Chikomba chiefs ban witch-hunters


TWELVE traditional leaders from Chikomba district in Chivhu have banned the operations of witch-hunters, popularly known as tsikamutandas, in their area with immediate effect.

By Jairos Saunyama,Own Correspondent

The move came after a number of villagers lost their cattle and other valuable property to the witch-hunters.

The leaders — five chiefs and seven headmen — have since notified the police about the ban.

“This letter serves to inform you that traditional leaders from Chikomba District have banned the operations of tsikamutandas in Chikomba District with immediate effect . . .” read part of the letter addressed to the Officer-in-Charge Sadza Police Station.

The letter was signed by Chiefs Mtekedza, Musarurwa, Chivese, Neshangwe, Nyoka and Headmen Mhurushomana, Chandiwana, Munyimi, Tambaoga, Hokonya, Mukandatsama and Kwenda.

Mashonaland East province police spokesperson Inspector Bulisani Bhebhe confirmed the development and said police were teaming up with the traditional leaders to eliminate witch-hunters who have invaded the province.

“The police in Mashonaland East province would like to commend the chiefs and headmen from Chikomba District for their recent proclamation to help stop all activities by tsikamutandas within their district,” Bhebhe said.

“The unanimous agreement was reached after it was noted that these witch-hunters were coercing the villagers to partake in the alleged cleansing rituals as a way to extort cattle and other valuables from the community.

“More so this is clearly contrary to cultural and statutory regulations where affected persons visit the witchdoctor and not the other way round.”
He added that police were going to arrest the witch-hunters on sight.

“As police, we similarly declare zero tolerance against witch-hunters who masquerade as tsikamutandas. We will ensure that these witch-hunters are arrested upon sight. We, therefore, appeal to the public to report to their nearest police station any incident relating to witch-hunters,” he said.


  1. these fools must be arrested and pay back whatever they extorted from poor villagers. the police is partly to blame because they provided police escort for all this nonsense. the police and some chiefs and headmen got some bribes from these tsikamutandas.

  2. Kutsvaga kurarama, nekutyisidzira vanhu vagara vanotya, manje vachauya vakapfeka magamenzi(garment) vachimwaya mvura apa vachi hiririrka titititi- muchavaona chete mark my words . . .

  3. Do not be fooled: Witches only exist in people’s heads. How can you be conned over imaginary thinks. I am 73 years old, but never ever met a witch.

  4. Villagers are just ignorant of the law. Section 99 of the Criminal Law (Confiscation and Reform) Act, Chapter 9:23, “indicating witches and wizards”, clearly states:- “It is an offence for any person to accuse another of practicing witchcraft”.

    Know your rights. Next time someone accuses of witchcraft, know that they are committing a felony. Go and report at the nearest police station and the accuser will be charged under the witchcraft act. Iye (ivo) kuto enda kuChikurubi. Ndoda pane maWitness kaOne. So when they come to your place let them do what they want – iwe chako is to record and take pictures. When they are done wotorana nema witness ako wono mhangara kuPolice station. Vaka taura zveku ripisa – make them write or state their demands for everyone to hear. Thats another charge: “theft by false pretences”. So next time vauya sekerera- because you can also add another charge: “defamation of character” apo thats when you can state money they should pay you – even millions of dollars.

  5. @matadzaenyoka.whilst i agree that these guys may be after cattle and extorting money.does it realy sound in logic to say there are no witches simply because you never met them?

  6. you erred to say uneducated villagers. Yourself with your acquired education can be conned also. Watuka vakazvinyararira.

  7. nyika yayenda namanhu ivava huye not only villagers are affected by cult attacks mabasa haacharongerwa hama its going unnoticed these morbid mormons vaanestayira iyoyi yapasipemuti !!

  8. VanaTsikamutanda imbavha dzevanhu and vanogona kukuisira chidhori muhozi or pachivanze husiku vozouya kwakachena nevanhu vemuraini vachiti tabata chikwambo saka wotoripa mombe

  9. VanaTsikamutanda imbavha dzevanhu and vanogona kukuisira chidhori muhozi or pachivanze husiku vozouya kwakachena nevanhu vemuraini vachiti takubata unechikwambo saka wotoripa mombe nepo hapana kana uroyi hwaunenge unawo

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