Dynamos ‘flee’ fans

A policeman grabs a Dynamos fan after the match.

DYNAMOS say their move to abandon Rufaro Stadium, their traditional homeground and switch to the National Sports Stadium, is because of the upsurge of hooliganism which continues to strain their budget.


Although Dynamos have cited other reasons like injuries to their players due to the poor maintenance of the artificial turf, the Glamour Boys say violence perpetrated by their overzealous supporters cost them a fortune, especially last season.

Dynamos chairman Keni Mubaiwa said while they took the decision to move away from Rufaro because of the high charges by the Harare City Council which charges 20% for use, hooliganism was the major reason for their switch to the NSS.

“After careful consideration, we decided to move to the National Sports Stadium because hooliganism has been costing us a lot. If you look at last season, we won the league title, but all the prize money went to the PSL to pay for various fines as a result of violence perpetrated by our
supporters. We have tried to engage them not to be violent, but it continues to affect the club financially because there is always violence whenever we play at Rufaro. So we have taken a decision to play our home matches at the National Sports Stadium. The government will also be charging us 15% for the use of the stadium. That means a difference of 5% which is a lot to us,” Mubaiwa said.

The Harare giants have also condemned the artificial turf at Rufaro, arguing it has become unplayable and causing a lot of injuries to their players.
Dynamos coach Kalisto Pasuwa has raised concern over the injuries to his players to the club’s executive.

Last season, Dynamos lost their $70 000 prize money for winning the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League title after the PSL demanded a total of $78 700 in
fines ranging from pitch invasion and missile-throwing.

The Glamour Boys lifted the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League title for the third successive year after beating Highlanders and Harare City to the finishing line on goal difference in one of the most intriguing conclusions to the history of the domestic league campaign.

For winning the ultimate prize of domestic football, Dynamos were set to pocket $70 000 in prize money from Delta Beverages who sponsor the league through their Castle Lager brand.

But the champions paid dearly for the behaviour of their fans which saw them slapped with a $78 700 fine.

The fines left the champions with a deficit of $8 700.


  1. I hope this will work out because last time it didn’t work out and they had to come back to Rufaro. As supporters we also need to stop hudusvura hwatinoita kana team yapinda parumananzombe

  2. The switch is a good move. They need a better stadium for their 7million supporters, where fan behaviour can be monitored, and with anti-doping testing facilities for players kuitira vafana vaya vanotamba vakasvuta mbanje.

  3. If this will help in curbing the upsurge in hooliganism that we witnessed last season,then its a good move.But if there’s one area that the PSL need to urgently look into,then its their fine structure.In a poor league like ours,fining a team $8 000 US for the throwing of empty water bottles onto the pitch is total madness,if you ask me.Let’s face it,no team in this leeague can afford this.People can say this is meant to be a deterrent measure but can we honestly tell each other that hooliganism has gone down since these exorbitant fines were introduced.The answer is NO.Supporters from other teams can scoff at me and say that I’m talking as a Dembare supporter,but this is not about Dembare coz every team is affected.Those who pegged these fines are actually enemies of soccer,coz they want to kill the very clubs that they are supposed to protect.A farmer cannot milk his cow until it collapses to death,he would be a fool.I will NEVER condone violence in any form but let’s strike a balance between curbing violence at stadia and the survival of clubs.PSL can’t afford to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs,coz very soon there will be no team to fine.This heavy-handedness won’t take us anywhere,clubs will simply fold.In a league where the champs win only $70 000,surely you can’t justify a fine of $8 000 for a pitch invasion.Let the fine be proportionate to the misdemeanor,you can’t strike your wife with an axe simply becoz a bee has perched itself on her forehead,coz you kill both the bee and your lovely wife.

    • Excellent observation TRUEBLUE.Your analysis is just good and its a fact that the fines are just too much for the league which is sponsored to a tune of just 70 000 dollars only and surely the cow will collapse to death.

  4. The solution for city council’s 20% may be found by enganging the city fathers for a reduction but the issue of injuries to players and holiganism remain without any possible solution.However i am of the belief that the league chiefs are coming too hard on the cash cows because the maginitude of the so called voilence is no where near that of the ninetees when Chris Sibanda had to order a police barricade separating Dembare and Kepepe supporters.

  5. The fines imposed by PSL and ZIFA are a reflection of the football leaders mindset. Look at Cuthbeth dube, the guy earns US$230000 per month and thinks that fining club $8000 is okay and even the sponsorship of $70000 for league winners is a fine!!! The numerous cases reported when Dube ‘bailed out ZIFA’ show that the guy was just paying back for his good life at PSMAS. For starters what qualiifcations and expereince do these guys have other than polictical connections? Dynamos is the flag bearer of Zimbabwe soccer and they have to move away from Rufaro thanks to the dilapidated and antiquated infrastructure while some goons are busy milking us of our hard earned money!
    The bottom line is Zimbabwe is now like George Orwell’s animal farm where acountants are trained for 7 years but end as farmers and doctors aspire to be politicians because the professions are meaningless! Referees earn more form bribery than what they are paid on the pitch! Soldiers are the richest people in the country and everyone ‘anokiyakiya’ to survive. Cry the beloved country

  6. I am Dembare to the core but I will never ever throw missiles onto the pitch even if we are robbed. But questions need to be asked?
    1. What do ppl achieve through hooliganism other than making the poor team poorer.
    2. Teams pay huge sums of money for security but no one is arrested for hooliganism. Its the hooligans who should be brought to book, not the team. The team should only be penalised for offences committed by the players or officials over which they have control.
    3. What if rival supporters take advantage of the situation and sabotage their rivals. e.g. CAPS fans disguised as Dembare fans?
    4. Should hooliganism continue @ NSS (remember 13 ppl died there some years ago) where do we go. (NSS is not violence proof).
    5. Why is the turf at Rufaro not being fixed when clubs (especially Dembare) are being milked day in and day out.
    6. Whilst hooliganism is not condoned, isn’t the fact that fines gobbled the whole prize money also indicative of the fact that it is paltry.
    Just thinking aloud.

  7. kkkkkk saka murikuti dynamos ine maholigan fans arimimbare amakutiza? what kind of fans need monitoring. even muNSS imomo vanongokanda zvavanoda

  8. nss is not the way ndiyo inoprambidza munhu ku invader into the pitch here. this wont solve anything im dembare for life but the problem with dynamos is our bouncers and management know the namesof people who start violence after the team is not doing well but u support them

  9. i always thought that Dynamos fans were ‘educated’ judging by the way violence at B/F has been portrayed in newspapers. highlanders fans have on several times been called all sort of names for ‘hooliganism’ while at Rufaro stadium hooligans were called ‘a section of disgruntled fans”. very interesting indeed

  10. You celebrated when artificial turf was laid at rufaro,now you are failing to mantain it,check the best stadiums in the world have lawns mamama

  11. @Rukweza Taura hako wena. these fifa guys r now dumping their remains here. muchinyanyodawo zvemahara. hanzi heee 7million fans heee vanoita holiganism havasi madembare fans heeee fine yakawandisa.dnt be cry babies apa. makambonzwawo black rhin, triangle etc vachiti fine yakawanda here. dembare cut yo fan base by removing those uneducated thugs.

  12. The issue of fans does not have anything to do with education but only common sense my brother.Your silly comment did not in an way surprise me because your are a corpse United supporter and what else would one expect from a such a naive/frivolous person who thinks Dynamos has an uneducated fan base?Dynamos is the one team in Zimbabwe and noone can dispute that and do not vent your anger on us as if we are the Caps management who failed you.Caps has some uneducated thugs as well so as Triangle.

  13. thanks for that move.for me rufaro has always been hard.the environment is rowdy kupinda pa gedhi ma1 especially kana game rakutanga ma1.the vietnam bay may have to move to the nss but its worth it..dembare for life

  14. it is normal for a satelight team to deserve such a great respect, its a blessing in disguise dembare woyeeeeee!!

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