Zanu PF clueless — MDC-T

MDC-T yesterday said it would, before the end of this year, hold an emergency stakeholders’ meeting to save the economy from “clueless” Zanu PF.


The opposition party warned that the economy was sliding back to the pre-2009 era, saying the ruling Zanu PF party had failed to tame the tide.

MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora told NewsDay that they were also planning a National People’s Convention to re-connect with the founders of the party.
Mwonzora said: “Zanu PF is clueless on how to tackle these problems and we need to see how this situation can be handled.”

He accused Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo of wanting to create another Murambatsvina.

“As we speak, there is another Murambatsvina in the making in Chitungwiza. (Ignatius) Chombo (Local Government minister) wants to victimise citizens. He is talking of displacing people now when the rainy season has started. We are not worried who these people voted for in the elections, but we believe it is sadistic especially since these people are not being relocated elsewhere. Zanu PF was behind some of those settlements before the elections and what is happening is behaving as if people are expendable. ”

Mwonzora said a working committee had been set up to organise the dates and logistics for the two meetings.

“We will get the details on Wednesday, but the principle of holding the meetings has been agreed on,” Mwonzora said.

“The MDC is a movement. We want to hear from our stakeholders on the way forward in view of the fact that as a nation, we are fast sliding into an economic crisis. The signs are there. There is little disposable income, no medicines in our hospitals and in some rural health centres, there is not even a pain killer.”

At least 700 000 were left homeless in 2005 when the government demolished slum dwellings under an urban clean-up exercise code-named Operation Murambatsvina.

However, Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa scoffed at the MDC-T allegations, describing the charges of an economic meltdown as “wishful thinking”.

Mutasa said: “It is very interesting. The position of the MDC-T has always been the same. Within the short period after the elections, they are already seeing the economy backwards. They don’t see the illegal sanctions which they brought against the country sliding the country backwards, sliding the economy backwards. As Zanu PF, we have an economic blueprint to get the economy out of the situation it is in, to make it better.

“We are fortunate that MDC-T is no longer in government and that is why it is saying those things now.”

Chombo last week warned that government would demolish houses built illegally on undesignated land in Harare, Chitungwiza and elsewhere, adding that the programme could be replicated throughout the country.

In its election manifesto, Zanu PF pledged to create more than two million jobs in the next five years, but has rescinded its position citing the sanctions regime which the United Sates and the European Union have maintained.

Zanu PF said it has come up with the Zimbabwe Agenda for Socio-Economic Transformation blue-print to counter problems the country was facing, but has largely kept the document under wraps with ministers giving the public snippets of the policy before it was officially launched.

Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa recently returned from the International Monetary Fund in Washington, United States, empty-handed after the multi-lateral institution insisted that Zimbabwe sticks to its debt repayment plan before asking for new money.

Zimbabwe’s external debt stands at about $10,7 billion.

Among Zimbabwe’s creditors are the World Bank ($976,45 million), IMF ($127,4 million), European Investment Bank ($244 million) and $587 million owed to the African Development Bank.


  1. MDC strongly wishes that the country slides into economic crisis so that people become disgruntled over the ruling party, which sadly is not the case.Secondly Mr Mwonzora, ever heard of town planning, you do not set up infrustructure without local government approval.

    1. Are we not in economic crisis already,Do we have a government? If we do let it reshape the economy.We all look to them for that.Coming to eligal structures,some were set up just before elections to gunner more votes especially in areas that were thought to be MDC strongholds.If you want drive to Chitungwiza from Mbudzi and you will wonder. Zanu PF capitalises on desperate home seekers.Yes it is wrong to have such structures around town but who allowed them in the first place? The problem is that people forget so quickly,when these structures were being set,the same minister was watching just waiting to get votes for his party now he is worried.Will we ever be true and real to ourselves?

  2. where was chombo when those structures were being erected, where was your town planning. now that the people have voted then there is town planning. people have used their hard earned cash to build those houses and now someone just say destroy everything. sorry maningi!!! some people thrive on other people’s pain.

  3. When Zanupf was promising 2 million or so jobs had they forgotten about the so called sanctions?somewhere I read about wishful thinking is it?people are dying from curable illness people are sleeping on empty bellies people are drinking half urine there is no electrity industry is on a free fall the list is endless

    1. Day dreamers are those who lie to us and themselves that things are ok in Zimbabwe, Day dreamers are those who lie to themselves that they won the elections yet they know the truth.Wishful thinkers are those who promise lies yet they know that they have no answers to the problem of Zimbabwe.People should just wake up.

  4. where was Mwonzora & Chombo when those structures were being erected, why did they not warn people that there was your town planning. now that the people have voted then there is town planning. people have used their hard earned cash to build those houses and now someone just say destroy everything. sorry maningi!!! some people thrive on other people’s pain. THE POINT IS BOTH POLITICIANS KNOW OR KNEW WHAT NEEDED TO BE DONE AND THEY DARED NOT WARN ANYONE LEST THEY LOST POTENTIAL VOTERS. PEOPLE WILL CONTINUE TO BE USED AS LONG AS THE POLTITICIAN NEEDS THEIR VOTE AND BE DISCARDED LIKE A CONDOM AS SOON AS IT IS USED!!!!!!!!!!
    Mwonzora should now offer possible solutions to this mess instead of political grandstanding and playing the blame game when he was in the same government with Chombo that watched the illegal construction of houses springing up with out stopping them.

  5. Gvt shuld not let people do wateva they want in relation to this issue. People were already building these illegal structures during GNU so for MDC to come condemning the destruction of these structures show how insensitive they are to the general populace because with unplanned settlement the government cannot control diseases. So MDC are now worried at Murambatsvina how about the sanctions they have brought to Zimbabwe? Mwondora and co. wants to be seen by the handlers to be doing somethng but unfortunately they have lost relevance here at home.

  6. @changlong….these settlers were given the go-ahead to live where there are right now by the very same people who wants to evict them and that’s not fair! And as for the economy my friend,u need not say anything about it. Poverty is back and bitting hard,and we r still singing the same song…we need jobs,better infrastructure,sanitation,basic bread n butter…but so far it seems the gvt is going way off course.Plus look at the GDP itself and the BOP….there’s little to no exports and all we do is import and import,why don’t we recapitalize our industries and reduce these imports? Think long and hard my friend

  7. y murambatsvina during rainy season.where was chombo when thoz houses where built.yu are try to do what to the civilians.zanu pf is stuck.its regrettable when you start to think that someone voted fo these people.

  8. Surely zimbabweans have a short memory how can we forget so soon the haggling that characterised the GNU chero ndiri landlord zvangu it pains me to see someone who invested his bottom dollar, some place which you call a home being distroyed just by the blinker of an eye. Please lets feel for others. The city fathers so it happening they too said their hands were tied and who all know who promoted and why the powers that be looked aside and fold their hands. I hope the KajimuloTibaijuka of this world will not put us again on the international scene for wrong reasons

  9. Lest we forget that the mdshit was rejected by 70% of the electorate, me included….Lest we forgrt that mwondora and co are a bunch of useless thugs who corruptly sold all waterways in Chitungwiza while pocketing the proceeds as they ran the urban councils during the GNU….Lest we forget that the mdshit has become so irrelevant that it is trying to rebrand itself so that it may attract its old husband the brishit,,,,, I. HATE. MDSHIT…..

  10. Mutasa imboko chaiyo, iri dhara haridzidzi zuro ndizuro raiva chinhoyi richiti kwawanikwa diesel kubva mudombo raitodirwa mumota ikamutswa ikafamba ikaenda. ndiminister ivavo nhasi vadzoka zve nemasunctions avakagara vachingotaura kuti atadzisa kubudirira kwenyika. humbavha ndowhavuraya nyika zvavakunetsa kuzvirega, terera bofu rinonzi Che Guevara lest we iwe nani hatina kuvotera zanu isu saka we nani muchitungwiza tibvire, mboko dai pasina mubrishit waitaura chirungu iwe nhasi une chikoro chirinani kuri kuenda vana, hanzvadzi kanamuningina wako? dununu vamwe vari kuvaka zvikoro mumazoe maibva mazoe nema orange zvoshaikwa moti mabrishit endesaka mwana wako kumazoe kufirst lady’s skul tivone svunura geza uchibva kuchirebvu ucienda kuhuma dununu. saka mukati purazi rairimwa nyika ichiguta rivakwe chikoro kurima kugwe mutarisira kuti hufumi whenyika hunobvepi? svinurai mhani vanhu imwi.

  11. Whatever Zanu PF says Zimbabwe is in a precarious position. The economy is on freefall.

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