOMA you were not careful and sorry you are FINISHED….you are NOT intelligent enough I m sorry you have taken the Job Sikhala route. Look at Biti, he is smart, he knows what and when to say. You could have been right but you were not smart. You are now in the Political Dust Bin. Bye

    • Yah! Mangoma is right only that the supporters he is dealing with are dimwits, zvipukupuku chaizvo. The same zvipukupuku zvaita kuti tive patiri nhasi, masanctions anodya mwene wawo, izvo zvichingoramba kuti hakuna masanctions. Shame on you MDC supporters, You shut out reason because of your blind loyalty to Tsvangirayi. Garai naye leader wenyu muchinyeperana.

  9. kwakwakwa thats democracy for m do we see? kikiki so how can you have democracy for the whole country when your own house cn nt have democracy a clear sign of failures. kuda mari chete mbudzi dzavanhu. iye chaanorambira kubva chiii zvibvunzei? who votes for a bunch of crazy pipo like you, go to hell and bite the dust wake up from your slumber the earlier the better

  10. From the look of things, Mr Tsvangirai is not going to resign from the party. It’s also clear that a couple of progressive people pushing for his ouster will not budge either. We are about to see another split in MDC. This time is going to be a major one.

  11. Mangoma sell out they betrayed the party he wasn’t even campaigning during the election hiding behind government business. if he thinks he is better he should have won his own constituency how can he expect the whole country to vote for him when his own constituency failed GET AWAY MANGOMA we better of with Tsvangirai at least we know he won the 2008 election but got stolen there is room for another chance.

  12. i agree 100percent manGoma you are disillusioned with the leadership of your party and support that you are free to quit it anytime together with others of your ilk. bitit i mean beat it!! and i will support your choice freedoms. BEAT IT !!

  13. There are dangers in reporting half truths on MDC’s internal fights. Tsvangirai was elected by MDC Congress for a term ending in 2016. This is the time when we should expect him to clarify his fate. There are three options: (i) Mangoma and company should wait for Congress, (ii) they can call for an Extraordinary Congress to deliberate on Tsvangirai’s future; and the more professional and honorable is (iii) for the WHOLE EXECUTIVE (not Tsvangirai alone) to resign to contest for same post at Congress. Like Tsvangirai, they were all elected by Congress and it is silly to ask only one person to resign while they dont.

  14. “We are a democratic party and people must be able to listen and put counter views. It’s not a shouting match and we can’t form a democracy where people fight.”…yaah Mangoma idhara. Hauite hauite…popopopopo. Mangoma for president!!

  15. To put it straight here; Mangoma did not indicate anywhere in his letter that he wants to contest against Tsvangirai called for Tsvangirai to pave way for someone else. His letter is very clear. Don’t take it out of context, that was a very progressive letter. Whoever put it into herald reporters hands must be Tsvangirai’s loyalist to make Tsvangirai appear like the victim. And it worked some are now crusifying Mangoma instead of analyzing his letter carefully. There’s good sense in Mangoma’s letter. If you properly look at how MDC councillors vote for mayors you can easily see that something wrong with Tsvangirai. He is a dictator just like Mugabe. Despite the elections being nikuved, in Manicaland he lost because he imposed his own candidates for example Simba Makoni who come from Matebeleland was to be voted in Mutare. Why??? The people in Mutare don’t even know him! He was imposed on them so they voted in protest and others decided not to vote.

  16. Mangoma Bennet Mudzuri Cross Kay Biti create and start your own party please don’t try to soar using Morgan’s buoyancy

  17. Mangoma might have his concern, but he is being over zealous. As the member of the executive, he need to follow proper channels. He should know that the mechanism that were used to elect Morgan is the same platform that he need to use. He has no right to coerce Morgan to resign. If Mdc failed it is also Mangoma failing and the supporters as well. If the matter is urgent then call for an extraordinary meeting and move a voice of no confidence. Drum up your support. For a start we know that Tsvangirai did not impose himself you people elected him.

  18. People must think logically here,who voted for His Excellnce Morgan Tsvangirai to be whre he is now and ever challenged his post at the previous congress?So why you think he should be removed before his term…it will be wise for you to zip your mouth.

  19. @Chivhu, so because Makoni aint your favourate person, he now comes from Matabeleland? Akusixolele. While I this is an internal matter made public I think siding with the Mangoma view should not be a qualification to make one a traitor. I am of the opinion that arguements should be based on reason and not emotions as we now witness the trading of insults. Lastly, history has a tendency of repeating itself and hopefully 2005 is not at play once more

  20. Zvakaoma chose. 1. Tsvangirai akarambwa nemukadzi. 2. Vanhu vaiva pedyo naye vava kumuramba futi eg Mangoma, Bennet, Cross etc. As an advise take $3m and start new life. 3. Varungu vaimufarira vaka mutiza.

    • Today I tell Mugabe to go peacefully! Ye-e-e-e! If he doesnt want to go peacefully, we will remove him violently! ye-e-e-e-e! Tsvangirai adressing supporters.

      At heir rallies, you would hear them saying simudzai baba Chatunga, mudenga! Varoverei pasi – mbwa! Things fall apart Tsvangirai. Your close croonies and supporters have turned against you and its you who will be removed violently by them. Pafunge…

  21. After issuing a “threat to the nation” statement, where he gloated that Mugabe needs him, the man wakes up to the news that another official has gone official in advising him to go “pisifuri”. It never rains! Looks like he needs Zanu Pf after all since some of his people are trying to render him “homeless”

  22. mangoma..waguta kuchengetwa na President Morgan…sellout start yo party kana uchida zvekutonga..isu morgan tomuda.. i wld rather vote for zanu pf than this stupid opportunist…morgan has not failed pvt life yake hatineyi nayo..iwe mangoma u nt perfect soon will hear abt yo smell houses..liv our party..long live morgan..long live biti ..long chamisa..long khupe..

  23. Looks the MDC also has people who sing for their supper and those who tell it as it is.Among their executives its clear who sings for his super and who doesnot. Mangoma belongs to the latter. He is being persecuted for doing his job of giving advice, instead bootlickers want him to sing for supper he doesnot need.
    This man was a business man in his own right and doesnot need to earn a living singing blind praises.
    He never offered his advice through the press but those who joined the MDC for employment did so.
    If what we are witnessing is how the MDC conducts its business then they have no moral right to criticise their opponents. They cease to be an alternative.

  24. ZANUPF have formed its subsideries, namely W N’ube’s mdc 2Job Sikala’smdc99,now the next is the weakest of them all,they call it MDC Mangoma,

  25. go hang Mangoma we love Tsvangirai period, whether the struggle takes 100 years we will soldier on. We know clearly that one day together with Tsvangirai we will win and rule. We ware registered voters and we know we have won in all elections and we will never be intimidated by cheating and stealing. IF the struggle is to long for you Mangoma please take a rest. To some of us this will define the destiny of our children. Aluta continueo.

  26. Well interesting Thought i would hear Mangoma saying as an executive we have failed and we must leave.Thought Tsvangirai was just a head who was towing policy formulated by the executive.
    If Mangoma had shown such determination to unseat Mugabe that will have been achieved.

  27. 1-no wife
    2-no whites on his side
    3-no funds for the party
    4-western gvts are deserting him.
    5-no democratic credentials
    6-no election winning strategies
    7-no brains
    8-no functioning pns
    9-no proper following of party constitution

    ndokusaka muchidyiwa nezanu coz of being zanu replica. how can genuine democratic people blame zanu pf on their problems. this the zanu replica in the moulding. zanu also blame sanctions on everythng. what is dfrns??? hamuna meso. muchamutiza tsvangirayi nenyaya yekunyimwa mari ne varungu

  28. no supporters i zanu
    no erection i zanu
    more wives i zanu
    opposing views i zanu
    no popularity i zanu
    no funds i zanu
    more family prblms i zanu
    zvose zvatinetsa izanu

    seka zvako. kikikikikiki ndiko kutanga kwemagumo

  29. Ana Mangoma,ki ki ki ki ki,asi makarota muchitungamira vanhu mukati zvangu zvaiita iMDC T chete. Siyana nazvo shamwari waita mutete zvinoda vanaSave. ZvaSave ndezvekuzvarwa zviri mutsinga dzake. Forget it my boy.

  30. IF Mangoma and ZANU PF want Save to quit , they shld first align all laws to suit the new constitution kuti tigokwanisa kushambadzira mutungamirira mutsva tisisina mitemo yehudzvanyiriri yakaita sana POSA , AIPPA , Criminal Codification and Reform act iyo yavanoshandisa kutidzvanyirira and they shld also totaly transfom ZBC into true public broadcaster which report to parliament not kuna Moyo so that we can get a fair coverage . If u ask my ambuya in Mberengwa about some of the MDC members like Biti , Mangoma , Chamisa they dnt even kno him asi kungoti chamatama Tsvangirai vanochiziva zvisingaiiti so its not easy to markert a new brand in this kind of environment wr Zanu pf are totaly refusing to align all the old laws to suit the new constitution . Isu kuMberengwa tinoti Viva Chamatama Viva pasi naMangoma one of our failed GPA negotiator . Tsvangirai kakata dhonza kakata dhonza .

  31. This fight is like watching rival football fans fighting each other on the stadium terraces when the match is in progress and the fighting has no bearing on the outcome of the football match – mahumbwe.

  32. Professor Welshman Ncube must be enjoying this drama as it unfolds at the ‘party of excellence’! Violence, Mangoma? Who says MDC-T is ‘violent’? David Coltart and Trudy Stevenson must be turning in their ….. chairs!

  33. Mangoma appears more of ZANUPF’s mouthpiece than an MDC-T executive member. The major problem is Roy Bennet. Bennet is a hardcore racist who wants us to challenge Mugabe by going in the street. He must come back and lead us in the street instead of watching us being butchered from South Africa.

  34. Fortwith, Mangoma is right. We can discuss about his timing, leaks, 3million offer and role being played by Roy Bennett but essentially, his letter to Tsvangirai carries substance which cannot be refuted by anyone in his sane mind.
    If Mangoma is doing all this to appease the white constituency, he can as well take a gun and shoot himself…I doubt this.
    Otherwise I believe he is fearless and doesn’t want to wait until 2016!! By then, MDC might be history. Behind the scenes, other oppotionals are saying that there is no cooperation until that -T surname is removed from the Party’s name!!

    From my neutral-observer position, he is right.

  35. mdara b4 considering the removal of morgan just ask yourself; WHO IN THE ENTIRE MDC STRUCTURE, SAVE IT FOR MORGAN ALONE, IS ABLE TO STAND FIRM AGAINST MUGABE

  36. Zimbabwe politcs sucks , Zanu or Mdc re is no different , u r al bunch of. fukups ,Tsvangison is a biggest loser

  37. shamwari varungu havasivo vakatiita kuti tigwejenure maparts ema farm equipment kuti tizorima 100 hectares negedyo. Havasi vakaita kuti titore fence yakapoteredza mafarm tigadzire ma hanger ikozvino mombe dzahwa nekurohwa nemota. Havazivo varungu vakaita kuti tiuraye irrigation system topedzisira tongorima rain season. Havasizve vakati convertera large scale commercial farming into communal farming. Havasivo vakaita kuti tivake zvikoro paplantation tema orange. All im saying is SIYANAI NEMA SANCTIONS. Nyika yakaurawa navatongi venyu nebato ravo

  38. Mangoma hauzive zvaunoita hatichakuverengera kumdc watadza kumirira congress here ndofunga ndiwe wakatumwa nababa chatunga kuti uzoparadza mdc zvachose manje wanyangira yaona Save ndizvo

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