Mugabe wakes to mega salaries


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has reportedly taken the first step in addressing the issue of executive officers’ mega salaries at State-owned institutions, NewsDay has learnt.


Mugabe called for an immediate release of salary and wage schedules of all executives in parastatals and local authorities amidst revelations that the executives were living celebrity lifestyles while general staff wallow in poverty.

Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni yesterday revealed Mugabe’s interest in the salaries scandal saying the Chief Secretary (Misheck Sibanda) in Mugabe’s office had written to all CEOs of State-linked companies to submit their schedules to the President’s Office.

“On December 16, I wrote to the town clerk (Tendai Mahachi) applying further pressure on this matter — by which time Presidential interest in such matters was also weighing in with the presumed letter from the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet asking CEOs of State-linked entities to attend to salary disclosures,” Manyenyeni said.

He detailed how difficult it had been for the city fathers to access the salary schedule of council executives.

“There were further attempts by the town clerk to submit documents vaguely resembling what we were asking for. Pursuant to the matter we held a meeting with the town clerk, but the required information was not availed.”

Last week Media, Information and Broadcasting Services minister Jonathan Moyo said : “We have false, corrupt salaries that pose a serious challenge in the public sector where some people are earning as much as $230 000 in monthly salaries.

“People in business don’t make that much profit in a month. I’ve also heard of people earning $27 000 in parastatals. These salaries can’t be appropriate for a new economy.”

His remarks came in the wake of reports that Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) top managers are gobbling at least $1,1 million in basic monthly salaries at a time the enterprise was reeling under a $38 million debt while 18 council bosses were getting close to half a million dollars a month.

PSMAS chief executive officer Cuthbert Dube has since been fired while ZBC’s Happison Muchechetere was suspended for their mega salaries and allowances.

“We have got to deal with those issues. These salaries are coming from fees and subscriptions paid by the public. We are committed to dealing with those things. There is no reason why public officials should demand those things (perks),” Moyo said.

Manyenyeni said the issue of top managers at Town House availing their salary schedule has been a subject of concern at various levels of discussion.

He said together with the human resources committee chairperson Wellington Chikombo and Mahachi they were empowered by a full council meeting resolution to deal with the matter, but accused the management of not being forthcoming.

“Ordinarily, executive payroll information should be under the control of the HR committee and generally shared with fellow councillors, but there may be debate as to whether such information should be made public,” said Manyenyeni.

He said any person in need of such information is entitled to receive it and that it has to be “availed at the press of a button”.

Manyenyeni, who was accompanied by Chikombo and the deputy mayor Thomas Muzuva, said delay by the town clerk in giving him the schedule was a “justifiable cause for concern for councillors”.

“There were further attempts by the town clerk to submit documents vaguely resembling what we were asking for,” Manyenyeni said.

In reference to the salary schedule published by NewsDay yesterday, Manyenyeni said he had refused submissions that the document seen by NewsDay was forged.
“While the authenticity cannot be fully assured — I have rejected the submission that the schedule was forged.

“I would like to state that unless I am convinced that the amounts quoted are not correct — I wish to share the councillors’ dismay over the following . . . the shocking amounts themselves against the background of collapsing service delivery in key areas, the delayed payment of salaries of the general workforce of council.”

Council spokesperson Leslie Gwindi, however, said the salaries quoted in the media were not a reflection of what managers on the ground were getting, without providing proof to the contrary.

“The figures do not reflect the true situation with regards the executive salaries. The correct salaries are not in any way near those mentioned in the article. Secondly council has submitted its salary schedule to its parent ministry,” he said.


  1. I have always said someone is sleeping on the steering wheel while the vehicle is in high speed. I have seen many pictures in which the whole delegation is sleeping, including the Comm in Chief. Now when the vehicle is right inside a ditch, he tries to steer the vehicle on course. Too late, the vehicle has lost some wheels, the steering mechanism itself has locked. Tell me since 1980 you havent any rules and regs that parastatals live by?? Now you wake up at 90 years? My good God, unless your hand touches this country called Zimbabwe, I see doom, mighty darkness is surely engulfing our sweet land.

    • I agree with your analysis Cornholio. We have a sleeping government, a sleeping head of state, sleeping boards of companies etc.

      Its a shame to be ruled by a black government. Please note that I am very black but I am begining to doubt whether it is not curse. I am disappointed.

    • What I find facinating and melodramatic is the statement by the PR man at Town house..he says the figures are false and we are supposed to take his word for it when he was pocketing a cool 15k according to the schedule. Is this arrogance or just dont give a damn attitude? More like, so we ripped you off, tell me what are you gonna do about it? This said with clenched jaws, red eyes and tightening fists?

  2. These thugs must never be seen anywhere near any institution. All obscene salaries must be recovered even if it means grabbing all that they have. Seriously how can a son of an employee be seen driving a jeep, a range rover yet his father does not own a parastatal or a company but he is an employee there. Look at school fees in private schools, they are obscene because they know there are people fleecing companies to be able to afford such.

  3. If Mugabe can clean up this bit we will be happier. But please, check ZESA. It’s one monster where money is being “eaten”. Yet the parastatla is struggling. Imagine telling residents to buy electricity poles, cables, everything so that they can come and ‘harvest’ money. It’s like Econet telling subscribers to set up a base-station to get connection. Unheard of, isn’t it? Also check salaries and allowances for NetOne. Mari ri kudyiwa muZimbabwe. Please help us Gushungo. Tayaura nekutambira $400 a month while others live celebrity lifestyles. Kunozove riiniko?

  4. Jono – man on a mission. Jonathan Moyo is doing a sterling job. Well done Jono. I hope u will get the required support from the President. Corrective measures should also come from Gushungo. Corruption will destroy this country if the President doesn’t support Jono.

    We should pray for God’s grace.

    • Yes but these thieves must not start intimidating Jono & Super as they are the pioneers of uprooting the scandalous corruption. Gushungo, fire all those in gvt entities found sabotaging and opressing the development of our lovely country. Recruit afresh and peg the salary scales accordingly. Else they will finish you and leave you roating in a forest full of vultures that non of your body parts will be seen.

      Jono & Super, work side by side with Gushungo to unearth more. Dont spare anyone, even your own brothers, sisters, children and brother in-laws, if caught on the wrong side. Keep up the good work. You are truly Zimbabwean brands.

  5. Maheading awa munomawanepi ari so misleading.Mugabe has not yet made any comment yet and I dont think he will ,saka wakes up iri papi ipapa.How many issues have been requested by the President’s Office without Mugabe commenting on them.I thought all parastal CEO are appointed with Mugabe’s blesssing.So what might he not know.

    • Stupid! The president’s office works for and on behalf of the President and whatever they do they do so with HIS full blessings. They are his eyes and ears on the ground and generally represent him.

  6. Whats happening here?

    Trying to submit something “vague”

    I always suspected Mahachi was up to some mischief with the slogan he was making…

    “pay your bills or you are disconnected….”

    We paid the bills and we see no service improvement…


    Its becoming a little bit interesting… My friend would always tell me:
    “shawamwari vamwe vari kutambira mari yauri kuchema iyi,,,,”

    Now I get to understand it

  7. Where was Mugabe all along when hs cronies were busy looting the country to its knees from the time immemorial. He was busy singing the sanction tune cursing the British and Americans. Shame shame shame shaaaaame!!!!

  8. So Even the big boss of Harare Town Council is in the dark? These boys vakadya and vachiri kudya. Pane Nyaya apa. $27 000 a month even in the so called first world is a salary less than 1000 people of their 300 million population take home. This ball should quickly roll to Mudede, mariyawanda NZuwar, etc who have been on the same job 20 plus years now

  9. mugabe has been busy attacking President Morgain Tsvangirai instead of doing his work. mugabe knows these thieves varikudya vese, diamonds @ chiyadzwa have been looted, retired army generals heading parastatals , what do they know about administration? NRZ, Air Zimbabwe, ZBC the list is endless, they are all down on their knees with mugabe the person who appoints them busy going around the globe. Shame,shame, shame!

  10. That useless Leader Mugabe must Step down he is to Blame for all the Bad Things happening in Zimbabwe,The man has Brought Suffering to Zimbabweans,All this looting has been happening for years under his Nose……

  11. LOL!! Someone is sleeping on the wheel? Ko MDC/Tsvangirayi/Mutambara/Ncube/Most Urban Councils over the last 5 years when this dollarisation came to Zim vaiitei?? Our crisis of leadership extends well beyond ZANU. Many of these Public Enterprises/Council Managers are supporters of MDC/ZANU yet they go and do this behaviour? I ask again saka GNU vaiitei?

    • @Wezhira- Excellent question..what were these guys doing in the GNU..Might it not be time to try someone completely new outside the former players of the GNU come 2018. These fellows took the country down the tubes while they were trading useless barbs at each other. Why not retire the whole lot and start afresh, not with Madhuku of course, heaven forbid!

    • Wezhira, under GNU, the Minister in charge was Ignatius Chombo. He is still in charge. What did he do to stop the rot?

  12. What Jonathan Moyo is doing is the real murambatsvina, not Chombo’s acts of sabotage. Come 2018……………Jonathan Moyo for PRESIDENT!!!

  13. where is Auditor general? Are you telling me that these parastatals where being audited? If so then Baba Jukwa letters were true that management at Auditor General’s office sift audit issues to present to parliament or the public leaving the grave ones behind. some one should ask Auditor General to come and answer these questions in parliament

  14. Temba Peter Mliswa you are next!!

    You looted, stole, extorted, bribed, connived opened false bank accounts and illigally seized Noshio and Benbar in the name of Indigenisation under the guise of “A BANDA TRUST” which does not and never has existed!! You stated you had permission from Minister Kasukuwere and even the President was aware of your actions. You threatened to kill my husband, rape me, and kidnap our 2 Belgian boys. The Minister of Foreign Affairs is well aware of this as a letter was written to him. You owe more than $5,500,000.00 in damages, loss of earnings, defamation, Now the President and His honourable office can investigate the facts about exactly what happened. Uncle Didymus and your parents who live in the UK cannot help you now.

  15. Please a forensic audit of all gvnt related companies the likes of ZESA, NETONE, NRZ, CMED, COUNCILS, ZINWA, ZINARA, NSSA, etc is urgently required. Vanobatwa nemhosha ye huori let them pay back all the loot + should rot in prison!!!They dont deserve to be in our beloved Zimbabwe.

  16. Questions. 1. How has the illegal sanctions affected pothole filling in urban roads? Ans. Looting is the main cause, not santions. 2. How many times has the minister of local government authorised the City of Harare executives salary schedule since 1980? Ans: Never

  17. The will never wake. he started sleeping when he got into theee office. they turned him into a zombi. they dont even talk about top army,policy,prisons,cios even himself president.Zimbabweans we a in shit.there is no transparence in this country.


  19. Investgate both private (museyamwa) and parastatals becoz ana museyamwa haasi kubhadhara washandi wawo. Do an audit now and you see that most emloyees are not getting salaries.

  20. Manyepo chete. Mugabe has been in hibernation since 1980? Who appointed retired general so-and -so to that post at GMB, Cottco, ZBC, NRZ, etc? Now we know why these guys were feverishly campaigning for Zanu. They were protecting their ill-gotten wealth.

  21. It reminds me of one great philosophers (Plato) said about a just society. In his answer of what a just society ought to be, PLATO used an alegory of a human being. In this case; to cut the long example short; he argued that, for us to have a just society a state should be ruled by a PHILOSOPHER KING; that is to say men and women who have accquired knowledge of the good and reason. In other words, a just society is a state where men who are experts in science are only allowed to manage the ministry that deals with science and technology and those who have aquired knwoledge in economics are expected to drive their abilities to the running and managing economic affairs of the state. Now; what we see here is a situation where a former arrmy commender with no idea of running an institution is placed right at the top of a decision making body and expect him to make decisions that will help generate profit enough to feed the whole population of Zimbabwe.
    Now my question is what criterio is being used or was used by whosoever responsible of appointing these money mongers into suuch critical positions. Because to me it is clear that we have quite a large number of educated guys coming out from the university every year and still are not employed.

  22. Moe syszlak,

    Seems like you have been sleeping as well, if you only know now. Its been obvious to most of us since 1980.
    Wakey wakey

  23. The Auditor General is the chief culprit here, it’s his/her job to check the way Parastatals are run. The other issue is that of the economy, we can’t go on like this. Everyone who has done some costing will tell you that these obscene salaries find their way into products/services and it’s the consumer who is forced to pay for this. The Government must correct this not only in State Enterprises but in the Private Sector also. The rich are stealing from the poor in broad day light while the Government sleeps.

  24. I think this is a positive development, never mind how late it is. What is essential is that these loopholes where the country is losing money is plugged. Can ZESA, ZIMRA, NSSA be next please Mr President.
    So much for the GNU. How on earth did this slip under the carpet? This country needs serious & genuine leadership with the country’s interest at heart. If I had a magic broom, I’d just sweep the whole lot of of the politicians we have and start afresh

  25. Honestly what were The MDCs doing in govt. I remember they had the parastatals portfolio. They were busy with Gonos and Tomanas. Toke of fiddling why Rome burns. Aiwa hatina maleaders munyika zvachose. Vana Biti vanongo femurukira zvisipo. Thats what u shud have made noise about not security sector reforms for Morgan to be saluted

  26. what were The MDCs doing in govt. I remember they had the parastatals portfolio. They were busy with Gonos and Tomanas. Toke of fiddling why Rome burns. Aiwa hatina maleaders munyika zvachose. Vana Biti vanongo femurukira zvisipo. Thats what u shud have made noise about not security sector reforms for Morgan to be saluted

  27. why bother HE.
    the chief there is a highly intelligent and respected administrator and after consultations will direct that audit surcharges be raised and recovered from all of the executives who have agreed they were paid mega bucks ‘by mistake’.
    vangafunge kuti national interest muchohwe !!

  28. As far as this article is concerned, Mugabe is still fast asleep. We are yet to hear from him since these managers are appointed with his blessings. There is nothing they do without him knowing. this sanction touting was just a front to cover up the looting that has costed our economy. you go begging the UK to pay fees for the 1 million children. you must be very ashamed of yourself. wish you sleep and never wake up. really upsetting

  29. You can be sure these thugs did not bank their ill-gotten gains – just where did all the money go? They should be investigated thoroughly even this means confiscating their homes & vehicles

  30. Why pick on the chief executives only when the ruling party retained power by fraudulent means? That is bigger fraud than mere chief executive salaries. Everyone in a position of authority is busy stealing including the country’s chief executive, Mugabe. Where does Mugabe get the money to fly to Singapore every month? He has 39 commercial farms and other properties we don’t know about. This is a regime rotten to the core.

  31. Musanyeperwe maCde. Iye Bob though his wife Grace recently took position of Part of Mazoe Citrus Estates land close to 1000 ha including the crop that is on it without compensation or allowing the owners to harvest their crop. If you go to the other side that he acquired again in January 2013 nothing was cultivated on the land. Akanakirwa nezvakarimwa nevamwe.

  32. well said gunguwo my bruru you have mentioned two names telone& zesa,i believe these are the chief culprits. Its not only the huge amounts they take home eg at zesa they have replaced one area manager responsible for a region with hordes of managers i guess creating employment for there brurus who are also getting huge salaries, they have awarded themselves tenders that from safety clothing were they supply goods which are not standard at very high prices to prepaid meters where they had the audocity of contracting themselves or brurus to do the installations.even the workers have gone for two years on half pay my appeal is to the Honourable ministers responsible to take corrective measures yesterday& a big thanx to Honourable Prof Jonathan Moyo for opening the government’s eyes

  33. Musona you forgot to mention something the reason why Harare and chitungwiza struggled with water shortages, water pumps needed to replaced do yu remember cholera outbreak. A lot of people died these people should be prosecuted face public inquiry otherwise hiring someone from Mexico to get sorted is not such bad idea.

  34. little did i knew that when we were crying about the so called western imposed sanctions it was actually our own people imposing sanctions to the nation. Hw can a normal person award himself 1 million in 5 months. Thats being selfish and cruel. These guys should not be left unpunished lest i will end up thinking the law is for the poor. What these guys are doing is just but pulling the economy down. God fobid

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