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Chinamasa pleads with diplomats to bury the hatchet


FINANCE minister Patrick Chinamasa Thursday pleaded with diplomats from countries that have been hostile to his party, Zanu PF, to bury the hatchet and work with the government for mutual economic benefit.

Dumisani Sibanda, Assignments Editor

Addressing Western diplomats at the Foreign Affairs offices in Harare, Chinamasa implored them to lobby for the lifting of sanctions imposed on top government officials.

He said in the next few months, Indigenisation minister Francis Nhema would explain how each economic sector will be indigenised to dispel fears that the policy was aimed at nationalising all foreign-owned companies.

Chinamasa, who was flanked by Information, Media and Broadcasting Services minister Professor Jonathan Moyo and Foreign Affairs minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi, was briefing diplomats on government’s economic turnaround programme — the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Social and Economic Transformation (Zim Asset).

“We stand ready to allow our economy to talk to yours,” said the usually combative Finance minister addressing the group of diplomats who included EU Ambassador Aldo Dell’Ariccia. “We are appealing and hope the sanctions will be lifted against us. Let’s start talking and intensifying our economic relations because it’s to our mutual benefit. Trading is a mutual thing and so is investment. I want to talk economics to all your countries, your businesspersons, not withstanding our political differences.”

Zimbabwe has had frosty relations with the Anglo-Saxon world since the launch of its land reform programme resulting in the imposition of sanctions on Harare which, however, those countries called targeted measures.

Chinamasa said the first step in the attraction of investment into Zimbabwe was ensuring there was “clarity and consistency in the implementation of policies”.

“It does not embarrass me to make a U-turn when we see it is no longer possible to move in that path,” he said.

“We need to be clear about indigenisation. People are put off even by the name indigenisation because it’s there in other countries, but called localisation or other terms, but it raises no pimples.”

He said government has asked for experts from the World Bank and the African Development Bank to assist it on how it can mobilise resources through the securitisation of Zimbabwe’s mineral resources.

Chinamasa said government was keen to ensure transparency in the diamond sector which was one of the benchmarks in the International Monetary Fund staff-monitored programme on Zimbabwe.

However, he said this could only be possible if sanctions have been removed.
Chinamasa said government wanted to cultivate a culture of paying its debts and he will now insist that for any “new obligation the country enters into” there is a payment plan.

He said government was looking into “bringing to life State assets such as the Cold Storage Commission and Agricultural Rural Development estates which are lying fallow” through joint ventures.

The Finance minister said private-public partnerships for big projects such as road maintenance were being considered as well as “looking at whether the National Railways of Zimbabwe is amenable to such an arrangement”.

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  1. What has happened to the look east policy?The problem is that Zimbabwe has an exaggerated sense of its importance and there is a belief in Zanu that the whole world owes them a living.And trying to use blackmail just does not help to push your message;”transparency in the diamond sector…could only be possible if sanctions are removed…”.If i was one of the diplomats addressed by Chinamasa i would have told him to go to hell…A beggar called Zimbabwe is setting conditions.shame.

    • Hey Mascara,why are you so myopic?International relations do not work that way.Nations are supposed to engage more because disengagement is frowned upon as a sign of failure.Zimbabwe is ready to engage with all the countries it has had frosty relations with and that should be encouraged and applauded.The policy of sticking one’s head in the sands like an ostrich is a very flawed political attitude.Sanctions should now be lifted wholesale because it is a counter productive weapon.I totally applaud the new political attitude of the new Zimbabwean government.After all Zimbabwe is an integral part of the global village.By shunning us what benefits or to whose benefit will hostility serve?Lets go for a win win situation for both sides.That is maturity.

      • bt u refused them to monitor your election ,and you invited your friends now u want them to work with you shame on u

      • tafa

        then let them also allow the rule of law, respect property rights,obey their own court orders, allow for the inspection of diamond mines ,transparency n freedom of speech

  2. No-one is listening to you Patrick. You are just wasting your time. Just go to your numerous farms and do something worthwhile. Western countries do not trust you and your principal.

  3. uri mboko unofunga kuti ari kurwira iye chete here kana kuti tese tidye go to hell & mek dis stupid & uncalled 4 comment

  4. We are coming very soon to invest billions for your generous 49% cde minister. We all love Zimbabwe and you are the best African government with the best policies. its unfortunate some people do not understand your great policies. And by the way we love the dear 90 year-old leader who is so much loved by the whole world including Mbeki a visionary.

  5. Nhai VachiNamasa, isn’t you and your ZanuPf who’s supposed to bury the hatchet.I think the whole world is ready to do busness with Zimbabwe.ZanuPf Government must first put their house in order before they start pleading with investors to come and invest in Zim.

  6. kana matadza bvumiwo kuti nyika ifambe sme of your policies cde drive away a lot of investors n our country is now looking very pathetic interms of development and expansion.this is not the Zimbabwe we want.we are tired of poverty

  7. Kwete kuti “it is no longer possible to move in that path” asi kuti it has never been possible. This is what the MDC-T has always been telling you, but you called them puppets of the West. ZANU PF has no Vision and does not enjoy international goodwill. Only the MDC-T can take us forward.

  8. ls this the Chinamasa l know. lyi ndiyo ministry yokuti u face reality. hanzi”l am prepared to make a u-.turn”.your gvt cant be trusted .make the u-turn first and we will invest our monies.

  9. This policy discord has always been a perennial problem in our beloved country. How are you going to marry this mantra of repentance with our recent hard talk about our sovereignty and ability to stand on our on?vaChinamasa varikutaura zve u turn….uku vaMugabe vakabva mukurigger!….nxa,do u think everyone is a fool?

  10. No way,Chinamasa. Talk to China,Indonesia,Singapore about our economy and how these countries can revive it. Remember L
    “Look East”. Why do you want to “look West?” Hakuna iyoyo. Pamberi neindigenisation. ZPF has said it over and over again that “the indeginisation program is irreversible. We want to empower our people”(read ZPF chefs). But how many companies have they revived? Instead they (companies) are closing. How about NRZ,exclusively ZANU owned,how about Zisco Steel with its Indian “specialists?”

  11. Chinamasa is climbing down, now the President, we are insignifiant in the face of the world. We need American money to do business because we ran down ours.

    No one is following our land grab policies, i have a feeling when the President goes on an anti west rhetoric at the UN, all the other African leaders are like “We don’t know this guy, we have never seen him before, he lives in his own world” We have made mistakes, lets accept it and learn from them.

  12. Guys i didnt see any pleading whatsoever, the Minister just made a statement that is unusual given his party reference. There is no pleading in the reportage..
    Another question is has there been no payment plan to all credit lines given before to the country?
    kkkkkk Ah.. lets indegenise the US$.Another fact is while chiding USA or Britain or the West might be daring,there is no tangible benefit in so doing as long as the chiding is mockery..lets build bridges..these countries have their own fair share of problems very different from ours and most of the people the world over aspire to visit let alone be identified with these countries..Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man U, Liverpool, Chelsea,Bayern Munich,Dortmund are the reachest clubs in the world so loved by all especially by ZBC that they are screaned on our ZBC week in and week out but not our Highlanders, Dynamos or Caps United..Most if not all our leaders are educated in the West especially the President who is very western in his dressing,church denomination and in deed deeds…

  13. turai zvirungu zvenyu izvozvo tione kuti mosvika kupi ndipei zvamakaba chete muone kuti nyika inosimuka sei. period

  14. Patrick, here is a quote from the recently held Third Plenum of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (our all-weather friend):

    “Facing the new situation and new task, to build a well-off society, and, further, a prosperous, democratic and harmonious socialist modern country, and to realize the Chinese people’s great dream for the nation’s renaissance, we must engage ourselves in comprehensive and profound reform at this new historical starting point.”


    Democratic, harmonious, modern, comprehensive and profound reform. Do you get it Patrick.

  15. Ndima inoda muchina muhombe,makuiita UTurn,kkkk.Kana MDC ikati ngatiite busniess neWest mapuppets,ko makuitawo puppet here Cde.?
    Zanu Pf hamuvimbike munochinja serwaivhi.

  16. how can you budget when coffers are empty? you have now realised kuti vawekukweiwa.jongwe rakabatwa nechikoo. because of pride raishewedzera kutseketsa kuti ;tokweyana; asi parakarwadziwa rave kure netseketsa rakashewedzera kuti ndokweiwa asi tseketsa hadzina kuzvinzwa zvokuti dzaidei dzakabetsera jongwe

  17. The plan was to do whatever it took to retain political power and then negotiate afterwards. ZanuPF is following Kwame Nkrumah’s famous “Seek ye first political kingdom and everything else will follow”. ZanuPF uses whatever means to retain power and then to try hoodwink the Western nations after in the hope that the West will relent and lift sanctions.
    First ZanuPF should admit to rigging and then arrange for fresh elections without the involvement of the army, police and thugs commonly called “war veterans”.
    We are not interested in this red herring, sanctions – they cannot rig only to start giving excuses. We would rather have someone who doesn’t give excuses about sanctions. Sanctions should only be lifted after certain conditions are met by ZanuPF. They should give back what they stole first.
    What Chinamasa is saying is like a person who got a top job using forged certificates, has been caught out and is asking for a salary increase. Ludicrous.

  18. Chinamasa. If they remain intransigent and refuse to help just fix them these bastards by indigenising the US$. They won’t like this stigma and will come running to engage with you. Why not? what are you waiting for?

  19. Eishhhh.What a world.Please indigenise the US$ or else bring back the Zimbodia dollar,remember we value our sovereignty.Now with cap in hand ,the begging bowl is out.

  20. These zanu guys think people are crazy hanti. China are not our “friends”, but are merely business partners. The so-called fertiliser “donations” were actually a barter trade deal since our Sable chemicals seemed not to have the capacity to meet demand due to failure by the govt to pay for the previous inputs they took on credit, much of the inputs of which benefited the govt ministers, zanu guys and the like.
    China is all about making more money out of our poverty. But the West will provide donations in top of doing business with our country. Remember in the govt hospitals, for example, medications is free for any children under 5 years or even pregnant women. This is all possible because of donors. China will never do that, not in their lifetime. That is why the president, through Chinamasa, are trying to sweet-talk the West, but any fool can see that. What a shame for the beloved nation.

  21. Mazvionaka kuti zvemaChaina hazvigare, ifokong yegayega. Kune hupenyu kuWest. ZANU PF you asked for sanctions through political statements and behavior which rile the international community. Please don’t call for more sanctions, we are part of the global village. You have only yourself to blame for everything gone wrong in this country. We dread the next five years of ZANU PF because you will destroy the little that is left of this country. You want to u-turn, its ok but make yourself Zimbabwean first. Taneta nebwizhu dzemaChaina dzamazaza muno. A good u-turn means first and foremost putting sanity in the farms eroded by politicizing agriculture and other sectors of the economy. Your indigenization policy is dangerous to economic growth. More so it for maZANU PF only.

  22. kutipa nhamo kudai .Mwari akurovei nezvirwere zvisingarapike. u want a u-turn?.No hazviiti what is the election manifesto saying. deliver on that first.

  23. The real problem requiring change is harmony that must exist between speeches and actions. ZANU-PF in its present state has not been known to marry the two – speech and deeds. So whatever anyone of them says is no longer trusted, even among themselves (check their provincial election fiasco). It is sad for Zimbabwe, though, since they are presently in charge of the nation.

  24. We are tired if your sanctions mantra ,sanctions aren’t the ones that led Mpofu to loot all the incoming revenue from diamonds ,sanctions did not loot farming inputs year in year out and sanctions definitely did not hand over multiple farms to political cronies and bootlickers . All of that is on you ! If ZANU PF wants to rebrand and lead the country towards prosperity then reform is needed ,justice is needed ,accountabilty and rationale . You can’t expect someone to bring his money and expertise only to become a minority shareholder in that investment ,that’s plain stupid and in situations where it works oil is usually involved not gold ,platinum or diamonds that can be found in other countries with a friendlier investment climate and realistic legislation .

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