Defiant urban invaders re-emerge

Illegal structures that were demolished recently in some parts of Harare have resurfaced, while new such settlements have emerged in several areas in Harare and Chitungwiza in defiance of a government directive.


A visit by NewsDay to several places yesterday showed that structures that had been demolished earlier this month were being re-erected in Kuwadzana Extension, while several illegal structures in Mabvuku that had been slated for demolition, remained in place.

Harare City Council town clerk Tendai Mahachi said council had set up a team that was going around the city checking on illegal structures and making police reports.

“Where we have seen such acts, we have reported to the police and they have acted accordingly. As for the latest developments you are referring to, our team is doing rounds and will report to the police for action to be taken,” Mahachi said.

Police national spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba could not comment on the matter as she was said to be out of office.

However, some of the people putting up structures in Kuwadzana said they were doing so legally and were ready to face anyone who challenged them as they had proof that they were following the law.

Just recently, the Zanu PF leadership in Harare said they had not sanctioned the putting-up of illegal structures as alleged by beneficiaries of the settlements.

They said they would ensure that the law took its course and the illegal settlers removed.

Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo and Minister of State for Harare Metropolitan Province Miriam Chikukwa said they would make sure such structures were destroyed and those continuing doing that arrested.

“We must not build where we are not supposed to build,” Chikukwa said. “Maybe minister Chombo was joking, but I mean it. I will make sure people are arrested. Even if you are my relative, you will be arrested and I will come to see you in prison.”

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  1. but Marian do you still remember the day you said Harare should be run on ZANUPF protos , you declared that now you are talking of prisons

  2. Gukurahundi upbringing

    Demolishing imijondolo yabantu without providing alternative accomodation for them is typical gukurahundism.

    These people should grow out of their gukurahundi upbringing and leave peaceful citizens alone!!!

  3. ZANU PF chiwororo. These same people won the party constituencies in Harare when they voted from these illegal structures as Harare residences and now that ZANU PF yakahwina they want to redeeem themselves by distancing themselves from these squatters. Makamhanya nebhiza risiisina meno mukanwa……..

  4. while i sympathise with those who will be affected by demolitions of illegal structures, it is paramount that the exercise be undertaken sooner than later. A visit to Hatfield along Harare Drive shows an ugly face of our town. Particularly from the airport road.On one side of Harere Drive double story buildings have just been constructed while on the other side illegal structures are fast increasing in numbers. This is unfair to the one who followed the normal channels and paid large sums of money to buy a property in the area. so as to have its value taken away by these illegal structures. I am concerned because i am a victim . i cant sell my property at its value due to the illegal structures in the area. May the powers that be, rein in Hatfield Dustain farm where a lot of thuggery is taking place in the name of Zanu PF.


  6. It started in 2000 when some lodgers claimed they had been evicted for voting for zanu pf in waterfalls and settled on the land opposite irvines maingate. This settlement has now been regularised. I will not be surprised if the same people are occupying this land in the hope that with time it will be regularised. Mark my words these people are going nowhere despite all the noise by the ministers.

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