‘MPs can’t resist beautiful prostitutes’

A prostitute (right) negotiating with a potential client

KWEKWE — Members of Parliament forget their constituencies because of prostitutes and the high quality hotel life they get exposed to during parliamentary sessions, House of Assembly representative for Kwekwe constituency Masango Matambanadzo has said.


Addressing hundreds of flea market and vegetable vendors on Saturday, Matambanadzo, who won his first term of office in the July 31 elections, said he had come across very beautiful prostitutes accosting MP’s at their hotels.

“The life up there is tempting with very beautiful ladies of the night, some of whom pretend they can’t even speak Shona coming to hotel rooms with your MPs this is why they forget you,” he said. “They only come back after five years so that you can renew their life in the hotels and the good and beautiful ladies in their rooms.”

Matambanadzo, however, said he would not forget his constituency and would continue to empower the poor.

“I am a Grade Two dropout who needs a lot of time to go through papers given in Parliament and my interests are to ensure we uplift the lives of the poor, so I will not be swayed by ladies of the night or high hotel life like the others before me,” said Matambanadzo.

The MP launched a co-operative which will see flea market and vegetable vendors contribute a dollar everyday towards a common fund which will be managed by the MP’s wife.

Matambanadzo said the money will be used to assist the vendors with capital and to fund other projects like housing.

“I will send you to China to buy stuff for resale and even talk to council so that we get stands to build houses for all the members in the association. We need at least 5 000 members who pay a dollar everyday towards this fund,” he said.

In the face of massive collapse of industry in Kwekwe most people have been reduced to flea market vendors, illegal gold panners and commercial sex workers.
Matambanadzo said he hoped the project would see him change the lives of the people who voted for him in the past elections.

“I might be a Grade Two dropout, but my brains are big and I am going to change the lives of the people in Kwekwe,” he said.


  1. But those vegetables to be sold at designated points and those vendors to have licences. We dont want running battles with police we need to formalise things in our country so that tax should be paid and gvt got money to pay civil servants

  2. watanga wave kuda kubira vanhu vari kuzvitamburira ma dhora dhora avo ,instead yekuenda kuno sourcer mari kune vanodza kudhara wobetsera vanotambura. pamwe pasina kumira mushe ndepekuti mukadzi wako ave in charge ne mari dzacho ndo chitsotsi chiri pa fair , iko kutungamira kunoda munhu ane ma leadership skills. I advise you kuwedzera chikoro then wozouya netuma ideas twako tusina direction

  3. maiweeeeee maiweee kanii ma$ $ avarombo aya atevererwa zvee iwee.ikadyiwa anozvireva ndiyaniko.murombo haarovi chakapfeka chokwadi dzodyiwa dzamarema pakwekwe apoo.mugrade two madii matsvaka umwe leader from outsid not mukadz wenyu haa zvakaoma kupfumisana muzimbabwe ndoo impowerment kaa iyi

  4. At the burial of Nelson Samkange in Zvimba last year, the President chided that the country cannot be led nezvituta zvakaita sa Morgan Tsvangirai asina kudzidza.

    Now there you are.

    So he acknowledges that some of these ladies of the night are very beautiful! How did he notice that?

    Then he wants to send them to China to buy stuff for resale here. My God!

    Less than a month ago his Minister of Finance presented a budget where it is noted that these imports, (cheap for that) are draining the cash. The industries in the country have been shut down because of these cheap goods on the market.

    Honorable MP, we want our own factories to be run instead of supporting these Chinese.

    Enda wega kuChina kwacho.

    Dai kuParliament kwaivhuyiwa mbudzi you would qualify for that.

    Shame shame shame on you.

  5. Gentle readers!! We are our own enemies for real. Lets break down the MPs idea into smaller pieces!!! What is wrong with it??? This is one of the most brilliant idea brot by the MP to adress finance and capital issues. If u choose to read and stop being ignorant u will realise such ideas has helped India and Kenya. Yes concerns should be raised on issues of accountability since it involves peoples’s money but rubbishing the idea as a grand shceme to steal money is not only stupid and idiotic but retrogressive.

    • Marita break it into pieces and join the pieces together you find that this is an idea which we cannot entertain. We dont want them to go to China for cheap imports but to start income generating projects whcih comes up with products tom export to China. And why his wife to manage the fund, I smell a rat knowing these politicians. watch this space soon.

    • the idea is brilliant but the fund manager is an application for disaster with people’s monies…because to say your is going to manage other people’s monies, we do not know what they are discussing the bedroom but only the two of them do…if they wake up broke the wife will simply write the check..ndokufunga kwema grade two ka uku..

    • The MP, despite his professed limited education is coming up with innovation. This is self help, or self financing. If it wowrks out well the community of traders will have a secure future.

    • I fully agree wth u,the man’s ideas are brilliant.he needs help to make sure the funds are managed properly

  6. @Guns!! We are where we are today as a country because of this donor dependence Syndrome that u have showed here. As a nation we are in debt and that has complicated our efforts for economic recovery. It is a noble idea by this grade two guy to mobilise funds… as a leader he is doing his Job. its time Zimbabwe come with its own funding initiatives to adress their plight… dont jus wait to be given. there should be a commitee of able people that manages. this fund. ideas like these can transform the landscape of SMEs in Kwekwe. thumps up.

  7. Asante sana Marita, many ppl now hav th tendence of shouting and scolding ppl who air their opinions wthout digesting th points.Indeed we hav bcm our own enemies!

  8. A $ per vendor will not change anything…..these vendors make more than a dollar a day and they are still in a cycle of poverty.Mugrade 2 drop-out should re-read what the commander-in-chief said….support local industries! He targets 5000 vendors…he should relocate to Harare to find such high figures. I smell he wants to buy an Ipsum for his wife, since he already has his 4×4 already!

  9. Why would the fund be managed by his wife? Am sure there are people within that coop that have o’levels,certificates,diplomas and degrees who can qualify to manage their own funds. let them be the masters of their destiny. Brilliant idea but pa management apa?

  10. The honourable got a brilliant idea to reduce poverty in his constituency,but the key words he used left us with a question mark??..for example,”BEAUTIFUL LADIES”how did he notice that those kinda ladies are beautiful which means he also played with them.And we understand his idea but the dollar fund per day should not be kept by his wife coz those poor will remain poor!

  11. Guys I have to say sanctions have been preached for a long time now.Politicians using this as an excuse for poor if any service at all to the constituency.Lets support those who have solutions.I think this man deserves such support and its high time the country looks for solutions not cry babies

  12. The idea is good,but will fail on implementation stage.The fund is also prone to abuse since the fund manager will be his wife.In the spirit of good corporate gvnance,i think the fund shld be run by qualified pple,and the co-operative has to be properly registered.And can you see that this MP is clever bcoz he is now campaigning for 2018 elections.If he will manage to catch 5000 vendors then he is guaranteed of 5000 votes.

  13. Bt honorable importing stuff from China will not help us. what are we doing to our economy and society by importing?

  14. Maiwe coop fund being managed by his wife and he needs 5000 members to contribute dollar a day ko MP zvavachafa nemari ava.In a 30day month he would have raked in a cool $150 000.00. Vakangwara havana nhamo vanodya dzemapenzi iwaya anonyengetedzwa nelolipop.Mavendors chengetai mari dzenyu kumba mugaba pane kupa gwere gwere iri muno chema masungirira mari pamukanwa wamupere.

  15. maiwee vachabirwa vakazvirega gore rino, Mr Grade 2 tell Mugabe to step dwn that wld be gd for the country…..he chases away investors

  16. “I wil send u 2 China 2 buy stuff 4 resale” kkkkkkkk imari yako here yaunoti “I” I thnk mugrade 2 macho wakagumira mu1st term & u were in grade 2F maive nemadofo

  17. Heyo mbavha yazviburitsa pachena yega chinangwa chayo negwara racho, zvavakwamuri vagari vemu Kwekwe kuti mobirwa here kana kuti kwete.

  18. regai dzidyiwe dzevanongo rova mupururu pese pese nepasina zvinemusoro zvataurwa ndoo kama vendor ezanu ayo regai zvibirwee zvichasvinura.

  19. why cant vendors organize themselves and do it on their own. yes the idea is fabulous and can only be better managed by the participants(Vendors).

  20. That is real Grade-2-dropout material. He cannot work out what sort of actions or conduct de-industrialises Kwekwe further. Hence, he will send them to China at their own expense to get more goods to ensure Kwekwe industries will never rise again. 5000 members at $1 a day means he can send at least one person everyday. So, there won’t be a need for his wife to keep the money anyway.

  21. it does not make sense to send people to china to buy goods for resale,instead you shud be saying you will help with opening factiories to create employement instead of wanting eveybody to be a vendor.

  22. the idea z gud but questionable on e implemantation side.Action speaks louder than words.Nowadays it z much better believe in action than words

  23. The idea yemugrade 2 is brilliant but the only problem is that of the fund being managed by his wife. we are talking of $150 000.00 a month and to me this is not small monies. the best thing to do is to have some members of the community be signatories to the bank account to be opened. once a bank account is opened then the community makes the deposits the following day in the morning after collections and part of the members should not be those aligned to the MP.

  24. the idea isn’t bad we need such strategies zvakanyanya asi pane nyaya mubati wehomwe mari ine miyedzo ko hounerable vadii vatsvaga mumwewo munhu asiri madam wavo. Apa panenge panenyaya apa

  25. During the difficult dys of 2007/8 baba ava used to mobilise ALL women of Amaveni Kwekwe irregardless of political affiliations to sweep and clean the city. (Council was no longer doing it). He would then give them mealie-meal from his own resources. He needs a little professional help to make his plan work. He means well and Amaveni pple respect him.

  26. if Matamba can afford to send 5000 members to China to purchase goods for sale, why asking members to contribute $ daily, his wife will start her own businesses with it. WAKE UP Zimbos

  27. We are in trouble ndokaliba yemaMP this guy should have stopped at Councillor. Buying and selling to who why not produce. Mafarm takatora and they are re-afforesting for lack of use. Why not grow potatoes musaga and sell to China instead.
    ” am a Grade Two dropout who needs a lot of time to go through papers given in Parliament” at this rate comrade by year end you will still be going thru October 2013 papers.

    Let’s hope in December 2014 you don’t start laughing at the Oct 2013 jokes hehehe

  28. Anozviziva kuti ane madununu ake emuKwekwe. Whatelse can u expect from makorokoza kana kadyiro kavanoita mari makambokaonawo here regai vabirwe alike but pacampaign zvainzi mukativhotera tinokupai Mari apa zvonzi chitai Ksnzatu kanzatu.

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