Furore as ministers bunk Parliament

Zimbabwe parliament building

TWENTY-ONE questions on the Parliament’s Order Paper had to be deferred yesterday after several Cabinet ministers failed to turn up for the Question and Answer Session in the House of Assembly.


The move sparked an outcry from MDC-T MP’s who accused their Zanu PF counterparts of not taking Parliament business seriously.

When the session opened, only Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa was in attendance, prompting Glen View MP Fani Munengami to raise a point of order with the Speaker Jacob Mudenda expressing concern over the absence of ministers.

“Is it government policy that when MPs want to ask questions, there are no ministers to answer them in the House?” Munengami asked.
“Since I do not see any minister, then it means I have no option except to direct my questions to you Mr Speaker,” he said.

Chinamasa responded: “Frankly speaking, it is not a policy issue, but I will undertake to convey to my colleagues the imperative to attend Parliament.”

Chinamasa was later joined by Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo, Agriculture minister Joseph Made and a few deputy ministers.

Before Mnangagwa, who is leader of government business in the House, had even settled down, Kuwadzana MP Nelson Chamisa took him to task to explain why his ministers were not turning up to take questions from MPs.

Chamisa said their absence was a sign that Zanu PF ministers were underperforming in Parliament.

But Mnangagwa said it was not the duty of MDC-T MPs to rate ministers.

“There are two levels at which ministers or MPs are assessed. The first is that he who appoints them determines their performance and the second is that the public is fully aware of their performance.

About how they rate us, when it comes to election time, people cast their votes in such a way that determines performance,” he said.


  1. Munangagwa, Munangagwa are you sure you want us to wait till 2018 looking at you as you sleep and you are taking advatage of the one who appointed you’s illness ;nekuti varikurwara saka hapana chokutya vice president vaMujuru havana basa nhai?

    • This smacks of arrogance from an ineffective minister and the reason he is in parliament is because of the dead people you kill each election period and there is no correlation to your performance. If you were a performer Zimbabwe should have not been on its knees as it is today. Your performance is in looting Zimbabwe as if you are the only legitimate Zimbabwean.

  2. kkkkkkkkkkkkkk,…..Chamisa u got what u deserved! You cant be a loudmouth everywhere. Am happy fo once that Mnangagwa put you in your place.the matter had been put to the Speaker but you thought u were smart enough….hehede…wakadenha mago! Nxt tym think before you speak!

    • Actually Chamisa was in fact talking directly to Mnangagwa. Read the story please. It’s Munengami who put his issues to the speaker.

  3. That is why we need MPs and Ministers who are appointed on merit, skills, experience not on nepotism and cardreship. This shows the level of thinking and maturity of these politicians. No wonder they spend time deliberating about urine in plates instead of the economy and corruption

  4. cde mnangagwa pliz think before u talk such arrogance will not get u anywhere!!!! I love musangano asi people like u sir do us all much harm

  5. yah, the chickens have come home to roost with these ruling clowns back in the circus again. Shame, we will have to wait till 2018 for things to start moving again. so slowdown and regression for next 4 years. shame Zimbabwe

  6. I dont see why people are attacking MNANGAGWA here or why Chamisa directed his question to him? Mnangagwa is leader of Gvt BUSINESS in Parly and is thus responsible for things such as introduction of bills by executive to parly. The job of ensuring attendance is for Chief Whip of the members party. Chamisa directed his issue to the wrong person. As for Mnangagwa’s response I don’t know why people call it arrogant. Ministers are evaluated by The President who appoints them and the electorate at elections..Parliament never mind the MDC-T side of it hs no powers to dismiss or even recommend dismissal of a Minister saka yes it is NOT the job of MDCT to evaluate Minister’s performance…This is simply the TRUTH and a FACT. Read your constitution…handiti vana Tsvangirayi encouraged us to vote YES last year? Had they not forseen such things? Or did they even read through the document.
    Mnangagwa IS RIGHT 100%!!!

    • Wezhira, Chamisa is a citizen of Zimbabwe, Mnangagwa was late. His arrogance is that while Chamisa, you and the rest of Zimbabwe pay him to take his job seriously.He thinks he is above all that, if he is he is free to resign and let those that understand that being available for parliament is part of their business. Whichever party you support the taxman collects your money which contributes to his allowances. Mnangagwa is within his legal right to be arrogant, but legal arrogance is still arrogance.

    • No, he’s not. He was late and Chamisa has every right to ask him why. And by the way, Chamisa wasn’t rating anyone. He just asked where the hell Mnangagwa’s colleagues were. It’s Mnangagwa who has the loud mouth and doesn’t even know how to respond to a simple question.

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