MP suggests roof water harvest to avert drought


A MEMBER of Parliament yesterday suggested that the hunger that has ravaged most parts of the country could be averted if people harvested rainwater from their roofs and used it to water their fields.


Bikita East MP Kennedy Matimba (Zanu PF) said the method could be used in dry regions as a short-term measure to survive droughts.

The MP was contributing to debate on the President’s Speech in Parliament.

“We placed gutters on a four-roomed house and trapped (rain) water which was used to water a 2,5-hactare field of maize and they harvested 50 metric tonnes of maize, which can last six months,” he said.

Such a programme, he said, was effective in mitigating the problem of hunger. Bikita East is a drought-prone area where people depend on donor food almost every year.

Rainy seasons are almost always very short and as early as November, well before crops have ripened, the rains would have stopped and both people and livestock would have started scrounging for drinking water.

Lobengula MP Samuel Sipepa Nkomo (MDC-T) said it was disturbing that Zimbabwe had been reduced to “a basket case”.

“There is need for programmes to avert hunger. We are concerned about the acute shortage of food in parts of Masvingo, Manicaland and Matabeleland,” he said.

The country, he said, needed about 2,2 million tonnes of maize to ensure food security.

Zvishavane-Ngezi MP John Holder (Zanu PF) said there was need to increase support to small-scale miners through crafting policies that would enhance their activities. He said “mining legislation should be revised and simplified” to cater for the small-scale miners.

Robson Mavenyengwa, the MP for Zaka North (Zanu PF), said access to health institutions in rural areas was very difficult as villagers were travelling long distances to get to the nearest clinics, a situation he said was “not good for pregnant women, the elderly and the terminally ill”.


  1. We have heard all this b4. What is needed now is action otherwise this parly will be another Mai Chisamba Show (well, Baba Jukwa Talk Show). We want action, action and more action!

    • The suggestion by the honorable minister is far fetched , lets not day dream during the broad daylight let alone in parliament . Harnessing rain water from roof tops to avert drought is not a permanent solution , how many people in his home area have houses of corrugated sheets ? Is the honorable minister talking of small plot or fields we all know out there ? How many people can water their fields using harnessed water ? Lets be realistic Sir and call a spade a spade , this guy is still living in the 18th century . With all due respect this idea does not work at all but water the garden yes it is a noble idea not watering the fields using water from roof tops is not at all workable . Thank you .

  2. Get your figures right. Either the reporter or the MP. Imagine a yield of 50 tonnes of maize from a 2.5 hactare field in Bikita. That means 20t/ha!! This is out of this world!! And that maize is consumed in six months? By the same family yevanhu vangani vanodya 8.33 tonnes pamwedzi kana kuti 277.33 kg pazuva kuBikita ikoko? Asi munopenga here imi vanhu muchipedza nguva yedu muchiita mahumbwe?

  3. hahahahahahah—–u mean mvura inenge yaharvestwa paroof inozodiridza mumunda after yekunaya yaoma mumunda here kana kuti… many litres can u harvest from a 4 roomed house..hw big will be the tank..kana kuti inenge ichiitwa channelled mumunda direct, haaa m failing to get the sense…50tonnes lasting six months..asi pamba pemapostori…….ITAYI MUSHE MUPARAMENDE IMOMO…….ASI MVURA YAKUNGONAYA PAROOF ISINGANAYE MUMUNDA MACHO…KKKK

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