Husband burner suicidal — neighbours

NEIGHBOURS of a Harare woman who allegedly doused her husband with petrol and set him ablaze before killing herself on Wednesday have described her as having exhibited suicidal tendencies prior to the tragedy.


Police yesterday identified the deceased woman as Nancy Dzorayi saying her husband Alexius Machimbirike was still admitted at Parirenyatwa Hospital.

“A few weeks ago, she was taken for counseling for some three days by a neighbour after she had opened up to her on the family’s domestic disputes,” one neighbour who identified himself as Taurai Zviripi said.

Another neighbour, who requested anonymity, said the couple’s daughter had been the source of their woes.

“One day she slapped her daughter’s boyfriend in public, accusing him of being behind her wayward ways as she had started smoking dagga,” the neighbour said.

National police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba attributed the tragedy to a domestic dispute.

“From our initial investigations, the family had an outstanding dispute. We understand children would take sides and support their father which did not go down well with the mother. We further gathered that the couple would even fight in the streets,” Charamba said.

NewsDay failed to get access to the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit where Machimbirike was admitted as visits were restricted to close family members.

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  1. Willard Mubvumbi

    That late woman i believe was demon possessed. How can a sane person douse someone with petrol? Amwe marooraroora haaite. That demonic spirit that was possessing is happy and is looking for a new person to enter and starts its evil works. Amwe maroora roora haaite.

  2. foreign policies does not siut ours they clash.women respect your man ,and the husband will then love you no problem and learn to communicate properly, if man are respected they will forget about girlfriends instead they will love thier wives.If there is no respect at home vultures are there outside to grabe them mochema.women are thier own poisons.

  3. I demon chairo.

  4. You know it is so difficult to mess with a wife who respects you. Once you respect your husband everything falls into place. It is so difficult to fathom disappointing a respecting wife, you ask yourself a lot of questions before you cheat, but to those who are vana simuka tienzane, They will always have problem because kuenzana kwacho kunoramba.

  5. mabhaibheri awandisisa mumakwenzi umu vedu edzayiwo kuungana mu church inehutungamiriri hune nduramo naana mufundisi vakatirenwa kuti vadzoredze nhamo dzenyika yiyi.
    give up and turn truthful conduct lies and propaganda are fallacies unsustainable honai wine list available sunday in readiness for zviuya zviri mberiyo.

  6. its sad that the life of my friend turned to be like this. this woman had these tendencies when they were still courting. guys lets see these tell tell signs early in our relationships. u cant change a demon. shame ndarwadziwa.
    simuka ndienzane haishandi, vakadzi submit to yo husbands and husbands love yo wives

  7. Nancy noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  8. ko mwana ari kupinda papi apa

  9. I knew this couple. Mai Kudzi always showed signs of being unhinged. I had a crush on her sister though, who was a gorgeous creature. Nakisa, where are you?

  10. Hey vakomana ka nyaya iyi yandibata kana kwangu zvirikowo. Vakadzi vemazuvano havasina tsika. Ini ndangobatwa nevana chete. Kutaura chokwadi kana mkadzi wangu akanditi huya hapana zvandichanzwa kana inotoramba kumira. Mkadzi akanaka chaizvo but nekushaya respect kwake zvakaoma.

  11. Willard Mubvumbi

    @ Bikita, endai mese kwa tete.

  12. Kwenzakalani kanti eSalibury madoda yistress jump the boarders and be refugees look for money don’t play around with petrol bantu beHalale abafundileyo

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