Newsflash: Zimbabwe government relaxes petrol blending


The Zimbabwe government has relaxed the blending of petrol to 10% from 15% due to the shortage of ethanol, a Cabinet minister has said.

The country’s Energy and Power Development minister Dzikamai Mavhaire in a statement on Monday said until now blending had progressed well.

“The blending of petrol with ethanol has been progressing very well until recently when a lot of rain made it impossible to harvest cane for ethanol production leading to strained supplies. This supply strain resulted in the stocks that had been anticipated to take care of inevitable short production interruptions being reduced to very low levels,” Mavhaire said.

“Given this development, the ministry has relaxed the blending of petrol from 15% to 10% until adequate stocks have been built.”

Mavhaire however said the country had enough fuel stocks.

Blending started at levels of 5% ethanol to 95% petrol in October last year before being increased to 10% and 15% respectively. Government is pushing for 20% by March this year.


  1. Kikikiki wat a confused state. So the blending ratios will change on a daily basis based on operations of Green Fuels. That’s being ruled by Green Fuels. A country of highly educated people who behave like they never went to Grade Zero. Poor leaders. So on days where Green Fuels production is 0 then there will be no blending. Poor poor poor poor policies and dead policymakers.

  2. National producer rely on hand to mouth,no reserves ko dzikatsva zvegore riya todini.Improve production skills

  3. Its ma1. Make it up as you go rules? izvi zvinosekesa mhavha yakahwanda shuwa. I wonder how these goons won the election by majority.

  4. There was an article which came out the other day not sure in which paper saying this blending law has shut out competition. If the other ethanol producers were allowed to participate in such there would be no need for this.

  5. Mavhaire, is ths yo way out of blending? ths’s lyk telling beer drinkers tht ths week their favourite brew wil hv a 2% alcohol content coz é brewmaster cdnt find sorghum or malt.

  6. Now this guy with his elementary ,decides he is going to be Public Relations officer for Billy Rautenbauch,What an achievement,for a man who has standard six as a qualification.

  7. Uku ndookurunner nyika kunge musika wemadomasi chaiko uku; munotangireiko zvamusingakwanisi? Away with this ethanol blending madness please, murikutimbunyikidza

  8. My take on blending is that it should be an option. Those who prefer unleaded fuel should pay the extra cent for it. The filling stations should have a range of blended fuels starting from Unleaded, E95, E90, E85, E80 and so on.. Giving people a choice is real democracy, not having to impose… What’s the use for imposing sanctions to your own people.. Law makers you have let us down..

    • Musatimbunyikidza, we deserve to enjoy the freedom of independence in our motherland Zimbabwe, make blended petrol optional. pasi nekutidzvanyirira.

  9. nemota yangu ndaiti ndikadira unleaded ndaifamba around 60 km ne5litres now with blend its only 43-45km and price is the same per litre.

    hurumende yedu yatirwadzisa masanction atinoti britain neamerica yakatipa anosiyana papi neatiri kupuhwa nehurumende yedu kudzvinyirira kuri pachena sure kurarama zvekumanikidzira vanhu kuita zvavasingade zvasiyana papi nekutiisa mujeri nhai vanhu

    iko kusununguka kwacho kuri papi isu tichiramba takasungirwa pazvinhu zvatisingadi

  10. stupid minister of energy………………………………all motorists are now pundering to the whims of billy raunchenbach. nhasi wadira e10, mangwana e7, the next day e12 same price baba. stupid stupid stupid stupid.

  11. this is total madness. Green fuels has taken over zim energy ministry. saka ku E20 kwamaiti by April munosvikepi. its high time we motorist protest against this. zimbabwe is the only country in the world where goverment does this and get away with it. nonsense minister.

  12. At one time they stoppd production because they ould not sell. As soon as the sanctions where imposed on u to buy this trash they ran down stocks without producing anything more. We are at their mercy and to imagine that this company is meant to be a private enterprise. Where is the competition commission

  13. Imiwe zve Zimbabwe ndezvimwe. Nekufunda kwatakaita zvinotyisa kuti simple planning eludes us. Its been only three months and supply yapera. What was the point o f raising the blend %?pasina stocks. iye supplier should have anticipated zvese zvemvura inonaya in his initial plan. Kurasika mumba yeround….maiwe cry my beloved country Zimbabwe. Consistency Minister Mavahaire means reliability. Saka muchapota muchderedza magetsi to 200 kana 110 volts ka kana ave kuita mashoma.

  14. Can someone out there explain to me in simple terms what this issue of blending of petrol is all about and how it helps.I don’t understand it.

  15. wat was the point of this whole blending project? green fuel being the only supplier of the ethanol was not feasible from the word go….. Minister Mavhaire this is yo chance to pull out of this shame project to save yo name……….. by the way u hold no position so enda kumusha unorima

  16. when is this country going to have wise leaders who have the interests of the entire nation at heart?.I can bet my last dollar some government officials where paid by green fuel to foist this product down the throats of Zimbabweans.If this blend is as good as they claim why not let it compete with unleaded fuel in an open market?,the fact that its mandatory means that the producers know that their product is not safe.There is not much difference between the price of unleaded and blend the former was selling at 1.50 and the latter is selling at 1.48 so where is the benefit?

  17. The blend is useless and unjustifiably expensive. A full tank at 480kms whereas pure unleaded has a range over 600kms. Add to that the long term negative impacts on the engine and fuel systems of most cars. This is just a disastrous adventure, Nxaa!

  18. It reminds me of the failed jiatropha project. After so much propaganda and hype, the project never saw the light of day. Zanu pf’s policy of ‘act now and think later’ is legendary indeed

  19. saka newsflash yacho ndeyekuti kudii? Hapana anoda ethanol kana yapera tinongoita zvataiita. Ivo ndivo vanoda kuti tengesera zvatisingadi vachishandisa mutemo kutimanikidza. Hanzi machina akashaya mari yeHwange Power station extension. hero basa kwete muto wenzimbe

  20. White man holding the whole nation at ransom.One day Blend mangwana original hey madoda!
    When will this nonsense stop???

  21. that’s what happens when you make make policies without proper research and , planning . kungoofunga zvanhasi chete what about the future . people shouldn’t be forced to use a product they don’t want .

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