Soldier jailed 40 years for rape


A 30-YEAR-OLD member of the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) was yesterday slapped with an effective 40-year imprisonment jail term after being convicted of raping and infecting his 14-year-old housemaid with the deadly HIV virus.


The soldier, Obert Muziri, of Mbare, Harare, is said to have sexually attacked the girl on two occasions, after the minor was brought to his house by his wife as a maid.

The girl was offered employment after being found wandering at Mbare Musika where she got lost on her way to Dzivarasekwa from Nkayi.

Regional magistrate Simon Rogers Kachambwa, however, castigated Muziri’s denial of the offence and actions, saying he had put the minor’s life into jeopardy.

“The evidence before the court is very clear. He imposed himself on a helpless minor and infected her with a sexually transmitted disease and he is attempting to hide behind his alleged marital problems with his wife and that he intended to marry the complainant,” Kachambwa said while delivering judgment.

“He lied that he could get her a job in the ZNA knowing well she was just a minor. There is no doubt that he intentionally infected her with a sexually transmitted disease. She contracted HIV.”

Kachambwa slapped Muziri with a 20-year jail term for the two counts of rape that were treated as one for purposes of sentence and another 20 years imprisonment jail term for deliberately infecting the girl with HIV.

At one point, the court heard Muziri raped the girl in the presence of his children aged four, one-and-half and 10 months.

The court heard Muziri started his sexual abuse on the girl on September 26 last year — a day after his wife had brought her into the house.

On the day in question, Muziri is said to have intruded into the spare bedroom where the minor was asleep and raped her once.

As if that was not enough, the following day when his wife was away, he again awoke the girl early in the morning and ordered her to watch pornographic videos on his laptop after which he again raped her.

However, the girl later managed to contact her Nkayi relatives who gave her directions to her Dzivarasekwa relatives where she reported the matter to her brother leading to Muziri’s arrest.


  1. Will be 70 by the time he leaves kiravavi. Its no good place to be especially considering his health. I feel sorry for his children if ever they are going to see him again. He will rue the day he decided to go for the poor soul. All that training nw set to go down the drain. Its God’s case no appeal.

  2. The girl’s life has been destroyed and this idiot has a chance of coming out of jail and enjoy his life. Infecting someone with HIV deliberately is the same as murder. Hang the guy or sentence the guy to life in prison.

  3. I give much respect to the judgment.Thank you so much.
    This man is like he committed murder and should be treated like that.He doesn’t fit in to the modern society. and have even given a life.

  4. Its so sad for human beings that are actually parents themselves to behave like this, and so much for being trained as a soldier- someone who should protect and not hurt. I am sure the fool would have tried to blame his wife in the alleged marital problems.’ At least the small ones are safe now thanks to a true judge. God has a way for the abused poor soul, where there is life, hope abides.

  5. Fair sentence though 500 years would have done perfect justice. Coz with jail terms, a year is constituted by 9 months not 12 months which gives this man a slight chance of seeing another daylight of freedom whilst the gir’s life is permanently ruined.

  6. God help us, jail term may be justice bt does little good for the girl. dai blaz ava vaipihwa pension kaskana aka kaifanirwa kupihwa yese. no amount of money can suffice compensation for this madness bt this girl would need medical cover

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