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Mokoomba in World Music Festival classic


A MULTI-RACIAL audience, mixed music bag and a cocktail of dance styles made the recipe of a delicious music meal served by World Music Festival at Book Café on Friday night.

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With Mokoomba being the big chefs of the night, the fully-packed venue enjoyed one of the final presentations of the festival that ended on Saturday.

Mokoomba proved that their music is not for the ordinary listener. They showed versatility by mixing genres to try and cater for an audience of diverse backgrounds.

During the first segment of Mokoomba’s act, most fans were seated as they closely watched the group, which rarely stages live shows locally.

The fans apparently had to get a feel of the group’s musical compositions before getting into the merry-making mood.

The youthful group was up to the occasion as lead singer Mathias Muzaza, bass guitarist Abundance Mutori and lead guitarist Trust Samende lit up the stage with energetic dance paces.

Mokoomba then went spiritual, presenting songs that sought to touch souls.

Despite the vivid language barrier between the group and its audience, Muzaza’s gestures and the soothing beat dictated the mood in the auditorium.

When Muzaza “awoke” from his trance, the mood changed and the act swung to a merrymaking affair.

Fans drew closer to the stage for some dances, while subsequent songs ended with deafening applause from the audience.

Muzaza said they brought a mixed music bag to the show to give each member of the audience something to identify with.

“We started the show on a slow note to take the audience into our act. We presented different acts for appeal to different fans. This act has been popular internationally and we are gradually introducing it to our local audience.”

Mokoomba was one of the many groups that performed during the eight-day World Music Festival that presented many acts at various stages in Harare.

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