Breaking- Glenview 29: Last three granted bail

Madzore shaking hands...

Zimbabwe’s High Court Judge Justice Chinembiri Bhunu has granted bail to three MDC-T members Last Maengahama, Tungamirai Madzokere and Yvonne Musarurwa who were incarcerated at Chikurubi Maximum Prison.

The three are part of the 29 Glenview residents who are facing  charges of assaulting and murdering a police officer in Glenview.

Source: Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights

More to follow


  1. After 3yrs of incaceration without trial, is there justice here? Justice has been rapped without a con*om!

  2. Regai iye Bhunu uyu amboita ichasvika nguva yevamwewo ndipo paachaziva kuti pasvika Pharaoh asingazivi Josefa.Let him sing for his supper.At least you are out of this place but remember the struggle continues.Ukaona makata onyanya materu ave kuda kusvika.

  3. so if someone was murdered and all the suspects are released who then killed this cop.The investigating officer must have a shoddy job.basa mukavati paroad vanobuda ziya vachidizisa.

  4. This judge is a CIO and Zanu cadre of puppet proportions . Bob has now instructed this savage to release these innocent victims which he has blindly done . A few days ago this lunatic received severe tongue lashing , not from Morgan but the suspend court due to his callous and sadistic dispensing of justice . To him I say : You shall reap what you sowed. As you judge so shall you be judged . Your Bob is now 90 and will soon become extinct. We are watching .

  5. Zvakaoma hazvo itai henyu vabhunu , handikanganwi chegore riya vakomana zanu yakaoma ,makoni nakomichi tamborinyoka namadhibhiri vaigara mutirongo vasingaendeswe kumatare mugabe woti i democracy gadaffi waenda sare bhunu

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