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Election promises haunt Zanu PF


Zanu PF promises made during the run-up to the July 31 elections have come back to haunt President Robert Mugabe and his party.


Addressing the Zanu PF central committee yesterday in Harare, President Mugabe admitted that failure to fulfil the promises would raise dust among the people.

“We have got to start work, travel less, meet less and more action, more action, more action and that’s Zanu PF, otherwise the people will say to us ‘you said you were going to fulfil these pledges, you are not fulfilling them’,” President Mugabe said.

In a bid to come up with a blueprint to action the pledges made to the people, Zanu PF crafted what they term ZimAsset which President Mugabe said had to be actioned now.

“ZimAsset must start unfolding and unfolding immediately . . . ,” President Mugabe urged his party members.

Zanu PF pledged a lot to the electorate during the run up to the elections, chief among them economic revival, job creation and pay rise for civil servants, which have since not materialised.

In the run up to the harmonised elections, Zanu PF’s promises included the creation of
2 265 million jobs over the next five years, but more jobs have been lost since the polls as companies are closing down or retrenching workers because of the harsh economic climate.

Thus, President Mugabe, aware that nothing has been done so far, said people will soon begin to ask questions. “People will say what’s happening in agriculture? No change. In industries, the factories are not coming up. The mining sector has not been organised, our roads are still the same, railways still the same, Air Zimbabwe still the same. Where is your ZimAsset which you preached to us?”

In apparent reference to civil servants, President Mugabe admitted that they have been exploiting them for too long.

“ . . . we also have to take care of our worker that is why yesterday we decided that the poverty datum line must be the lowest salary and other salaries and wages build on that. This is because over the years we have really exploited the worker. We have done him down and its effects were obvious, look at the number of children who are dropping out of school before getting to Form Four because their parents cannot afford to pay school fees,” he said.

On Thursday, Zanu PF’s Soviet-style politburo agreed that the lowest paid civil servant’s salary should be pegged in tandem with the poverty datum line.

In an apparent admission of his government’s failure, President Mugabe said: “Look at the situation of unemployment, look at even the dilapidation in our schools and hospitals. We have got to correct that.

Don’t tell us you don’t have the money. No,” said the veteran leader. He also took a swipe at the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC)for its lethargic approach to the diamond mining operations.

He said the ZMDC, which had partnered with some foreign companies to mine diamonds, was letting the country down.

“What is our ZMDC doing? It doesn’t seem to be present in the management of these operations at all.

It’s folding its arms and waiting to be given a dividend.”

He added: “It’s quicker to have money from gold than from diamonds” urging his government to quickly legitimise gold panners to ensure all the gold mined goes through Fidelity Printers to plug smuggling loopholes.

There has been an outcry against panners because of the haphazard manner in which they have carried out their operations resulting in serious land degradation.

President Mugabe, however, said: “Organise Makorokozas (illegal gold panners) under our SMEs and let them do their alluvial mining properly, but not on rivers as we saw them do on Mazoe and other rivers. No, that damages our rivers.”

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  1. hawu, kanti laliqambela abantu amanga lisithi more jobs, empowerment, land to the people bla bla bla bla……… Those were just lies. shame, shame, shame people of Zimbabwe and your old ancient aged president, it took you just less than 5 minutes to create a mistake that will make you suffer for the next 5 years to come. Amusati, muchiwone chamene chinapala nkanga mutu

  2. hayas dnt where they are getting money for tsunami isu tisina mabasa, guess tsunami is part of their job creation since they will employ dozer drivers ne mapurisa anemboma, ngatikwenyei panovava kwete muviri wese, we need food on our table mumwe apindwa nemarasha mujombo ipapo

  3. mugabe usadaro iwe nevana vako nemukadzi wako muri kurara dzinouya isu vamwe tichitambura macompany ari kuvhara itamushe Robert

  4. Personally I feel that as Zimbabweans we are not doing enough for the betterment of our country. We leave everything to government which I think is not the right thing to do. If government fails we all fail and we all suffer. Let us leave our personal differences and play a part in rebuilding our nation. Various comments I have been reading; including mine; were and are a venom to development to say the least. Let us fight as ONE and support government programmes even if we might have political and social differences. As individuals and corporates why cant we join our hands as we REBUILD A SHATTERED economy? Why? Its not for Mugabe to do alone; does he have capacity? Its not for Chinamasa to look for money; does he have capacity? But its for US ALL because we have the capacity.

    • Exiled, do you have the power to arrest corrupt officers at roadblocks. Do you have power to stop Chombo and Mpofu from looting. President Mugabe knows exactly what is wrong and what is right but he no longer has the power and energy to deal with such issues as before. We need to attract investors but instead we are chasing away the few we have because of wrong policies. Look at Kasukuwere with Indigenisation policy, was it for the country’s benefit or it was an individual project to maximise his profits. We can not have Ministers who are farmers ,businessman because they always manipulate the policies to suit their situations not to benefit the Nation. Everyone want to support the Government in its policies ,in rebuilding the Nation but Government is not a trusted and reliable partner. Their hands must be cleaned first before the world can take them seriously.

      • @Chris, I like and respect your points; they are very mature and points to a man who also wants to see a functional Zimbabwe. My points are also directed to Mugabe, Chombo, Mpofu, Kasukuwere and others in their personal capacities. They are also Zimbabweans who must yearn for a better Zimbabwe. If they are looting; as you have said, I urge them to stop and think about Zimbabwe and not themselves. If the indigenisation policy is poor; I urge those behind it to stop and think about Zimbabwe first. A Zimbabwean is not just the ordinary man or woman in the street; Mugabe is a Zimbabwean, Mujuru is a Zimbabwean, Chombo is a Zimbabwean, Mpofu is a Zimbabwean, Kasukuwere is a Zimbabwean, I am a Zimbabwean (though in exile) and you, Chris, are a Zimbabwean. There is absolutely NO way Mugabe can stop Chombo and Mpofu from looting, as you have said, he “may” be able to reduce the looting. However, Chombo and Mpofu can stop themselves from looting. That’s my point and my argument. Its not about Mugabe stopping that person from doing that harmful thing but its about that person stopping themselves from harming the economy. That’s what I would call “Uhuru”. “Uhuru” is not brought by Mugabe; rather “Uhuru” is brought by you, me and Mugabe. On the point that you said “government is not a trusted and reliable partner” I would like to let you know that government is you, me and Mugabe. Its not a crime to ignore what the cabinet is doing, as business and individuals then form our own business constituencies for the betterment of our country. If we don’t act now then we will cry forever. Even after Mugabe is long gone; which is the final destination for everyone; we will cry saying he let us down. But my question is: Is it Mugabe who would have let us down or its us who are letting ourselves down? Have we ever heard Mugabe saying go and loot? Not because I support him but I have come to the realization that Zimbabwe is US and US alone. Zimbabwe is not Mugabe. Mugabe is 1/13million if the population figures are to be trusted and that is if we remove the thinking that he is the superperson in Zimbabwe. Those who think he can change the status quo take him for a superhuman which personally I am saying NO. Lets REBUILD ZIMBABWE NOW. The time to act is NOW is NEVER.

        • Exiled: You are obviously a paid government employee. It is up to the Government to fix these things and anyone who tells me Mugs can’t stop the looting (starting with himself) that person is a fool and don’t ask us to do the job we pay the government to do.

    • Exiled. The only point you make is that let us work together as zimbabweans but doing what and with what resources and for what end result? I do not know if there is a sane person who expects government to pull them out of their misery? It wont happen because we are good at talking and not doing since we don not know what to do but to talk about talking.

      What we need is for civil society to agree on what the problem is and what to do and how to solve those problems and then government will follow – remember the NCA?

      So far we are so polarised it is easier to blame something or someone else than to think lest we run out of excuses?????

    • Wakaona izvozvo zvaukutaura zvichishanda kupi? Don’t try to sound patriotic by saying things that you have Zero knowledge of.Are you trying to say there are Zimbabweans sabotaging the economy? The laws of business are simple:You operate in an environment that is conducive to profit you.The people responsible for creating that environment is the government.This is why people chose governments . It’s to represent them not for the same people to bail them out where they’re clueless.Zanu Pf stole the election and promised the nation heaven on earth.They should deliver on their promises.No excuses.

  5. @exiled, u said an important point. the majority has given mugabe a duty to stop corruption yet it is the evarage psn who is paying a bribe to the traffic cop, to zimra officers, to immigration officers.it is the same psn saying mugabe shld stop corruption

    patriotism means everyone shld work together for the betterment of our nation. corrupt citizens and officers shld be arrested & fired. corrupt gvt officials shld be voted out.

    responsible citizens shld not keep quite bt shld act.

  6. @Nkulumane, very true. we want a functional Zimbabwe and that time is now. We are all responsible for this. Its our duty otherwise history will judge us harshly.

  7. I salute you Exiled. I salute you nkulumane. You guys are really mature and focused. We really share the same sentiments. We all love our Nation and hope for the better for the people of Zimbabwe. Let us share this gospel of peace, togetherness ,integrity ,responsibility, accountability and hope with the leaders and the Nation at large, maybe one day with the grace and mercies from our Lord Jesus Christ, Zimbabwe will be back to a Country we have always wanted it to be. DOWN WITH GREEDY PEOPLE. DOWN WITH HEARTLESS PEOPLE. DOWN WITH ECONOMIC SABOTAGE . DOWN WITH POWER HUNGRY PEOPLE.DOWN WITH CORRUPTION .

  8. finally voice of reason prevails in tha house. One of tha otha thng we shld do away wth z propaganda esp negative one coz ts tha 1 driving away investors nt some policies such as indigenisation. 2 mke my point clear l challenge u 2 list tha companies driven away by tht policy while l also mention companies wch r negotiating investmnt contracts in Zim

  9. The leader is just loud mouth – economics illiterate. The man and his gang have destroyed the once vibrant economy by their stupid policies of invading farms and other businesses. He leads an illegitimate regime which recently stole elections. ZanuPF cannot lead a country and make everyone happy without the majority’s approval at the polls – the people will disengage from the state, adopt survival strategies and secretly sabotage the predatory government. That in itself is more insidious than sanctions. If people can secretly inflict damage on the predatory government they will eagerly do so. Like evading paying taxes to the state when conducting private sales or other private business. This could not be done in Rhodesia because all blacks were exempt from paying any taxes other than sales tax – (blacks were exempt from corporation tax, income tax, inheritance tax and capital gains tax).
    People are willing to sacrifice for, and accept collective poverty or collective suffering which comes through a government of their choice than sacrifice for, and accept collective poverty and collective suffering through a government which they did not chose. It’s like everything in life – if I chose freely what item I like, I am able to put up with the attendant problems of my own free choice than I would be prepared to put up with something foisted on me by someone else. I cannot blame anyone for my own choice.
    People in ZanuPF should ask themselves why a few thousand whites were able to continue to create jobs for millions of blacks. ZanuPF should not have expelled them but worked with them. You reap what you sow.

    • Very well said. It makes you wonder seeing that mugs destroyed the country from 1980 when the sanctions were lifted and now he cannot fix that even if he wanted to. He just want’s to stay in power until he dies so he doesn’t have to answer to the Hague He is not interested in the country or us.

  10. One sentence should read, “People are willing to sacrifice for, and accept collective poverty or collective suffering which comes through a government of their choice than sacrifice for, and accept collective poverty and collective suffering through a government which they did not choose.”

  11. Al zanu pf ministers with companies,mines and farms must be removed from offices so that they mind their businesses for the good of Zim. White farmers managed and stayed at their farms fultime and produced enough for the nation.

  12. @exiled. If you really believed in the individual’s contribution why did you leave the country? Good at lip service only,heh? That talk of each one of us building Zim not Mugabe not the GVTonly show our lack of confidence in the two. If the gvt and the presidium project warped policies all the efforts of 15 million Zimbas will come to nought.

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