Man jailed for raping cousin

A MHONDORO man who raped his seven–month–old cousin will spend the next 20 years in prison after he was convicted of the crime last week.


The 27–year–old man, whose identity cannot be disclosed to protect the minor victim, was convicted of contravening the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act by Harare regional magistrate Hosiah Mujaya after a full trial.

Although the man had denied the charge, he was convicted due to overwhelming evidence after the State managed to prove a case against him beyond any reasonable doubt.

Prosecutor Kudzai Chigwedere told the court during trial that on July 27 this year, the baby’s mother went to fetch water and left the infant, who was sleeping in a hut in the man’s custody.

The man took advantage of the mother’s absence and crept into the hut where the baby was sleeping and removed her napkin before raping her.
The court heard that the man then fell asleep beside the baby after raping her. His clothes were blood stained.

When the infant’s mother returned from the borehole, she saw the baby crying and discovered that she was bleeding from her private parts.

The mother alerted other villagers who subsequently effected a citizens’ arrest on the accused and took him to the police.

A medical examination which was conducted on the child revealed that there was massive tearing on the infant’s private parts.

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  1. may he rot in prison!
    Its so sad, rapists don’t have a place outside jail!

  2. 20 years only this person deserves more:the victim 7 months old can sentence be reviewed upwards please

  3. Way to go. We are getting somewhere at last.

  4. 20 years only, this is murder n I wonder why the law protects such evil acts. People fear death not spending time in prison. A death penalty shud be given to such an imposter. What if the child has been infected it just changes a minor’s life in a horrible way. Death penalty so that other pple who follow suit know wat thr a gettn into. I hate how this world protects evils commited by MEN!

    1. These people are insame. Why ruin the life of such an innocent child? I think they are possesed with demons and they need deliverence.

  5. As a nation ngatiiteyi zero tolerance to rape. A 27 year old man ne an infant. NO NO NO apa ndinobvumirana na President. Castration must be made into law. Kana tiine death sentence why not castrate the ones that rape infants.
    When this child is 15 years old, munhu angenge abuda mujail uyu. She will live with that curse forever. Please ini Gogo, I support life in jail pa ma infants kana castration yarambwa. Remove vermin from society for good. Can we have a prison for rapists only.. name and shame them.

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