Zanu PF provincial polls turn riotous


ARMED riot police had to be called in to quell violent clashes between fighting Zanu PF factions amid vote rigging allegations during Saturday’s provincial elections.

Elias Mambo/Herbert Moyo

Police in Gutu and Bikita had to be called in to stop the clashes between perceived supporters of Vice President Joice Mujuru and Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa after violence broke out.

Sources in the volatile Masvingo province said allegations of tempering with the voters roll were raised after a number of people failed to vote in Saturday’s elections.

“Hundreds of people did not find their names on the voters roll yet they were part of the electoral college,” said a highly placed source in Masvingo.

“The names that were sent to the headquarters (in Harare) are different from those on the voters roll meaning that someone tempered with the registers.”

However, despite the chaos Zanu PF national chairman, Simon Khaya-Moyo told journalists yesterday that: “The elections were held in an atmosphere of peace and this is indicative of the unity prevailing in the revolutionary party contrary to negative reports from the private media.”

“I am aware that some inconveniences could have been caused by inadequate provision of transport, late arrival of ballot papers and inaccuracies in some registers. Corrective measures were promptly taken where applicable.”

In Bikita police had to arrest some supporters who threatened violence after they were barred from voting.

“The same scenario took place in Bikita as well and we hope this will be resolved since the results do not reflect the will of the people,” sources said.

The source also said the two camps had initially quarrelled over the composition of the electoral college, which should be made up of members drawn from the districts.

Last year police in Masvingo had to deploy the anti-riot squad to every Zanu PF meeting held in the town to keep warring factions from coming to blows after violence broke out in the controversial and now defunct District Coordinating Committee (DCCs) elections. Police had to use teargas to disperse the supporters as rival camps clashed after the disaster that characterised the DCCs polls.


  1. SK, I am sure you do realise that people rarely call in the riot police if events are “peaceful”. Unless of course the ZPF peace which is very different from what the rest of humanity knows peace to mean. Maybe “peaceful” is a relative term, in which case if you compare the few skirmishes to what happened in 2008, yes – I may be persuaded to agree with you.

  2. forget abt violence .voters roll in shambles for as long as there is peace the results are are acceptable. this is Zim we have our own way of doing elections. lol

  3. Masters of rigging and orchaestrators of violence, we watch as you slide the country into mud. The economy will be your downfall. You can intimidate, disfranchise the voters and rig the elections but you surely cannot rig the economy. Zimbabwe is endowed with natural resources backed by human capital with relevant skills but unfortunately ruled by political actors whose main concern is to line their pockets without regard for its people.

  4. Newsday,kindly be informative.The media is supposed to be educative.Were people voting for Mujuru and Mnangagwa or these were ZANU-PF provincial elections.Has ZANU-PF been holding provincial elections or Mujuru / Mnangagwa elections. Even if that was the issue,your reporting remains unclear.Chitinyoreraika list for those aligned to Mujuru and those aligned to Mnangagwa tizivewo.This reporter must say everything tizive vemapato amuri kutaura aya kuti ndivanani.If the reporter cannot publicise it then the editor must highlight the details to the nation.Newsday ndiyo irikuziva maplayers etimu yaMujuru nemaplayers etimu yaMnangagwa ndokunge varipo.

  5. Oneal Patel,you are just confused and your mind is full of frustration. If you did not know,RIGGING is part of the game and can be applicable at any level in politics.Former President Bush akariga nemucourt chaimo kuti akunde Elgo kuAmerica uku.If you had not been informed,POLITICS IS A DIRTY GAME saka ukatambira mairi usatya kusviba magaro.Kuwhinha,kuwhinha nomatter watenga vanhu kana kuti wariga or zvaperera mucourt.Thats the game.Iye akarigwa akadii kurigawo,haana maziso here.Musati nyaudza neDIRTY GAME,it’s expected the world over.Zvemuno zvirinani.

  6. Alloys pfutseki,Newsday is the paper that is bringing the truth to people.usatare zvekumama ita rako newspaper rino reporter zvaunoda.

  7. Alloy you write as someone who is bright but why do you want to keep your mind in the dark. The truth is in any party, supporters are aligned to leadership. This dead party which cannot manage succession issues have us supporters aligned to prospective successors. This is the truth. I am of the Mujuru faction. I want Mujuru to take over ahead of Munangagwa. Even this british sponsored party have factions, MT, TB etc. Wake up mhani iwe. Unongodya mari chete asi wakavharika kudaro. Ndimi matiurayira party nenyika imi.

  8. What percentage did the MDC-T get. Are you trying to tell me that all the people voted for zanu-PF on saturday? how is that possible. MDC-T must boycott the Zanu-PF conference next week if their leader is not allowed to attend and contest freely and fairly. What do you think. Tsvangson for Buhera.

  9. @Manhize, SOUR GRAPES Vakoma, sour grapes!! , zuro chaiye waifamba wakapfeka hembe dze CHINJA maida kutonga ipi nyika? Yaani? Yakasunungurwa nani? imi murikupi?? Hooo, madyiwa now the winners are chinese puppets and the same country yu want so much to rule is “bankrupt”..chirungu chamakadzidziswa neZANU PF nemaScholarships ndochoshandiswa kutuka? sorry maningi vakoma.

  10. @Don Wezhira

    Kkkk warwadziwaka,kunzi puppet zvinorwadza hahaha.But facts are stubborn.I respect most of your contributions my brother,but we all fought and contributed for the liberation of this country.I for one have lost 2 brothers who went to Moza and never came back,and when you guys were awarding each other those 50thousands my family never got anything.we also lost a lot of stalk.anyway nyika takarwira tese haisi yenyu mega futi..Please stop fooling yourself..I went to school nemari yevabereki vangu kwete yeZANU.chirungu takadzidziswa nemaEnglish kwete maChina.Lastly what have those fun faced creatures from the east ever brought us besides cinide to kill our elephants and rhinos..

  11. From the figures that we have seen from all provinces clearly zanu never won elections in july but they rigged. who is fooling who here all sane people can see that in all provinces zanu was averaging 4000 votes there is something fish here.

  12. If it is Zanu againist Zanu that is very good,lets encororge theme to fight more. Combrade against combrade. Violent tugs against one another that is good. A disfunctional state due to this evil party run on blood let it gukurawundi itself.

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