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Mutodi explains new album


MUSICIAN-CUM-BUSINESSMAN Energy Mutodi has denied speculation that his latest album is a mockery to homeseekers.


For years, the musician has been under fire from homeseekers who accused him of duping them of money through his company, Zimbabwe National Housing Development Trust, which conducts business around the country.

The musician has been arrested a couple of times on allegations of fraud and at one time failed to write examinations at the University of Zimbabwe.

The album with a title track Ndinorota Landlord  has been dismissed by people as a mockery to the same people who feel short changed. But Mutodi told NewsDay, he, on the contrary feels for homeseekers.
“Those who listen to it will not have that misconception,” Mutodi said.

“It actually urges whoever is homeless to be persistent until they have their own houses.

“It lays bare the fact that it is not desirable to be a lodger, at the same time it gives insights that I am a developer, but I can’t perform without land especially on the phrase: kuvaka musha kunoda nyika imi vana amai. Mungagodzivaka seiko ivo vachitinyepera?
“Apparently, we have had several botched land deals perpetrated by some unscrupulous land providers. Some of these were brought before the courts.”

The four-track album borrows heavily from the sounds of the late musicians like Leonard Dembo, John Chibadura and Fanuel “System” Tazvida.

Other tracks on the album are Nyika yeZimbabwe, Chivaraidzo and Chamutandavare.

There are some interesting rhythms on Nyika yeZimbabwe and Chivaraidzo.

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