D’Banj disappoints as Bebe Cool shines

NIGERIAN musician D’Banj born, Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo, proved more of a studio than stage musician as he failed to perform to expectations for hundreds of Zimbabweans who thronged the Glamis Arena for the Lion Lager Summer Beer Festival on Saturday night.

Winstone Antonio,Own Correspondent

The Fall in Love hitmaker’s performance approximated local dancer Beverly Sibanda’s style as he spent much of his time speaking about how Zimbabwean ladies were good at waist-twisting. D’Banj went on to invite 10 ladies, one at a time, including Amara Brown to join him on stage.

Regardless of some of his tracks such as Fall in love, Pop Something, Why Me, Mr Endowed, and Oliver Twist being popular in the country as they received massive airplay on local radio stations and rocked night clubs, the night belonged to his visiting counterpart, Ugandan ragga musician Bebe Cool, real name Moses Ssali.

Bebe Cool put up a sterling performance that sent fans into frenzy matching local artistesgbsdr who included King Shady, Guspy Warrior and Winky D, who also proved were serious contenders in the genre.

Dancehall star King Shaddy put up a scintillating performance as an opening act, showing energy as he belted some of his hits.

With the top-notch opening performance by King Shaddy, man-of- the moment Guspy Warrior was next to take to the stage.

The Seunononga hit-maker did not disappoint as he belted out sing-along-hits like Seunononga, 31 October, among others. After Guspy Warrior, it was Bebe Cool who took to the stage full of energy, he managed to keep the fans on their feet with a top drawer performance.

His well-choreographed act was well received by fans. He sang some of his songs that included Coccidiosis, Fitina and Mambo Mingi among others. Bebe Cool went on to salute Winky D, describing him as a talented dancehall chanter. Winky D was next, determined to prove his credentials as the self-styled dancehall king. As usual, the Mafirakureva hitmaker left fans begging for more.

The atmosphere became even electric when Winky D introduced the popular Tendazvaitwa “Lipsy” Chitimbe on stage. As a closing act, D’Banj found it difficult to match the previous performers who had set great standards. Popularly known as The Kokomaster, D’Banj failed to match what his countryman P Square, did last year at the same event.

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  1. negomo F Makope

    Well we say promote your own imi hamudi sake get what you deserve. local is kool and great. Macheso Ndizvo, Tuku Ndizvo, Jah Prezah Ndizvo endefuti Sulu wacho makeke

    1. Taura hako negomo mface wangu

  2. i was even surprised to hear that dbanj was coming,kuzodii??…kuti vaimbi vapera here?

  3. I hope the Delta guys read this article because it will help them to select artists who are worth the money they are paid next time. Dbanj just has 2 or songs that are popular in Zim and to bring him as the main act for a reputable Festival like Lion Larger Beer fest defies all the fundamental tenets of logic. Thanks to the local brothers for showing Delta how to “lift” the crowd….kusumudza vanhu

  4. DJ Bryan int ting


    1. forcusie mowzey katungi

      my man bebe cool thank you for that..big up to all gagamel fans

  5. richard kleberson

    big up bebe cool …..yo currently africas nomba 1 musician n nomba 1 live stage performer…….yo just unstoppable…..big up bebe cool

    1. Bebe Cool ruuule now its tym Africa to know that there is only one stage and reggae master Bebe Cool.. bless a GAGAMEL TING DIS

  6. Dennis Denny Coccodiosis

    Big up big size bebe cool gagamel rules

    1. well back our hit maker bebe cool that’s good report we expected from a person like you keepit up bebe respect,love en honour notfforgetting support pliz go on man,
      to zimbabwe people thanx for your hospitality,love en time we love you and africa as well God bless you en one love

  7. daphine Ibingira

    GAGAMEL FOR LIFE. ..That’s how we rock….and thumbs up for Moses Ssali aka BEBE COOL.

  8. Big ups to Big Size Bebe Cool…
    Ur the best!!!

  9. thanks Bebecool for the great performance we love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  10. bebe cool is the best in Africa,i miss u back home.gagamel 4 ever….

  11. Bebe cool is a great artist and that’s what I want people to know.Time and again, he has proved his might as one of the best live performers on the African continent.He takes time and reharses with his band and that makes him very flexible on a live band.
    Welldone Bebe cool.
    Gagamel Band is becoming so famous in Africa cos they know what they are doing.

  12. Well done BCool for representing Ugandan talent. Bigger things are on the way

  13. That is bebe cool,go higher

  14. Maniiiiinja!!!!,,,nuff 2 Bebe Cool 4 appreciating dat Ninja President z great

  15. delta iri kungorasa mari nevamwe vaimbi vakasara! chii

  16. Kleberson Richard

    Bebe cool Africa’s finest musician

  17. We have talented dancehall artists in Zimbabwe… The like yaaa Winky D..Guspy Warrior… King shaddy.. Sniper Storm… 2name a few… Wy nt promote our own… Kutambisa mari kudeedza analysis Dbanj… Ane only 2 songs dziri popular… Zimbabweans love singing along while artist ari pa stage.. Or artist kana asingazikanwe he has 2 prove him/herself… ” a prophet has no honor in his home area” ndizvo zvri ma Artist edu muno… Tarenda riripo jealous down…

    1. Iwe vaimbi vane talent muZimbabwe vachibhadharisa ma$1. Ukaenda kune dzimwe Nyika no performance for a $1. Kana muchida kuoona munhu a destroyer music scene muZimbabwe ndiChipaz Promotions. Anounganidza maArtists kunge matemba, ovapa tuloose change for $1 perfomances. By the time you will all realize what you did to Zimbabwe Talent, it will be too late. Trust me; 3 years from now Zim Dancehall is going to be rubbish, and will never make it on International Market. Right now everyone in Zimbabwe wants to be a Dancehall Artist, more dogs than bones. Ndiani Zim Dancehall Artist akamboenda kana KumaFestival KuEurope- like Rototom?USA? South America? Noone. why, nekuti takagara tazvichipisa vachibhadharwa sick money naChipaz . Their self-esteem has already been reduced with sick promoters who are greedy. MaConscious Reggae Artists muZimbabwe will be prevailing….Mafira Kureva……

  18. Well done Bebe Cool.He’s a real stage performer, i hope guys in Zimbabwe managed to learn some of his stage tactics.

  19. Big up Big Size Bebe Cool


  21. BIG IS BIG…..Thnk u Bebe Cool for lifting UG flag, Gagamel forever.

  22. Bebe jst keep de spirit

  23. gagamel rulea

  24. forcusie mowzey katungi

    bebe cool wil never expire.

  25. However much bebe cool tried to jump jump around the stage and kept fun happy he hasn’t made it international as Dbanj

  26. I went to both More Love Reggae Bash and The D’ Banji gigs. I have to say even though both shows did not have great attendance; More Love Reggae Bash was top notch Performance as those Jamaicans showed what it takes to be great Artists. It was my first time to hear their music, but Kingly T was soaring, his performance was astronomical and full of messages. Before we knew it, we were all singing along with him. I wanted a refund from the Lion Lager Fest. It is not always big names that are great in music, we just witnessed it from the “Media made Artist” D Banji, he did absolutely nothing. Maybe next time talk to the organisers for More Love Reggae Bash, they might teach you one or two things on selecting Artists. Lets stop wasting our time listening to music that does not make sense. Our Zimbabwe brothers need to stop doing $1 shows because we tag them as $1 Artists. We could have had a better show with Tuku, Mukanya, Winky D, King Shaddy, Guspy Warrior, Mannex, Transit Crew, and mix it with some Lira. Mixing Artists for less that half the money they wasted on D Banji and his foolishness.

    1. Unenge urikutaura zvine musoro iwe. Mazimbabweans kupenga makanzwa butter. I missed that show myself, but D Banji ndakati handitambise mari kunoona mahumbwe. Zimbabwe music scene has gone to the garbage for sure. Tikaona Bling Bling tinofunga kuti ndiyo music? We will continue to be disappointed as long as we support stupid stuff.

  27. Makanzwa butter, inonzi Karma. Maienda kunoona vana D Banji vasina dhiri kutambisa mari. Kana kukauya vaimbi vanemusoro hamuende, Zimbabweans we are all about who looks cute, and dresses beautiful and has swag, and hence we promote stupid music. Learn lessons, coz if I ask what you learned on that stupid show? You learn absolutely nothing. Start listening to music with messages and learn and grow up. It is Karma again, and you will continue to be disappointed as long as you support stupid music.

  28. bebe cool ya de best man thx 4 e ggd job done

  29. Really! D’Banj was like food for #BEBE_COOL to cheww!!

  30. Gagamel level big up to all fans and band much respect bebe cool Zimbabwe thanks for the hospitality

  31. his da best…..BEBE KUL

  32. Bebe Cool 4evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  33. Well, no surprise there. Zimbabweans, we like what the media deem as Known International Artistes and we go and surround like flies. The truth of the matter is that most of those know Artistes, by the time they come to Zimbabwe, they are old news for many, and they have big heads. They come to Zimbabwe and give us bad shows, look at Akon? PopCaan? just to mention a few. We flock for the name, not performance. Being a photographer professionally; I have been to many Europe Festivals and guess what, they always had great new Artistes that give wonderful performances, and the big name Artistes do less as they think the name will do wonders for them. We will continue getting the same treatment from Artistes, substandard performances till we open eyes and start supporting other smaller artistes.

  34. Ini zvangu ndakadzorera sondo kumuridzi wadzo BIGMAN THE NINJA PRESIDENT

  35. Really! D’Banj was like food for #BEBE_COOL to cheww!!
    bebe cool ya de best man thx 4 e ggd job done
    Gagamel level big up to all fans and band much respect bebe cool Zimbabwe thanks for the hospitality

  36. Delta ngaikwane inofunga kuti we love Nigerian music muno. last yr it was P Square now this idiot. Delta ngaikwane kana vasingagone they must jus invite these young zim dancehall artists they are way better and we appreciate their music.

  37. d banj is nothing look if we are flocking in numbers to see artist like the great mj who can make it in shows let support true talents

  38. bbbbb

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