‘Govt must carry out land audit’

THE government should carry out a land audit which was abandoned following the end of the unity government in order to save vulnerable groups from imminent hunger, a civil society organisation has said.


In a statement, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiCZ) said it was important for government to carry out an intensive land audit in order to remedy the imminent hunger which the Zimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment Committee (ZIMVAC) said would affect 2,2 million people next year.

The Global Political Agreement (GPA) which expired following the end of the Government of National Unity (GNU) in July stressed on the need for a land audit for the purposes of establishing land accountability.

“The land audit, which the Ministry of Lands and Rural Settlement did not carry out, among other things that were neglected in the agreement, had been recommended in Article V, which attempted to remedy the food insecurity emanating from Zimbabwe’s land invasions, and “ensure that land is used productively,” read the report.

Article 5.9 (a) of the GPA encouraged government to “conduct a comprehensive, transparent and non-partisan land audit, during the tenure of the Seventh Parliament of Zimbabwe, for the purposes of establishing accountability and eliminating multiple farm ownership.”

CiZC spokesperson Thabani Nyoni said a land audit would bring a lot of issues to light for planning around reviving the agricultural sector.

“One of the things the land audit does is that it does not only reveal who owns what,” Nyoni said.

“It also gauges the level of land underutilisation and what the utilised land is being used for. It also shows what percentage of arable land is allocated to food crop production and what percentage is allocated to cash crop production.”

Nyoni said the information was necessary to inform agricultural policy as it relates to food security policies, arguing that currently there could be “more land owners than farmers” due to the politicised nature of the Zanu-PF-led land grab.

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  1. Land audit has always been on the cards and was conceptualised well before the diffunct and unpopular GPA.The so called CiCZ’s peeping of its dirty nose on land audit leaves one wondering whether it is in good faith. CiCZ must focus its thrust on squandering donor funds without proper accountability and not on aggrarian issues.

    1. Changlong11 you need to grow up. Crisis in Zimbabwe is a Zimbabwean organisation and has every right to comment on issues that affect this country so you can talk about them “peeping their dirty noses”. Who gave you the right to decide what other citizens can or can’t comment on? If you believe an audit is unnecessary just state your logic without resorting to cheap insults. That is how civilised debates go.

  2. This must be sooner and whatever the outcome (observations and recommendations)would be like let’s implement it without politicizing anything for the good of the country and the benefit of the majority.

  3. @Changlong11 you must be paid to say the kind of drivel you say. Civil society is perfectly within its mandate to champion topical issues without you or your filthy paymasters telling them to stay off agrarian issues. Do you have something to hide..??

  4. The land audit is long overdue and it is difficult to understand why it has not been carried out. For the good of the nation, it must be the responsibility of non political persons for it to produce the expected and progressive results. The nation has been begging for sadza for too long- begging sadza from Zambia is the last thing that the Zimbos expected. There is something wrong with us as a nation.

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  6. There will be no land audit in Zimbabwe much as they will never be free airwaves or reduction in corruption..why not just accept we are doomed and carry on as usual? These noises are taking us nowhere, so why bother?

    1. Well, Falcon, one day ZANU PF will be out of power (I don’t know when, so don’t ask me) and a proper land audit will be in place. We are not as doomed as we may appear. Laurent Gbagbo is now history so is Charles Taylor. The terrible Sani Abacha was taken away by his Maker after causing havoc in Nigeria. We don’t have any viable option except to be optimistic!

  7. Land Audi t in corrupt Zimbabwe? That will never happen. It won’t happen because people like Mug*be have 39 farms. Most top ZanuPF officials are multiple farm and land owners and will strongly resist any attempts to have a land audit lest they are exposed as greedy basta*ds. You can be sure if the land audit is done it will be rigged! Some farms have been given to family members to try and hide the corruption.
    ZanuPF encouraged chaos in the so-called land reform so that they could grab prime farms and land for themselves. Zimbabwe’s very corrupt judiciary members have been given free farms by ZanuPF so that they make judgements in favour of ZanuPF. The land audit would expose all this corruption.
    The majority of the people who are called war veterans are criminals who ran away from Rhodesia as fugitives from justice for non-political crimes such as murder, fraud, rape, housebreaking, robbery, theft etc. and serendipitously found themselves in Zanu camps in Mozambique. Once a criminal will always be a criminal – these were freebooters not freedom fighters.

  8. Land audit with these land Barons in power – my foot

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