Nicholas Zakaria commits to town performances


VETERAN sungura musician Nicholas “Madzibaba” Zakaria is seeking a comeback on the Harare scene.


The musician, who has for a long time concentrated on rural areas, said he will be focusing on shows in Harare.

Madzibaba was speaking on the sidelines of his show at Nyaguwa Gardens in Dzivaresekwa on Friday evening.

The Tsamba singer told NewsDay, promoters had been sidelining him and that he was left with no option, but to perform in rural areas.

“Promoters that used to support me have since shifted their attention to other businesses resulting in us not staging shows in Harare for some time,” he said.

Madzibaba admitted numbers continue to drop at his shows, but said this year he has high hopes that the situation will improve soon.

The Friday show was poorly attended and the granddad of sungura performed in an almost empty venue.

Madzibaba took a break around 2am, but was forced to abort the show as revellers left the show in droves.

Madzibaba, who has groomed a number of artistes, most notable among them Alick Macheso, said he was putting final touches to a six-track album that would be completed by the end of February.


  1. Kuenda kubhawa unowana ariko,kwaMakandiwa unowana ariko,kumadzibaba unowana ariko.Kuenda kwa mugodhi unowana ariko.Ho mfundisiwo ndashaiwa paumire…SINGING.

  2. Madzibaba back on the scene is better bt if he does not improve his stage perfomance he will be seen turning his face to the rural areas.let him be active on stage his shows are are just the same as playing a cd in your on room

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