Chiyangwa threatens wife’s lawyer

THE much-hyped divorce between Phillip Chiyangwa and his wife Elizabeth is not likely to fall through after it emerged the businessman’s relatives met with the wife in London at the weekend to consider conciliation as an alternative to a nasty public split.


Chiyangwa’s close relative John Mapondera yesterday confirmed that he met Elizabeth in London on Saturday to discuss the feud and to get her side of the story. Mapondera — upon his return from London — also met the Chiyangwa family to discuss the issue on Sunday.

“I suggested to her that she (Elizabeth) needs a cooling-off period so that we can work on this without public pressure,” Mapondera said.

He said during the cooling-off period of about six months, the case would remain open in the courts while the parties seek conciliation.

“She was naturally upset and I suspected (from the discussions) that she needs her position to be acknowledged and she wants her future and that of her children secured.

“We will, as families, seek to ensure that we put in place structures to secure her future, and it is my hope that this will be agreeable,” he said. Ads

Elizabeth, in her divorce papers through her lawyer Isiah Mureriwa, said: “The Defendant (Chiyangwa) has successfully alienated his love for the Plaintiff to other several women to the extent that the Plaintiff does not consider that the Defendant has any genuine love for her, which conduct Plaintiff regards as irreconcilable with a continued marital relationship.”

But yesterday Chiyangwa said Mureriwa had mishandled the case by misrepresenting Elizabeth in filing the suit for divorce. He contended that the matter was “legally dead”.

“This matter is legally dead,” Chiyangwa said. “He has mishandled the case. This guy went too far.

“He (Mureriwa) came out with his guns blazing, he offloaded, totally misrepresenting my wife. I will go after him using my lawyers. I have done reports to the necessary authorities and this guy must be exposed.”

Mureriwa yesterday, however, refused to be dragged into the wrangle with Chiyangwa.

“Every lawyer acts on instructions,” Mureriwa said. “It’s not appropriate for the matter to get that far now because it is before the courts and due process has to be followed. I wouldn’t want to be dragged into that discussion because it is out of fora. This reported matter is before the courts through which it will be dealt with.”

Documents in this paper’s possession show that Chiyangwa has ring-fenced his wealth into a family trust where Elizabeth is a member alongside the businessman’s nine children, two of whom — Ellen and Michelle — are Elizabeth’s .

“The income derived by the Trust Fund from time to time from the aforementioned assets shall vest in the donor’s family, Phillip Chiyangwa (54), Elizabeth Jumah Chiyangwa (48), Bruce Chiyangwa (32), Ellen Chiyangwa (28), Michelle Chiyangwa (24), Tamara Chiyangwa (20), Loreto Margaret Chiyangwa (23), Stephanie Chiyangwa (27), Edmund Chiyangwa (29), Phillip Munetsi Chiyangwa Junior (14) and Cherish Natasha Chiyangwa (19) and their descendants in such manner and in such share or shares as the Trustees shall decide upon from time to time in their sole and absolute discretion.”

Elizabeth — who is demanding an 85% stake in Chiyangwa’s business interests — is also seeking maintenance of $83 000 a month from the date of the granting of the decree of divorce for a period of 120 months from Chiyangwa’s empire, valued at around
$270 million.
Sources also told NewsDay that Chiyangwa’s children are also mulling applying to be joined on the matter because they are members of the Trust.

It has also emerged that Chiyangwa’s lawyers had up to yesterday not received the divorce summons that were lodged in the High Court last Monday.

“We have been instructed to place it on record that as at the time of publication of the article and the delivery of this letter to your offices, our client had not been served with the said application,” Chiyangwa’s lawyer, Addington Chinake, wrote to the High Court registrar yesterday.

“Firstly, we are concerned that his personal affairs have been published in a national newspaper at the time the proceedings are essential between the parties and the judicial system.

“Secondly, we request authority to obtain a copy of the said application to enable us to take full instructions from our client, since this matter is already in the public domain.”

On November 29, Mureriwa admitted the papers had not been served to Chinake and proposed a meeting between the two legal firms to “manage this issue without allowing it to cause unnecessary bad publicity on both parties”.


  1. Mukadzi uyu anga oda kuonesesa, kuda kutorera vana vese ava kuti agodya nechikomba chake, nxaa, this is the problem with these parasites.

  2. Mukorekore Mukuru

    This is a fake proceeding ab initio. It was a show off gimmick chete

  3. Phidza is a polygamist and the wife is aware. There is no maximum number of wifes/women he can take. This is part of our tradition and our culture and legal system accepts it

    1. He is legally married to her so he cannot marry other women under the law.

  4. nhaiwe reason, ati liz ane chikomba ndiani?

  5. Doctor Phillip Chiyangwa “Captain Fiasco” maiguru please tipeiwo masteady this man worked for his wealth if anything please come back home and relax muchingagira nzungu blaz vangu.

    1. Rev Comm Council

      @colonel which planet are you from to think that chiyangwa worked for his wealth?

      1. @Rev Comm Council you are so right!He is not a man of high standing rather a common theif

  6. handi uya wekuunganidza vanhu achiwawata kuti tsvangson anodisa kuringa zvidya zvavanhukadzi huye achamurwisa aanoona akayeva my wife or daughter ? nhu buu

  7. Looking at these two’s background and the ages of Phil’s children it is probably clear that the wife knew for years the kind of man he was married to and appeared to have been content with what she was getting out of the relationship – probably a luxury lifestyle. to me Complaining now doesn’t hold water but looks like a way to get money out of someone. That’s my opinion. I have witnessed women being comfortable with marrying in exchange for a better lifestyle irrespective of how promiscuous the guy is.
    However if we were to look on the other side of the coin. I have worked with so many woman who have been abused by rich man – having to just hold on to a relationship in exchange for a place to stay, eradication of poverty, threatened by eg death etc so they end up staying not knowing that they are being abused or because they have nowhere else to go or fear what the men can do to them. I would advise all the parties to let the law take its course.


    The problem with women is, as soon as they get married they relax and halt performing their matrimonial roles. A man, according to our culture can marry more women. The wife decided to walk out of marriage becoz the man was going out with women,well, bear in mind that, women ages quicker than men, hence, their perfomance in bed deteriorates . I advice Chiyangwa to legally marry more women of his choice to avoid going out with girlfriends.

  9. behind the scenes you will find negative influence of people who know very little about this relationship ie relatives friends policia pastors crews now lawyers and m project who have listened to only the poor woman and given a verdict that he deserves fixing. they never come into the open but effectively work to ruin successbound families with no consideration whatsoever of
    children welfare. for real

  10. Truthful Mwanawashe

    Remember what happened to Ingnatius Chombo. History repeats itself. Now you are seeing vast properties you didnt know.

  11. ”Vadzimu woyes hupfumi wangu uchadyiwa nani koo? Chinondinetsa mumwoyo” – Chibadura

  12. Philip, Hama Yao Mapondera uyo ndiye akutoisa mukadzi wako Nyoka mudumbu. For 6 months anenge achitoisa Nyoka mudumbu zvake achiti arikugadzirisa zvinhu inzwaini

  13. @ Tich, stop talking nonsense. The man is trying to mediate and save the marriage. Thats what relatives do in such circumstances. Wher do you come from…???

  14. That is not for you to decide,Mr Chiyangwa. The courts will determine whether the case is legally dead or not. You are not a lawyer. Don’t employ mafia scare tactics.

  15. Whilst I agree w those say men can marry as many wives as they wish 1 thing they must take note of is this couple’s marriage was registered under chapter 5.11 formerly chapter 37 inova isingatenderi more than 1 yf.

  16. Rev & Clo are right,life history yaBla wenyu shows he was a criminal from school in chegutu.He is reaping what he sowed.His threats wont do him any good.The wife s only doing whats good for her.

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