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Teachers’ strike must be lawful — Goche


Government yesterday remained tight lipped about the promised civil servants’ salary increments and warned any strike action could only be done in accordance with the laws of the country.


Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare minister Nicholas Goche yesterday told NewsDay in an interview that negotiations were still underway between his ministry and government workers, but declined to say anything about the probability of government awarding them an increment by January.

Civil servants’ unions on Monday threatened nationwide strikes by next week if government failed to live up to President Robert Mugabe’s promise made during and soon after elections to award them salary increments.

“I can only say that civil servants submitted their salary proposals a week ago and we will continue our negotiations with them,” Goche said.

“I do not negotiate salaries through the media. I do negotiations with civil servants and, therefore, I cannot tell you whether there will be any increment or not.”

The minister also refused to outline the plans he had on the table for civil servants.

Goche said he was not going to act on the threats by civil servants to engage in job action.

“I do not see any reason why I should intervene on issues to do with the strike action. Civil servants’ unions have not come to me to give notice that they will go on strike concerning their salaries. What I can only say is that any job action should follow proper procedure as stipulated by the Labour Act and to date I have not been formally informed about any strike,” he said.

Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe secretary-general Raymond Majongwe on Monday told local media that government should come up with a position on civil servants’ salaries before schools opened or face crippling industrial action.

Schools open on January 14. Previous job action by teachers severely affected the education sector.

However, other civil service workers’ unions like the Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (Zimta) maintained that dialogue with government should be given a chance before any strike action.

While some media reports claimed civil servants wanted a monthly salary of $1 000, Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe chief executive officer Manuel Nyawo said the lowest earning civil servant currently earned $296 per month and they wanted poverty datum line wages of $540 per month for the lowest earners.

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  1. Let’s face the truth,they are not going to increase workers salaries. They are just stalling fact of the matter is they do not have the money. But why promise workers money that you dnt have answer:(cheap politics). Fool me once shame on me fool me twice m a complete idiot.

    • Was it not the idiotic Raymond and company who delayed the negotiations by refusing proportional representation at Apex which forced Minister Goche to issue an ultimatum so negotiations could be expedited?And only a fool like you and Majongwe would expect negitiations to be concluded before requisite consultations between Public Services and Finance ministries.

  2. negotiate and negotiate then negotiate and continue to negotiate then negotiate again please please
    why are you impatient. you sound like mapuruvheya.

  3. Biti watanga zvakare, haadi nemari…kkkkkkkkkkkkk..wat goes around comes around. thats wat happens if people employ cheap politics to get into power. the truth is, the economy ceases to function some 12 years ago and the cake that is coming out of the oven now is too small to share. you can’t cheat the economy, i thot teachers fall under the educated lot and i wuld expect them to know better. hapana mari yekuwedzera macivil servants guys. whoever made such promises wanted to achieve his goals and the trick worked.

  4. I can see something very strange happening in ZPF. They are divided and the 1st secretary is causing confusion between teachers and gvt. He is calling for salary increment and China-master is crying for money. Imagine if it was a family, father saying go and buy bread for the family without giving you any cent. This is not Biti, China-master ‘s problem but a result of corrupt and power hungry leaders who are merciless to common people. They destroyed this beautiful country and expect to live by miracles. Where is miracle monies to revive the economy.

  5. I remember well the days I was at ZFTU, I used to fight for the workers. You so called worker representatives, which side are you? Sincw “WAS“ negotiations have been going on nothing is coming out. It is true that this government the only language they understand id Industrial strike. Whay taking too long when you started promising before the elections that you will give Civil Servants a salary increament. Ahoy macomrades, its high time we take to the streets. The Egyptions, Syrians, Lybians, Tunisians, people from C. A. R, Mali just to mention a few are not mentally desturbed. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Arise and alluta continua. Lets meet at Africa Unit Square and we air our greavances.

  6. Their days are numbered and will not last until 2018…..this is really soft genocide…..Zimbabweans, our country indeed is in a state of political recoil, it will pounce, whether by legal or extra legal means…..it will pounce like demented Egyptian Cobra…..they have done it in Tunisia, Libya…..one day is one day …..check my words….I am made of Steel Wire…..when I am cornered I will recoil with a force of a tiger.

    • Was it not the idiotic Raymond and company who delayed the negotiations by refusing proportional representation at Apex which forced Minister Goche to issue an ultimatum so negotiations could be expedited?And only a fool like you and Majongwe would expect negitiations to be concluded before requisite consultations between Public Services and Finance ministries.

  7. @ J chinotimba, ithink you are mentally insane, dont try to influence peace loving zimboz w your stupidity. Political unrests are distructive and those who have opted for them as an option they plunged themself into endless civil wars……

  8. Teachers, you were sent to man handle Biti for refusing with money by ZPF. Now its Goche you are warned never to talk of a strike….but nothing coming your way. Work up guys, you will die in poverty. Hameno zvenyu, muchafa muchingo tambwa nemwi ki-ki-ki, HAMUFUNGI!!!

  9. Biti achiri kuramba nemari chete. Paritricky Chinamasa yaaah election aftermath a promise is a credit give them their monies and after we want u you create the so called employment you where talking about

  10. Ana Goche kungorotomoka what law is there in Zanu that u want to talk of ,tumadhara twusinganyare.Zvirikutaridza pachena kuti Zanu yaora but you keep on talking nonsense to hell with u….aknam

  11. Its interesting to note that pple are still waiting for increments while they are seeing others allowances cancelled, The truth of the matter is the government is broke like a grave, for details, Right now Chinamasa is in China begging for $1.5bln bailout, if he gets it praise God things will change but if it goes the other way round, i am sorry, you might regards Biti as a prophet because gvt’s collapse is imminent for sure, ZPF are interested in political statements than Economical, had they checked their balances before announcing,

  12. This Goche is the same idiot who promised us a tocken increment last year. There is nothing more to negotiate because the government is fully aware of the civil servants’ plight. Our staff representatives continue pretending to negotiate so that they receive their sitting allowances. Those still subscribing to ZIMTA, PTUZ, etc is a great fool.

  13. Kana iwo maticha acho ngaatikwanire, where the DUCE do they think the money will come from? People should be realistic. Vamwe mabasa arikupera, iwe urikutochemera THOUSAND!!! Ndiko kupenga chaiko uku!

  14. Zed uri benzi chairo. Haufungi kana uchifunga, unofungira parurimi senyoka. How can you be so stupid. Usina chekunyora hauregi here?

  15. Paritricky China-masta and this Goche thing,are viewing civil servants as “brain-damaged zombies” who does not reason. If ua clever guyz the tym iz now or never.

  16. industrial action wld b illegal bt underpaying ur employees n making them live like slaves and beggars is within the circumpherence of e law. This gvt lacks accountability and thus always crafts laws that cocoon their interests and shortcomings. Remember this very minister is the one who called fr a ‘shoot to kill’ direktiv during Tsvangirai’s treason trial, so dnt be scared these are his old scare tactics.

  17. its high time zanu pf should swallow its pride and admit its failure to deliver service to the nation as whole. Minister Goche should be reminded that the position he is holding is not lawful as well, the position he acquired from a stolen election. Viva strike for teachers.

  18. After being sworn as pm in 1978, Tsv promised civil servants salaries for up to $2000 per month but was not fulfilled. Civil servants did not go on strike. Should teachers go on strike, it should be deemed political that its a part of mdc’s strategy to make the country ungovernable.

  19. @Gandanga,unofunga nekumufoyi..Tsvangirai apinda papi panyaya iyoyi..Paaive PM hatina kumboona strike yemacivil servants saka taura zvimwe.Haasi iye akati zanupf iite mapromise ekunyepa pamusana pekukara power..zvino mazvimbirwa nenhema dzenyu makuti MDC.. inopinda papi..ipai vanhu mari yamakapromisa chete..kwete pamunhondo pamusasa…You must think with your head mhani,usati taurire cheap propaganda we are not kindergatten kids..

  20. reporter;president sei musingawedzere maticha mari? president; aah ndokusaka ndakachisiya chibasa ichi nekuti hachina mari.

  21. panyaya yemamari strick ndizvo commander in chief akakati macivil servant anofanirwa kupiwa mari so no work kusvika mashoko emukuru azadziswa no work no work until the words of the commander in chief are fulfiled mazuva afamba pasi nevasveta simba ,pasi nema extra lesons,pasi nema levies ema bogus SDA Pamberi nekushanda nesimba

  22. ma civil servants if ever you are going to strike know what you will be striking for.vamwe kubasa amweni kumba vamwe mustreet .amweni kuma incentives hey

  23. ah saka strike yakurovesa muzimbabwe hokoyo nemboma maticha hanz dzidzisa nezhara yako iyoyo hazvina ndhava kkkikikik zanu

  24. Teachers are not the only the only civil servants in this equation,so don”t label them wrongly to say teachers are striking.To the Government of Zimbabwe don”t remove incentives now,leave them and you will see education sector not collapsing.To all civil servants culm down don’t strike don”t create any confusion on your work places something is definately coming soon or later when resources are there.lastly leave teachers alone as they are on holiday.

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