Norton farmer demands $7 000 from evicted settlers

NORTON farmer Peter Neil, who won a Constitutional Court case against 1 500 settlers last week, is demanding $7 000 each from the latter for a stand measuring 200 square metres, it has been learnt.


Over the weekend, Mashonaland West provincial minister Faber Chidarikire together with officials from the provincial and district administrators’ offices convened a meeting with Neil and the settlers where the instalments were announced.

The stands were to be paid for over a period of 30 months.

“I have just paid the $730 (deposit) required by the land owner
today (yesterday).  We now look forward to proper servicing of the stands and hope all the fighting we have had is now water under the bridge,” Lameck Ndebele, a retired soldier said.

Another settler who requested anonymity weighed in: “We were given the option of paying $230 now and $500 by month end and I am optimistic I would have raised that amount by end of the month.”

Others, however, felt they would not be able to pay for the stands as they were unemployed.

“Most of the residents here are not employed and survive on self-help projects like moulding bricks.  How do you expect such poor people to afford that kind of money which many professionals are not even earning?” Portia Chabata, a voluntary healthcare giver at the settlement said.

Contacted for comment, Neil’s lawyer Cuthbert Mpame declined to give his client’s side of the story.

“At this juncture we would rather not comment. Check with me on Friday,” he said.

Efforts to get comment from Neil were unsuccessful as his mobile number was not reachable.

Local Government, Public Works and National Housing minister Ignatius Chombo, however, told the State media that an all stakeholders’ meeting would be convened next week to deal with the matter.

Chombo reportedly expressed concern at the settlers’ plight, saying it would be heartless for anyone to evict them within a 30-day period as directed by the court, more so during this rainy season.

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  1. Pay onto Ceaser …

  2. Where did Neil get this land from? This is utter rubbish. Where on earth can someone just claims ownership of a piece of land far away from their country and start charging natives. The Supreme Court should revisit its judgment. The President should intervene too.

    1. Like you rightly ask you don’t know where he got the land from but you starting heeping black on him. That kind of talk stalled us all these years.

  3. Brother Chombo, the law does not look at rain but on circumstances, huh? Election by 31… without reforms was good and the same law is now bitter.

  4. sibanda! Neil cud hev bot e land, simple. Are u aware hobho zimbabweans in the diaspora own land kwavari ikoko…go bec to school Shumba…

  5. Uyo anodzi sibanda anopenga chete ndaiyi arichiyangwa waiti chii,ndimi youth yacho from 1980 but hamuna chinhu isi mayouth a simith we are better?

  6. the gvt should pay on behalf of those poor folks period,having accommodation is a basic human right of which the gvt should provide, ndipo panoshanda ka mari yezvicherwa zvedu

  7. The gvt should just buy the land from Neil develop it and give to pple

  8. can only be over come thru irrigation development thru approaching various irrigation experts like water horizon pvt ltd, Rainflo Technology Pvt Ltd. l have their e-mail

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