Obama shuts out Mugabe

A DIPLOMATIC storm has erupted between Zimbabwe and the United States following reports that United States President Barack Obama will not invite his Zimbabwean counterpart President Robert Mugabe for a US-Africa summit in August.

Staff Reporter/Agencies

Obama, who has had problems with the veteran Zimbabwean leader over governance matters and human rights, will invite 47 out of 54 African leaders to the summit seeking to widen US trade, development and security ties with an increasingly dynamic continent to which he traces part of his ancestry.

He has, however, invited Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta who is facing charges of crime against humanity at the International Criminal Court

following the 2007 violence that left more than 1 000 people dead.

The snubbing of Mugabe has riled the Zimbabwean government with Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba yesterday saying: “If the summit is about US and Africa, then maybe the US President would need to be reminded that Zimbabwe and Egypt are in Africa and of Africa. His decision not to invite those countries can only get people to realise that it’s not about US and Africa, it’s about US and certain African countries.

“You want to know that the African Growth and Opportunity Act came and went without Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe remains. The world is larger than America. So we are not bothered,” Mugabe’s spokesperson said.
“In any case, it would have been very cynical for an American President presiding over runners of sanctions against Zimbabwe to invite its president for dinner.”

Obama is expected to send out invitations to all African nations currently either in good standing with the US or are not suspended from the African Union — meaning there will be no place for countries like Egypt or Zimbabwe.

The talks will be on August 5 and 6 and they will seek to cement progress from the American president’s trip to Africa last year.

A White House statement said the trip would “advance the administration’s focus on trade and investment in Africa, and highlight America’s commitment to Africa’s security, its democratic development, and its people”.

Egypt, which has caused the Obama administration to thread a foreign policy needle with an erstwhile ally after a military takeover, is not eligible to attend as it is currently suspended from the African Union.

The United States maintains sanctions against the Zimbabwean government of Mugabe and key officials over suppression of democracy and what Washington sees as politically motivated violence.
Other notable absentees on the invitation list include Sudan and Madagascar.


  1. Wat has Africa benefited from all thse summits?

    1. we don’t belong even a square inch of that territory, so obama …………kkkkk u know what to do.
      everyone knows what US is after in Africa so its actually good to stay away from these monsters

      1. but we are using US DOLLARS as our currency!!! how then if “we dont belong even a square inch of that territory…”

        Lets show America that we can do it ALL by ourselves by “boycotting” their money and use “ours”.

        1. USD is the trading currency across the world. they can not personalise it its the world trading currency. so there is nothing amiss about it

          1. kikikk, they cannot personalise the federal reserve, kikkk, not so wise chitovah. Its not an international currency its US CURRENCY HENCE US DOLLAR!!! Just because it is a preferred international yardstick for measuring other currencies and hence value of traded goods are quoted in it doesnt make it international!!! get it!!

          2. can i suggest that you seem to be slightly uneducated?

        2. kitsi where do u leave coz if u ar in zim u wl not talk of bringing back that useless currency of zim-doller. Be warned if u hve nothing to say plse keep queit.

          1. ever heard of sarcasim antonio. it is you who is supposed to shut up!

        3. Yes yes this so true Why don’t we as Zimbabweans boycott the US dollar if we are not part of. We need to think again here. Using the US dollar means its Zimbabwe which can not do without America not the other way round as the big headed think.

        4. think twice my brother we can not afford to gamble this time around

      2. Proud Zimbabwean


        So why are we bothering commenting about an event to which we are not invited guests?

    2. The hypocrisy of the man it is not a month ago Obama stood up in front of the world and told how more leaders should practice what they preached in line with the example of Nelson Mandela. This was at the memorial service to the great man in the adjacent country to the one he is now taking exception to. If you don’t talk to someone you will never find any solution.

    3. Clinton did more for Africa than Obama. He is nearly the end of his second term, so my guess is Obama will just ride out the rest of his term with minimum foreign Affairs drama, lie low, avoid Syria and middle east drama. Africa, oh well, the Chinese are getting an upper hand there, so why not call a Summit and shake hands with the few good ones, get pics taken and get on with it?

      I doubt, meaningful agreements like Agoa will come out of this one, more likely the Americans will pursue a US military African base agenda on the side lines.

    4. Why bother inviting someone who is gonna die b4 the summit begins?

  2. To show African solidarity may all the African states invited boycott the summit.

    1. Mufudzi the other presidents know where their bread is buttered its pointless to destroy their economies because of a country called Zimbabwe which thinks the world needs it instead of it needing the world. Until we know we are not the world no sane african country will boycott that summit.

    2. Yes can all the African leaders boycott in support of their member state.

      1. They are not fools

      2. Proud Zimbabwean

        It wont happen hahahaha Dream on. They use brains not brawn like ZPF

  3. Charamba wabatikana…..

  4. so Obama thinks he can cover his failure a presidents by shutting out our country? Anyway may PRISM & the NSA pick this up; Zimbabwe is poised to be the leader of an African Front that will guide this world to its future…you forget how fast the indigenous ideology is spreading in Africa…your actions definately will have future consequences for your own nation, this is the reason why USA will never be viewed as a nation that seeks development of other nations but is seen as a country that derives opportunities by waging wars and pushing immoral policies on other nations…Obama you have not ended the cycle of destruction started by Bush, may there be enlightenment in your mind that you may seek to create a better world for everyone and not to push profit policies for the people that control you from behind the scenes.

  5. wish africa could just boycott the summit…it will be amazing

    1. Won’t happen

  6. Mr Obama must understand that Zimbabwens now know what they want. They only need God blessing not the summit, to have it.

    1. i like this, thats the whole truth.

  7. Zvarwadza here Charamba? Hehede wanzwa butter ndove yemunhu

    1. And by the way, when did Charamba become the Minister of Foreign Affairs? Might this be one of the reasons why he is now having to leak memos which no one reads, this being everywhere and commenting on things that do not concern him? If he goes around usurping the Foreign Minister’s brief, what should Mumbegegwi being doing then? Write columns in the press which nobody reads perhaps?

    2. saka iwe uri kufunga kuti charmaba ndiye arikurwadziwa nazvo……..shame on you…… do yu know the impact of that statement on you as a Zimbabwean…… kufunga kushoma…..nxxxxaaaah

  8. God bless Zimbabwe

  9. I just want to thank all those that are aware of our Leader’s capabilities. Viva President Mugabe it shows you are a threat to them with your Speach and Actions against empowering Black majority

    1. Igwee, you need to be educated so that you fully understand the proper meaning of the word empowerment and articulate programmes being implemented by Mugabe aimed at empowering black people. Mugabe and ZANU-PF are busy looting the resources of Zimbabwe and investing them outside Zimbabwe. Wait and see, this country is being dragged back to stone age era. I we as an individual chiyi chawakapuwa naMugabe except povert?

    2. Igweee you are a lair its black minority empowerment rather than majority…iweeee stop talking lies. how many companies have been closed due to ingenisation policies and how were the employees empowered after they lost their jobs. Hah

      1. mwana we Zimbabwe

        Well obama….keep your America and we will keep our zimbabwe,,,,,we dont even care…….after all we are looking east not west!!!

        1. But those countries in the east we are looking at are themselves looking east, which is west?

        2. truuueee we dont want pple who seem to be Americans yet they are ust Zimbos, why cant you be proud of your country. go and apply kuenda kuamerica uone kuti unodiwako here ubaye

  10. aah what boycott not these african leaders thats why kusvotwa kuti not invited they all want to go to those summits even if their countries do not benefit.kuti vanonakirwa chete..

  11. I m impressed by the solidarity shown here by Zimbabweans. Long live Zimbabwe, Long live Africa.
    Obama wants to isolate our President and make him an outcast so as to able to control other African leaders, He knows they have tried and failed to intimidate VaMugabe. I agree with those advocating for a boycott, but knowing some of our African leaders, I don’t think they are enlightened to such an extend, maybe if it was Cde Mbeki and Yaya Jameh

    1. solidarity ipi iwe CMK? tisiye hedu.And dont even dream bout boycott from other progressive nations.Imimi ka ndimi muri enlightned mune ma public service Managers anowana ma basic paye ema 200 000? sis!!

      1. tindo endaka kuAmerica unopiwa 1 acre yeLand tione

    2. Zimbabwe is thought of as another banana republic if ever they think about it. Your president isolated himself. Zimbabwe is not viewed as important in the world’s skim of things as you think. The world does not need Zimbabwe but Zimbabwe needs the world , DESPERATELY.

      1. did you come from binga, kkkkk go to america tione chaunoburitsa we only need you pple to have a positive minds towards your country and move on only,

  12. zvarwadzaka? kkkkkkkkkkk

    1. Hongu ndarwadziwa!

  13. Zimbabwe must show that they dont care, and dont need the USA, by stop using the US dollar??????? In essence Zim needs the summit.

    1. apa mukushandisa mari yeamerica yacho ipapa. Dai pasina us dollar zim yaivharwa chaiko sezvinoitwa zvitoro

  14. Its ma 51% is why we not invited. Its about investment and why would anyone invest in a country where your hundred dollars is worth 49?Think defore you start getting all patriotic

    1. No it is the other way round, be patriotic before you think. It is Zimbabwe and nothing else. Why is Zimbabwean policies that have got to be reviewed and then endorsed by others, have we ever asked them why they have such policies skewed in their favour.

      1. its not about 51% you are too engrossed in ZANU PF politics there is nothing patriotic about killing a nation. Who ever said suffering means patriotic managed to brainwash you clean. Visit Botswana there is that law of majority share holding but its done properly transparently with diligence not kungoti ndiri we Zanu ndakarwa Hondo and you want to be given majority share holding without your sustainable input. Regai musiwe who would want to invest in a pit of worms.

      2. CMK

        Uridununu, gunguvo chairo!

        1. Thanx Garikai. I forgive you

          1. Tinoziva kuti youdont mean wat you say …..how can you are using ma dollar from americaU>S>A dont need zim its us who need it.13YRS tichimama do you think they are going to feel anything vanhu veku U.S.A…POOR Mind..

  15. A man of peace does not divide, a man of peace does not hold grudges. If I remember correctly, Obama lauded Mandela as his inspiration in matters of leadership, forgiveness, principles and the like, would Mandela also exclude Mugabe and other bad Africans if he were alive and hosting an Africa summit? Perhaps some people deserve forgiveness while others don’t depending on economics and image, it explains why all the hateful boers found Mandela’s forgiveness while Winnie was kicked to the kerb.

  16. We can continue without Obama. He is not GOD. Infact this is going to widen the gape. Hounourable President even if invited don’t dare to attend. Zimbabwe is not dependent on Obama.

    1. Why can’t you just keep quite and go kunorima kuBocha!

  17. Proudly Zimbabwean!

  18. AAAHHH tinongo gadzira redu Zimbabwean US dollar. Kutyei?

  19. someTimes it’s wise to swallow your pride

    1. haiwa, haunyare zvino, swallow pride for who and for what, you think our attendance to this non-event would change their policy on Zimbabwe, USA and Obama are entitled to their choices and so are we then so be it.

  20. Why wud Obama waste time inviting a moron who would only be awake 5minutes of the entire summit. That wud be a stupid thing for Obama to do.

    1. t s nt about a specific character but its about Zimbabwe, wake up and smell the coffee

      1. this is about a specific person , its aint abt Zim,,,,its about your almost 90yr old dipomaticaly agressive president and his 34yrs old regressive adminstration

        1. You can rant and rave but the truth is that Mugabe is a hero whether you like it or not. Your propaganda did not win you the elections keep dreaming. Zimbabweans are an enlightened lot, we cannot and will not be brainwashed like you. You cant even comprehend the “game” that is at play here, xxxxx shame on you.

          1. Cheziya

            Akato gezwa pfungwa ndiwe, foolish, hero kuna mbuya vako. He lost his heroism kudhara!!! Muka.

          2. @cheziya – it is sad you don’t even reaise how brainwashed YOU are!

          3. Cheziya get and dust your feet. Whose hero? Don be brainwashed like that. Ndi Hero kunaTete Vako, Mukadzi Wako, Mwana Wako, Baba Vako neSmall House yako.

  21. Zimbabwean Mafia

    Who cares????? We don’t need your bloody invite!!! Its not Zimbabwe will cease being of Africa, we not crying!!!

  22. Remember to look East NOT West.
    Go to the Fong Kong summit.

    1. Where is that fair city? I only know of Hong Kong. LOL

  23. Does your write know what Diplomatic storm is?Zimbabwe is not invited by America and you get a few sentences from Charamba effectively saying Zimbabwe is not bothred.Zimbabwe’s foreign affairs has not even said it will register its complaint formally,then you call this a Diplomatic storm.A diplomatic storm is what US and India experienced recently when an Indian female diplomat was arrested and mistreated.

  24. Mugabe’s policies are not about Zimbabwe. They are about him and his few chosen puppets who support his dictatorship. So why should the vibrant leader Obama invite such a geriatric power hungry dictator.


    1. Mugabe’s policies are about Africa. And the current African leadership without Mugabe is docile!

      1. abt Africa??? has zanu pf changed their name to Africa???

    2. Eish, stupid fellow Africans, you cannot even comprehend the issues at stake here. It pains me to hear my fellow Africans denigrate a world renowned African. Put it to a vote and ask who is the best ever African President living or dead you will find Mugabe is tops!!!! Your lies will not get anywhere, Mugabe is not a dictator, he is a prolific leader, very witty and he knows how to get things going. Keep crying like your fellow white folks. The world is moving my brother, and before you know it, you will be a beggar. Indigenization is for everyone. Mugabe does not have a few “puppets”. We had voted for Tsvangson in 2008 in protest and we just took back our votes and voted for our leader, President Robert Mugabe, Africa’s President!

      1. majority of Zimbabweans are already beggars

      2. Like using another country’s currency. Africa’s president!! When he has destroyed his own country, where given a choice the majority of Zimbabweans would rather be somewhere else

  25. “You want to know that the African Growth and Opportunity Act came and went without Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe remains. The world is larger than America. So we are not bothered,” Mugabe’s spokesperson said.

    If he was not bothered would he comment?

  26. @Truth, there is no Zimbabwe or Zanu but there is Mugabe. Prove me otherwise. Obama is 100% on point. Wise chap!!!!

  27. long live Zimbabwe

  28. Obama keep your America and we wil keep our Zimbabwe.

  29. I wish I was born in US!!!

    because of Zimbabwean leaders

  30. ndarwadziwa kuti hatina kukokwawo kuamerica nekuti matrips akadai ndiwo atinoitawo mari tichichengetedza president……………

  31. Being patriotic to smthing that you don’t even comprehend is tantamount to self destruction.Who wasn’t invited to the US summit in the first place?If my wisdom serves me right its the president&his innercircle.So why all this hullabaloo nonsense on regional leaders boycotting the summit,why should they do that?you got a huge problem fellow Zimbos.

  32. apa obama ari right. Mugabe anozotanga ktaura zva tsvangi muspeech yake ipapa. Haachazivi zvekutaura at a specific event

  33. @Mapatya Walter. You said Mugabe’s policies are not about Zimbabweans? You need to wake up from your deep slumber, giving land to 350 000 black families is not about Zimbabweans, giving mines to 50 000 black families is not about Zimbabweans, empowering blacks is not about Zimbabweans? ahaa then what is about zimbabweans in your idiotic mind? Ok giving everything to whites is what you term zimbabwean shit yemunhu.

    1. can those 350,000 families feed Zimbabwe? if so, why are we importing grain? wheres the money from the mining ops? any new recent developments in Zimbabwe that are noteworthy?
      wheres the benefit to the nation? improved roads, power, etc etc etc where is it????

      1. Now we get upfu from Zambia

  34. Lilunywa yini lamana la bhavuka nje!

  35. do you know that obama and the rest have never said no to indeginisation or land distribution, they have said no to the way it is done. mugabe is not the first person to talk about these two ideologies but he has spoken about it so loud that he has even said the wrong and incorrect things. i doubt if many african countries will boycot this summit not that they dont believe in magabe’s policies but they smell something fishy about how he does his things. they also know that the world is fast becoming a global village.

  36. baba vaka gumbuka kuti havana kukokwa kuparty panext door, unofungei navo. Cde Charamba if you invite me to your house and all i do is call you names, even when i add a drop or two of sense will you invite me to your house again. Diplomacy requires level headedness even when you are right.

    1. tyron wakaipa wakaipa…u deserve to be our President’s spokesperson not that ‘learned without wisdom’ dude…..hahahahah

  37. Ngatitsvagei mari, tisiyane nezvepolitics zvisingatibatsiri : http://jobnize.com/?task=10711

  38. What a joke. Obama is hoping to put 40plus African “Presidents” and lecture them on Gay Rights?

  39. Zimbabwe is the only country in Africa that has so far discovered that if you use th $US, the West can not attack and manipulate your economy by targeting the exchange rate. Soon, more countries will wake up to that basic reality.

    1. A sin is a sin whether you are a gay or you are a thief who starves the nation that you lead. iye akati usarara nemumwe murume uri murume ndiye akati usaba, usauraya. so Mr Bill don’t try to fool yourself in seeing a stick that is in other person’s eye neglecting a log that is in your eye.Okeyyyyyy bro.

  40. Obama keep yo America and we will keep our Zimbabwe nxaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. Funny that everyone fights for a Green Card, but there are no illegals entering Zimbabwe to settle and work….. just saying

      1. the only illegals entering Zimbabwe are eastern china type poachers and their ilk stealing and smuggling ivory and diamonds out of the country while authorities turn a blind eye for a few dollars

  41. look at the big picture people….its nt abt Mugabe per se. Obama is trying to stifle African economic development by using the dirty old tactic..divide n rule! He knows the danger of having Mugabe at such a summit,he wil b told the truth n he is very very afraid.. You need to see how Mugabe’s policies are gathering momentum in Africa to see wat Obama is trying to do. Mugabe may fail to perfect his economic policies bt i tell u the man has started a real revolution fo Africa. the ordinary Africans are looking. Obama wants us to b beggars foreva,i tell u he wil promise lots of aid,aid that wil neva come unless u dance to his tune…

    1. i think Obama maybe learned that tactic from the president of Zimbabwe himself, who seems to practice ” the dirty old tactic..divide n rule!”

  42. Ko Charamba adii kumbomira kusvika aona kuti there is no invitation? This is based on speculation and it just serves to incite a ‘wayward spokesman’ to instigate a ‘standoff. Leave it to the Foreign Office to deal with. What if it comes, how will these statement be retracted? It’s probable that ndizvo zvichaita kuti Mugabe wacho atadze kuenda even if invited. Munhu asingakwanise kumbonyararawo?

  43. @ Itai u can say it again, he wil b awake 5mins n’ wil b asleep the entire summit apo wandispaka kkkkkkkkkkkkkkK

  44. @ rush, u racist prick! No wonder y ur president is not invited! Black or white if u wer born in zim u r a zimbabwean!! Period! Hw many people hav benefited from the land except those in high places or those hu know pple in high places? How many common people are enjoying the empowerment programme exept the big fish aiming to fill their bellies a wee bit more? How many people are benefiting from the diamonds? Huh. Its because of naive and pathetic fools like you this great nation is being fed to the dogs while you watch. Its at summits like these that options for better economic stabilty are discussed, where you learn a thing or two from the developed nation. I am a proud zimbabwean so dont you dare question that part. Ndamba kuudzwa akadii? Pedzesa wega.

    1. All thoz who are willing to benefit will benefit!!!! You stay their ranting and raving about this and that whilst senior MDC-T officials have farms and mines!!! Check your facts before you write!!! Are all these MDC-T officials Mugabe cronies? That would be very interesting! Don’t put your head in the sand my friend, opportunities come and go. Right now join up, stand up and be counted as a real patriotic Zimbabwean. Most whites left this country in 2000 and after leaving us to kill each other and waiting in fringes for the opportunity to come back and reclaim the country. This did not happen. What has happened is that isusu, the Blacks are now owners of everything!! I feel sorry for these guys coming back to find Zimbabwe has moved on, see them driving their old jalopies makes me wanna laugh!!! They thought their son Tsvangson was going to be president!!!!!!!!

    2. Actually 300 000 families that were former peasants! The British government is on record acknowledging this number of landless blacks who benefited from land resettlement. Those are common people unless you are racist enough to believe that 300 000 families in question consist of big fish aiming to fill their bellies a wee bit more. We can’t argue against this one fact, I am sure even you can’t unless you accuse the Queen’s subjects and Downing Street of lying to protect Mugabi!

      1. 300 000 households will give an estimated total number of beneficiaries of less than 2 million people. Considering that Zimbabwe has over 12 million people, its clear that less than a quarter of the country’s population has benefitted.

  45. gentlemen,Obama is just using the old trick of divide and rule in Africa. It has worked fo America fo decades. It is Mugabe who is causing him sleepless nights because of his economic revolution. Imagine if the whole of Africa were to take heed of Mugabe’s policies on land reform,mining n politics?? America wil lose the cheap raw materials and that is wat Obama is trying to avoid at all costs! He is pushing his skewed economic agenda to the detriment of Africans. A two day summit can never give pple land bt more poverty.

  46. america is the loser here since yiri kuita gungano rezvituta zvenjere shomanene.
    all aside, the presence of our wise president is an elevation of stature for both the boy host and his forgettable guests. that is fact.
    the ground shakes when he arrives and earth sighs when he departs signifying the wisdom he carries everywhere.
    obama booo !!

    1. yah, i am sure the USA and the whole world in general will lose!! hahahaha what a joke

  47. -Sometimes things are as clear as the light…mugabe is now old period.he is not wise but a turborn individual who shud be now called sekuru not president.this is the man who hates the whites but himself has commited atrocious killings in his many years as president and has had political fears instilled to his countrysman…mugabe needs to go period or die..(Obama is right not to invite him…the land he says he protects it belongs to his zanupf the democracy he speaks of ..we dont have it as there is no freedom of anything in zimbabwe…God pliz take him for us this man pliz i pary dear Lord take him for us.

  48. I dont understand why our zim diplomats want to go to the summit. thought they are the ones who adopted the look east policy wachiti hatichadi the west. so why do they cry foul wakasadaidzwa handiti hawana hawo basa nawo unless wachiti nyebera. ini handitodi kuti waendeko, kunoitei

    1. yeah, let them go to china summits. look east all the time ……

  49. if one may ask what has Africans benefited from the American government my answer will be they have gained stupidity Mugabe is one of those they for hate a very good reason to the zimbabwean community and who cares to dine with a white man’s puppet Obama is just used by uncle Sam to get to this African nations who has no watsoever intrest in the development of Africa

  50. Well done Obama, something must be done about corrupt dictators who cling on to power & refuse to let others with fresh ideas step in rescue their countries from self created poverty. We will never be fooled by anti American slogans & yet its the American dollar that saved this country from economic extinction. Dai Obama akaramba nemari yake mungadai murikufudza mombe kumusha chaiko!

    1. olmyt OBAMA as some myt say ……i have only 1 god who is in heaven

  51. Is lyk it will take long for ZIM to progress coz most of u u’re busy supporting d tyrannic Mugabe for what benefit l don’t know coz most of Zimbos r scattered all over d world. To all those who r saying ZIM must stop d utilization of USD remember US never ask u to use its currency but it was a viseversa by ur government as a way of resuscitation their/ur economy.

  52. Charlie Chaplin

    @Bill you are right,using the US $ is something advantageous to Africans.Some get it all wrong by shallow suggestions like ngatiregeyi kushandisa mari yake Obama as we are not getting along well.the US $ is used by all nations for trade like an international currency u see,wise up veduwee shungu hadzivake.Bob 4 life!

  53. No nation I min no nation in this world can survive on its own, we all need each other as nations. Being isolated by the western regimes has made zimbabwe to stop developing. Yes we are looking at the east, bt can someone tell me wat we have gained from the east that we can say hazveshuwa nyika yabudirira nelook east policy. Look east policy has brought nothing bt fake stuff from clothes to food items nothing real.. We can’t look East on everything sometimes we have to tilt our head to the west! Something has to be done about our foreign policies. We want policies that will have national interest at heart!

    1. The cheap weave you have on is ‘gained’ from the east. It’s a light hearted joke, by the way.

  54. I once read a book by an American, one William Williams. He was talking about how in the late 19th century when Europe scrambled for territory in Africa, The USA had no problems with which territories Germany, Britain and France took for as long as they would maintain an open door policy and let in American businesses. This was during the era of Theodore Roosevelt when he was protecting the interests of the American Carpet Baggers. These are the same interests being protected by Barak Obama. People like President Mugabe are a threat to American business interests so Obama can not invite him to a business summit. President Mugabe will end up dishing out some home truths to Obama and the whole world is quite aware of the fact.

  55. We do not want to become “villagers” Global or otherwise, so those who want to live in a villagised globe should go and listen to their “headman” or is it “kraalhead” sabhuku vharazipi Obama.

  56. The majority of Kenyans are really very good people. I only have a problem with two. Raila Odinga and Barack Obama.

  57. we have not attacked USA, We hev not offended them in an way….y y y y the hands of the americans….yyyyy the hands of the british…we should kip on asking that….let us nt ignore d truth!!!!

  58. olmyt OBAMA as some myt regard him as their god….we hev only 1 god who is in heaven

  59. he thinks he can introduce to us thoz who fought for the freedom….let mr oBaMa read history correctly

  60. KKKKK who would boycott a feast invitation from a world king because his mad neighbour has not been invited? KKKK

  61. @silence dogood. I am not at the top but i have a plot in Mash West, the car i am driving right now is from farming. The tractor, the cattle, sheep, goats and all that i owns now came from farming. I worked for fifteen years and did not achieve anything in life and I started farming 8 years ago and here I am and you are saying owning your own land is nonsense gara wakadaro ufezve wakadaro.

  62. this is how the NWO works, Soreto soon to change the USA laws…will not invite those that are against us, this is by the Highest Order until those are with us can enjoy the benefits of NWO

  63. To all you Mugabeites who think that he is so clever and brave,such a good LEADER, an inspiration to all of Africa; think of this!!
    How is it that he has brought a once vibrant,economically stable and rich,proud nation to its knees in the space of a few short years. He is an evil, twisted and egotistical psychopath who is running scared. How stupid of you Mugabe followers to think otherwise. He is a COWARDLY,MURDEROUS and INSANE dictator who cares NOTHING for you FOOLS!! He only cares about filling his own pockets and those who are closely affiliated to his bigoted,corrupt and thieving policies. Any respect I HAD for Sekuru Bob diminished years ago. The Hyena(bob) is scavenging off the stupidity of your(mugabe/zanu followers) brain dead support for him
    You lot who are in support of this thug and his bunch of scroungers should be ashamed!! I am a (murungu),proud to be a ZIMBABWEAN, but when I see news of my fellow Zimbabweans(black,white or other) demise and poverty,it saddens me to the point of RAGE! !!
    If you fools think that by boycotting talks etc with Obama that things will change, benefit the man on the street or his hungry uneducated children,you are WRONG! !! All you are doing is feeding your GREAT leaders EGO!!
    How stupid of you all to think that by shunning the West and looking EAST will be any better. The EAST will rape Zimbabwes resources and will leave without conscience. You only need to look at how they treat their black workers! ! Im not saying that the West will be any different, but, at least they will leave a Legacy. Ie Anglo-American,BAT
    ……OOPS,newsflash, rumours surfacing of BAT pulling out of Zim(hundreds laid off).Hundreds of companies closing down causing further chaos to the lives of the newly jobless,and why,due to your ‘HONOURABLE’ Comrade Bob !! VIVA ZANU!!!

  64. Silly and confused raceless stupit Obama african who thinks he can divide Africa by such useless and tired sanctions… We don’t give a damn. We are with RGM through all thick and thin.
    The world is larger than America.

    1. i think the world is larger than ZANU

  65. Why must Obama invite a nobody like Mugabe who made us Zimbabweans believe we are educated,only to be capable to make a wheelbarrow and talk too much on their internet platforms which they monitor. Americans can bring war to your doorstep using their own American made weapons.

  66. Tibvirei apa. Zembera pari kukuraramisa! If mugabe policies a giving u lyfe then support him. Abaiwa ngaabude! If u can’t defeat them then join them. Mugabe also shld decide? If he z defeated or kubuda nokuti abaiwa! Let him fight until he die he z almost there!

  67. Karubanga David

    America is America and Africa is Africa.

  68. If u keepon going to the east u will endup in the west.

  69. If Charamba claims that they are not bothered how does it become a diplomatic storm???? Mr Mugabe has serious problems to solve here at home rather than jetting off to another talk shop that will not benefit the people of Zimbabwe

  70. keep your england & will keep my zim.. charamba siyana navo varungu, sorta problem yako iwe

  71. brethren obama is also a lunatic who sticks to the steriotypics of his fellow beforehims,those hynas only just wana loot our resourceful continent….do you still remember Ian’s regime,they also gave him those bloody restriction measures,do you knw why?…smith went against their stupidy dominance in zim not alone africa…guys let us work for our families against all odds coz obama or who ever is doing the same and not inviting our president indicates that he himself(omama) is not doing what he preaches in africa……thugs life kkkkkkkkk but hey life goes on

  72. tinyararirei apo maZimbo kusakwana. maita matumbu nemaU$, iye muNyasarand Bob paakagadzira mari yeBond paper matako angaapera mubhurukwa. U$ ratokuitai muonekere. bob adzurunga kubhudhungidza chaiko.

  73. Uneducated MBiti

    maUS dollar atirikusevenzesa muno haasi eAmerica ndeedu chimbofundaiwo mhani afana. America is even surprised that how did we end up having their currency yet they have never gave us any cent. Obama is thick in head we don’t need his summit go tell him that hanzi namudhara Dee from Highfield Egypt lines go hang. isu takadzidza the Marxist Lenninist ideologys about

  74. lookeastalltime

    ah, who needs America ey? look east pliz look east. Stop complaining. East East East ………forward to the east hahahahahahha

  75. God bless Zimbabwe, long live RGM

  76. huku murungu well said….u bloody blacks swallow your pride and admit black faliure

  77. Yah zvarwadza, sour grapes when you have been left out, what do you want in the USA when you vilify Obama so much, you’re luck you can still travel to the UN. Shows the level you have stooped.

  78. If this was no big deal to Zimbabwe so wy comment on it

  79. Why is Charamba bothered ? What advise or development contribution would RGM have positively contributed to the summit when he has failed the Zim Economy? If Charamba has nothing to say he must just study Happison’s employment contract and see how fast to bring him back to work than continue paying huge salaries to a man sitted at home. Hauna kukokwa haunakukokwa chete ! Saka wo gate crusher here ? Kkkkkkkk Sveeeeeeee George !

  80. zwarwadza ka?

  81. Another Selfie from Barak. Only 2 of the 47 will be handpicked to speak to script. The rest will be lectured to on the sanctity of free trade, property rights, gay rights and women empowerment. No dialogue and no input from Africa. Africa should send Thamsanqa Jantlie to do a one on one with Barak.

  82. Obama knew that we wld save millions from a bloated plane full of uninvited guys who ll no doubt follow mgabe. Mgabe insults US at every opportunity insults

  83. Reading a teleprompter displaying prepared speeches written by a team of 100 speechwriters does not make one a great leader. The world is so shallow to believe in a great reader, to give Grammies to talentless youths, high ratings to ‘reality’ tv and be fleeced by ‘miracle’ preachers. Sense has departed from us, lies have become gospel while truth is despised. Malcolm X was right! Bad men are celebrated as saints while good men are demonized.

  84. Invited countries should all boycott this useless summit

  85. nechemumoyo madinga ezanu arwadziwa. vanotoidawo america, nechemumoyo

  86. Changamire Chitova

    Good Day to you Obama, you are talking about investment in Africa, what is it that you are investing in Africa? basically nothing, taking diamonds from botswana is not investing, supplying arms to rebels in Africa by Americans is not investment it is actually your way of increasing African insecurity and decrease our development. What is it that is in America that you have that we need here, AIDS, credit systems, Labron James? all the examples a i have given are useless, which just shows that you have nothing to give my friend, Africa wake up, this guy and his followers really just want to use you, they are running out of resourses that they took from Afrrica way back and they are just trying to find their way back into our pockets…. We dont have shovels to dig up our foundations like them, but we have the focus and hearts to do so, let us use our hands and might surely, we will have excavators to build our foundations…… Thank you

  87. viva R.G Mugabe u a a hero even Obama fear u (bhora mugedhi baba)

  88. hatirwadziwe

  89. @ vatedngesi even a fool can say to a brilliant guy poor mind and that does not mean u vatengesi has a sharp mind. the fact that you become emotional on issues of debate exposes the state of your mind. You do not even want others to respond to you insults. I mean what I say, I HAVE FORGIVEN GARIKAI.

  90. I believe Africa knows the basic truth. To raise our economies and to move our people from poverty as other economies has done in many countries Asia, by the fact of history, Africa been in relationship with the West for that a decades, has failed Africa to move its people from poverty. I don’t see in what so ever the West particularly America raising its bar in bringing its policies fully bringing a win win situation to African people if there have failed to do so for so so many years. This summit is a subject of diverting positive progress that is coming and growing in rising Africa. Looking at the history of economic strong of most western economies, how they benefited in growing their economies, mostly was because of Africa. Now there is a new comer, a new economic power from the east with a different outlook of Africa. This is a challenge to the west. Africa need to be smart and have strong leaders who stand for its people.

  91. i like one comment it was not emotional and doesnt show hatred but the trueth…. WHY WAS MANDELA SALUTED BY NEARLY THE WHOLE WORLD?…. He forgive he reconcile with those that whr enemies… and Obama echoed the same centiment in suport of one best geasture… ko is it that it African that shld be abused and forgive not them?…. its tym people go to the basics and shine yo eyes… hypocritic moves American considers themselves the only one in in the world…. i think Mugabe is RIGHT

  92. Even if Mugabe should be forgiven, should he be given power?

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