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Mugabe taunts Tsvangirai


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday taunted his political nemesis MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai over his calls for security sector reforms during his tenure as Prime Minister in the inclusive government.


Mugabe, who is battling to halt an economic slide after securing the Zanu PF July 31 win, also demanded that his party MPs deliver on electoral promises.
Speaking at the burial of Zimbabwe’s Defence Attaché’ to China, Brigadier General Misheck Tanyanyiwa, Mugabe said failure was not an option as Zimbabwe’s enemies were waiting in the wings.

Tanyanyiwa, whose remains were interred at the national shrine in Harare yesterday, died in Beijing last Tuesday.

“The people voted for you so that you could fight for them. Not that you should be more important than them. Fight for their rights, fight sanctions . . . Once beaten twice shy. Zanu PF cannot afford at all to sit back and relax nowthat the July 31 harmonised elections have ushered Zanu PF back into the driving seat. The party’s pledges to the electorate must be fulfilled and now is the time. You must remain a humble beggar,” he charged.

Pressure is mounting on Zanu PF to honour its electoral pledges to ease a financial crunch aggravated by Mugabe’s continued hold on power. The party, which will convene its 14th National People’s Conference in Chinhoyi this week, promised to indigenise the economy in a manner that will create two million jobs and wealth for the generality of Zimbabweans.

The country currently has one of the world’s highest unemployment rates, estimated to be hovering above 80%.

Turning to ex-premier, Mugabe said: “People like Tsvangirai would say they want change in the security sector. What do they know about such a crucial sector? That was never going to happen and it will not happen. We should remain ever vigilant because the enemy will try to come back in many guises, even in the form of puppet political parties, created in the name of democracy to deceive the world about their real intentions.”

Security sector reforms was one of MDC-T’s major demands in the Global Political Agreement as the party, together with MDC led by Welshman Ncube, argued that security chiefs were biased towards Zanu PF against their mandates.

Mugabe also watered down any prospects of revisiting the indigenization policy, maintaining that the 51-49% shareholding structure in favour of locals would remain in place.

“Resources are ours and should not be exploited by others. We will invite our friends provided they come to assist us not exploit us. There is no exception. I have heard others preaching otherwise, but that is not going to happen,” he said.

Deputy Finance Minister Samuel Undenge recently hinted that Zimbabwe could amend its indigenisation law to provide flexible terms on capital projects, particularly those in energy and water sectors, in a move aimed at attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

“On capital projects like energy, which require close to $3 billion to finance, we will bring flexible terms as government with regard to compliance with the indigenisation law,” Undenge told a meeting of business executives.

Zimbabwe requires at least $3billion to finance the rehabilitation and construction of power stations, an amount which many believe cannot be sourced locally.
A huge external debt of close to $11 billion has also worsened the situation as the country struggles to access funding from multilateral institutions.

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  1. Mugabe is a deranged old man who has no shame why does he always want to address other issues at a funeral? What is that? Is it tradition that we insult our putative enemies when burying someone else? This old man is full of nonsense.

    • @Kitsimisi, the President brilliantly talked about improving the economy in general. You need to read through the whole article before you hastilly waffle.

      • Mukuru anechi Tsvangirai pamuromo pake. Kana vachirota zvinotyisa, ndofunga vanenge vachirota vachimhanyiswa na Tsvangirai. I hope kuti Mai Chatunga does not get kicked in those nightmares! kkkk.

        Dai achifa mukuru uyu, nekuti anyanya.

        • No magents, that’s horrible! We should learnt to contain our anger – it is uncouth to wish anyone dead. No doubt he has blood on his hands kodwa lokho ngokwakhe loNkululunkulu wakhe, thina asimkhulekeleni ukuze ukukhanya kufike lakuye. Amen

          • He ORDERED death of thousands of opponents. His Presidency is a graveyard of atrocities, some too ghastly to imagine. I WISH that god returns that favor too. Why not?

      • I love your comment – he talked about it. LIke he has talked about reviving the economy for the last how many years? What does it matter who has what and who makes what? If they do it off the sweat of their own brow they should be commended. It is childish to bemoan the fact that someone else is succeeding when you are not. Perhaps everyman and women in this country, including myself needs to take a long hard look at themselves and decide on their own path in life. One which goes towards success, rather watching from the sidelines and pulling those down who are already succeeding.

      • @Changlong 11; Talk is cheap my friend.It is action that counts!As we speak the economy is in a serious downward spiral never experienced during the entire tenure of the GNU.Yet we have day dreamers like you who after 32 years “still await for Godot” believing he will deliver you to a make belief land of plenty.Wake up and see your “Godot” is in fact busy enriching himself at your expense!
        One other thing,when will the President wake up from his fitful dream in which his “imaginary” enemies Blair and Tsvangirai are still pressing issues of state?

      • Changlong11, Mugabe is afraid of our president, Tsvangirai. Why is he always talking about him? Paanomutya kudaro, ko kuzoti Tsvangirai ava kutonga. Mugabe achatiza muno chete. I heard him commenting about Smith and his vows about blacks never ruling in his life time. Mugabe has made similar vows. Tsvangirai will be president in Mugabe’s life time and security sector reforms shall happen in his life time. Read my leaps. Isu secrete service ye MDC with the help of our friends the CIA will make sure it happens.

      • @ changlong u are a fool.thats u suport zanu pf.shame on u.do u knw hw many pple are unemployed here in zim?GOD z there and watching you terrorists

    • Indeed kisimisi this old man has no shame at all.He is now confusing a funeral and campaign rally.Oh shame,time is quickly catching up with this geriatric.

      Stop insulting Mr Tsvangirai okay,fix the economy right now.We are waitng to see how you are going to do it,shame.

    • Mugabe is a sad little man and this week he is feeling very tiny compared to giants like Nelson Mandela. One cannot help but notice that Mugabe takes every public opportunity to attack Tsvangirai; he never attacks Welshman, Simba Makoni, Dabengwa or any opposition leader. It is Morgan who gives him sleepless nights. And with good reason; Tsvangirai beat him in 2002, 2008 and 2013 elections but being the thug that he is he decided he could cling on to power using state machinery.

      Instead of using such occasions to address the numerous challenges faced by the country, he prefers to dwell on trivial issues exposing how daft he is. Grow up Mr President.

    • Poor Mugabe does he really think that Tsvangirayi would like to be buried near those murderers. Mugabe is mad about what Tsvangirayi mentioned in the press referring to the conversation he (Tsvangirayi) had with Mandela.

    • @Stingselfray. Love or hate Cde RG Mugabe you cannot avoid him. He is our President and your President who was voted in by us the majority and he is there to stay.
      lt is unfortunate that you represent the minority who yearn for Western imposed reforms (including security sector reforms). As a matter of fact he has a right to comment about anything you name it, wherever, as and when neccessary hazvirambidzwi. What difference does it make. By the way he won resoundingly by trouncing others, zvinemutsindo. Elections aside anyway.

    • You can not leave Tsvangirai in our economic war as he is a conduit used by our enemies. Tsvangirai is the whiteman’s foothold in Zimbabwe. It is therefore logical to destroy the bridge being used against us at every opportunity, funerals included.

      • How many white men are left in Zimbabwe? At least a quarter of your new friend the China man huh? So why are you so scared of us? You fear a return of Rhodesians? The last great Rhodesians are either dead or making a success of their lives elsewhere… Who would want to come back and have to fix this mess?

        • It is never about the number of whites and it is never about blacks hating whites. 5 whites can oppress a million blacks easily if allowed in the same way that 5 blacks can oppress a million whites if circumstances allow it. Nobody is born hating but ideologies teach hate. Black oppression has been fought in whichever form it came and blacks fighting for what rightfully belongs to them is within our rights. We are good people so are many white people who don’t subscribe to ideologies of white domination. Whether Mugabe is a dictator or not or whether the Chinese are good or evil does not change the fact that neo colonialists exist and they have a special agenda for Zimbabwe.

        • Fix what for whom Dusty? Yu are mad people..there will never be a Rhodesia again..NEVER. Maybe yu are too young to have taken part in the war, ask yo elders, by 1979 our fighters were everywhere and yo army could not go anywhere, All zones were liberated, our fighters were roaming the countryside in broad daylight! Grand Reef had been disabled and ZIPRA had made sure nobody uses Vic Falls or Kariba…yu were in a rut! Lancaster House saved yo necks, we were going to wipe all Rhodies right off this sacred land.And thank RGM for the reconciliation call, our fighters were ready to make yo rebel race extinct.

  2. Vakuru vapererwa he has totally nothing else to say. Zororai vakuru ushe madzoro siyirai vamwe. Vamwe vakazvarwa muchingotonga vakafa muchingotonga. Kare ndaifunga kuti pamwe kuti Mugabe izita rebesa I remember when I was at school my teacher asked what I wanted to be when I grow up, and I answered I want to be Mugabe.hamugute mari makaita seiko asi chandoziva pakuguma we shall go six fit down, pasi harigute and rinodya hazvinei unepfuma yakadii and kugehena hakuna izvozvo chero waive chamatumba!

  3. stupid mugabe busy insulting Tsvangirai while the economy is sinking. The gains made during the inclusive gvt are nw being eroded. Now that yu are in charge drive the economy forward nt backwards. Moron.

    • It is people like you who are not making Zimbabwe to move through your negative mindsets. Zimbabwe is going to prosper regardless of your narrow mind. You only think of today when big minds see through the future. You must start to visualize things ten to forty years aheard if you are to interpret the vision of Gushungo. Unoda mafufu segonzo and not the crust, God forbids.

      • @MAKOTSI, how many years have we given your Gushungo to run this country and steer it out of many quagmires? And regardless of all his brilliance we are beggars in our own Country. He is letting the Chinese colonize us slowly! Despite all the tollgates the roads are so bad. And you are also making a cosmetic repair of the roads in Chinhoyi because he is going there. Chimbopinda mumalocations eChinhoyi uone makomba nekupfumbuka kwaanoita huruva. Ndiyo vision yenyu iyoyo. You and your Gushungo have wrong priorities for this country. Gadzirai migwagwa munogara vanhu kwete kungogadzira pakati petown nekuti Gushungo vachapfuura nepo. Munoda kutonga asi kubatsira vanhu vamunotonga hamugoni……regardless of all your njere matongofanana nezvitototo zvinogara zvichitaurwa nemudhara wenyu….munotadza kugadzira road inoenda kuProvince yamudhara. Actually you are marking the road through potholes, my goodness!

    • A seasoned politician uses any fora to articulate topical issues of national significance. The national economy is an issue every Zimbabwean would want to hear about. It is therefore naive to expect seasoned politicians in the mould of President Mugabe to fail to communicate with the electorate at such fora.

  4. Iwe Makotsi kwana wanzwa. Our land is our economy takainzwa. Maradio jingles akaridzwa tikateerera zvichinzi zvichanaka, riini wacho? It’s not negative thinking but reality through experience.

    • Igudo chete rinofimbika mazhanje noruvoko rwerubotswe robva rosevenzesa rworudyi kutarisa kuti aibva panguva imwechete. An economic war is opaque such that those limited in scope and vision will indeed remain dangerous spectators. Zimbabwe’s economy has remained a whiteman’s economy and they current thrust is to build a true Zimbabwean economy hence the resistance from the white front.

  5. Haiwawo tibvire kumhepo iwe kaharahwa. l really think these statements kwava kukura but you still get the sick and demented zpf supporters saying Mugabe is right. Mr “President” takuda action kwamuri kwete kusweroti ma MP should deliver their promises…you should start with all the promises you made. The teachers are waiting for your promises,so are the civil servants waiting for a good life, we want water and electricity. You said these things will be availed the minute a new minister is appointment. Your talking about security reforms will not help us at all,security of your power interests is all you think about. Hey there are more basic needs like physiological and social needs. Toda hepunyu hwakanaka

  6. Hahaha Mudhara we want progress not cheap politics,why is it that all bad leaders always want to see enemies were there are none.Honestly why must we Zimbabweans expect deleverence from a man who is way over the hill.Does he see any need for development anymore when he knows kuti iye yahari yofanzirofa.Our future must be in the hands of someone who still has a future himself not a dying old man on his last legs.at least Tsvangirai is not a Chinese puppet like him,he is not selling our natural resources to the west either unlike him who has sold us to those funny faced people from the east

  7. if Westerns care abt Zimbabweans why they didn’t just arrest R.G Mugabe (if dey c hm as dat guilty n responsible of wateva bad dey claim) ……..but dey chose to impose sanctions on us to suffer coz dey exactly know dat Mr President wont suffer?….and who’s d messenger …Svosvai Tsvangirai….

    wekup and smell d coffe…
    Where on earth In Africa dd u find celebrating abt Mandela apart frm white countries

  8. Baba ava vanoenda ne mbiri yekutuka vamwe nekuuraya nyika chete. Anyway the Security Forces of Zimbabwe cannot be reformed into a professional force Mugabe aramba. I don’t know whether making our securty sector professional is weakening it. Makotsi chero ukauraya Tsvangirayi hazvirevi kuti ZanuPf inobva yagona kutonga.

  9. Manje maonaka vatsvaira ma diamonds iwe uchingopopotera Tsvangirayi sezvinonzi ndiye ari kutonga. You are ruling usaite se opposition party. Zimbabwe is cursed we need to pray hard.Madzangaradzimu arikufamba munyika. ma dhimoni egaega.

    • The issue you raised about ghosts deserve a comment. Yes were have alien ghosts, the likes of Cecil Rhodes intered at one of our national sacred place at Matopos/ Mabweadziva. These are spirits which Zimbabweans must get rid of. No wonder Ian Smith’s ‘not in a thousand years slogan.’ Lets unite as a nation and cleanse our nation of all colonial remains from colonial symbols such as place or roadd names to they exumation of colonial ists burried at our sacred places.

      • And while you blame the white’s for all your problems you can’t take care of yourself… I am not a white apologist at all – I am proud of my race and of the man I am, however not at the expense of denigrating other people or their races… Concentrate on making yourself a better person and soon you will realise the person you didn’t like all the time is actually closer to home than you think… By your actions and your words you insult yourself

      • Makotsi whilst you are still at it,supposed you start with the very language you are “abusing”.Write and speak in your own language.Newsday will still publish your twisted ideas.

  10. This article presents generalities as empirical facts.Going by the strict definitions of unemployment we cant be rated amongst one of the highest in the world, Eish… what pleasure do we derive from such glaringly fallacious misrepresentations of our own country? Most of us are not looking for jobs, that is Keneysian doctrine which we reject, we want to create them.

  11. Mugabe is not a leader, he is always on the counter, he is always on the defence, he is a victim of circumstances, not able to initiate and formulate developmental policies. He is seated there for more than three decades to satiate his ambitions at the expense of the whole nation of Zimbabwe. A stiff necked old man who doesnt even care for the people whom he is ostensibly leading. Why doesnt he learn from good leaders like the late Nelson Mandela, “a torch bearer who knew exactly when to handover the torch to the next bearer”. Mandela an examplery leader, a United States of Africa “George Washington”. I want to tell you honourable president, you know the fate that befell, the likes of M. Gardaff, S. Hussein, and so forth, you might think that’s heroism; but tell me what is HEROISM.
    If you think Tsvangirai is not to lead Zimbabwe, why dont you give the button stick to Mai Mujuru, Munangagwa, or even the young blood with the likes of Walter Mzembi.

  12. Siyanai naPresident. He is getting ready to attend the funeral. He was beaten to the finishing by Madiba on Graca 1st time and he had to settle for poor Grace – karombe aka. Now that Graca is available again, surely he must Nikuv his way into her skirts. All this shit you are talking about does not matter to him.

    • Iwe Skuzapo learn to respect those who deserve respect. Mai venyika havanzi karombe nokuti unenge washora kana mai vako.

      • Apa washaya wena. Ukatuka Grace watuka Grace, kwete mai vako, Grace ndiGrace ndimai vaBona Robert naChatunga kwete mai Venyika. Nyika ipi yaunovapa? Vakaita chii chinoratidza kuti ndimai venyika?

  13. That is correct for the President to remind the nation that we have puppets who joined the west to preserve the status-quo, and they did everything in the book to sabotage our economic development, which most of our local idiots take time to comprehend. The struggle continues , and puppets will remain puppets.

    • Tibvire apa iwe reasonless! Ukanzwa baba vako votaura nyaya yevamwe vakadzi vavakambodana navo paguva ramaivako unotii? Kakarahwa kenyu aka kapererwa, sera kachingorotomoka Tsvangison every night.

  14. @changlong 11. You are the one waffling. You are too naive to notice that for the past 33years Mugabe has pronounced “brilliant” policies and programs, with ultimate poverty to show for it.

  15. Mugabe & his goons must deliver wat they promised us nt kungogara vachituka Tsvangirai. Tsvangirai haasi riye akaisa masanctions. Masanctions haasi riwo arikupedza ngoda. PLIZ Mugabe tinoda kuguta kwenyambo dzako

  16. @Reason. And you will always be a brainwashed Green Bomber. You cant even notice that Zimbabwe is fast becoming another Tibet, dofo.

  17. ladies and gentlemen, what our president is simple saying is that morgan will one day rule zimbabwe. you can kill a revolutionist but you cannot kill a revolution. if GOD rejects you as a leader you cant do anything about it. Ask Saul in the bible.

    • Apa wataura manje apa! Pasi naMugabe, nokuti mutengesi, pasi naChombo nekuti Mutengesi zvakare, ava vaviri vari kutengesa nyika kumaChina.

  18. gagaggagaaaaaaah nhai baba chatunga hanti makutonga mega saka tsvangirai apinda papi akangofanana neni ndisina kubasa kwandoshanda atadzisei.zvirikunetsa ka haitongeki ka zvamakatadza makore ese aya mozozvigona sei nhasi.tsvangirai akasiya akuseterai standard yakawoma.kusiya apa vanhu mari nemota dzamakuti dzararisa mutown idzi,bt kungosvika kwenyu mari hapachina.tongai tiwone kkkkkkkkk.

  19. The pigs in Animal Farm consolidated their grip on power through the propaganda that Mr Jones was planning a comeback in cahoots with Snowball. Now it’s the West through Tsvangirayi. The propaganda has takers like Reason, Makotsi and Scotv, the real enemies of the state. Zimbabwe is not the only former British colony. Even America was a British colony but the two are allies today. We have to move on. Guy Scott, Vice President of Zambia, said words to that effect at the WTA in Victoria Falls recently.

  20. Mugabe preaches hatred, always insulting people. He is a very bad role model for our children, just like he had a bad one himself since his father was a vagabond.

  21. Makotsi be careful with your comments, at New Zimbabwe Situation they no longer publish my comments. However, tell them, we are the majority and we like what the President says and represent. The minority should either conform or go to hell. They can wait another 33years fro Tswangirayi to rule

  22. Things will change with time,make no mistake about that.What is wanted is delivering to the people what was promised during elections and many years before. ZANU-PF won the elections and must simply deliver and not hide by Tsvangirai.The ball is in their court let them play accordingly.People are watching.

  23. Cde dingdong i only said nature will one day take its course and reform the security sector through deaths caused by illness and most probably accidents as a glance at the guide to the heroes acre will reveal

  24. President,Tsvangirai is the least of your worries please fix the economy have you heard that we no longer have diamonds the chinese have taken all the diamonds when Biti said the diamonds where being stolen by the short yellow men from china you flatly denied it now we have nothing what a joke

  25. What are “security sector reforms”? Was that disbanding the whole army and police or what? The so-called GPA was one of the most idiotic agreements signed. The MDCs called for “security sector reforms” but they did not know what this was or who was going to carry it out or who was going to monitor it and tell us it was complete. How could the MDCs call for a ZanuPF military dictatorship to reform itself?

    • Because they were told what to by the master and all good boys do as the master demands. Only mamparas ask questions.

        • My apologies, a typo there. I am answering your question why MDC would ask ZANU PF to reform itself. It is because MDC were told to go and ask ZANU PF to reform itself by their master, that is why. Good boys do as they are told without asking questions. Master does not need to explain himself neither does he need to make sense, what he says must be done!

  26. kkkkk, regayi ndiseke. Ukaona munhu mukuru ave kufunga sechana chinozviwetera woziva kuti zvananga kuipa. You rigged elections, you “claimed” vistory against Tsvangirayi and now that Tsvangirai is quiet, you keep on saying this bull.. Ko handiti ndiwe president here? chitongazve tione, ko Tsvangirai aita seiko futi this time around? Tooonga tione, ndiweka wedangwe.

  27. ko kumbotaurawo musina kuti tsvangirai chino tsvangirai icho? forge ahead with your post election agenda. asi anokubhowa kuti akanetsa kubiridzika – ane 34% of the vote despite kumubirira. kutonga kweginya asi hakuspake? kuzeza chati kwatara kunge uine katurikwa. kkkkkkkkkk. gore rino isuku nasai akomana.

  28. National shrine! What nonsense. It was our votes which got Zanu into power in 1980 not because Zanu did anything at all. I voted for Zanu in 1980 why should ZanuPF build a special place to bury their cronies. Zanu did not bring about black rule in this country – majority rule was negotiated by others who have been airbrushed out of history. How can they call themselves “national heroes” when it was our votes which got them into power in 1980. Mind you this was the second time black people had voted in this country. The black majority started voting before we voted Zanu into power in 1980. Nothing will ever change this.
    Mandela is to be buried in his home area as is the African custom not this showing off by ZanuPF to people who got you into power in the first place. Morons. How can you, in ZanuPF, call yourselves heroes when my vote was one of the millions who got you into power?

  29. @Musona, If yu consider Muzorewa /Smith settlements as black majority power then we are not talking. Yu voted ZANU PF in 1980 because yu agreed with their manifesto, as yu still do, thats why yu voted ZANU PF again on July 29. Iwe unoona Tsvangido achvigwa paya? Zvirotoka izvo.

  30. President Mugabe,kochashata chii zvakare .ingawani makarowa bhora mugedhi .so wat has chamatama TSVANGIRAI done to you.Anyerere asiimi muringo bwabwata zvisina maturo.Tarisai muromo wazara nefoam yesurf muchingohumana.remove suffering of ordinary zimbos by creating employment.ndatenda zvangu

  31. @Don Wezhira – I never saw any Zanu manifesto in 1980 – I don’t think they had one at the time: they relied on intimidation. I absolutely don’t agree with ZanuPF’s manifesto right now. I gave up on Zanu way back in the early 1980s when I realised we were heading for a one-party dictatorship. The fact that I think ZanuPF is useless doesn’t automatically make me MDC-T. I am past the outdated politics of following parties – I cherry-pick good ideas.
    Muzorewa was voted into power by more people than those who voted Zanu into power in 1980 which made it credible whether you, I or anyone else likes it or not. In April 1979 – 2 826 200 people participated in the election which got Muzorewa into power and 2 649 529 participated in 1980 election which got Mugabe into power. It was not up to Zanu or Zapu to decide who governed in 1979 – both Zanu and Zapu had no power to decide who governed in 1979. It would be like a man who married a woman who has one or two kids from a previous marriage but is going around claiming his new wife is a virgin.

  32. jend_ekufa rako mhani mudhara. Chitongaka tione. Industry yose yavhara iwe uri busy kuchaya bonyora pa Economy and talking Nonsense. The Great Mandela wakambomunzwa kupi kuti akambotuka an opponent? Wakambonzwa kupi kuti Mandela killed rivals. He did one term and handed over the button stick . Iwe uri busy kutiza nebutton stock mugomo . Kura mudhara . We all see kuti by June 2014 next year nyika ino inenge yavharwa. Tichabikana hedu . This time unoenda .Usanyepe iwe.

  33. Panovigwa munhu hapamboshamise Mugabe. Mandela will be buried at his homestead in Qunu yet he is the Greatest STATESMAN ever. You stole the Election. Duzvi remunhu.

  34. We all know that Mugabe is a menemene and there is something kokayi with his head he always insult people at funerals i wish they don’t allow him to speak at Mandela funeral otherwise he will go out of topic and start insulting everyone .We dont know how he was brought up but it seems he did not have a father figure in his early life who could instil some respect in him.He is foul mouthed remember how he used to insult our own father zimbabwe now he has shifted he insults Morgan sis.

  35. its a shame. mandela’s archievmnts make most living presidents appear like chicken sh*t. we now know what REAL heroz look like.

  36. I am in shock; first of all no respect for the deceased!

    Secondly, in S.A they mourn a uniting leader, in Zim they mourn a genocide attendant.

    More disparities please

  37. i can see that some of us are still blinded by mugabe n zanu pf moves talkng of the whites helping tsvangirai u fools cnt u remember mugabe’s words to tsvangirai. Was he not the one who said u talk to much tsvangirai form yo party so then was that e whites no, then shut up. He was in power 4 33 yrs what happnd rather than our economy down grading stll playing blame game look at e tym of gpa things bcame better n nw we r cryng again no money in banks hanzi look east nxa those guyz do they have a factory here in zim name it if u knw one they r talkng our staff to china nxa im psd off look at mandela he z the icon n mugabe who z he e hero to who hiz fellow party members nt a guy lyk me talkng nonsense in a funeral was he there to campain or to comfort

  38. mugabe imboko anoita hwebere hwekuti kana richida kudya vana vari rinotanga ravapomera kuti varikunhuwa mbudzi robva razovadya, fix da economy kwete kuswera uchiuraya nhunzi usingarape ronda,ncxaa to hell mhani newe mudhara iwe une shavi here rekutonga? unoda kufira pachigaro here?

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