‘Muchechetere not qualified to be ZBC boss’ Charamba


MEDIA, Information and Broadcasting Services secretary George Charamba yesterday blasted suspended Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) chief executive officer Happison Muchechetere saying he was not qualified for an administrative post nor did he deserve the hefty salary he received during his tenure.


Charamba made the remarks when he appeared before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Media, Information and Broadcasting Services chaired by Umzingwane MP William Dewa saying he had produced a damning report where he ran short of saying the whole ZBC management should be fired for incompetence.

The presidential spokesperson said he had created more enemies than friends at ZBC due to the various interventions made by his ministry to deal with the rot at the public broadcaster.

Muchechetere hit the headlines recently as being one of the highest paid CEOs with an income of about $40 000 per month, while workers at ZBC had gone unpaid for seven months.

Charamba told the committee that $4,6 million had already been disbursed to the broadcaster to settle salary arrears, adding that the ministry was planning to retrench some of ZBC’s 1 098 workers.
“There is a damning report where I ran short of saying we just have to dismantle the whole ZBC management,” Charamba said.

“The incumbent (CEO) did not have the qualities to be where he was, but the former Information and Publicity minister (Webster Shamu) could not move to deal with ZBC issues because it was during elections and so we said we were going to get rid of the CEO or underpin him with the post of chief operations officer because here is an editor who was running an institution as an administrator and he was not qualified for that post (CEO’s post).”

He  added: “The moment you ask for fundamentally more than what you are bringing in as CEO then it means that contract is fundamentally flawed.  We have a  47-member strong executive team who account for 33% of the whole salary budget – that is unsustainable.  Their contracts were signed by one member of the board and not the whole board and there was no documentation to the parent ministry to say the board had concluded their perks.  There was absolutely no legal basis to uphold those conditions of service.”
According to Charamba, if ZBC could receipt $13 million per year there was no explanation why it accumulated salary arrears worth $4,6 million.
He denied there were ghost workers at ZBC, preferring to say these were workers who had no clear contracts.
Charamba also told the committee that New Ziana will have to retrench about 77 staffers.
“We are again seeing an imbalance at New Ziana where we have a disproportionate amount of workers related to administrative support services and again retrenchment costs will come to play,” he said.
He said the biggest challenge he will face with the budget allocation was to ensure Transmedia managed to install 25 more signals for the new radio stations that are set to be licensed soon.
Another hurdle for the ministry was to meet the 2015 international requirements to digitalise, adding that ZBC would need a complete overhaul in terms of equipment in order to digitalise.


  1. paita madofo apa.charamba wacho shamu muchechetere ese madofo.saka nyika yakanangepi veduwe ichitungamirirw namadofo kudai

  2. Muchechetere was appointed to the post of ceo after being interviewed and confirmed by a board of directors, parent ministry headed by George Charamba and the office of the president. If the ceo is not qualified , what about the managers and personnel appointed during his tenure. The then minister Webster Shamu under normal circumstances who have been held accountable but given that his highest qualification is a mere standard six(grade seven) he must be forgiven for he does not fully comprehend the tasks before him. What about other parastatals’ ceos and mgt qualifications or they all hold the standard qualification which Shamu and Muchechetere hold, ie war vet

  3. charamba go to hell! Don” t think we Zimbabweans are as uneducated as you think and just as this over zealous muchechetere. You were part of the interviewing panel, infact, from advertising and screening for the post. Saka just shut up and ubewo Mari wakanyarara kwete kuti wastera tym. VaShamu ndi Minister and a minister doesn’t need any sound qualifications to lead as he is elected in a public office. Iwewe ndiwe waitoba naMuchechetere. Same scandal yaGono naKereke irikuitwa Ipapa guys. so urikumba kwaMuchechetere murikunwa tea ya8am. Nxaaaa

    • @Wacho- Charamba is more incompetent than Muchechetere..if one needed proof here it is. How can you now say this today when the horse has bolted with millions? Why not just shut up than pretend to be competent when the only competence is dodging bullets like he is trying to do now? And to have the arrogance to say this in the glare of the media makes it even worse!

  4. Bhora mugedhe rakapera saka Muchechetere no longer qualifies to be ZBC boss.Iyo ZBC yacho inimboita basarei besides playing old Chinese films,and playing ever and ever repeated programs,like,murimiwanhasi?

  5. charamba nyarara hako… u were amongst the panel rakaita kt muchechetere apinde panyanga but now wakuda kuita noise coz apinda scandal.. things are looking up George

  6. Is this an implicit admission by Charamba that ZBC is partisan and the only reason they kept Muchechetere was to serve Zanu Pf’s election agenda? What do elections have to do with firing a corrupt and incompetent manager..

  7. Most ‘Mucheka dzafa’ practitioners at least try and make an effort to hide their faces not this cheap mercenary thrust..Charamba is harldy competent to call anybody incompetent. He is the perm sec of the information department of which ZBC forms a part, where was he when the rot invaded ZBC. Trying to wash one’s hands clean of this affair smacks of cowardice at worst cheap defence! I think he should resign as his failures are now far too glaring to ignore. If he is hoping to buy time for himself then this lower than mpururwa’s belly..Where is the shame? Thats not to say Muchechetere was any better..he deserved everything that he got but he should refuse to be criticised by the likes of Charamba whose only claim to competence is bashing Tsvangirayi..

  8. Charamba don’t take everyone as a fool. Maybe you found fools in the Parliamentary Select Committee because they allowed you to say nonsense.

    Muchechetere has been at the helm of ZBC for four years. The elections were held after he had been there for three years, at least.

    So for those three years you and your former boss, Webster, saw a competent Muchechetere?

    Anyway, to the Zimbabweans, let me share you this little information I have. Muchechetere would get goods and services provided to the Broadcaster in exchange for advertising slots. The Corporation did not have funds to pay for the goods and services so provided.


    Most of those adverts were not paid for in cash but it was more of barter deals, hence the reason why the Broadcaster has a monthly revenue inflow of only $275k.

    It was for that reason that Muchechetere and his team would then receive the hefty salaries.

    I am sure the forensic audit will confirm this.

  9. so who put him there bro charamba. someone should own up. in fact who has put most of these unqualified people in positions all over the country my brother. you and your party. you are trying to put out a fire out of control and refusing people who can truly help you without strings attached like mdc. we will see becoz we like you but you dont under stand because of your corrupt tendences.

  10. The action which was done by Moyo to Dead Bc must apply to ZINWA,4 months without salaries nhasi chaiye maManager naChief are having a meeting endaipo muone mari ichidyiwa ipapao apa wese awa sleeping in expensive Hotels washandi wachikwangwaya.Minister Kasukuwere muripiko zvamunenge makatorumiswawo nhamo yatiri kuchema nayo hamuinzwivo here.ZINWA YOURAYA WASHANDI NENZARA

  11. Hazvinetse izvi, VaCharamba ingo tsvagai vakabvumidza salary idzodzi mozvionera moga kuti justification yacho ndeyeyi. Batai vanhu ava VaCharamba muendese kuRemand uko nhasi manheru!! Muchechetere aitaura manheru zvekutiza munyika chaizvo because kune zhinji dzaakatsikisa. Batai vanhu varume!!

  12. Muchechetere is not qualified now that ZANU PF is in power but was qualified when they appointed him CEO panguva ye GNU. There wanted someone ane ma liberation war credentials but someone of low reasoning capacity, a ZANU PF bootlicker and Chihuahua who would parrot ZANU PF mantra whilist blindly shutting out genuine opposition parties from getting coverage on state media. Basa rake akaita muchechetere uyo!

  13. everyone in zanu is corrupt and incompetent its their dna otherwise we wouldnt be in such a sorry state.all they can do is cry sanctions everyday as if this is the first time this country has ever been on santions.

    This is a response to a report by Veneranda Langa, a senior parliamentary reporter of the Newsday. The report was published in the Newsday of the 16th of January 2014. The report quoted Mr Charamba’s remarks when he appeared before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Media, Information and Broadcasting Services, in which he said, “Muchechetere not qualified to be ZBC boss.”
    The issue of unqualified parastatals bosses seems to cut across non performing parastatals. The Acting ARDA General Manager, Mr W.T Mbona is not qualified to lead the Agricultural Institution. He holds an Institute of Administration and Commerce’s diploma in Business Administration and an ACCA qualification which he completed over a period of between 16 and 18 years. Mr Mbona was suspended for incompetence by the then General Manager, Mr Erickson Mvududu. The Board, in its wisdom or lack of it, fired Mr Mvududu and recalled Mr Mbona only to appoint him as the Acting General Manager. He has been Acting for the past five years or so now. You can confirm this information with ARDA Board Chairman, Mr Nyabadza on 0772572286 and Mr Mbona on 0712401884.
    The Acting General Manager, Mr W.T. Mbona drafted a contract between ARDA, Macdom and Rating. In this contract he used the word “gross income” to mean turn-over or sales. He failed the explain the key words in the contract and as such Rating and Macdom are interpreting “gross income” as income after direct costs of production or cost of sales. This has resulted in ARDA losing about $3.5 million dollars from the Joint venture.
    The Acting General Manager also entered into a contract with Tandarai Inn (a bogus company) and ARDA was defrauded of about $170 000. The ARDA board is fully aware of these activities but is not taking any action.
    ARDA paid for tea plucking Machines from a company in Argentina in 2004 but the machines have not been delivered up to now. Mr Mbona’s management seems to have run out ideas and leaving everything to fate.
    The workers have now gone for more than five (5) months without pay and management looks like they are clueless as to when they will pay their employees. Mr Mbona’s management accepted in a meeting with employees that they have failed to run the Authority. The question that the board has failed to answer is why the board is keeping this type of management?

  15. Charamba is a disgrace. As for Shamu his only claim to fame during his ministerial term was burying Tongai Moyo and Mashakada.

  16. varume musatamba nesu mhani, ndiyani akamupinza basa. blemai isu coz tisu tisisisina basa nezbc. chero mukadzingana mabasa, mukatendekana, mukasungisana, isuzbc takatoiramba. i bot my tv in 2009, up to now handisati ndaitesta kuti inobata zbc here kana kwete. kikikiki

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