Chitungwiza man of cloth in maintenance wrangle


MICHAEL Manyika, a prominent prophet at the Kufamba Nokutenda Apostolic Church was on Thursday taken to Chitungwiza Civil Court by his wife who accused him of neglecting his three children.

By Vimbai Marufu

Manyika’s wife Viola Rupuu is demanding $150 per month for the upkeep of their children.

Rupuu told magistrate Nomsa Sabarauta that her husband had neglected his children yet he was earning a lot of money from the church.

“My husband sends anointing water through DHL to his clients in London and sometimes gets paid in British pounds, but he is not taking proper care of his children. He even hired a housemaid,” said Viola, who is now staying at the couple’s rural home with her children.

However, Manyika told the court that he could not afford his wife’s demands and instead offered to pay $20 for each child.

“Things are not going on well for us at the moment and that’s why we agreed that she resides in the rural areas and I was given a place to reside here in Chitungwiza by someone I helped at church,” Manyika said.

“I can continue to look after our children as before, but I cannot give her the money she is asking for because these days I am not getting money like before.”
The court ordered him to pay $90 for the three children starting this month.

Meanwhile, Harare magistrate Donald Ndirowei has set February 26 as the trial date for Pinnacle Baptist Assemblies’ leader Herman Chimusoro who is being charged for defrauding the police of $192 000 in a botched musical instruments deal. The State alleges that sometime in July last year, Chimusoro, who owns Crossline Music and Video company, struck a deal with the police where he was to import some musical instruments on behalf of the force.

Chimusoro was allegedly paid $192 000, but failed to supply all the instruments within the agreed period. Instead, he allegedly only supplied eight speakers which the police returned to him on December 10, demanding a refund.

Chimusoro is said to have told the police that he had already used the money for other purposes, which later led to his arrest.


  1. These crooks; prophets of baal, are now nearly in charge of our country! Let us expose them before they destroy the country. They are in a lucrative industry. It is amatter f profits and prophets-no statutory deductions by ZIMRA!

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