Mugabe won with or without games: Annan

FORMER United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan says President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF could have won the July 31 elections “with or without games” as the world warms up to the veteran ruler after over a decade in isolation.

By Staff Reporter

Annan, one of Mugabe’s harshest critics, told Britain’s Guardian newspaper that Zanu PF was well-organised and the party had experience.

“We’ve seen the economic and political debate and the difficulties in and around Zimbabwe,” he said.

“The last elections have been declared ‘free’ and ‘fair’; I don’t think they used the word ‘credible’.

“I think the results have been accepted and he (Mugabe) has a good party organisation, they’ve been around for a long time, and probably could have won with or without games.”

Annan was no less delicate in considering Mugabe, who has been accused of ethnic cleansing, orchestrating political violence, stamping on civil society and media and rigging elections during his 33-year rule.

“I think he has made a contribution: he was very active in the independence struggle, fought for the independence of his country and also worked with quite a few of the leaders in this region for their own independence — very active members of the liberation movements,” the Ghanaian national said.

“So he has a place in history for that.”

There was little in his remarks to console MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who insists the election was fraudulent and has plunged the country into crisis.
Annan added: “What is important is that Zimbabwe, which had such great prospects, probably has a second chance now.

“It was a breadbasket of the region. When I hear of the World Food Programme sending food to Zimbabwe, it shows you what a setback has taken place.
“I think we should really work with them to pick up the pieces and move forward. Holding on to the past and who was right and who was wrong and all this doesn’t help.”

Last year, Annan slammed African politics, which he said nurtured the “Big Man” system in the mould of Mugabe’s rule in Zimbabwe.

“The support for the Big Man system — Robert Mugabe an example — created a political culture that simply encourages autocrats and dictatorships,” he said.


  1. Africans never cease to amaze. This from one of the leading africans. There are no pieces to pick up sir. Zanu pf has no goodwill from Zimbabweans and the country cannot move forward for this reason. Zanu pf is organised for brutality and holding the rural folks in perpetual fear. They should give us a UN supervised election and see what happens. Or is Newsday catching onto Jono’s antipolarisation mantra here.

    1. Mambo Gutu Wezhira

      MDCs you never cease to amaze. everyone is singing ZANU PF was well oiled to win the election yet you continue to console yourself falsely claiming that elections were rigged by whom for what??????????wake up and smell the coffee. the train is moving ahead.

      1. ZANU PF won the elections by a technicality known as the PROMISE OF VIOLENCE which hang over the electorate like an axe waiting to strike. All across the country the only well-oiled machine that we saw were green bombers and war vets who hounded suspected MDC supporters promising them “If you vote the wrong way, we will get to know and fix you during the run-off”.

        Who would dare them when ghastly memories of ‘short/long sleeves’, burnt butts, even murdered loved ones are still fresh in our minds? There’s absolutely no coffee to smell. Only gloom after this so-called victory. It’s resoundingly hollow, and you know it Wezhira.

    2. One million Hutus and Tustis slaughtered each other when this idiotic African vampire was smiling at the UN in New York.
      Shut up you blood thirst loser.
      We wont be another Rwanda.

      1. Point of correction Mr Anan. The elections were deemed free and credible but were never fair due to the biased media and Zecs deliberate exclusion of 2million Mdc voters through restrictive voter registration.

    3. Rovanai vakoma kana matadza kuwirirana lol

    4. You can see how Bob and Zanu PF brainwashed some Zimbabweans. How does anyone in thier sound mind think it is normal for one man to rule a nation for 33 yrs.

  2. … maybe Atton Ettiesen might be working on behalf of Koffi Annan. You shudder to think this is coming from this guys mouth. Magame you are right let them bring a UN supervised election and really see what happens. Halume chunhu Bobo!

    1. Nyimo naMagame muri kunyeperena,uku ndiko kunonzi kuvaraidza nguva kuteya nzou neriva.Machinja hamulume endai munochinja vakadzi zvimwe mungalumewo

  3. I used 2 respect u Mr Koffi Yaani but now it seems u’re lost. Come 2 Zimba and ask anyone they wl tel u that up 2 now we dnt even know who voted 4 these morons. Instead of questioning the non availability of the voters roll 3 mnths after elections u’re telln us shit. Keep yo stupid comments in Ghana we dnt want them.

    1. liar…a lot of us voted ZPF becoz we realised that MDC crafted sanctions for regime change (Biti helped the writing of ZIDERA). When MDC was in government they called the removal of these sanctions. Sanctions crippled ZIm and I for one will never vote for MDC.

    2. He should come and ask you not anyone because the majority voted for Zanu PF

    3. Don’t ever think they know less than you do. Annan is just an agent or mouthpiece of the same people who fueled the MDC project.

      Their interests are not in seeing Tsvangirai in power but in having a conducive environment that allows the integration of Zim into the group of countries that serve them politically and economically.

      The MDC project is over just as the ZANUPF project had been suspended too.

      For you to understand this you will have to think beyond ZANU and MDC. You will need to have the guts to put aside your emotions and look at how global politics is influenced by the more powerful.

      In our small environment that is Zimbabwe, this is a big change in attitude and we had it coming. In the greater scheme of things its just the powerful positioning themselves with whatever government or movement would help further their interests.

      MDC is now a past. It is like a failed social experiment that lacked a good key ingredient… Leadership. Perhaps it will survive on its own and prove that its a force to reckon with. Otherwise its just another ZANU

  4. Striking fear in human beings is called good organisation in Africa. ZanuPF has survived on striking fear in the hearts of the people so if they did not use the term credible it means this government is not credible.

  5. To date, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of produce exported by black farmers and hundreds of millions of dollars distributed under community share ownership funds thanks to Government policy and also thanks to the mining giants who are cooperating with Zimbabwe. To some, the rest of the world is slowly seeing facts as they are and calling it like it is while to others the rest of the world is selling out to Mugabi and letting Zimbabweans down. Chose your side and live with the consequences.

  6. Those of you who are singing a foolish election rigging chorus with no facts at all, you are laying ground work for chaos. Its now two months down the road and not even one individual has shed the slightest light on this rigging bullshit. To the contrary facts have been laid bear for everyone to see that MDCHEATS were sleeping on the wheel and they lost dismally. Tswangison offered to step down, the British handlers of his made sure he stays put to authicate their rigging stance. Black people lets be ourselves mhani. As for the former UN secretary general, as far as I am concerned, he is a selfish bastard. The administrative ability he got from the UN could be used profitably back home in Ghana. What does he do? He is now being used as conduit to impart the colonial propaganda.

    1. @Chingar whatever your name is,yu a stil under the blanket of ignorence.wat u must know is that true democracy is not flowing here in Zim just because of morons who are still clinching on power ,the power they are abusing again, i don’t thinc yu are all in your senses or else yu even know the term democracy,stay shun

      1. @gogo uri gogo chaivo.

  7. machinja munondishamisa,makaramba kuti mogiza aite step down muchida kuti plan yenyu ibudirire,zvino zvaramba chibvumaiwo.

  8. Very silly news item. What on arth does this Kofi Annan base his conclusion? Kofi Annan has not lived in Zimbabwe. He has never been to Zimbabwe so how can he make these silly comments? His comments are unhelpful to the oppressed in Zimbabwe. He must be told to retire in peace and not make silly comments.

    1. One sentence should read, “What on earth does this Kofi Annan base his conclusion?”

    2. So the british and americans were here to reach that conclusion, nhaiwe Musona

      1. @Makosi – your sense of comprehension is very bad. Nowhere in my comments did I ever mention the Americans or the British you idiot. All I have ever said was that ZanuPF rigged the elections big time. I don’t know where the British or Americans fit in my explanation.

      2. @Makosi – your sense of comprehension is very bad. Nowhere in my comments did I ever mention the Americans or the British you idiot. All I have ever said was that ZanuPF rigged the elections big time. I don’t know where the British or Americans fit in my explanation.
        At least the Western nations you have mentioned have got representatives in Zimbabwe who informed them that the election was rigged by ZanuPF.

  9. Why is it that even high standing individuals are always parroting this “breadbasket- basketcase” hogwash. Proper history will tell you that Zimbabwe intermittently struggles with food supplies due to its dependence on rains. 1982, 1992… droughts brought us the “kenya” maize. Maybe the informants and speech writers were all born after the fast track land reform programme.

  10. “With or without game” its clear that Annan is hiding behind a finger obviously in a fashion trying not humiliate the us & the eu bt his msg is clear- land to the land less natives. period!

  11. Nxaa Kofi Kwanani,is really short sighted indeed,how can he start muttering about the rigged elections declaring them fair and free?was he around here in Zim when mudhabe was looting people to attend his raries?that s a gross misculculation sir maimbogona apa mapoira nditaure idi.bvunzai isusu tinogara muzimbabwe kwete kurotomoka muri kuGhana uko.asi ndokwana Erukwemu?

  12. Vana KOFIE where do u get the energy to talk abt Zim yet when u were UN secretary u never categorically reprimand Blair Toilet and George Masango (Bush)? U were a disgrace.

  13. I’m a rural folk and I don’t leave in perpetual fear. Contrary to your views I believe the sanctions imposed on Zim leaders because of the land reform are the ones stiffling development in the country. Not that on their own (sanctions), they prevent progress, but the negative perception they bring upon the way the country is viewed, shuns away investors.

  14. Talk about being a diplomat! emotions aside pple (both machinja nemazanu) kofi is onto something for all zimboz teererai & he is being practical about it. i.e. elections hv gone- won fairly/unfairly -zim must move forward. period! the onus is now on gvnt to deliver and turn things around. mhere yekurigger hakuna kwainosvitsa munhu and mhere yekuti heewest kuzodini will not solve our country’s issues. politics has divided us and pitted us against each other for too long. kuvengana kunge tisiri vana vevhu tese- kurovana nekuurayana. our biggest enemy now is corruption- and this is what fosters the big man syndrome that kofi made reference to-, how govt deals with corruption, will make or break us.

    1. u got it right, L.

  15. @Gogo, my name is Chingara. Do you give people on this platform new names. You are a foolish man or woman. Democratic election were held here in Zimbabwe and the men and women with biggest surport won resoundingly. What more democracy do you need. Lastly speak for yourself. As for me I know my way around the political jungle. Tswangison will never rule this country. Never!!!!!!! You hear dununu.

  16. @Chingara
    All we want is a UN supervised election (period) If ZANU PF has nothing to fear they should allow the diaspora vote,like what Kenya,Zambia and other countries have done.We do not want those dictators’ club supervising our elections then in return they get some kickbacks from zanu…For your own information hatisi machinja tiri maZimbabweans chero mdc or no mdc our stance stands ZPF MUST GO

    1. You want a UN supervised election? Why the UN? You must be really ignorant and underfed on history to think that the UN is the right body to do any such thing. You say your stance still stands that ZPF must go? Well, mine also stands that ZPF must STAY.

  17. Th truth is zimbabwe is down, wethr mdc, zanu pf tese tirikutambura asi kune vagere zvavo thru corruption. Vanhu varikuba ndapota, ndosaka vachida zvigaro

  18. People like Annan are a problematic everytime they open their mouth, they try to appease Africans who are like Mugabe.Kofi Annan has not been to Zimbabwe to conduct a pragmatic survey and find out for himself who voted for Mugabe.In the province where Mugabe won almost all seats , all the people were shocked as to who voted for him and here is a former UN secretary speaking from the comfort of his US base, he must first of all verify his claims before he makes such un-informed careless statements.Mugabe used his control of the state machinery to close all space and exploit all loopholes to win the elections and all cost using hook and crook.The opposition should boycott the 2018 elections as long as there is no neutral board that will administer the elections.They need to stay away than to waste people’s time.

  19. Kofi Annan please please if yu dnt hv anything to say why dnt yu sing mayb b yu r also a recipient of the Marange blood diamonds.Yu hv bn bought

  20. “In the province where Mugabe won almost all seats , all the people were shocked as to who voted for him” tht is a silly statement because mdc councillors voted for Zanu pf for mayors & that is a true indication that maybe people in the mdc leadership had voted for president R.G Mugabe. so machinja u shld woke up and sml th coffee

  21. So if mugabe won the erection, why is he still scared to give all parties the voters’ roll?

  22. @Munhu Chaiye – you must be a born free who does not even know your history. This country was once a breadbasket. You possibly dont even understand what that means. Since you are lazy to read history, just know it was and with proper management, it still can.

  23. unless the sanctions are not removed we will continue voting for zanu pf i wont vote for a party that thrives on our suffering

  24. Idiotic,foolish, hypocritical,stupid, moronic Koffi Anus. Their butchering of people in 2008 was good leadership? Shame on you!

  25. Here is a man who despite his previous position forgets that 5 years ago Zimbabwe was outside of wartime the worlds leader by far in subeconomic theory:

    MR Anan we are children of an 8000% inflation society.

    You are a fool sir.

    We do not wish to be tennants of the USDollar nor stooges of the Chinese PLA


  26. most o u yo comprehension z poor.big up @ L.Annan said whether the elections wer rigged by mugabe or not ,zim shld naw focus on progress.period!

  27. that is why Africans we are not united, because we do not know people’s rights.

  28. @L. u a ryt dvlopment iz due whether rigged, fodged or watever e erections thing has gone thru. lets look upfront and play our part mouldng our lives.kofi said wat he said to mould his own lyf .

  29. chizanu is a puppet of china haha!!
    and mr ben bean is also en route to zanu his former friends haha!!
    puppet to puppet !!

  30. i feel sorry for my country

  31. SADC,AU and UN,all parties must supervise our elections,thats the only way forward.If the Chinese can monitor our elections the westerns should also be invited.As long as we do not allow them to observe things for themselves they will continue to pour cold water on the resuilts and we shall continue to suffer.At least ZANUPF leadership understands that the Westerns rule the world and as long as they continue to close their doors on us we shall continue to suffer.I wonder if we would feel anything if we were friends of the Europeans and Americans and then China puts us on sanctions

  32. mazirema avanhu asingazibe kuti bwupenyu imhindupindu come 2018 hu social status hwe political affiliation hunenge hwapwanyikapwanyika.
    vakayi nyika iyi nguva iri hungonguvaira akomana chave chemutengure vhiri rengoro rinokutsikirirayi muchiwanza chaos.
    dzidzisanayi rudo nemagariro etsika dzinowanisa fairplay kune munhu wese.

  33. political scientist,jönathan moyo is th mastermind of all what zanu pf archieves kkkk

  34. if there is anybody who voted for zpf u must be ashamed of yrself coz u have absolutely no heart for the future of yr children dont worry peace loving Zimbabweans zanu is a limping sick old donkey that will die before 2018 mark my words

  35. This kofi asi hamunzwi?
    Ari kukuchohwerayi achiti “mungadai makagona kuhwina” meaning kuti chiyi….?

    Yeukayi makambomufambisira dhongi rakaoraka paye paye. Inyanzvi iyi inoziwa zvidobi zvamanzwi okubura.
    Paramende yemadziro ebhawa rino zvomoitawo savayavaya wani venjere shoma.

  36. This man must be sick in mind. For e record both e AU and SADC said e elections were peaceful and generally credible. They never said free, fair and credible. Those who say they don’t live in fear in e rural areas are border gezis otherwise vamwe vese including mazanu live in fear of their party kuti if ua accused to be mdc ua in trouble. Those who say let’s 4get abt e elections and focus on e future they don’t know kuti evil prevails where its not shamed and condemned. The biggest cause of our suffering is not sanctions bt mismanagement, corruption, lack of property rights, no rule of law etc and its for these reasons y zpf shd go. The only pple who support zpf are e well connected who survive on corruption. Smith was under full blown sanctions bt Rhodesia was regarded as e Switzerland of Africa, e jewel of Africa. We myt blame mdc for inviting sanctions bt zpf too invited sanctions cos of their actions + during e warin e 70s. What surely has zpf done to Zim. Today we are e 3rd poorest country in e world after DRC and Liberia thanx to Mugabe

  37. I have never liked Kofi Annan for many reasons.

    I dislike most MDC T folks even more for this one reason. Their refusal to acknowledge their own party and leaders’ mistakes to the extent of being plain ridiculous. Mr Tsvangirai’s rejection of the election results is based on the skewed logic that he could not have lost all those seats! Not because his party made tactical oversights or because his own mistakes might have cost him votes, all this is just too far-fetched to him! When presented with facts, even puppets like Annan are agreeable to adjust their former positions, but not MDC T folks. They fabricate some spectacularly implausible tales to counter the indisputable evidence before them. As a result of this denial, everyone and anyone, including haters of Mugabi, who calls it like it is based on studying facts as they are, has been met with all manner of name calling from MDC Ts and charged with all kinds evil and immoral doing!

    These past elections have left us with 2 types of minds; one which would look at this case of Kofi Annan’s shifting stance and determine that Mr. Annan was bought with Marange diamonds by ZANU PF, and the other mind which sees this change of opinion as a consequence of agreeing with objective intelligence presented. You decide which of the 2 minds is the mind of a fool in denial!

  38. mamuona muboyscot uya adzoka futi with intention to streetkidding hurongwa hwekuchenesawo mugwagwa watinofambanawo tese tese.

    these street kids have a philosophy yokurasira marara pese pese panenge pajekeswa nhayi nhayi.
    basa nderekupfira food yatengwa navamwe kuri kuda kuti varamwe so they may proceed to enjoy it.
    cant you see clearly what kofi has said including his advice that people of zimbabwe should pick up the pieces and move on from what it is that happened ?

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