Tsvangirai not at centre of national crisis

Morgan Tsvangirai

IT bordered on both the hilarious and the tragic to have an intellectual like one, Takura Zhangazha, condemning Morgan Tsvangirai and his whole generation for the problems bedevilling the country.

Luke Tamborinyoka

Zhangazha’s article titled Tsvangirai’s generation has failed us, starts with a wrong diagnosis of the wrong problem which ultimately leads to a wrong prescription.

Zhangazha posits that Tsvangirai and his generation are neo-liberals given to mimicry.

He said Tsvangirai sought global and international recognition and that he has never sought anything national beyond a personality-based campaign about Robert Mugabe and his age.
Nothing could be further from the truth.

Tsvangirai and the MDC have given the people of this country hope and their delivery is there for all to see.

That Zimbabweans experienced respite in the five years of the MDC’s participation in government and that after July 31, we are almost back to the crisis of 2008 showed the practical difference in people’s lives that the MDC-T leader and his team made to the people of this country.

Even though Mugabe’s age is an election issue, the MDC had a comprehensive policy programme as encapsulated in the Agenda for Real Transformation (ART).

Tsvangirai showed in the last election that he had a programme, he had policies and he knew what needed to be done to turn around the economy of this country.

Zhangazha implies that Tsvangirai has refused to pass on the baton.
The platform for Tsvangirai to do so is called a congress in which anyone is free to throw in their name in the hat.

The former trade unionist has made it clear that he will not die in office.

He has not gagged anyone in his party who has felt that that they are interested in his position.

He has publicly said that ambition is not criminal in the MDC.
He has shown that his is a different generation that does things differently from those who make it criminal for anyone to aspire to hold high office.

In fact, the people have shown an inclination of wanting to die in office include those in the National Constititional Assembly (NCA)who refused to hand over power and instead undemocratically transformed a civic institution into a political party in which the same characters are still leaders.

Now that is a dangerous generation  which thinks, as Zhangazha puts it, that personalities are more important than the cause.

Zhangazha refuses to put his cards in the open that he is a member of Lovemore Madhuku’s NCA, a civic movement which was railroaded into becoming a political party without consulting its founding members and institutions.

Tsvangirai, the NCA’s founding chairperson, was not even consulted when those who had stuck to its leadership for more than a decade transformed it into a political party with the same characters as its leaders.

In democracy, there is nothing wrong in criticising people, but it is wrong to be so contemptuous and vitriolic against Tsvangirai at the expense of the real authors of our national problems.

Surely, Tsvangirai is not at the core of the national crisis, but is part of the solution and not the problem.

It becomes worrying when more energy is spent on denigrating him at the expense of those who have sent this economy to its knees.
And there is nothing wrong in identifying Mugabe’s age as one of the election issues.

We all love our old relatives and our grandparents.

But surely, there is something very wrong about having a 90-year-old president in this brave 21st century of Facebook and Twitter.

Mugabe is definitely an analogue president in the digital age.
Zhangazha and the political institution to which he belongs must stop attacking others, but should instead give us their programme.
They must tell us how they hope to right things in this country instead of attacking Tsvangirai as if he is the single human impediment to peace and development in Zimbabwe.

Lastly, the great lesson from Nelson Mandela, that great son of Africa we buried last year, is that tenacity pays and that naysayers should be put to shame.

By 1990, he had spent so many years in the struggle that the Zhangazhas of his time could have said his generation had failed. But in 1994,  democracy came to South Africa. It is too early to condemn anyone or any generation.

Let’s stick it out in the trenches and swear that we will fight, even with the last drop of our blood, until we achieve positive change in the country of our birth.

So Tsvangirai will not overstay his welcome, but he is still a relevant player in this struggle for real change and positive transformation in our country.

He still has the fire in his belly and he currently remains our best forward as a country and as a generation.

Luke Tamborinyoka is the official spokesperson to MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai. He writes in his personal capacity.


  1. He is not the problem. I totally agree but he was unable to win elections so it is time to replace him as the leader. At some time politicians must realize they are not the ones to carry their message and move forward.

    • Fact is, noboby has fought Zanu PF longer than Tsvangirai. Fact is, at least he is fighting. All other points around him are a digression. No one is above personal problems, in marriage or otherwise, can be more, can be less. But what is the focus? Fight Zanu PF. You may not win. But then, those who stop fighting will never win anything. So why should Tsvangirai stop? He is fighting in his position. Let all fight in theirs. Jostling for the top post is simply a recipe for disaster. Let us all fight, supporting each other with our best, whatever position or situation we find ourself. That’s more important than a position. From now on I will consider them Zanu PF sell outs those who advocate the removal of Tsvangirai saying they want to fight from his position. Fight in yours. Or you are a SELL OUT!!!

      • You are right the Watcher, no one has fought longer and actually won. However to be serious there is need for a change in tactics. No one is going to take over political power in Zimbabwe through the ballot box, never. However we do not need violence but a focus on what the people do best, creat conditions for their betterment themselves, like bringing the Multi-currencies. We need economic leaders and it is not too much to think that that economic leadership could come from those who have fought the longest and experienced the trappings of political power? Economic power is beyond those with political power. It is not possible for the one who caused a problem, who does not even accept the fact and blames everyone else, to solve the problem. So a golden opportunity awaits those who can adapt?

    • You know nothing about politics shut your mouth. Tsvangirai haasi kuzvisarudza ndisu tirikumuda so dnt blame him or shout at him.

    • Why blame Morgan when he is sitting at home? Is he so powerful that he can disturb government programmes when he is out of it? Didnt people enjoy dollar for two bread during his brief tenure as Prime Minister? Mupei power yacho tione zvaanoita. Zhangazha which party do you belong to and what does it stand for, buda pachena jekanyika usahwande nemunwe.

    • Zhangazha mupengo chaiye, munhu anotozvitamburirawo. You see in education, there is something called specialisation. When people further their education, they specialise in certain fields or aspects of the curriculum. But when you attain the pursued qualification, its noble to dwell within the confirms of your desired profession and it becomes fool-hardy to try and police faculties outside your attained knowledge. The danger is that if you don’t make informed contributions in these forums, then you really make a great fool of yourself and this is what this Zhangazha has done to himself. Tsvangirai is a political leader and in his chosen profession, all what matters and which ofcourse is his greatest weapon is something called ..” Leadership Qualities” that’s all what’s required to be a leader and not some educational degree or some educational qualification. In the history of Zimbabwean politics, all those politicians with titles like Professor, Doctor or something have performed dismally because they lack leadership, common sense and acumen. Leadership is like wisdom,its something you are born with and you don’t necessarily obtain it from school. Common sense is not common my friends.

    • politics is everyone’s game Mugabe sometime challenged Tsvangirai to form a party and he did that now its time for those who feel that they are man enough not by talking but by doing pindai varume tiwone kana mukasvika padhuze nestate house.

    • The problem with Tsvangirai and mdc Is that they give people false hope like prophets of doom who promise their followers heaven which themselves never seen, misleading a lot of people.

  2. tsvangirai ws n is still a cooler downer my boy, a depolarizer a common denominator seeker.y zhangazh do u act as if u dont knwo th zim politics as frm 2000.ko varikuuray nyika havaoni here.nyika yakanangepi kutaura kudai asi nangananga natsvangirai.eeish

  3. Humwe udofo so hunoshamisa.It is only common sense that the only person charismatic enough to take after Tsvangirai is Chamisa but he only needs a little panel beating so it should be in the elections in 2023 after Tsvangirai would have saved jus 1 term.It breaks my heart when gullible pipo begin to talk of replacing a man who has sacrificed everything in the face of murderous zanu pf and is still our best bet so far even beyond 2018.Biti should be reminded that he doesnt even have any leadership quality at all and chinotimba would be better than him .It is in this light that pathetic lunatics n charlatans like one zhangazha should go to hell.

    • @Jomb0- the beauty of democracy is that I can disagree with you without fearing that you may decide to kill me..I think Chamisa is the worst organising secretary the party or any political party in Zimbabwe has ever had..I put it down to immaturity, maybe with time he will get it right but sadly that time is not now! I however must agree with you on Biti..he is just a voluble fellow period.

  4. Ane bhora ndiye anomakwa. Save vane bhora saka nca, zpf will continue dengrating the guy for their own survival. Save miridzo iyi usacheuka iwe.

    • Rhodes wataura but vana Bhoki ava (zhangazha) ngavanyarare even the name zhangazha ukanatsoriongorora unoona kuti haangamboita munhu kwaye muregererei I suscum. Simbi kuna SAve. Morgan tinomuda chero mukataure nesure hapana chinochinja Morgan our President kana atonga 10 yrs tomubvisa toisa watinoda so zhangazha namusoro bhangu vako shut up

      • His (Morgan) misfortune is that he is liked big time by people, who do not matter at all,I mean those ensconced in the cuckoo-land of the diaspora,while being disliked big time by the people who matter,those who vote!

  5. Tsvangi is our president in the waiting period. I see Biti like the Mnangagwa of MDC he should remain a minister not to be handed the button. After Tsvangi kwouya Chamisa.

  6. Morgan is definitely in the Mugabe destructive generation. Look at the amounts he used to settle his quarrels with romantic partners like Locardia. Then he told government workers that he was in the same salary quandary with them when he could have so much to spare. Like the ZANU-PF leader he cannot think of being somewhere else which is not the leadership of MDC. He has no wits with which to tackle factionalism and faction leaders in his own party. What of intra-party violence just before and at the party’s last Congress? just like ZANU. Those who air personal opinions like Bernette are silenced, perhaps even expelled from the party. What more does one need to see destruction in a political party leader.
    He is even daft enough to parade himself at pentecostal church leaders antics such as TB Joshua and be seen by the whole wide world falling down from some demonic force under threat from the prayerman’s utterances! Guys: Be serious!

    • Nyangani Muwani Zimbabweans you claim to be educated but some of you surprises me.My friend falling @ church doesn’t mean you are demonic.Sometimes the spirit of Lord make someone fall,its high annointing read your bible well,i wonder if you have a bible.Imi vanhu imi munombozivawo kuti kudenga kuna Jehovah here uko.You will see one day kuti nyika ndeya Jehovah iyi very soon.

  7. Haters of a free and democratic Zimbabwe will hate Tsvangirai. People who want a better life for all will know that its not the right time to bad mouth Tsvangirai but to support each other. Kuona makomo eCanaan handiko kusvika hama vadiwa. Musaone maguta musati makohwa

  8. We did not have sufficient numbers to upstage Zanu because of the illiterate rurals and the romanced electoral results. Tsvangirai was the best alternative anywhere sorry Zhangazha.

  9. Zhangazha must keep quiet,okay.Instead he must concentrate on his new found Party NCA.Whatever zhangazha says will not sway our supporters to his party hahaha.

    You lost it young man.Keep it up Mr Tamborinyoka.Otherwise zhangazha is very confused bloody bastard.

  10. Tamborinyoka is right. Zhangazha’s NCA is led by a convicted crook, Lovemore Madhuku, and cannot lecturer anything to anyone.

    • @Jones- Many thanks for clearing the air ref Zhangazha’s affiliation..I wasnt aware of this. If this were the case then he should declare his interest not be like the ZBC analysts whose brief is just to bash Tsvangirayi. If Zhangazha is NCA, then small wonder that project is headed where it started..in the ground. With Madhuku for company then failure is a real option.

  11. one thing i like about morgan is that he learns from his mistakes and is always ready to change and worry about people who try to point so much to his love life as if themselves are better.

  12. Tsvangirai is a failure. He has failed Zimbabweans. Please we need an urgent replacement for 2018. Save chizororai inga penyu makaita mukakundikana.

  13. chiiko chinonzi zhangazha chacho? Izita regomo here kana team yebhora kuSomalia? How can the country’s problems be blamed on someone outside panyanga???

  14. Let’s be objective fellow MDC cdes, Tsvangirai has really failed us and its a fact. In the middle of fighting Robert Mugabe finds time to soil his name by involving himself scandalous affairs with multiple women going as far as Malaysia. We need leaders who commit their life to save people not using people to save themself. The man has failed whether we like it or not the MDC will die in his hands

  15. Let’s be objective fellow MDC cdes, Tsvangirai has really failed us and its a fact. In the middle of fighting Robert Mugabe, the cde finds time to soil his name by involving himself scandalous affairs with multiple women going as far as Malaysia. We need leaders who commit their life to save people not using people to save themself. The man has failed whether we like it or not the MDC will die in his hands

  16. The action which was done by Moyo to Dead Bc must apply to ZINWA,4 months without salaries nhasi chaiye maManager naChief are having a meeting endaipo muone mari ichidyiwa ipapao apa wese awa sleeping in expensive Hotels washandi wachikwangwaya.Minister Kasukuwere muripiko zvamunenge makatorumiswawo nhamo yatiri kuchema nayo hamuinzwivo here.ZINWA YOURAYA WASHANDI NENZARA

  17. Guys this culture of looking into other peoples way of living is going to fail us again.right now as we speak zanu-pf is campaigning,,they do have team 2018 as we speak. we are busy kuudzana hudofo on the net come 2018 we are the very sm people who are going to say SAVE vakoniwa.ndorwadziwa hama dzangu!!!

  18. Whilst I also think time is up for our Richard Morgan Tsvangirayi to keep a low profile and hand over the leadership to someone elsea but what takura Zhangazha is saying is hogwash. The problem with some members when they form their own opposition parties is they start fight another opposition party, I don’t know if it makes them win an election but like I say some parties which are formed start it all wrong by making Tsvangirayi their target instead of the ruling party. Are they forming their parties to contest Tsvangiray’s party seats in parliament, if so then they are useless.

  19. I personally believe that “hope” makes pple ignore reality. For how long shud pple hang on to”hope” ? U can have million bad things to say about zpf but without corrective action u have done nothing. Just like Tsvangson , Tambori insults the intelligence of the rural folks;pple u wil need if u were to win. Cde R G was once a darling of the west just like Tsvangson. Once they use u they dumb and destroy u. AnaChiluba muchavaziva. So to say u improved life yedu during gnu is a lie. The west just relaxed. Come up with a better plan in 2018,

    • Advert tinoona chose asi dambudziko dzemarketing dzako dzakadakwa mwana mdhara nekuti vanhu vose varikucommenter apa hapana kana anemunda apa . The best way enda paZANU PF head office woita kushambadzira kwakanaka unogona kuita mari

  20. I hoped I would never be able to say this..Takura should at the onset of his opinion piece have declared his interest like Luke has done here. He should have told his readers that he is an NCA apparitchik not mislead readers into thinking that he was displaying independent thought when he was simply peddling an embedded view point for his colleagues at the NCA. If this is not professional it is cheap, ugly and underhand and Takura should be ashamed for misleading the public in this fashion! Where are your ethics Takura?

  21. @ zinwa uri benzi hapasi pekutaurira chinyaya chako pano,,imi makakonzeresa cholera mukauraisa vanhu gore riya,,Tainwa mvura yakachena zvichaitwa nakanzuru..kuratidza hubenzi hwako tarisa minista wacho wauri kuchemera,,kkkk uchiine faith neZanupf nanhasi hahaha uchati baba ,,achakunzwa Kasukuwere minister wako hahahaha

  22. zhangazha you’re an idiot is Morgan in government?why can’t you spell the real cause of the mess we are wallowing in.

  23. Isnt this the same Zhangazha who was once beaten up by UBAs at UZ in 1999 for telling maCDEs that the ‘Way forward was backwards’ after being intimidated(or was it ‘bought’?) by one Madzima. This was when students were marching towards town to claim their payouts from Chombo and Zhangazha, who was the then President of the SEC chickened out at the last minute. Dzimano can vouch for me as UBAs temporarily sacked Zhangazha and pproclaimed Dzimano the President, albeit for the duration of the demo. Who can forget the picture of Dzimano throwing a smoking teargas carnister back at the riot police at UZ that appeared in the Daily news before it was banned. Saka Zhangazha mutengesi who could not even stand the heat of student politics and is not qualified to comment about Tsvangirayi. Magwaro ako tinawo isu UBA forever!!!!!!!!

  24. Gwandove, your memory is still razor-sharp-Takura Zhangaza is a coward who was bought by Graham Chipochedenga Hill-the then Vice Chancellor of UZ on 9 June 1999 and Takura forsake the student revolution there and then. Had it not been for the swift response of Ubamulenge and Dzimano, we could have bid good bye to our pay-outs. Now he is masquerading as an able columnist throwing trash at Tsvangirai-shame on you Zhangaza- you are riding a dead donkey in the NCA!!!

  25. Hey macdes, why the anger? Cant we discuss or at least endeavor to acknowledge different opinions..they tend to be exactly that, personal opinions. My humble opinion is Tsvangison is not the quality nor the saviour of this country. remember when Zim needed his contribution to fight the settlers he baulked. He would never sacrifice himself for any of us, let alone a national cause. Zvake vakadzi, ma yacht rides, globetrotting badmouthing everyone and everything, asking for measures to regime change….. …VaMugabe vakati “Ndozvaanogonavo..mumwe nomumwe ane zvaanogona imiwee!”

  26. dzimwe fungwa hadzimboratidzi kuti wakaenda kuchikoro vazhangazha zvamakadzidza wani ko form yo on party ka kana save vatadza or join zanu no problem

  27. @Don Wezhira – I think by not joining Z*nu in Moz*mbique was the best decision Tsvangirai or anyone made in their lives. It was not worth all the bother. As an older person born on Rhod*sia I will tell you we were a billion times better off. I have no hesitation in saying this. The fighting by Z*nu and Z*pu was designed to look like they were fighting the settlers when they were building armies to fight each other for power. It was a race to the bottom. I voted for Zanu in 1980 something I now regret. Without the settlers there would be no country to talk about and these people wouldn‘t be political leaders. If you know your history then you will know that is a fact not just my own opinion. If you look carefully at the life histories of all politicians you will find they went through their formative years in peace, being sponsored by the settlers in their education, given houses to rent by the settlers, given jobs by the settlers but when they realised they wanted political power they urged gullible people to fight the same settlers who had mothered them from childhood to adulthood. I will not accept being lectured to about “the settlers” by some politician whose education was paid for by the settlers, whose accommodation was provided by the settlers and by someone who worked for the settlers before embarking on a political career. Show me just one politician or person who did not go through this route then I will show you a pathetic liar.

    • Interesting folks, these settlers. Paying for the education of the poor blacks then incarcerating them for seeking self governance, or perhaps incarcerating them before paying for their education; I wonder which one came first? Perhaps the thousands incarcerated were just petty thieves and terrorists, meaning the politicians claiming they were incarcerated by settlers for demanding self governance are pathetic liars, correct? Because settlers were good folks, the best!

  28. Imagine kuti dai mdc isina kumbobvira yafomewa.Imagine if Bob had given the baton to Simba makoni, we wouldnt be in this mess. Tsvangirai and BoB have destroyed generations nepower struggle yavo.Am now 40 went and i dont see light during our lifetime. Dai mwari aimbondipa masimba avo just for a day you would all stop crying and shouting at each other.Cry the beloved country. Mugabe has failed and Tsvangisonhas failed as well because one is holding the other end of Zimbabwe pulling in the opposite direction while the other is pulling the other. Instead f working together to build this nation one is digging in and the other has blazzing guns pointed at the other. Until we learn to agree to disagree and see and rspect each other like Republicans an Democrats in USA, we are going nowhere. We need each other bt eish kuoma musoro ikoko!!!!!!!!!

  29. @scotv – you are just a time-waster. If you were born after 1980 or were in infant around that time then you cannot argue over what happened. The last time you were arguing with me over Stupas when you never had one and I had one for decades. And that your grandma had a stupa when registration certificates were ID papers for men over 18 years only. Now you have waded into this one about who paid for politicians’ education.
    When I write a comment, before you ask questions, do some research, like finding out where the politician(s) was/were educated from infant school right up to high school or University and find out who paid their fees because all families were poor at the time and could not afford to pay fees for their children.
    Mugabe’s education at Kutama Mission was paid for by an Irish Jesuit missionary by the name of Father Jerome O’hea. His University education was paid for by the whites. Joshua Nkomo’s education was paid for by a white woman called Mrs Robson. Ndabaningi Sithole’s education was paid for by white missionaries in Chipinge and also by the same white missionaries when he went to America later. Muzorewa’s education was paid for by Methodist missionaries in Manicaland and these same missionaries paid for his studies in America later. Let me be very clear here – every single black politician’s education (before 1980) in this country was paid for by the whites. To be a politician you had to be educated and education did come cheap and our parents were all poor (I mean every single black family) and it was inevitable that every single black person had to have their education paid for by the whites. If you know any politician of that era who never had his education paid for by the whites then give me his name.
    They all got houses to rent from whites in Highfield or townships in Bulawayo because we all had no money to build our own houses – you could only get a house to rent if you were working for the settlers – every single person that is, without exception.

  30. Luke Tamborinyoka is singing for his supper here. He is trying to defend the indefensible. His boss will always be criticised – that comes with the territory. However, I agree with Tamborinyoka that Takura Zhangazha’s article “starts with a wrong diagnosis of the wrong problem which ultimately leads to a wrong prescription”. I criticised Zhangazha’s analysis as well. Both Tamborinyoka and Zhangazha are wrong. Having Tsvangirai at the helm is worse than having nobody there challenging ZanuPF. I don’t see why MDCs went into a coalition with ZanuPF other than to indulge Tsvangirai in his quest to undergo an “apprenticeship” under Mugabe. The MDCs did absolutely nothing in the 5 years in the coalition – they inadvertently strengthened ZanuPF’s hold on power. Biti’s involvement in the country’s finances as Minister just papered over the cracks. A party cannot be regarded as an alternative by getting into bed with another political party – people will not notice the difference between the two – that is the cardinal rule in politics. Either the MDCs are far too obtuse to understand that they are dealing with a very determined military dictatorship or they are petrified of the military. There’s no way the MDCs will ever unseat ZanuPF military dictatorship in an election. I just can’t see that happening.

  31. What crisis is there after a resounding victory 4 tm Zpf. All those elections just a lot hot air so now Tsvangirayi is still involved in gvt in what capacity? Now that Bob is in office forever as the slogan goes the economy is grinding to a halt a clueless party of opportunists dictating and proving to be good slave masters for it is pain and suffering 4 all civil servants when Obert Mpofu can buy a bank and the whole Vic falls and most of Byo so if that is only a tip of the iceberg the it all stinks of corruption so dream o brthers and did I hear u say Nikuv pliz rig the economy.

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