Woman sets hubby ablaze, kills self

AN unidentified Harare woman set her husband ablaze before committing suicide following a suspected domestic dispute Wednesday morning.


It is believed the incident happened outside the couple’s house in Mabelreign around 2am.

Neighbours said they suspected that the woman could have doused her husband with petrol and set him ablaze before drinking poison which later killed her.

Details of the tragedy remained sketchy at the time of going to print last night as police were unreachable for comment, with neighbours saying they were unsure what led to the tragedy.

“I heard a male voice shouting for help while I was in bed and went outside where we discovered the pair lying outside the house holding each other with the husband crying for help,” a female neighbour, who declined to be named, said.

The man, who was only identified as Machimbirike, is reportedly battling for life at Parirenyatwa Hospital.

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  1. Who trains these reporters? How does anyone come up with a heading that categorically states that the woman set her husband ablaze without the facts? Neighbours say they suspect that is what could have happened but even in the opening paragraph the reporter states this suspicion as fact. Eish!

    1. ndo ma journalist enyu emu zimbabwe its a shame actually

  2. Hey madhodha!! Nyaya dzenyu dzesimbi nema smallhouse kujoy kwa makandiwa, pa xtramile nokwa mtangaz hokoyo.. Isnt there something like a posthumous trial and conviction? What if they had small children?

  3. @ Rudadiso. Your observations are spot on, these guys are in business and trying to make money at any cost, even unprofessionalism. So sad, no wonder the politicians are right at times when they cry foul play. This is just a shoddy piece of journalism, am not a trained one but would beat this one hands down! I happen to have had some officer narrate this to me and will tell u that while its true an incident of this nature happened the facts and chronology of events is a damp squib!

  4. Am very sorry abt the Machimbirike family corncerning this tragedy. We stand with u during these dark times and i wish you a speed recovery to mkwasha Alex and to the wife rest in peace. Its only God who knows why all this happened at this time of moment.


  6. How could they have been holding each other if the man was in flames?

  7. Willard Mubvumbi

    That late woman i believe is demon possessed. Amwe maroora roora haaite.

  8. Willard Mubvumbi

    That late woman i believe was demon possessed and that demonic spirit is still roaming around looking for a weak person to possess.

  9. this is sad …im still in shock! !! I will you well mr machimbirike. n to mai kudzi rest in peace

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