Gweru City Council fails to pay bonuses


GWERU City Council failed to pay the 13th cheque to its employees last December as the municipality continues to be dogged by financial constraints.

By Stephen Chadenga
Own Correspondent

The workers have also not been paid their December salaries raising fears that they might face challenges in meeting the needs of their school-going children when the first term opens.

Workers who spoke to our sister paper Southern Eye on condition of anonymity yesterday said they were not sure when they would get paid as management had remained mum on the issue of bonuses as well as salaries.

“We are in a dilemma. We were told that bonuses would be sorted, but it’s now January and we haven’t received the 13th cheque, let alone December salaries.
“It’s not clear when we will be paid both salaries and the bonus,” said one worker.

Another worker said council used to send memos on the delays in making payments, but would not give a time frame on when they expected to pay salaries.

“They have now adopted a tight-lipped attitude. Nobody is sure when the bonuses will be paid or whether the money to pay is there or not,” said the worker.
Both the Town Clerk Daniel Matawu and his assistant, Tapiwa Marerwa were yesterday unavailable for comment.

But mayor Hamutendi Kombayi said he was still to get the correct state of affairs regarding the payment of bonuses and salaries.

“I am still to get a correct picture regarding payments of workers’ bonuses as well as December salaries,” he said.

Since last year, council has been struggling to provide adequate services and to pay its workers as a result of deteriorating working capital.


  1. Gweru city council workers are fortunate at least they have only one month in salary arrears,most local authorities are owing workers many months in unpaid wages.

  2. This is not newsworthy at all.
    If you wanted to be informative, you should have carried out an analysis of all municipalities and report which municipality or council is up to date with salaries. Is Harare up to date? I wonder.
    That way it would help the public to evaluate the performances of these local municipalities.
    There is need for a holistic approach whereby the city / council fathers are encouraged to comment on their challenges and that way the whole nation can appreciate what is really going on.

    Further than that, do the same for the 78 parastatals. Remember the nation is keen to know the perks of the senior employees of the same following what was unearthed at ZBC.

    If you NEWSDAY can achieve this I will subscribe for the hard copy on a monthly basis.

    • @gushungo- I have to agree with you here, particularly on those 78 parastatals where it is free for all..Go and publish a schedule of salaries of these no-good bosses of these bodies…They are public bodies so why the secrecy? Newsday has already published ZBC and PSMAS salaries, who are they trying to protect? Give it to us..the whole hog, I say, or errr, shut up!

  3. Malocal authorities ese ari kusuffer coz of Chombo’s July debt writte off. Only one or two local authorities are up to date with the payment of salaries e.g Bindura Municipality. But Bonuses will be a bonus like what their name potray. Zvichasunga kudarika apa hama vadiwa.

  4. kana musina news regai kuita zvekunyora mapepanhau. thanks gushungo for saying something with insight. its showdy journalism by this paper and its in their dna to report these non stories lacking in substance and all. how do they talk of paying bonuses from the coffers of a nonperforming entity in the first place. they cannot deliver the basic services to the people of the city yet they cry for bonuses. pay arrears yes thats an issue but bonuses no no no.

  5. I also know of another big Local authority that has not paid its workforce the bonus.Just find out which reporter.

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