Gumbura wives deny charges


RMG Independent End Time Message church founder Robert Martin Gumbura’s wives who are facing charges of illegal possession of pornographic materials together with five other women from the church yesterday pleaded not guilty to the charge when the trial opened.


The three women – Choice Neganye (32), Amadeus Mutakwa (32) and Pamela Mukandawire (27) – are being charged together with Runyararo Musvosvi (27), Rutendo Sekai Mandiya (28), Veronica Mbanga (27), Tendai Kwatara (34) and Moreblessing Takawira (35).

The women are accused of contravening the Censorship and Entertainment Control Act (Chapter 10:04) after allegedly photographing themselves in the nude and possessing pornographic videos.

Presenting their defence outline before Harare magistrate Vakayi Douglas Chikwekwe, the women’s lawyer Rekai Maphosa said the charges were false and were part of a scheme by Gumbura’s enemies to destroy his family.

She said the police arrested the women after they had denied that the pictures at the centre of the case were taken by Gumbura.

“It’s part of a plan to ensure that Gumbura goes to prison and to nail the entire family so that the homestead is closed forever,” she said.

She said the pictures upon which the State based its case did not even show the faces of Neganje, Mandiya, Musvosvi, Mbanga, Kwatara and Takawira. She added that the pictures were produced for personal consumption.

The investigating officer Inspector Tichavengwa Robson Sengwe of the Victim Friendly Unit yesterday admitted that he could not identify the women in the pictures with the exception of three whom he identified as Neganje, Takawira and Mandiya after he was pressed by prosecutor Michael Reza.

He told the court that the pictures were recovered from a drawer in Gumbura’s secretary Tendai Ganyani’s office. Ganyani is also being jointly charged with Gumbura on a separate matter over the possession of pornographic material.

Sengwe said Ganyani assisted the police in the identification of the women whose faces were not visible on the pictures.

Maphosa, however, insisted that the investigating officer received the incriminating information from former members of Gumbura’s church, Grace Musharu and Brenda Mukandawire as well as one Shepherd Madzingira.

Maphosa argued that it did not make sense the police never interviewed Gumbura’s wives over the charges but only relied on information from Ganyani. The trial continues today.


  1. this is truly a setup how can ganyani be able to identify women on a picture in with police said tt u cld not see faces come on ppl this is a well planned trap

  2. Ganyani’s as Secretary of Gumbura the rapist in remand prison, cannot lie. She knew the pictures of the persons who were in her drawer. That’s enough evidence to nail those ladies – coz the pictures were taken by Gumbura and given them to the secretary for keeping them- that was part of her job. But that was good Rekai, u have told us that Gumbura is going to jail before the judgement is out. As a trained lawyer u had seen that there is nowhere Gumbura cld escape the jail even thou u had been hired to defend him

  3. some years ago there were vedios played in court with faces not clear,but were said to be Tsvangirai plotting to kill Mugabe,brought in by a co. called Madison.Kupatisa vatongi vematare edu isu mazimboo

  4. siyanai naye gumbura uyu nemadzimai ake. Mashaya basa, nangenange nezvemumagumbeze idzo mbavha dakazara nyika kudai. Airova zvinhu zake mukuwirirana, period.

  5. People, please van Mai mufundisi vaite basa ravo. First and Foremost is to entertain mufundisi. If Mufundisi says bvisa hembe she should obey and do that even if he says Pose for foto.. Hapana nyaya apa. Ngonjo is guilty of stealing private pic.

  6. i don’t understand the objectives of this church and its followers. I am baffled. May all who are embroiled in this, find light and the truth in the end.

  7. The pictures that are being said are not showing faces are the pictures in which vana mai mufundisi vakatorwa vakafuratira kuti ndione magaro avo nemanwewo andaitora nhengo dzavo dzemuviri dzandinofarira kuona.

    For Ganyani the male secretary , it is easy to identify the naked women facing whose nude pictures of the women showing their booties because anombopota achipihwawo zvinhu naana mai mufundisi nekuti ini ndega handingakwanisi kugutsa gundamusaira rese iri revakadzi.

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