HIV+ man jailed 60 years for rape

A 51-YEAR-OLD HIV-positive man was on Monday slapped with a 60-year jail term for raping his 10-year-old niece on three occasions, thereby exposing her to the deadly virus.


Presiding magistrate Never Katiyo heard that the rapist, whose identity has been withheld, also had unprotected sexual intercourse with his girlfriend on several occasions without disclosing his HIV status to her.

The girlfriend, whose identity could not be disclosed, since she is a victim, only got to know that her fiancé was on anti-retroviral therapy after she was summoned to testify in his rape trial.

The rapist will, however, spend the next 50 years behind bars after 10 years of his sentence were suspended on condition of good

In passing sentence, Katiyo decried the high incidence of sexual violence especially against minor children.

He said the issue of sexual violence had become a thorn in the flesh and had even attracted the attention of the country’s top leadership.
“We urge the legislature to re-look into the maximum jurisdiction accorded to the regional magistrates from the current 20 years per count which seems not to deter sexual offenders,” Katiyo said.

“The accused’s conduct is similar to that of Satanism. He embarked on a sexual escapade, spreading the deadly virus to unsuspecting women. He, therefore, needs to be stopped before killing more
innocent souls.”

Katiyo further said the rapist was lucky to have escaped an even longer jail term since the girl had failed to remember and to recount some of the sexual attacks.

The rape incidents occurred when the girl, who is now in Grade Five, had been left in the custody of her mother’s sister (the rapist’s wife) following her mother’s death sometime in December last year.

She, however, managed to vividly narrate only three occasions when she was raped while her mother’s sister had gone to Zambia and at one point to attend a funeral.

Prosecutor Chipo Hungwe told the court that each time he raped her, the rapist would threaten to kill her if she spilled the beans.

However, his luck ran out last month when his daughter-in-law visited him and discovered that the minor had difficulties in walking after contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

Upon interrogation, she eventually disclosed the sexual abuse, leading to her foster father’s arrest.


  1. ava ngavaende zvavo chinyararire, kwavanokodzera kugara,vanofirako

  2. mr juornolist u dd not finish telling us that dd the young gal or the galfrend contracted the deadly hiv, I also think the maid who was slapped with an 18 yr jail term shd have bn given exactly the same jail term

  3. its so sad this is so sad ,i feel sorry for the girl i know how it feels i have been there

  4. so painful to the child, this man deserves life in jail

  5. Good job magistrite hope all the judges take a leaf from yuh

  6. Uku ndiko kuti life in jail. Good Mr Judge ndokuti basa uku.

  7. Yah,good size Mr Mutongi,a well deserved punishment,kandai kuseri

  8. he deserves life in jail his so heartless

  9. I hear that the H I V vaccine is on the way,mybe by 2025. Will the court review the sentence of this man? Just wondering.

    1. ar u sympathizing with the rapist changamire alex?

  10. kwasara uyo anonzi gumbura uyo weIndependent church,manje nemacounts ake iiiiiiiii hameno.

  11. put him in one cell with Gumbura

  12. Good sentencing!

  13. YaGumbura haiendesi munhu kujeri iyo. Vainakidzana vanhu ava. Hapana rape iweeee.

  14. thank you magistrate unogona pakuti 50 plus 10 ndivo makore ekugara mujeri. President mukati makore emunhu aita rape plus makore emunhu aitwa rape ndiwo makore ekugara mujeri zvinoita. munhu ngaazvitonge ega.

  15. Thank you Mr Katiyo. These are the sentenses that should be given to rapists.God bless you

  16. Ignatius Chombo is prepared to demolish houses for people who bought stands from land barons unsuspectadly when the same Chombo is prepared to leave child molesters walk free,where is the logic

  17. But Gumbura is also HIV positive and is also on anti-retroviral therapy.He has also been sleeping with minors and among these are his biological daughters. I reserve my judgement

  18. the child’s life is at stake. Munhu anemukadzi kuvana unotswagei, Mwari havafari nazvo


    Maybe, he was told by the traditional healers that having sex with a minor could cure HIV.

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