‘Demolitions: Zanu PF revenge mission’

THE move to demolish illegal structures in Harare and elsewhere is Zanu PF’s mission of avenging its electoral loss in urban areas, the MDC-T party said Monday.


MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora also said his party was opposed to the demolition programme spearheaded by Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo.

Mwonzora distanced his party’s councillors from the move saying it was a Zanu PF ploy to set the city fathers against the people.

He said the MDC-T-dominated councils were not responsible for the clean-up exercise.

“The MDC is against these demolitions. Destroying people’s property during the rainy season without providing an alternative is sadistic, cruel and inhumane.

It can only be done by a government that is meting revenge on the people,” Mwonzora said.

“Government has failed to provide jobs and the unemployment rate is at 85%. The only option left is the informal sector. The directive did not come from councillors, it came from the government that wants to set the MDC council against the people, but Zimbabweans know the truth.”

MDC-T Harare provincial spokesperson Obert Gutu also said: “The threatened demolition of the so-called illegal structures is a direct and unmitigated attack on the Bill of Rights enshrined in the new Constitution of Zimbabwe, in particular Section 74 of the Constitution that specifically provides that no person may be evicted from their home, or have their home demolished, without an order of court made after considering all the relevant circumstances.”

Gutu added: “Put alternatively, no sane and democratic government should proceed to cruelly and indiscriminately demolish the so-called illegal structures before undertaking a holistic due diligence exercise to ascertain why, in the first place, the said structures were allowed to mushroom all over the place.

“The government should not victimise the people simply because they are poor and vulnerable and also because these poor people have been misled by unscrupulous politicians. Be that as it may, the government has a duty to respect and uphold the doctrine of constitutionalism.”

Ironically, the MDC-T dominated councils last year called for demolition of illegal structures, the same way the Zanu PF government was now pushing.

Former Harare deputy mayor Emmanuel Chiroto was quoted last year as saying: “People should stop building illegal structures. We are a council that loves its city more than we love votes. We won’t allow people to do what they want because we want votes. We won’t allow lawlessness. These people should run around and try and regularise their structures, lest they would be destroyed.”

Meanwhile, MDC-T MPs have indicated that they would raise the issue in Parliament next week.

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  2. Bob warned the people of Harare and Bulawayo for voting MDC-T. This is savage .

  3. And the MDC-T revenge against MDC Green team?

    1. Welshman (Midlands) + Dabengwa (Mat South) = Tribal Alliance;

    2. Tswangirayi (Manicaland) + Makoni (Manicaland) = National Alliance; and

    3. 31>33!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. uri kuti chii ko iwe?

    2. @Straight shooter

      Dubul’uqondile ndoda. Awuzwakali ukuthi uthini?

  4. Allowing illegal settlements is like allowing robberies to go unpunished because there is sanctions induced unemployment. People go to school or work hard in their own rights so as to buy housing etc and this is how it should be. People can not just build under electricity cables, along rivers and infact anywhere they like without paying for it. If people are continually given reprieve on political expediency grounds it will lead to a chaotic country such as we are witnessing in Harare and Chitungwiza. At least people have been forewarned and given a reprieve to regularise so that hapana anozochema.

    Turning to MDC and Reporters as well as Newsday there is only one prescription for you. Zanu pf and Government should encourage squatters and vagrants to come and build structures outside your homes and buildings and only that way will you realise that illegal structures are bad. You live in Borrowdale there where there is order but you don’t want Chitungwiza residents to enjoy same. There is no humane way of solving this problem except stopping it pronto

    1. When were these structures built and where was ZANU PF then?

    2. God will burn and roast you. During election campaign your party was the one moving around parceling land to destitutes promising them to get title deeds. now that you have achieved what wanted ,you are now destroying people’s homes that they built using the US$ that they hardly earned. worse still during rainy season. why did you allow your party members to parcel out this land in the first place??????

      1. oh leave god out of this he gave brains to think not sit on them. haikona kungomera kunge howa

    3. my boy you are more than a crazy dog.you talk of illegal issues to support thieves who stuffed heir pockets and sing in the same sorry song with you a paupa.these people fail and they hide under the name of sanctions on their failure,am sorry for you.shut up

    4. baba imi we paid 4the purchase of those squatters in chitungwiza nd ar still paying revenue to the council but still they want to demolish our houses after this long.

  5. what is the point of urban planning if people are allowed to erect structures anywhere? How do you maintain standards, order and provide requisite services? Illegal structures are just that, illegal and they should be demolished. The culture of impunity must be done away with. Those who are trying to defend the erection of illegal structures must read the Model Building by laws. Slums are created by tolarating illegal structures.

    1. Yes you are right, but why now? When were these structures built?

    2. @Lepron. Urban planning is not bad, but what is bad is that a group of ZANU people campaing and give land to people while the local gvt minister is looking, after getting in to power the same party and same minister start destroying people’s homes

  6. mdc shut up and lepron makajaidzwa go to hell and hang futi murikugara mudzimba dzababa ko yako uchavaka riini mind yu not all houses in chi-town are illegal structures nonsense

  7. this clearly shows how ruthless is Zanu Pf.just imagine in this rain season they want to destroy shelter of the poor where would they go.Even in developed countries they are slums, what is so special about this country.Majority of the general populace lives in abject poverty,I think thats where the govt needs to adress rather making life more miserable to the poor.Its quite fun you see someone bragging that he owns 57 000 stands in Harare alone whilst the majority is suffering.Lord have mercy on the poor.

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  9. iyo MDC counsellors ngava ite something, even protesting against that, the we know how defensive they are towards this issue.

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  11. The same story is in the Herald, the only difference is that where you have Mwonzora- in the Herald it is an unnamed ZANU official….WHO IS FOOLING WHO????

  12. I think the authorities in government should not divert peoples attention by demolishing illegal structures and should be engaged in issues to do with liquidity crunch and employement creattion.
    Industries are shutting down at an alarming rate. Why is the government concerned with petty issues all the time. Its hightime people should learn how to manage the affairs of the country.

    1. Chokwadi. Ndiwe uneyese. Folks need to focus on what’s more important.

  13. jay jay its u who should shut up and go to hell its again u who is staying in a stolen nub house when will u build yours ? nonsense

  14. pple shld b knowing zanu pf better by now. bt vazhinji havasati. the party is anti-people. when it’s election tym the same pple wil vote for zanu vapihwa ma cups. idiots.


    And the MDC-T revenge against MDC Green team?

    1. Welshman (Midlands) + Dabengwa (Mat South) = Tribal Alliance;

    2. Tswangirayi (Manicaland) + Makoni (Manicaland) = National Alliance; and

    3. 31>33!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @ Enjoying

      I thought Makoni was the Green Machine’s darling at some stage. Kanti ayisuye yini u’Nyathi’ ka 2008? Mutambara+Makoni+Welsh. Has the equation changed? Mibala mingaki madoda? Ngeyo nwabu?


        @N. Sithole
        Clearly you do not follow Zim politics or even follow what your MDC-T party and its leadership say. Otherwise you would have understood that equation.

        You are referring to Makoni and Welshman in the 2008 elections, that alliance was never described in tribal terms or regional terms by anyone.

        Here are I am referring to the twisted logic of seeing the recent 2013 election alliance between Tswangirayi and Makoni as NATIONAL, yet the two leaders are both from one province Manicaland.

        Whilst the alliance between Dabengwa and Welshman, one from Mat South and the other from the Midlands respectively, has been described not only in the media but by the MDC-T and ZANU PF cohorts as TRIBAL and REGIONAL.


        1. Some people

  16. MDC-T’s Obert Gutu is a lawyer but his interpretation of the provisions of the Constitution is wrong. Gutu says “Section 74 of the Constitution that specifically provides that no person may be evicted from their home, or have their home demolished, without an order of court made after…” – an illegal structure is not lawfully someone’s home. It is a structure constructed illegally, end of story. What’s to stop some idiot constructing a structure in Second Street, in the middle of the night, and calling it “their home”? Gutu’s utterances show Gutu is an “unscrupulous politician”. MDC-T is trying to gain political capital here. It’s like saying an unemployed person caught stealing should not be prosecuted because he or she is poor and has no income. MDC-T is encouraging lawlessness.
    Tough luck if these squatters have been duped by unscrupulous politician.

    1. I find myself agreeing with Musona here, it feels so strange! This issue is pretty simple from a legal perspective. The law is very clear on the legality of the government’s move and those responsible for building the illegal structures are as much lawbreakers as those who gave the permission or sold the stands. If the ‘victims’ are honest enough to admit it, they were looking to take advantage of lawlessness and bribery in order to own a piece of land the easy and inexpensive way. We all know how difficult and expensive it is to buy a piece of land, getting all approvals from the authorities and building legally. It is never easy and it should not be easy. However, I find the government’s move to be cruel to say the least. There should be a grace period given for people to relocate elsewhere and there should be a plan in place to settle landless people before forcibly evicting them from the illegal homes they are occupying.

  17. Illegal is illegal. People who live in shacks are the robbers who terrorise law abiding citizens. They must go to rural areas and farms and be productive there instead of loitering in streets as touts, juice cards vendors and cell phone snatchers.
    How can this country fail to be food secure when there are so many farms that lie idle. KUNDORIMA!!!!!!!!!

  18. l am really sorry about these people who can’t think all the time, chombo at one time came to us and officially open a cooperative but after elections of 2005 the houses were demolished and he prophesied ignorance of the cooperative. The 2008 election came and the same cooperative was said to be authentic and people started building houses which are deemed illegal this time again. These people use you up and dump.

  19. Everyone knows who encouraged citizens that property invasi*ns and trespa*sing was the way to go – ZanuPF.

  20. zibabweans stop crying dont you tire,cant you get angry,year in year out same trick used against you,you deserve this treatment cant you see what their message is you bloody fools,i hope they dont stop at that only you deserve more punishment until you wake from your hunger induced slumber

  21. This is no doubt Mugabe’s directive.

    He said it at the Heroes Acre and there it is.
    He has previously done the same warnings and murdered in Matebeleland.

    He did the same when Tsvangirayi was beaten by the ZRP…

    He is the most inhumane, blood sucker that has ever lived on earth

  22. Please note the whole purpose of demolitions is to DIVERT people’s attention from the real issues affecting our country: unemployment, gorvenment bankrupcy, liquidity crunch, health challenges etc etc.

  23. The rule of law demands that illegal structure be demolished.As such they will be demolished.

  24. Most of the houses built in Chitungwiza which are said to be illegal were bought from the council itself.We have all the docs for our properties and we pay our bills to council through the accounts which they gave us.Tell me who legalises the sale of stands and the building of structures?

  25. Why now? Why not before 31 July? That’s being inhuman. The people were fooled. These politicians should have stopped the constructions when they were being done. So unfair esp in the rain season.

  26. Yesterday, a yellow lorry with very large annoying horns, used to carry river sand fetched from the banks of Nyatsime River came tearing down a curve on Tafadzwa drive,just after Seke 13 primary school,horns blarring terribly forcing another oncoming motorist off the road . The lorry stopped & the youths jumped off & mobbed the driver using abusive language & then drove off. V.I.D chitungwiza please get this dangerous ramshackle lorry off our streets as a lot of children have been run over by these lorries that make lots of noise with their horns,have no brakes & are always speeding.

  27. Ongorora chikonzero chaita musoro uteme…why in the hell were these houses built in the first place? This is indicative of a housing crisis as well as an economic crisis (which is obvious). Kuona imba yavakwa musoro watema ka uyu…Fix the bloody root cause of the problem

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