Random Tuesday pictures: A day at Masowe and others


The predatory lenses of our AMH Group Chief Photographer, Aaron Ufumeli captured the dramatic cleansing ceremony carried out by the apostolic sect members on Sunday in Waterfalls.

As is the norm in Zimbabwe, many peopleare turning to apostolic sects to deal with ‘spiritual problems’ or ‘curses’


Despite the erosion of disposal income and an economy on the slide people carry either milk, eggs, salt,  and other things that the prophets demand. It is widely believed that milk is used to clean the human spirit and bring good luck, so those who bring it are either washed with it all over their body or use it to ‘wash their hands’. It a spectacle worthy of our lenses and ears when in dramatic fashion groups sing different songs and start chanting in ‘tongues’ as they ‘wash their congregants in the ‘heavenly waters’


1-a woman being baptised in flowing Mukuvisi river in Waterfalls on Sunday.Many people of different religious beliefs flock there to be baptised or just to be soaked in water.-001


The followers with heads under water must perform a Houdini act and hold their breath for a considerable time. Done several times we witness those who are ‘possessed’ by a demon start speaking and acting in accordance to the ‘demon’ resident in their bodies.


Several men are seen in the picture below getting ready for the cleansing.

1-Members of the vapostori baptising a fellow member in flowing Mukuvisi river near Waterfalls on Sunday .Many people of different beliefs go there to be baptised


A man and a woman cleaning away the curses.




The man holding the red stick seemed to motion to the photographer to stay away, or perhaps he was inviting him into the water?




part of the crowd that witnessed the Coca cola summer promotion draw in Mabvuku on Saturday
part of the crowd that witnessed the Coca cola summer promotion draw in Mabvuku on Saturday



Residents of Matapi were captured here enjoying the ‘fresh air’ that comes with the authorities’ neglect of infrastructure. They needed not go down the stairs to enjoy the good air as broken window panes-  which have apparently gone for long without any repair- were good enough an air conditioner.  Matapi flats are some of the oldest in Harare, having been built in the colonial era. Years of neglect have seen the buildings dilapidate gradually. The problem has been exacerbated by the housing crunch where many families are forced to share houses

Residents of Matapi look through broken window panes .The flats which were built before independence  are in a poor state



A commuter omnibus splashes past a puddle at the corner of Leopold Takawira and Samora Machel. Our roads wear potholes like it the best designer around town.  The result is, whenever it rains in Harare, most potholes are covered by water, increasing the risks of accidents.





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