Alick Macheso feels cheated


SUNGURA ace Alick Macheso is reportedly feeling cheated after his set was marred by power cuts at Pamuzinda Highway Escape on Friday evening.


Macheso performed last at a gig dubbed The First Gig of the year that he played alongside bitter rival Sulumani Chimbetu.

The show was opened by Munya Mataruse who gave the baton to dancehall chanter Killer T.

Sulu came third and the drama started with him about to go on stage as incessant rains fell leaving revellers scampering for cover in the gazebos and tent that had been erected.

Soon afterwards a power cut disrupted the fun and it took a while for the back-up generator to be switched on.

When Macheso arrived at the venue everything went smoothly and they even embraced with Sulu before he left the stage.

But there was another power failure this time caused by the generator failure.

Macheso is said to have complained to one of his confidants in Bindura where he performed on Saturday.

“He is not happy about what happened at Pamuzinda and he feels cheated,” said the friend who preferred to remain anonymous.

“We had a lengthy talk in Bindura last night (Saturday night) and he expressed dissatisfaction. I am told the generator failed because the fuel tank had been filled with water and Macheso thinks it was deliberate.”

But Josh Hozheri the organiser of the gig yesterday said they realised the person they had sent to purchase fuel for the generator had made a mistake.

“We drained the fuel and realised that one of our guys had mixed petrol and diesel that is why the generator failed,” said Hozheri.

“It is unfortunate that Macheso feels cheated, but I do not believe there is anything peculiar.”

Macheso was forced to break for over 40 minutes as his team tried to restore power.

Meanwhile all four artists seem to have done their homework with polished performances.

Killer T was probably the best performing to multitudes of a relatively new audience that he had singing along throughout his 30 minutes performance.

Sulumani Chimbetu also had a brilliant night while Mataruse did well to get fans into the mood before the main acts.

Being Macheso’s first performance this year he proved his mettle leaving revellers spellbound.


  1. tazviona, why do u need to kill talent? I see your way of thinking in many Zimbos like u. Macheso has talent, Sulu has talent, and whats wrong with them playing their best music and entertain u and me? Come on man, there is enough space in the air for all of them to fly, so let them fly. If Sulu was the only musician around would u really enjoy listening to the same type of music everyday and always? Shame

  2. At the moment, the sungura crown is up for grabs to any dark horse. Macheso must be missing Dhewa’s rivalry which stirred followers.

    • My friend, don’t mock God the Almighty. do you thnk God is intrested in things of this world?don’t call curses upon can hide yo name on internet but not from Him. Respect Him, Fear Him, treat Him with Reverence and you will be counted among the wise

  3. Macheso apera uyu, Extra Kwazvose zvaazvinhu. lf u ever go kuti live show yeExtra Kwazvose (Rebels) haufe wakada kuona Macheso futi. Coconut coconut Goto, Sando Sanding!!!!!! Macheso is history

    • ndokurasika manje music has not to be compared every musician is unique ndo saka ini ndiri fan yamacheso ie uri ya marebels tinonakirwa nezvakasiyana rega zvakadaro .

  4. @igwee, the issue is not about making any comparison btwn musicians are uncevalised when you say REBELS and this is from your own small thinking and understanding.go back to grade seven and consult your dictionary well.they made their wise decission to show their capabilities just like macheso when he left khiama boys to form his out fit.why didnt you call him REBEL?history ndi mbuya vako.nxaaa.

  5. GULAZ go back to primary school and learn your spellings. Consult your dictionary as well. Chupeti!

    Ndochii ichochi


  6. people who post negative comments about our artists are rarely seen at live shows Lets have constructive criticizim. We need a variety of music not making artists fight each other,for what reason. WEGA HAUGAYE. .

  7. Sulu akarova magetsi agenda achiridza Nhambarakishoni mafuns akaramba achiimba madrums nasulu vachingoridza pasina magetsi akauya vanhu vachingofara mvura ikanaya chaunga chichingotamba sulu aside mareporter hamunyori izvozvo ipai mufana sando dzake.

  8. Haa zvese zvamurikutaura zvakanaka nyaya yenyu yandirwadza kuti saka ini murikundi vharira mukati manje ndozozorawo batta sei dendera racho romhara pavakadzi vangu here ndiri mukati haiwa Killar T usangoridza pfuti isina mabara itai action .

  9. haaa farirai mega Extra kwachiny’i?? Ini naBaba Sharo wangu zvangu, mvura inaye kana zuva ripise, ndinavo chete avo maDancers masquerading as musicians ever since i have attended their shows i dont see them improving its worrying to see that some quarters are labling Macheso as “apera” hoo, Hameno mirai tione hanti April irikuuya manje manjeso tione zvinyowani zvaExtra kwachiny’i…..

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