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We are midwives to other people’s dreams


DID it ever cross your mind that everyone is a midwife to someone else’s dream, including you?


When we use our gifts generously to assist others without expecting reward, doors of divine connections are unlocked.

Helping people with what God has given you paves way to your divine- ordained reward.

Genesis 40 gives an account of how Joseph helped the Cupbearer and the Chief Baker in prison, when he saw them one morning looking sorrowful. (Gen 40:7-8).

It is God’s delibarate tendency to allow you to come across people with problems related to your gift.

It is of paramount importance not to ignore any person in need who comes your way because the cupbearer who will connect you to the place of your dreams will be among them.

To every dream carrier there is a destiny connector around him.
The destiny connector of Joseph was placed in the same prison ward with him.

Joseph was touched by the sad countence of Pharoah’s officers, he asked them what was bothering them and discovered that he had the solution to their problems.

You are an answer to people’s problems. Joseph used his gift to interpret dreams, that led to the emancipation of the Cupbearer who later linked him to Pharoah.

People’s problems are potential opportunities for divine rewards. -If everyone is concious and assumes his responsiliblity of being a midwife to someone’s dream, the world would be a better place to live in.

Destiny is interdependent, it is like a river that receives from other sources and releases to other outlets.

Someone once said the reason why the Dead Sea is called dead is that it only recieves without giving.You do not use your gift to God but to men.

God deliberately packs special gifts in a junk cover.

A lot miss golden moments because the day that ushers men to their destiny comes as an ordinary day and many a time, destiny helpers appear as common men and women, or men and women in need requiring a hand.

Many look up to the flamboyant, most educated, the well known and the bishops, in the process bypassing their destiny helpers. With God, the adage “All that glitters is not gold” becomes a reality.

When the cry of the Israelites came to God by the reason of thier affliction from their taskmasters, God sent Moses with a stick in his hand, whose CV looked incommesurate with the assignment, because he was a stammerer and seemed to lack the neccesary ammunition, but he was divinely suitable for the task.

The Jews missed their moment of visitation they were eagerly waiting for because they expected that the Saviour would be born by noble parents in a great city,wearing a royal crown on his head.

The King of Kings was born in a manger by an ordinary carpenter, he grew up in a despised city where no one expected anything good to come out of it.

The moment you lay down your life for other people’s dreams, you accelarate the manifestation of your divine rewards.

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